Big Everybody Votes Mafia Game Over; Democracy and Communism win


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Approved by zorbees and askaninjask and shade

4. zorbees
7. Tesung Da Letter El
13. PokeguyNXB
15. RBG Macle
17. Infinity.Cypher
18. Steven Snype
19. Uncle Sam
21. Yeti
22. Aura Guardian
26. starwarsfan Flamestrike
38. Ace Emerald
39. cxinlee Cancerous

RaRe555, aka Gelatinous Cube, aka The Riddler, Fascism Inspector/Riddle Kidnapper lynched Day 1
Obbmud99, aka Griffon, aka Doctor Fate, Democracy Freezer/Situational Hooker killed Night 1

anhlong1122, aka Lich, aka Green Arrow, Democracy Rogue/Situation Killer killed Night 1
Celever, aka Nymph, aka Bizarro, Idiocracy Bodyguard/Infector lynched Day 2
billymills, aka Will-O-Wisp, aka The Atom, Democracy Alliance Checker/Self SG killed Night 2
UllarWarlord, aka Rakshasa, aka The Flash, Democracy Hooker/Self Prio-Upper killed Night 2
Quagsires, aka Water Elemental, aka Rocket Red, Communism Backup/Combo Mayor killed Night 2
penguin344, aka Hydra, aka Captain Boomerang, Fascism Redirector/Ninja killed Night 2
shinyskarmory, aka Dire Rat, aka Clock King, Fascism Prio Upper/Stealth Lyncher killed Night 2
Upside, aka Bugbear, aka Nightwing, Demoracy Watcher/Mayor godkilled Day 3

pidge, aka Tarrasque, aka Captain Marvel, Democracy Bodyguard/Self Kidnap killed Night 3
ginganinja, aka Blink Dog, aka Bigby Wolf, Democracy Vigilante/Reviver killed Night 3
Bass, aka Goblin, aka Accomplished Perfect Physician, Communism Backump/Combo Mayor killed Night 4
Agape, aka Pit Fiend, aka Starfire, Democracy Safeguard/APV killed Night 4
imperfectluck, aka Spider Swarm, aka Amethyst, Democracy Prio Down/Transformer killed Night 4
Ditto, aka Barghest, aka Doc Magnus, Democracy Backup/Jack of All Trades killed Night 4
askaninjask, aka Rust Monster, aka T.O. Morrow, Oligarchy Safeguard/Kidnapper lynched Day 5
Reinfleche, aka Succubus, aka Cheshire, Fascism Silencer/Delayed Killer killed Night 5
HD, aka Pixie, aka Elongated Man, Democracy Tracker/Alliance Checker killed Night 5

GeneralSpoon, aka Roper, aka Martian Manhunter, Democracy Persuader/Collector killed Night 5
Paperblade, aka Efreeti, aka Lex Luthor, Capitalism Investment Wolf killed Night 5
Junko Eneshima, aka Black Dragon, aka Steel, Democracy Martyr/BPV godkilled Day 6
Walrein, aka Troll, aka Darkseid, Theocracy Godkilling Wolf lynched Day 6
kingofmars, aka Flesh Golem, aka Black Canary, Democracy Crier/Twin killed Night 6
blue_tornado, aka Minotaur, aka Two-Face, Fascism Persuader/Pseudo Alliance Check lynched Day 7

Cancerous, aka Drow, aka Firestorm, Democracy Prio Up/Item Destroyer killed Night 7
Lightwolf, aka Kobold, aka Gorilla Grodd, Oligarchy Hooker/Vote Meddler killed Night 7

Acklow, aka Wraith, aka Vandal Savage, Oligarchy Bodyguard/Jack of All Trades lynched Day 8

Forum is HERE
IRC channel is #clandestine

Sending out PMs, will post when I am done.
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Everything should be sent. If you can't get into the forum or I fucked up somehow please tell me.

Game is officially started.


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Sometimes links don't work on my e-reader, which I'll probably be using throughout the game, and the link to the forum isn't working for me... so if I get computer access at school I'll be on then.


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Attention Villagers

Please read this thread if you haven't.

More than a few of you have sent in actions using your -VOTE ACTION-, and only your -VOTE ACTION-, which I have counted as you voting for that action. If you are a member of the Democracy, you may vote for the use of EVERY NIGHT ACTION LISTED IN THE RULES. And others will vote for yours.
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People should get organized so that we can use logic to vote alliance check on whoever would seem to be the best village leader.

I probably just massively embarrassed myself with a nooby post.

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I may need a sub as I do not have regular access to a computer anymore

Edit: actually I might be ok for this but just won't be active on n0 and much of d1
At this point, nobody is stepping up for village leader. Which is understandable, since it requires giving your alias to absolutely everyone. It may be easier to organise information more centrally following N0 upon cleaning an alias. N0 is always random actions anyway until claims are gathered, so instead I propose that for the actions that are sensible to use N0, we a # of players, say, 3–5, for each action, as a voting pool, and vote from that pool. While this is still completely arbitrary, like all N0 role uses, it means we have a much better idea of who's been targeted and it prevents the votes from being uselessly scattered.

(NB: I may have made some mistakes since I just got home and have yet to fully read the rules, i.e. I assume information from the nightly pool is publicly given and we don't know the target except for the people with the role for info roles, etc., but is this wrong? Can someone tell me how info is disseminated from each night action? Is it just given to the person with the role instead?)
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My interpretation is that whoever has the "alliance check" vote action will receive the results on whoever the votes determine he targets, same for all other roles that receive results
Oh wait we can talk at night. Used to NOC.

You can't lynch at night, (as far as I know? Lynching is a day action.). Also BillyMills isn't in the game. What's up with this?
it's a joke

i think lynching is done on the forums

eta: ok ty zorbees

eta2: I think my idea is best then for info roles since it gives fakers much less wriggle room
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