Announcement Eternatus-Eternamax

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Eternatus's Eternamax form is being released through a Pokemon Home distribution. It is currently unknown if Eternamax is a permanent form change like Mega Evolution, or a temporary one like Dynamax. As soon as the exact mechanics are cleared up, it will be legalized in both Galar and National Dex Anything Goes. As a temporary compromise, a separate ladder will be set up with Eternamax available.

Obviously, this will have a massive impact on our metagame. We have thus decided to lock every ongoing tournament into the pre-Eternamax metagame. This includes the National Dex AG cup, AG Classics playoffs, and the ghosting tournament.

In the meantime, we will be hosting an Eternamax kickoff tournament in order to promote metagame growth. The viability rankings thread will be locked in order to give people sufficient time to formulate their opinion on the new metagame. Discussion is encouraged in the metagame discussion thread.

Have fun exploring the new metagame.

Tagging Kris to implement, thank you!
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