[Experimental] Final Fantasy V - Game Over!

Just want to note that this seems very much like a stealthlynch: I left, and when I came back, the number of people voting for me went from 2 to 7, all RIGHT BEFORE DEADLINE.

If you're supporting Eep, what are you smoking? He's a dead man walking already. Spread the lynch to someone who won't matter, so I could be of use to you later.

Lynch vonFiedler; he's in quite a few alliances, so you'll get serious EXP if he dies. Won't happen tonight, but it could later if he's dented.


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Just want to note that this seems very much like a stealthlynch: I left, and when I came back, the number of people voting for me went from 2 to 7, all RIGHT BEFORE DEADLINE.

If you're supporting Eep, what are you smoking? He's a dead man walking already. Spread the lynch to someone who won't matter, so I could be of use to you later.
Well I just got access to computer, IDK about the others.


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C2->C3 ~ Doomsday

As each adventurer had settled their disputes the other day, they decided to put aside their differences.

"Hey everyone, let's get Wild Eep!" says Terrador, "It'll help him get into good shape!! After all, a good beating never hurt anyone :DDD"

Lady Salamence glares at Terrador, "Fuck you. Wild Eep never made a sexist joke at me. You deserve to die."

Suddenly Hydrattler butts in, "H3y, lik3 d00ds, l3t'5 g3t HD. H3'5 lik3 n0t l33tzorz!"

Of course, Ditto and a few others have some other stuff to say, "Well, let's look at it logically...GET POK101!!!!"


Well none of the rest of the adventurers listen to him, and continue doing what they were doing.

ginganinja stops what he is doing, suddenly, noticing an old man walking by. The old man drops a slip of paper on the ground. Wasting no time, ginganinja runs and grabs the paper and tries to chase after the elderly fellow, "Sir, you dropped something!!!" But to no avail. It seemed like the old man disappeared into thin air. The rest of the adventurers meet up with ginganinja who unfolds the slip of paper. It appeared to have some writing on it:

Acklow said:
Dear HD,
You are a Chemist.

“Apothecaries who can mix powerful brews, and gain twice the benefit when drinking potions and ethers”

Level: 2
HP: 10
Atk Power: 1
Exp: 9
Next: 3

Combines two items together to form a new item.

Letters: IFH

Note: <SNIP>

Your enemy in this game is the Dragoon.


The adventurers sigh in relief that they were not among the dead...

But the moment was nigh gone when they suddenly noticed that the corpse of Wild Eep was laying on the side of the path. An arrow was stuck in the side of his head. He was carrying a notebook and it was open to a certain page:

Acklow said:
Dear Wild Eep,
You are a Time Mage.

“Masters of time and space, these mages easily bend all dimension to their will”

Level: 3
HP: 9
MP: 12
Atk Power: 0
Exp: 21
Next: 0

MP Charge:
Restores 4 MP. However, you cannot use any other actions this turn.

(Costs 2 MP) Stop:
Target USER cannot use any more than two actions this turn.

(Costs 4 MP) Regen:
Target USER gains 2 HP each turn until they max out their HP again.

Letters: EZM

You are holding a Mini-grenade. (Costs 5 MP) Burns USER. USER takes 3 damage every other turn and can only communicate via the Thread and PMing. Lasts 3 Turns. Can be used as many times as wanted. Support. This is essentially a spell.

Your enemy in this game is the White Thief.


To all of the adventurer's surprise, the body of capefeather wasn't too far off either. He seemed to be singed with the smell of a foul odor. In his hand he held a leather bookmark with writing upon it:

Acklow said:
Dear capefeather,
You are an Elementalist.

“Harnessing the power of their surroundings, they easily avoid pits and floors with damaging effects”

Level: 3
HP: 11
MP: 10
Atk Power: 1
Exp: 21
Next: 0

For every level you are, Target USER gains +1 Atk and +1 Def for the duration of the next turn.

Letters: IGS

Your enemy in this game is the Monk.


With such bloodshed, the adventurers began to become more aware of their surroundings.

Unable to hold their excitement, two of the adventurers yell out, "HAHA SUCKERS!! WE WON THIS THING, SO IT IS TIME WE LEFT YOU LOSERS TO DRINK THOSE CRAPPY POTIONS WHILE WE GO FEAST ON SOME SCRUMPTIOUS FOOD!!!! And with that, imperfectluck and Daenym left the adventurers with their heads held high.

Acklow said:
Dear imperfectluck,
You are a Monk.

“Masters of hand-to-hand combat who intuitively counterattack”

Level: 4
HP: 16
Atk Power: 2
Exp: 21
Next: 0

Build Up:
Instead of sending in a PM, vote must be Bolded AND Italicized, which results in x2 damage

Heals 2 HP for self and removes any status effects.

Letters: ANC

Your enemy in this game is the Chemist.


Acklow said:
Dear Daenym,
You are a White Thief.

Expert bandits who espy secret passages and foil back attacks

Level: 4
HP: 10
Atk Power: 2
Exp: 21
Next: 0

Run Away:
The first time (in a turn) that you are attacked, you will not take any damage (always active).

Steals a maximum of 3 items off of target USER.

Capture MUG:
Steals a maximum of 2 items off of target USER and deals 3 damage to them.

Letters: AKD

You are holding Holy Breath. (Costs 2 MP) Casts a holy wind over USER. USER takes 3 Damage. Can only be used three times. Support. This is essentially a spell.

You are holding Masamune. The holder of this item gains the highest priority in this game for all of his actions (bar some). Weapon.

Your enemy in this game is the Elementalist.


Congratulations to imperfectluck and Daenym for being the first winners of Final Fantasy V Mafia!!

Suddenly, everyone notices that theangryscientist had somehow come back. "Wait, what? You didn't know I was gone, well don't worry, I'm back now to kick more butt!!"

Unfortunately, Terrador14 was frozen solid, so he couldn't say anything to the adventurers outside of their public talks. (i.e. he can only talk in the thread. Nobody may contact him or speak to him otherwise and same goes for him to others)

Also, Excalibur, Mini-grenade and Masamune suddenly become up for grabs, since apparently imperfectluck and Daenym (and poor Wild Eep) seemed to drop the items while leaving.

Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugh. To whom it may concern:

Take the letters over our secret channel. Convert them to the standard 1=A, 2=B... etc. Subtract 7 from the first letter. Subtract 4 from the second letter. Add 13 to the third letter. Add 15 to the fourth letter. Add 14 to the fourth letter. Subtract 7 from the last letter.

Pull out all the stops. I probably won't have much time left. More to come later.

Zantetsuken vonFiedler
I honestly did not see that coming o_O

Anyway, it was fun. Just too short. And damnit, I wanted to use Mug at least once.

Good luck to everyone else! (Well, maybe not everyone.)


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apparently someone has something against mister von.

i will lynch vonfiedler or be godkilled, it would seem.


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Terrador, I know your role name and who needs to kill you. I would advise not randing me (especially after we had this discussion about experience yesterday).

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