[Experimental] Final Fantasy V - Game Over!


It's all coming back to me now
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preventing Aclow from double posting

also bringing this to the attention of a certain retard

[13:16] * Johann changes topic to 'dear pok101, stop fucking sending me action pms you retarded cunt'


I am always tired. Don't bother me.
Alright, Imma be unpredictable and post this:

Deadline in 15 min. You seriously better get those actions/votes in. Otherwise you'll regret it!!


I am always tired. Don't bother me.
C3->C4 What is this? *Holds out hand* A hand is what this is!!

Dusk was falling upon the lands as the adventurers were seeking the lost treasure, Masamune. A powerful sword that enabled only the strongest of warriors to become swift as the wind. Legend said that the sword was dropped by the mighty imperfectluck, who, by his strength was able to defeat his foes in battle. Many seeked this lost treasure, but failed to find it. Only the bravest of adventurers would, of course. But the hopes of the adventurers searching for it would soon be drowned out by the loud noise of thunder and the constant pouring of rain.

"Look, I think that we can't go on any further" said Terrador, "It's just too risky with our number. We need to leave a few people behind."

"We can't do that!" replied Lady Salamence (well what kind of a beef does she have to settle with him? I wonder...), "Leaving people behind only means that we increase the risk of them finding it before I do!"

"Well in that case, we should kill them!" Terrador exclaimed. "I propose that we get rid of vonFiedler."

Blue_Tornado grins, "Heh, in that case we should get rid of the little scamp, pok101. He's been troublesome enough already. Might as well..."

However, it looked like vonFiedler had someone else in mind: "Guys, markyguila. He was the first guy I saw when we were eating that looked funny when he bit into the watermelon. Nobody eats watermelon like he does, so let's kill him off!"

A few people didn't like Terrador too much, so they decided they would try to kill him. But suddenly they were interrupted by a screeching cry from markyguila:

Sadly, he slumped down, with a bunch of knives in his back...et tu brutus?

He seemed to be carrying some mail in which one letter stated:

Acklow said:
Dear markyguila,
You are a Master.

“Specialized fighters who can equip any armor or weapon”

Level: 1
HP: 5
Atk Power: 0
Exp: 7
Next: 2

Abilities: None

Letters: OBC

You are holding a Shuriken. Can only be thrown or passed on. The attack power of the holder is boosted by one for when it is thrown. Weapon.

Your enemy in this game is the Ninja.


Such a pathetic little adventurer. Though some of the adventurers had noticed before that he was full of potential.

pok101 begins to laugh. Hysterically.

"Hey guys, I think vonFiedler should get killed today, don't you all? He'll never find the secret lying inside of me!!!"

Suddenly, a swift movement in the bushes causes him to jump in the air. His face, frozen, expresses a fear of what had just happened. His head slowly fell off, leaving a cleanly cut neck resting at the top of his body. It seemed as though a giant axe had severed the mouth of pok101.

An autopsy was instantly in place, as kingofkongs removed a small knife from his belt. He cut open pok101. Hoping to find the secret the recently dead man had claimed to hold, the adventurers find a small slip of paper in his left lung. Somehow he managed to hide it there. They all read what it said:

Acklow said:
Dear pok101,
You are a Red Wizard.

“Versatile mages, versed in both black and white magic”

Level: 3
HP: 9
MP: 7
Atk Power: 1
Exp: 21
Next: 0

(Costs 3 MP) Thunder:
Target USER is dealt 4 Damage.

(Costs 3 MP) Protect:
Target USER is protected from the next 5 Damage.

Letters: ITU

You are holding a Maiden’s Kiss. Prevents Confusion for one turn (One Use). Can be mixed with another item. Support.

Your enemy in this game is the Mimic.


Realizing that he would've been quite a powerful ally, the adventurers mourned. Of course it was very short, because soon after they began to realize that a large beast had smelled them out. They began to run as fast as they could. Their fears quickly rose as suddenly vonFiedler, a man of great courage and integrity, had fallen behind. Quickly hiding in the brush, they waited for the beast to pass. The traced back their footsteps to find the dead body of vonFiedler. Apparently, he had not been eaten by the beast: succumbing to what seemed to be a beating, followed by some light aura, and a bit of poison. vonFiedler was a wealthy man, who had great amounts of money. His medieval, japanese-style attire proved that he was a big spender. In his possession, he held a small jewelry box. It appeared that he had received it from sort of previous love-affair, and never decided to get rid of it. Inside, the adventurers find that there was a small sapphire and a tag attached to it. Reading it, they discover:

Acklow said:
Dear vonFiedler,
You are a Samurai.

