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Good morning child. May I tell you a story of our history? My grandfather’s, grandfather’s, grandfather used to tell this story when he was alive. Good, now take a seat, and I’ll tell you our history.
One millennia before our time, a powerful mage named Enuo imperiled the world using the power of an evil entity called the "Void". Our people retaliated by using twelve legendary weapons to vanquish Enuo; however, the Void itself could not be destroyed. Consequently, our people had to split the world's four elemental Crystals into two sets, effectively creating two worlds. The Void then became sealed in a dimensional cleft between the two worlds. This is the history of our two beloved worlds.

Nearly 1,000 years passed without incident, and both worlds prospered due to the powers of their Crystals of Wind, Water, Fire, and Earth. New kingdoms and towns flourished, and travel by ship acted as a critical means of commerce and communication. However, a sinister force was stirring in our world—ever since the Void incident, malicious demons had been sealed inside a tree in the Great Forest of Moore. The corrupted amalgamation of spirits have emerged as Exdeath. Legend says that the “Four Heroes of Dawn” will bring peace upon both worlds and defeat the evil known as Exdeath.

Now that I have told you my tale, let me tell you a little about myself.

I am:

Acklow said:
Dear Acklow,
You are the old man telling the story.

“You are an old storyteller who has held the history of the Void and the legend of the Four Heroes of Dawn in your heart. You tell your story to those who listen.”

Level: 1
HP: 5
MP: 5
Atk Power: 0
Exp: 0
Next: 0

As the holder of the legend of the Four Heroes of Dawn, you know who they are. Because of this, you hold the capability to change future history as you deem fit as long as it is legitimate to this game.

Letters: ACK

You are holding an old Staff. This doesn’t have any abilities. Weapon.

Note: You know that Johann is your Co-host.

Your enemy in this game is the Johann.

Help Johann win this game (0 Exp)
Kill Johann (0 Exp)
The old man breathed in very deeply before easing himself out of the footstool he had been sitting on. Picking up his staff, he notices that the child was holding a note.

May I see that note? Oh good, I’m glad you are okay with that. What is that you said? An old friend of mine gave that to you? He wanted you to pass it onto me? Alright, I will take a look.

The old man looked at the note. It said:

Acklow said:
Dear Johann,
You are an Old Friend.

“You are the old man who is telling the story’s Old Friend. Your only part in this OP is to be a part of the flavor.”

Level: 1
HP: 5
Atk 1
Exp: 0
Next: 0

Be There:
Whenever you target anyone with this ability you will be there. Obviously as the co-host, that means that you’ll be doing similar stuff that the old man who is telling the story will be doing, but sometimes you won’t have as much precedence on the matter.

Letters: JOH

You are holding a Meteor. (Costs 0 MP) Casts a Meteor over USER. USER takes 0 damage. Can be used infinite times. Support. This is essentially a spell.

Your enemy in this game is the Acklow.

-Kill Acklow (0 Exp)
-Help Acklow win this game (0 Exp)
The old man set down the letter, a tear ran down his face.

It truly has been a long time, old friend. I hope that we will be able to see each other soon, as it seems that a big conflict is on its way to our lands.

The child looked up at the old man in curiosity, then smiled and giggled.

You’re a funny old man. I’m going to go play outside now.

The old man sniffed once, then looked at the child and smiled.

You go on and do that. For you will soon no longer be able to enjoy the naivety of your youth.

And with that, he looked out the window.

The story had just begun...

1.Being active in this game is very important. Being inactive may result in your being subbed out for another player!! Don’t force the hosts to do this!

2.This game is Unicycle. We will be starting out on Cycle 0. During this cycle, you may not use any actions, but you may post your attacks (i.e. “Lynches”).

3.Each Cycle will last 48 hours. Cycle 0, however, will last 72 hours. This will give you time to establish connections with other players and a chance to complete a few missions (mentioned a little later). Each cycle is effectively day and night.

4.Every cycle there will be a vote. You must bold your vote and use Any Word <User>. To change your vote, you must edit your original post with your new vote. No Attack counts as a neutral vote. This means that you do not vote for any specific user, and instead wish to wait. The top 3 people who are voted will be dealt damage according to the attack power total of people that voted for them (IF however, there is a tie of 4 or more people, then all votes are negated that cycle). For all cycles except Cycle 0, this amount may not exceed 6 damage. Cycle 0 is an exception in that the amount may not exceed 4 damage.

