[Experimental] Final Fantasy V - Game Over!


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try it (BAN ME PLEASE) i'll truck your mess up you cocksucker i've got too much strongth

you got jack you wimp terrador don't even sit back DOWN son

sit the mess down where you belong


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"Hi boys I'm back from my vacation!" says the god UncleSam.

"Suck my cock trololololz" screams Yeti at Terrador14.

"You don't even have a cock you whore!" shouts back Terrador14.

"Glad to see everyone missed me..." said UncleSam.

"Then I guess I'll just have to shove my sword up your ass instead!" screams Yeti back, as the two (and a bunch of others) jump on each other.

When the dust cleared, Terrador14 lay dead.

Acklow said:
Dear Terrador14,
You are a Trainer.

Trainers whose open hearts and strong wills allow them to capture and control enemy monsters”

Level: 1
HP: 9
Atk Power: 1
Exp: 0
Next: 7

Abilities: None

Letters: IYP

You are holding an Eyedrop. Prevents Blind for one turn (One Use). Can be mixed with another item. Support.

Your enemy in this game is the Red Knight.


"Whew...I'm feeling kinda whoozy" panted Yeti, bleeding from the recent lynch as well as burn and poison wounds.

Another person was sneaking up on her from behind, but suddenly, a shuriken came out of nowhere and planted itself right into the chest of ginganinja, who just barely failed to survive it.

Acklow said:
Dear Tsuk/ginganinja,
You are a Caller.

“Sorcerers with the ability to summon magical beings and harness their power”

Level: 1
HP: 7
MP: 11
Atk Power: 0
Exp: 0
Next: 7

MP Charge:
Restores 4 MP. However, you cannot use any other actions this turn.

Letters: EFN

Your enemy in this game is the Dancer.


"Whoa wait...I think I win!" screamed Yeti.

"You are probably the luckiest fucker ever...surviving by several rows on the priority sheet thanks to a mysterious shuriken ally despite idling almost the whole game...." mutters UncleSam.

"Oi! Fucker! Give me my win you ass before I keel over from this poison!" shouts back Yeti in glee, completely disregarding the perturbed god.

"Fine. Take it."

Yeti has won FF5 Mafia! /trololol

Acklow said:
Dear Yeti,
You are a sniiiiiiiiip
But that wasn't all!

Elsewhere on the battlefield, two enemies did battle. One won. The loser was askaninjask, and quite a bloody mess he was from the extreme overkill wrought upon his corpse.

Acklow said:
Dear askaninjask,
You are a Black Thief.

Expert bandits who espy secret passages and foil back attacks

Level: 1
HP: 7
Atk Power: 1
Exp: 0
Next: 5

Run Away:
The first time (in a turn) that you are attacked, you will not take any damage (always active).

Letters: ATM

Your enemy in this game is the Master.
"So...guess that means I won" gloated the victorious Ditto.

Indeed, he had.

Ditto has won FF5 Mafia!

Acklow said:
Dear the interwebs,
You are a Mimic.

“Skilled mimics who can copy allies' actions perfectly

Level: 1
HP: 5
Atk Power: 1
Exp: 0
Next: 7

Abilities: None

Letters: ORY

You are holding a Mini-grenade. (Costs 5 MP) Burns USER. USER takes 3 damage every other turn and can only communicate via the Thread and PMing. Lasts 3 Turns. Can be used as many times as wanted. Support. This is essentially a spell.

Your enemy in this game is the Black Thief.
"Now then...it seems that the five of them had a treasure trove of items between them, all of which you can scavenge" says UncleSam. "Namely, the Eyedrop #1, Zeus's Wrath, Masamune, Double Lance, Shuriken, Excalibur, Holy Breath, Ether, Eyedrop #2, Mini-Grenade, Dark Matter, and Maiden's Kiss" said UncleSam. "If you don't know what those do by now you may be mentally deficient. However, as benevolent gods, we will answer any question you may have about them on IRC."

"Well...I think that's about it then..." says UncleSam, who snaps his fingers and walks off.

Congratulations to Ditto, newest winner of FF5 Mafia!

EDIT: Resolved

It is now Cycle 6. Quagsires has been sending out/may be done sending out PMs by now. Deadline is at 9 PM EDT on Monday, July 18th but may be pushed back to the same time on Tuesday due to the hosts' schedules, so stay tuned on that.


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okay, let me just say this.

I thought ginga was my enemy, >_>. Glad I could help out yeti though. Also, Hydrattler, interesting that you're targeting me, it's like you want to kill me! I'm sorry Hydrattler, but this is only self defense ;)

Throw random shit at Hydrattler

If you aren't my enemy, and could point me in his general direction, I may be persuaded to change my vote.

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