(fuck FF Wiki, they didn't even have the pic)

“Master swordsmen whose keen reflexes allow them to intercept and deflect enemy attacks”

Level: 4
HP: 13
Atk Power: 1
Exp: 21
Next: 0

Sword Slap:
Prevents target USER from doing a single action for this turn (you may or may not specify, if you don’t we RNG it *if they have multiple abilities that is).

GP Toss:
The higher the level you are, the more damage you will deal to target USER (Lvl. 2 = 1 Damage, Lvl. 3 & 4 = 2 Dmg.).

Equip Katana:
Whenever a faction member sends a PM to a host, you can send a PM of confirmation. If you do so, they will deal 1 additional damage this turn (only a max of 1 damage can be added)

Takes 2 turns to charge, however, once charged, you will OHKO target USER.

Letters: ABH

Your enemy in this game is the Berserker


Such loss was painful to the adventurers. But. BUT. One of them seemed happy after all of these events. Blue_Tornado was smiling from ear to ear. He opened his mouth and yelled:

I WIN!!!

And proceeded with an exit similar to this:

He left behind in the dust of his vehicle, the following note:

Acklow said:
Dear Blue_Tornado,
You are a Bard.

“Musicians whose dulcet tones soothe savage beasts...or kill them”

Level: 4
HP: 8
MP: 11
Atk Power: 1
Exp: 21
Next: 0

MP Charge and Transfer:
Restores 2 MP. You may then transfer any amount of MP you currently have to another USER.

Target USER will be protected from all abilities except Damage dealing, Status, and Steal abilities.

Sing Low:
Target USER's Priority is lowered.

Sing High:
Target USER's Priority is raised.

Letters: ONL

Your enemy in this game is the Red Wizard.


And with that said

Congratulations Blue_Tornado for winning in FF5 Mafia!!

Everyone notices that theangryscientist disappeared again, but nobody really said a word.

The adventurers notice that a Shuriken lie on the ground, dropped by the dead. Who will be the first to pick it up?



I am always tired. Don't bother me.


Digging tunnels, day after day, that's my job...the more we dig, the more the village can expand. When the village chief is happy, he feeds me pig mole steaks. Do I dig for steaks? No not exactly...

Feeling so pathetic, the young adventurer who was thinking those thoughts quickly spoke up:

"Uh, so um bro? I think I found something. It looks like some sort of drill..."

Quickly replying, the man behind the young adventurer speaks up, "Why fuck that!! We got a Paperblade to lynch!!!"


Well regardless, apparently the adventuring adventurers who were out on their adventure to find the legendary blade, Masamune, found the dead body of Paperblade. He was smothered in a glowing light that smelled sweet (though the presence of some sort of other magical aura was quite visible as well). He was holding a torn sheet of paper of the telling him of the legendary Gale Bow, not to mention some sort of writing on a piece of bark:

Acklow said:
Dear Paperblade,
You are an Archer.

“Nature-loving archers who can call on local wildlife for aid”

Level: 4
HP: 10
Atk Power: 2
Exp: 21
Next: 0

Can only be activated twice. Upon activation, target USER(s) will regain their HP entirely. However, they will be unable to use any actions or attack for the duration of 2 turns.

Attack target USER for 1 Damage. It cannot be prevented.

Attack 4 different USERs for 1 damage each.

Letters: ARL

Your enemy in this game is the Red Knight.


Such sadness. The adventurers, however did not expect the following to happen:

Lady Salamence's Death

Though obviously she wasn't nearly as cool as Kamina. (The important part is 0:09-1:15)

Acklow said:
Dear Lady Salamence,
You are a Mystic Knight.

“Able to enchant swords, these magical warriors automatically cast Shell when HP is low”

Level: 4
HP: 11
MP: 10
Atk Power: 3
Exp: 21
Next: 0

(Costs 1 MP) Imbue with White Magic:
Whoever the Mystic Knight votes for the next turn will be inflicted with Mute. That person will have a posting restriction for the next 4 turns.