5.Send all PMs to Acklow and Johann. If you decide not to use your ability during on any given Cycle, please send us a PM titled “Cycle X-Idling”. Remember, that if you do not PM both Acklow and Johann, you may not receive results to your action (and you risk being subbed out).

6.You are considered dead when your HP hits 0. This is the only way you can die.

7.If you are dead, you cannot speak to anyone in the game unless you know their in-game identity (via Flavor) and are in the same faction as them.

8.If grammatical errors are present in PMs, do not use these as proof of faking. I AM human and I DO make mistakes (sadly I admit it).

9.You can paste stuff said to you by the hosts. You can fake logs. Remember, do not take a log of a conversation with a host as definite proof, as these can be faked. Impersonation of a host or another player is banned at all points. Do not try to impersonate in any way. Screenshots related to the game are also banned.

10.You may try targeting dead player’s with your abilities, but not much will happen.

11.If a role PM clashes with the rules in anyway, the role PM takes precedence.

12.Being dead is not the end of the game.

13.Priorities are set and kept secret. Do not ask me about them.

14.Acklow and Johann must know about all spreadsheets and IRC channels related to the game.

15.IRC is pretty much needed for this game if you want a victory.

16.If you have any questions about the game, you can ask Acklow or Johann on Smogon.

17.If you wish to sub for the game, in case you do not get selected, you can mention that in you signup post. If you wish to sub out, you MUST send a PM to Acklow and Johann ahead of time so that we can get you a sub.

18.There are items in this game. There are two types of items: Weapon items and Support items. You may only hold a maximum of TWO Weapon items, but you can hold any number of Support items. If you wish to give an item to another player, you must send a PM titled “Night X-Passing <Item 1>, <Item 2>, and/or <Item X> to USER”, where X is the last item on the list (you can pass any number of items to any player. As a hint in terms of priority, item passing has the lowest priority). If a person drops an item due to death or otherwise circumstances, they will go into a freebie pile. You may send a PM to Acklow and Johann if you want to try to pick it up. Label it “Cycle X-Picking up <Item>.” Remember that other players may try to do so, and if you attempt to pick it up, you and the other players will be randomly selected to be the next holder.

19.Please talk to me during the game, as it will provide a better postgame. Give reasons for your actions, it will help.

20.This game is entirely experimental. It will be slightly similar to Final Fantasy 3 Mafia, but there are some major differences that set the two apart. DO NOT EXPECT THE SAME GAME. In addition, having previous experience in Smogon Mafia is strongly recommended.

21.There are 24 players in this game.

22.In order to lynch, please include in your post, bolded, Anything <USER>.

Specific Rules

This game will include something relatively new to the Mafia hemisphere of games: Missions, Leveling Up, and Open Alliances.

Level Up:
-Leveling up is a relatively new function that is going to be a staple in this game.
-In order to level up, you must gain experience points. You gain experience points by completing missions, taking part in lynches, killing people, etc...
-”Next” in your Role PM is the amount of experience points you need to level up.
-You may level up only once per cycle.
-When you level up, you level up at the end of the current cycle.
-The maximum level any class can attain is Level 4. Remember that.

-In this game, missions are used in place of win conditions. In order to win, you must be able to level up completely, defeat your “enemy”, and complete all of your unique missions. Missions can be completed at anytime, however the rewards are applied at the end of the cycle. This means being inactive is not in your best interests. If you do not complete a single mission or at least attempt to complete a mission (this is going to be the hosts’ discretion), then you will be automatically god-killed. The only time this does not apply is if you are in a situation in which conditions do not allow you to complete a mission.
-Missions are split into 3 basic groups:
o Unique Missions: These missions apply only to your role. You must complete all of these in order to obtain a victory at the end of the game (unless conditions prevent you from doing otherwise *Host’s Discretion, once again*).
o Open Missions: These missions are posted up in the OP Thread. These missions are visible to the open public and you may choose from each mission however you feel necessary. Once you complete an Open Mission, however, you may not do it again.
o Closed Missions: These missions are not posted up in the thread, but are generic enough that other people may have the ability to complete these as well.

