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Welcome to ELECTRO Mafia, the third in a series of mafia vs village games with interesting twists on roles. This fight takes place between the majority-holder Electros, who have won the previous game and are currently in power, the Aquanauts, a small group of aquatic dwellers who are sick and tired of being shocked, and the Mad Magmas, another small group of angry, swole fire folk who want to finally win a game.

There are two cycles: Night and Day. Kills happen at Night after Night 0, Lynches happen at Day. Nights will be 48 hours. Days will end when there is majority in the lynch, after 48 hours, or ???
To place your vote, please text user. Bold your vote and place words indicating you want the stated user dead. Edit your post to delete your old vote and post a new one if you want to change. A tie will result in a No Lynch. Votes for anyone godkilled, if that should happen, will become No Lynch. Stealth lynching will be allowed since the deadlines will be at a respectable time for all time zones. You may vote No Lynch.
Do not share your Role PM N0. You may talk about the game N0, but not paste anything from your PM. Do NOT add anyone to your Role PM conversation and do not ask anyone to be added to theirs. Submit your actions in this conversation OR on IRC. The IRC channel for this game is #ZAP, please show up daily. If you are mafia your team may have an additional secret channel. If you make a spreadsheet please add me to it, email is the same old spookydaplum1 at comcrasherino it's always been. Do not deadtalk once you die, you may strategize with your team with information they learn or you knew before death, but you may not share anything you learn after and you may forfeit your right to strat-talk after death if you inquire about certain things.
Role PMs/Common Sense
Every player has a role PM. I will help a mafian write their fake, so flavor should be universal, as should phrasing for certain roles. Unless they were sloppy/lazy then lynch them. An example is posted below. Do not do stupid things, if you do not follow any result you got about posting you will wind up godkilled. Do not be a buffoon in general. If you need clarification on anything then ask. There are no items because I get too lazy to keep track of them. Priority is lol-not-yours-to-know. SEND A PM SAYING 'IDLE' IF YOU ARE NOT DOING ANYTHING DON'T JUST IDLE. It is possible your result may be inaccurate! Depending on the cause, it could be fixed.

Here is the template for all PMs:

Dear USER,
You are (a/the) ROLE NAME.

Flavor sentence 1. Flavor sentence 2. Don’t be surprised if the flavor lines aren’t just 2 sentences *cough*Walrein*cough*.

Every night, you may PM Yeti with “NX - Action Flavor (USER)”. USER will action result here.

You are allied with the Electros. You win when all threats are eliminated.
There will be a picture posted upon death it's not in your PM.

Alive (4)
Ditto > Walrein
Dead (14)

LightWolf / Lina / Mad Magmas / Watcher / Lynched D1
UllarWarlord / Zapdos / Electros / Reverser / Drowned N1
Blue_Tornado / Data / Electros / Cop / Angrily Suffocated N1

zorbees / Lighter / Mad Magmas / Role Checker + Disabler / Lynched D2
askaninjask / Razor / Electros / Sanity Doctor / Drowned N2
Slim Guldo / Yellow Opera / Electros / Vigilante / Angrily Stoned N2

Aura Guardian / Krakatoa / Mad Magmas / Prio Down + Inspect Block / Lynched D3
Paperblade / Raikou / Electros / Inspector / Drowned N3

Walrein / UncleSam and Himself's Fully Grown Lovechild / Aquanauts / Cop + Announcer / Angrily Pushed Into Volcano N3
Upside / Kingler / Aquanauts / Bodyguard + Watcher / Lynched D4

AOPSUser / Frankenstein's Monster / Electros / Rogue / Drowned N4
ginganinja / Geordi La Forge / Electros / Cop / Angrily Smashed N4

vonFiedler / Groudon / Mag Magmas / 2-Time Janitor + Bodyguard / Lynched D5
Mad Magmas Eliminated D5

shinyskarmory / Elecmon / Electros / Switchguard / Drowned N5


Junko Enoshima
If you did not get in I am sorry, I had too many sign-ups for spots, but you are on the priority sub list to get in if a sub is needed.

It is now Night Zero. N0 will end in 48 hours or when all actions/idles are in. I am sending Role PMs now. E: All PMs are out. N0 ends 4PM 6/21.
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Hi everyone I will be leading the Electros in this game

I will prove my role early on in Day 1. My role name is Emperor Palpatine, who it should be obvious is allied with the Electros (Force Lightning...). I will expect everyone to claim to me immediately.

PS: I want role name claims from EVERYONE, ASAP
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I will try to be as active as possible. However, my sister just got her tonsils taken out so I have to help around the house even more. If you need me, Smogon PM is probably the best way to contact me, although I will try to be on IRC as much as possible.


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Hello. My laptop is officially dead until further notice due to the demise of its graphics card and every available driver.

I have the Mini but it is slow and old and small.