(Costs 4 MP) Imbue with Black Magic:
Whoever the Mystic Knight votes for the next turn will be inflicted with Burn. They will take 3 damage every other turn for the duration of 3 turns.

(Costs 3 MP) Imbue with Blue Magic:
If any people vote for the Mystic Knight the next turn, they will each take 2 damage.

Letters: EFP

Your enemy in this game is the Trainer.


The depression was beginning to seep in. GoldenKnight begins to sputter,

"It's hopeless! It's all over, I can't do this!!! ='("


theangryscientist comes raining like hell down upon GoldenKnight.



And with that, the two adventurers launched off in a large mecha with smiles on their faces, leaving behind their identities for all to see:

Acklow said:
Dear theangryscientist,
You are a Dragoon.

“Dragon knights who specialize in jumping and lance attacks”

Level: 4
HP: 13
Atk Power: 3
Exp: 21
Next: 0

The next turn, you will not take any damage and will be unable to speak to anyone other than those in their faction (cannot post in thread). At the end of that turn, you will deal x3 damage to target USER.

Dragon Sword:
Absorbs 1/4 HP of target USER as well as 1/2 MP of target USER. MP absorbed can be transferred to another target User who can use it.

Letters: AFG

Your enemy in this game is the Mystic Knight.


Acklow said:
Dear GoldenKnight,
You are a Blue Knight.

“Valiant warriors who protect allies low on HP”

Level: 4
HP: 16
Atk Power: 3
Exp: 21
Next: 0

Nullifies every other 1 damage you take (always active)

Equip Sword:
You may send in a PM, and an ally can send in a PM of confirmation and a name of a USER. That USER will be dealt 2 Damage. Can be used only twice a turn.

Letters: AFU

Your enemy in this game is the Samurai.

And with that, theangryscientist and GoldenKnight win in FFV Mafia!!!

Deadline is July 16, 2011 @ 9 PM EST. GET THOSE PMs IN, I'M NOT KIDDING!!!
now that i can post again:
* Johann (Johann@ill.believe.in.anything) has left #ffm
* pok101 (Mibbit@synIRC-D40341C1.dyn.optonline.net) has joined #ffm
<Quagsires> As soon as I can get a decent amound of time to myself.
<Quagsires> And not around my family.
<pok101> is johann here?
<Quagsires> He just left
<the_angry_scientist> johann doesn't seem to be coping well with not being the owner of the channel
<pok101> i was hurt by what he said about me
<Quagsires> Need a host?
<pok101> i saw ginga's post
<pok101> i want an apology
<pok101> i was offended
<kingofkongs> lol
<kingofkongs> then why did you pm him your actions
<Quagsires> Oh, and for my curiousity's sake, could someone point Aska to me? I want to see how accurate he is
<the_angry_scientist> pok if you expect an apology from johann you're going to be waiting a looooooooooooong time
<kingofkongs> when it said not to
<kingofkongs> >_>
<Quagsires> On enemies
<pok101> it isn't funny
<kingofkongs> it kind of is
<kingofkongs> 9.9
<pok101> i didn't see the post
<the_angry_scientist> he's probably still online
<Quagsires> Johann's on IRC now
<the_angry_scientist> just type /query johann
<Quagsires> Just message him
<Quagsires> #rotmg
<the_angry_scientist> and talk to him
<pok101> i want him to come to me
<the_angry_scientist> he won't
<pok101> because he will just yell at me
<the_angry_scientist> johann isn't the kind of guy who apologizes
<the_angry_scientist> evr
<Quagsires> <the_angry_scientist> he won't
<the_angry_scientist> *ever
<pok101> really?
<Quagsires> Eh, he might, just not over something on IRC
<Quagsires> Or Smogon
<pok101> wow he must be an asshole
<pok101> is he this mean to you guys too?
<pok101> hello?
<the_angry_scientist> he's an ass to everyone, more or less
<Quagsires> Mainly to people he doesn't know
<pok101> what a dick
<the_angry_scientist> pok, it's the internet
<the_angry_scientist> get used to it
<pok101> one more thing
* pok101 is now known as Johann
* ChanServ sets mode +a #ffm Johann
* ChanServ gives channel operator status to Johann
<Johann> lol
<the_angry_scientist> heh
<Ditto> I hate Johann
<the_angry_scientist> i take back nothing
<the_angry_scientist> js
<Johann> hahaha

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