Open Alliances:
-In this game, you have the freedom to choose who you ally with. Yes that’s right, you can potentially make a team that’s unbeatable. However, there is a small catch to this: you are limited to how these teams/alliances/factions/whatever-you-wish-to-call-them are structured.
-Your role will be assigned 3 letters. Yes, that’s right, 3 letters. In order to team up with other people you must be able to spell out a certain word (listed under your Closed Missions).
-You can play this game alone or in a group. Know this fact though: teaming up with others means that you will be at an advantage and that you will be able to accomplish your missions at a faster rate.
-Once an alliance has been formed (via spelling out a word), that word will no longer be available for forming alliances. It is in your best interest to team up quickly if you want to take advantage of bigger/smaller alliances.

Other Concepts:

-All effects, such as “Hook”, “Persuasion”, and such have been dubbed as “Status Effects”. If you suffer a status effect in-game, there may or may not be a “cure” for them.
-There are two types of damage in this game: Physical and Magical. If an ability or item prevents or nerfs “Magical” abilities or damage, then it means abilities that use “MP”. You if you are short on MP because of casting a spell (e.g. I cast a 3 MP spell but it would result in me being negative in MP), you cannot cast that spell. If your role does not have MP at all, you cannot use MP related abilities or items.
-If you have multiple abilities, you may use each ability once for the current cycle.

Open Missions

Player List
the interwebs~Ditto
King Emerald

Dead Players
smashlloyd20~Died C0
HD~Died C2
Wild Eep~Died C2
capefeather~Died C2
markyguila~Died C3
pok101~Died C3
vonFiedler~Died C3
Lady Salamence~Died C4
Paperblade~Died C4

Daenym~Won C2
imperfectluck~Won C2
Blue_Tornado~Won C3
GoldenKnight~Won C4
theangryscientist~Won C4


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In order to keep track of Missions, I suggest each of you keep a google document of your own listing your missions. Whenever you complete a series of missions (preferably more than one in order not to clog up inbox space), PM Johann and I.

Alliance Creation FAQ:

Q: Do I have to form an alliance out of all the letters and words in my Role PM in order to win?
A: No. Those are your Closed Missions. You could do so though if you are lucky enough. Also: you can only make words from the ones listed in your closed missions. You can't "invent" alliances using your letters in order to gain experience, though you could make them of your own accord if you just want to be together.

Q: So if I am part of an alliance, can I join another alliance if I have the letter needed to do so?
A: Yes. Example: Johann and I wanted to make an alliance known as "Ac", however we were already in an alliance known as "Ok". This is possible. I could reuse the letter "A" if I wanted to too for another alliance if it needed to happen.

Q: So could I make the same word with another group of people even if that word has already been used?
A: No.

Q: Can I be allied with my enemy?
A: In theory, yes. But enemies are higher priority, so obviously your enemy's death is in your best interest, even if he is allied with you.

Q: What happens when you form an alliance? For that matter, how do I form one? Does each person just pm you and Johann with the word being spelled?
A: Well each of you gain experience first of all (but it is applied at the end of the cycle, so you won't be able to take advantage of it right away). Second, you form an alliance by confirming it together via IRC or Smogon PMs. In order to notify me and Johann that you completed an alliance, please let us know via IRC or Smogon PM. Make sure that each of you pm us via IRC, but when pming via Smogon, please quote each player's confirmation of the creation of the alliance in a single PM.

Q: Are enemies mutual?
A: I cannot confirm or deny this statement. (lol)

Q: For alliances to actually work, we need to actually plan together, right?
A: Yes. Obviously the best way for me to know that you are doing so is if you have a shared secret spreadsheet or secret channel. My email is: cordois@live.com. Johann's is: julian.marcoff3@gmail.com. Please use these only for the purpose of this mafia game, thank you.

Q: So in essence, alliances are only useful for exp, right?
A: Yes and no. Yes because if you plan on just getting exp from it, well that's your take on the mission. However, this mission is meant for you to start working/talking together. So alliances can potentially be extremely useful.

