[Expert] Card Game Mafia Game Over!

Fuck Im confused with all these cards. Thank god I didn't have to make a deck.

I was gonna do things in the order figure out what cards are> clear inbox from 99% full > reply to pms from this game but I realized that may not work.
(I'm probably boned, since this'll just attract a different sort of attention, but here goes...)

I imagine that a number of you are voting for me due to my perceived role, no doubt procured from an inspection. I have some bad news for you: I used 'Snatcher' on Turn 1, so the character card info anyone would have gotten from that is faked (though I imagine some of you ought to have realized that by now). Most importantly, I'm not of Sega, I'm on Konami (likewise, I changed who I needed dead to win as well).

Interestingly, if I die this turn, then I'll be the third Konami dead...what do you think will happen then? How many people are going to win or lose based on my death alone? How many of you are willing to risk such a chain reaction (as outlined in Rule #6)?

There's already four other people dead, and you can bet that there'll be others dead this turn. Say what you want, but I'm willing to guess that the game is going to get pretty hectic from now on.

For now, No Lynch.


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There's 30 minutes left, and I'm missing only a few PMs, but at least one of them is from a guy who is pretty damn invested in the game. Like, possible MVP invested. So if you think that's you, make sure you get your PM in.


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Everyone rushed Fangren, but after he gets bodychecked by the first guy people kind of just lose interest. Probably because Midou's hockey game has gone bad, and he and another player are have thrown down their sticks and engaged in fisticuffs. Midou comes out the loser however, and his Character Card is broadcast across the scoreboard.

Speaking of spartans, the gods fill a player with rage, causing them to brutally murder the nearest marsupial, which happens to be Nachos.

Everyone who didn't bet 0 winners this turn was fucking wrong it seems (including me).

Some Fuckin Gossip

"Is Phantasia a Sony?"

"lynch lesm46"
It is now Turn 7. The lynch does 4 damage unless altered. The turn ends in 48 hours regardless of who doesn't have their shit in.

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