[Experimental] Final Fantasy V - Game Over!

As far as I know Daenym never had your Holy Breath; if he did then he got it the turn he won (and therefore the turn you died) and it went straight into the freebie pile. Unfortunately we kinda had it in for you; our alliance was Blue_Tornado/IPL/myself/Hydrattler/Daenym/aska, then later on Life and ginga were added. Since IPL and Daenym both needed you dead you were pretty well screwed from the start, though killing you as early as we did wasn't exactly a great play on our part seeing as we lost IPL (who had a 4 attack vote with his ability) and Daenym (who had Mug for a free 3 damage each night).

Speaking of the alliance, apologies to Hydra for not finding a way to get you a win, it's mostly my fault we got into this situation and if Life refused to cooperate (he can comment on this but I'm pretty sure at that point he had no intention of doing anything but attacking KE) there was no way to do it (though if Life was willing to cooperate we could have, but anyway). I'm glad I won, but there's really no excuse for us not managing to get the entire alliance a win (except for aska, you really shot yourself in the foot by ditching us and going straight for the win).

Where'd my item go? I know you were the one who told tas my role, and he ended up making me lose.
You never actually said you wanted the Double Lance back, so it was actually kinda funny when you sent me that PM. Our alliance was trading it back and forth; I gave it to IPL, IPL gave it back to me, and so on, then after IPL won I gave it to aska, who then proceeded to try to take down Ditto only to fail, and he held onto it until his death at which point it went into the freebie pile, never to be reclaimed. Really, you should have made sure you got something out of the trade; I would have gladly told you who you needed dead in exchange for it, and that would have worked out a lot better for you.

tl;dr: Don't trade your item to a random and expect it back unless they're allied with you :P

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