As such I must amend the rules: DO NOT GIVE ME ACTIONS ON IRC. Only PM them to me in your original role PM conversation. I cannot ensure the same easy access to my sheet I did on my laptop with how slow the Mini is plus how shoddy mibbit can be at times.
Anything I get on forum PM I can add to the sheet in bulk when it's update time, maybe using a parent's laptop for an hour if need be.

I will be on ghetto mibbit irc once I take the laptop in and say hello screen is totally dead pls fix. Game should continue unless I can't post on smogon on ie like I couldn't on mine since nothing else in the house has a second browser I don't think. Top kek windows 8.1 TOP KEK


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The solution has been found: laptop overheated its video card and melted the soldering on it. GG no Re. It is being fitted with a new one. But I am still on the incredibly-slow Mini.


It looks like nobody died!

But somebody had something to say:

NP: Eddy Grant - Electric Avenue
I hope that worked laptop struggles.

I will send results Very Slowly.

It is now Day One. D1 will end in 48 hours at 4PM PST 6/23 or majority or ???

Don't do anything until I edit that results are out. edit: out! If you got nothing you idled or succeeded.
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UncleSamcould you post in the thread that i am playing in a league tourney
16:57UncleSamfor the next few hours
16:57UncleSambut that i will make an announacement via someone else later tonight
16:57UncleSam(i am silenced)

mibbit sucks


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UncleSam said:
I would like you to make a post containing literally anything following the day 1 update. #reasons
idk what this means but what i DO know is that i'm an aquanaut

and i'm totally not just saying that because of a post restriction or anything


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Yells a sinister figure! Suddenly the sun vanishes! "WTF?!" yells everyone, but a maniacal figure cackles as lightning arcs across the darkening sky.

LightWolf is lynched due to having the only vote.

Dear LightWolf,

You are Lina.

Jingle bells, Rylai smells, Dota2 master race. The Magmamobile repaired its wheels and you’ll burn everyone in the faaaa-ace!

Every night, you may PM Yeti with “NX - Set up a Sentry Ward by USER”. You will see whoever targets USER that night.

You are allied with the Mad Magmas. You win when all threats are eliminated.
Whoa! I bet the Mad Magmas are even madder!

It is now Night One. N1 will end in 46 hours 4PM PST 6/23 or when I have all actions. I had a PM from everyone last night so don't slack off this time!
UncleSamHi everyone, I stated I would prove my role so firstly, here is my PM:
Dear UncleSam,
18:12UncleSamYou are Emperor Palpatine.
18:12UncleSamGood, good, let the darkness flow over this game. And if it doesn?t, you?ll electrocute everyone!
18:12UncleSamEvery day, you may PM Yeti with ?DX - Spread the Dark Side?. The day will end prematurely, concluding the lynch with however many votes have been posted at the time. Your host MUST be online when you use this to ensure the timing and votes are correct.
18:12UncleSamYou are allied with the Electros. You win when all threats are eliminated.

18:12UncleSamAs you can see, I can end any day any time I want. This may seem ridiculously broken at first, and that?s because it is...for anyone other than a villager. If I were a mafia or wolf, this ability would be AT MAXIMUM one time use, and would I really risk drawing so much attention to myself, using my one-timer for free, just to lead the village for a few cycles before someone murders me?
18:12UncleSamThe more tricky question that requires answering is who I will sacrifice to prove my role, because I am a firm believer that No Lynch is a terrible option given that I collected Role Name claims from everyone. There were a few suspicious claims, one person who refused to claim and one person who failed to contact me over the duration of Night 0; out of these, I think that sacrificing a suspicious cla
18:12UncleSamimer is the best option.
18:12UncleSamTherefore, Lynch LightWolf. He claimed to be a Power Outlet, when every other claim people made was a character or named creature; there were no other inanimate object claims. Additionally, given that I am village there is a better than average chance LightWolf is mafia/wolf based on player distribution principles, as well as the fact that even if LightWolf is villager he will never claim so h
18:12UncleSame is mostly useless anyway. I will expect claims following the proving of my role, regardless of what LightWolf flips. I need information roles especially to contact me, and I will request that the Bodyguard protect me this night pending a better target should you decide to claim (which you should!).
18:12UncleSamYour Friendly Neighborhood Village Leader~
18:12UncleSamthe above is what i wanted to post prior to being silenced
18:12UncleSamfor day 1 and night 1
18:12UncleSamobviously i am a genius and lightwolf was mafia
18:12UncleSameveryone is to claim to me now

why doesn't US give this shit to someone who's using a real IRC client


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I am thinking about godkilling UncleSam for so horribly disregarding the Walrein rule: any flavor written will be proofed by me and any fakeclaims given are by me.


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[21:29:33] <UncleSam> oh btw aska
[21:29:45] <UncleSam> could you post that ginga straight refused to lynch lightwolf and that i had to get someone else to do it
[21:29:50] <UncleSam> and is currently a strong mafia suspect
[21:29:54] <askaninjask> i think
[21:30:01] <askaninjask> any sane person reading the thread would come to that conclusion
[21:30:08] <UncleSam> ya but its better said openly

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