Other things I must explain:
[11:52pm] Acklow: Just want to say
[11:52pm] Acklow: that in order to complete the open missions in pink
[11:52pm] Acklow: (i.e. the post at least a certain number of times c0)
[11:52pm] Acklow: the posts MUST be constructive to the game
[11:53pm] Acklow: they can NOT be PC++
[11:53pm] Acklow: the mods WILL infract

Clarifying Alliance Rule: 1 Letter=1 Person in a Word


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Gl Everybooody, also, is there an officical IRC channel for this game, or are we going to have to just contact people on the forums and then make an IRC channel. Also, I want points, yes I do.
Johann is the best and Acklow worked very hard on this game.


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Hello everyone. We may have talked on IRC already, but if we haven't then I am helping people find their alliances. This means free exp for everyone, so please PM me or find me on IRC so we can trade letters. I'm willing to give mine out. I've already helped numerous people gain EXP. You PC++ on C0 sure, but why do that when I'm just giving exp away?

Acklow worked hard on this game


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This is nothing personal. But... the open missions say that participating in a lynch gets you one experience.

So we put it to a vote in the IRC.

And we are lynching Lady Salamence.

The damage is meager, but everyone who votes gets experience. Even Lady Salamence. What doesn't kill her makes her stronger.

Acklow worked hard on this game


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Also, in the interest of experience and WINNING, I very much need to find anyone with an I or an O. If you have one and contact me first, you will benefit greatly. K is also good.

Acklow worked hard on this game
Johann is the best
Oh and Attack capefeather, no hard feelings :(. There may be better targets but it's free experience for all, and it's not even full damage. Also, I will save a lot of people some trouble and point out that the Acklow mission can only be done on cycles where the Johann mission is NOT being done. So unless you're not doing the Johann mission you're wasting your time :D


Its 2015 somewhere
won the 2nd Smogon VGC Tournamentis a Past SPL Champion
Johann is the best and acklow worked hard on this game
lynch lady salamence

That will teach you next time you.
Yeah, I got nothing

Let's just hope you're my enemy!


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So to make things clear, which has been confusing people a bit about the "constructive posts" missions, here is sort of what I'm looking for:

<Acklow>: what I'm looking for in those posts are more of a slight tl;dr but not too tl;dr
<Acklow>: so like a paragraph or two on what's going on

I know that seems "much", but a paragraph is like what, 4-8 sentences? It shouldn't be that hard to do, people.

Just before things get too out of hand, CYCLE 0 ENDS IN 72 HOURS (JULY 2, 2011 @ 10:55 PM EST)
Very well then - I will tell you guys what is going on. The thread is clogged with random posts with sentences like "JOHANN IS THE BEST" all over the place. My letters are e, m, and z, and I seek other letters, most importantly o! Also, we're lynching Lady Salamence because it seems no one but Lady Salamence would object to that. And lastly, here I am thinking that the post experience things are causing more problems than it solves. We are Smogonites, we play to win.

Speaking of winning, if you want to win, gimme your letters, maybe we can work things out. The words are running out fast, so chop chop! :)


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I have had some confusion, surprise surprise, concerning what "Atk Power" is used for. It is only used for lynches inside the thread, unless otherwise stated in an ability. The only time you need to pm me is passing items, abilities, or using an item (or confirming missions, yadayada). Sorry for the confusion.

I want to make note: Atk Power is used the same way as FF3 Mafia. This is NOT Paper Mario Mafia.
Acklow worked hard on this game

Ok, these missions are going to get old fast. Scrolling through this thread with Size 7 text staring at me is awful -.-

Anyway, on the subject of these godawful missions. It says in the mission text that we are not allowed to edit in the ginormo-text. Does this mean that any and all posts that have been edited will not count? It'd be a pain to have a day's worth of posting ruined by randomly editing a missing letter in XD

Also, you know you forgot an "s" in one of the missions, yeah? :O
Johann is the best
People should realize that the Acklow line doesn't need to be max size, it only needs to be posted. Anyway, my letters are ARS, so if anyone is interested in an alliance with such letters give me a shout! I also have an item that could be useful to certain people, so if you're interested feel free to come chat as well!

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