Fighting Arceus (Analysis)

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I'll probably do the actual writing on Wednesday. I strongly considered a Swords Dance set, but I tested it out and it sucks badly. It has to rely on low-powered moves, and its STAB doesn't hit a ton of stuff for super effective damage like Ghost Arceus's Shadow Claw does.

blah blah blah Fightceus melodrama, I'm a boring person so someone else should write this

name: Calm Mind
move 1: Calm Mind
move 2: Judgment
move 3: Recover
move 4: Dark Pulse / Ice Beam
item: Fist Plate
nature: Timid
evs: 100 HP / 100 Def / 100 SpA / 100 SpD / 100 Spe


  • It may seem odd to use a Fighting Pokemon in the Psychic-infested Uber tier, but Fighting Arceus is actually very effective
  • Fighting Arceus is the only true counter to Darkrai and Tyranitar; Darkrai needs a Dark Pulse flinch in order to win and is OHKOed by Judgment, while Tyranitar can't do much to Fighting Arceus period
  • Very good check to Deoxys-A, since it is not 2HKOed by even Life Orb Thunder, and Dialga
  • Very hard to hit super-effectively, since Psychic attacks are almost nonexistent and strong Flying attacks are rare
  • Judgment is the main attack; Fighting STAB means that Skarmory can't check this set without taking major damage
  • Dark Pulse hits stuff that resists Fighting, like Mewtwo and Ghost Arceus, and a lucky flinch is Arceus's only chance against Wobbuffet
  • Ice Beam hits Giratina and Lugia harder, and OHKOes Rayquaza, Salamence, Garchomp, and Shaymin-S

  • Judgment 2HKOes all Blissey after two Calm Minds and 2HKOes after one Calm Mind if Blissey has taken some damage
  • Lati@s is a good teammate since it appreciates Blissey's removal
  • Set-up Pokemon like Forretress and Skarmory don't have to worry about giving Darkrai a free switch-in opportunity
  • Skarmory helps additionally since it wins against Shaymin-S, barring Leech Seed or a ridiculous number of flinches
  • Stealth Rock is very helpful for Ho-Oh, which can otherwise switch in, take little from Judgment, and maul Arceus with Brave Bird
  • Lati@s usually beats this set in a Calm Mind war, so it's best to not engage and switch to a counter, like Scizor or Blissey
basically expand on the additional comments


  • A Swords Dance set can be used; Fighting Arceus 2HKOes special defensive Skarmory with +2 Brick Break, but is mostly outclassed by Extreme Killer and Swords Dance Ghost
  • A lot of options can be used over Calm Mind to provide extra support
  • Toxic helps against Lugia and Ho-Oh
  • Roar can rack up some extra Stealth Rock damage on Fighting Arceus's checks
  • Fighting Arceus can set up Stealth Rock itself if the team is short of moveslots
  • Will-O-Wisp helps against Extreme Killer, but its accuracy is shaky
  • Reflect and Light Screen help the team in general

  • Ho-Oh doesn't take much from Ice Beam or Judgment and OHKOes with Brave Bird
  • Lati@s will generally win a Calm Mind war against Arceus
  • Wobbuffet doesn't take much from Dark Pulse and is not OHKOed by a +6 Ice Beam, so it can turn Arceus into set-up fodder
  • Shaymin-S is not OHKOed unless Arceus has Ice Beam, and can Leech Seed or flinch it to death with Air Slash
  • Ghost Arceus can set up on those without Dark Pulse, and Mewtwo and Mew to a lesser extent
  • Lugia doesn't take too much from Dark Pulse or Ice Beam and can Toxic Arceus or Whirlwind it out; Deoxys-D completely beats sets that don't have Dark Pulse


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I really think Ice Beam should be the primary slash in the 4th moveslot so Rayquaza and stuff like SubSeed Shaymin-S can't set up on you. Most of the things you hit with Dark Pulse you will beat or lose to regardless. The small freeze chance CAN come in handy in a CM war against something faster such as Latias.

Make this change and I will approve.

Great Sage

Banned deucer.
I do like Ice Beam more than I do Dark Pulse, but Theorymon was pushing pretty heavily for Dark Pulse, so I'd like his input before I switch it.
Ok let me try my hand at writing an Overview.

<p>Representing the best hope for Fighting-types in the Psychic-dominated Ubers tier is the subtle yet deadly Fighting-type Arceus. While it may lack the type coverage and powerful attacks of its brethren, this Arceus is deceptively difficult to kill due to its lack of weaknesses, and it pulls its weight as a utility counter to threats such as Darkrai, Deoxys-A, and Tyranitar. All in all, Fighting-type Arceus may be the key to rounding out your team.</p>


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Make Ice Beam the main option with Dark Pulse as a slash in, mostly because even with Dark Pulse, you can still lose Wobbuffet, and Ice Beam also lets Arceus revenge Rayquaza. Also, imo, I found that a more defensive set with Toxic was better than just optional changes!


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I don't really have a strong opinion on Dark Pulse vs. Ice Beam, and other than that it looks good.

QC approved 1/3

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