Favourite game themes?


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On a phone atm, so no links.

Super Mario 64 - Jolly Roger Bay
Super Mario 64 - Ending theme
Pokemon Yellow - Vermilion City
Pokemon Yellow - Champion theme
Pokemon Crystal - Champion theme
Pokemon Crystal - S.S. Anne theme
Pokemon Crystal - Route 26 (I think, edit later if wrong)
Pokemon Emerald - Frontier Brain theme
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Red/Blue - Sky Tower
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Red/Blue - Great Canyon
Pokemon Colosseum - Miror B's theme
Pokemon Colosseum - Cipher Admin theme
Pokemon Colosseum - Realgam Tower
Pokemon XD - Miror B's theme
Pokemon Diamond/Pearl - Outside of the Pokemon League (not sure if it's in Platinum)
Pokemon Platinum - Canalave City
Pokemon Platinum - Champion theme
Pokemon Platinum - Frontier Brain
Pokemon HeartGold/SoulSilver - Route 46
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Sky - Temporal Tower
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Sky - Primal Dialga's theme
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Sky - I don't want to say goodbye
Pokemon Black/White - Route 10
Pokemon Black/White - N's bridge
Golden Sun - Isaac's theme

A few of my favorites


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bravely default - that person's name is (asterik boss theme)
bravely default - serpent eating the ground (final boss theme)

by far the best themes i've heard

also the regular boss and final boss themes for mario & luigi dream team are extremely good too
Final Fantasy 5: Ahead On Our Way, The Battle, The Final Battle, Dear Friends
Final Fantasy 6: Locke's Theme, Relm's Theme, Dancing Mad, Terra's Theme
Secret of Mana 2: Swivel, Raven, Harvest November, Forbidden Road, Whiz Kid, Powell, Hightension Wire, Rolling Cradle, The Sacrifice Part III
Golden Sun: Saturos' Battle Theme

I've probably forgotten a lot, but these are some of my favorites
Miror B has to be one xD
uhh Mewtwo in X/Y, Zekrom/Reshiram in B/W
Purple Coins in Super Mario Galaxy 1
a few more i cant remember
Not saying dkc2 has a bad soundtrack, but in my opinion, the persona series soundtrack way outclasses it. I'd advise listening to a few songs if anyone hasn't yet.
Jolly Roger Bay indeed is soothing. GSC's Azalea Town/Blackthorn City is awesome too.

Kid Chameleon also has some good ones. I will elaborate once I have some time.


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omg i love video game music so much holy shit

Opening Theme from Xenoblade Chronicles (basically everything from Xenoblade Chronicles cause that soundtrack is amazing)
Dark Pit's Theme from Kid Icarus: Uprising
Cynthia's Theme from DPP (a true Pokemon classic)
Dragon Roost Island Theme from Wind Waker
Hyrule Castle Theme from A Link to the Past
Gusty Gardens from Super Mario Galaxy
Opening Theme from Skyrim
Boss Music from Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga
Aquatic Ambiance from Donkey Kong Country
The entire soundtrack from the original Animal Crossing mostly for nostalgic reasons but also cause its super relaxing ^_^

thats all i can think of atm but trust me there's more
* Life light from Super smash bros ultimate
* Robo Groudon theme from Pokemon XD gale of darkness
* Gladion's theme from Pokemon Sun and moon
* Sonic Hero's theme from Sonic Hero's and by Crush 40
* Champions theme from Pokemon Firered

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