Final Fantasy VII Remake


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Didn't see a thread on this specifically when I did a quick search, but feel free to link me if there is one and delete it.

Anyway there's a lot of info floating around out there, a couple of official trailers and statements and a whole lot of speculation and rumors. At this point I want to discuss in this thread:

1) Gameplay, story and other conclusions we can draw from the officially released content
2) Speculating on what we don't know yet
3) Compiling known information to make it easier to know what's set in stone so far without having to sift through tons of sites.

So, for starters, here are the two videos that have been released officially so far:

These videos show us what appears to be an active time battle system with basic menu functions and control over at least Cloud. This all but eliminates the possibility of it being turn-based like some people had hoped.

I've also heard it said in several places that this game will be released gradually in "Episodes". Can someone confirm this for me and list the source?

Anyway, what are YOU hoping they do with this game? And what are you most afraid they are going to do to ruin it?
Little early to discuss a game that will probably be delayed until 2017 I bet...but I like what was shown so far, I miss ATB as much as the next guy but a KH-esq action rpg might be fun (it's what the demos reminded me of anyways).
Ooh boy, a modernization of a post SNES RPG.... it is naturally going to have amazing graphics....
But has anybody here actually played FF7 on the PS1?


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I'm honestly hoping Nomura rips himself off and uses a Kingdom Hearts system. Losing turn-based combat obviously sucks, but Kingdom Hearts II with a Final Fantasy skin sounds really fun.


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The fact that it's going to be episodic has pissed off a lot of people, but I'm kind of interested to see how they'll break the game down and how much they'll expand the world to make each episode into a full game. Being able to explore all the sectors of Midgar seems pretty neat to me, and I still remember how much of the original World Map existed but did not house anything important. Maybe they'll include more towns and places to see in those areas and give us more to do while we wait for the next episode. I really don't want to find myself reaching the end of the episode in two days and then waiting a year for the next episode.

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I have very fond memories of the original from my teenage years, as I'm sure you all have as well. I immediately thought to myself Sqenix must be desperate because this is dangerous territory they are going into. It is no exaggeration to say FF7 is one of the most beloved games of all time and Square only has one chance to get it right. We are talking about 7 not 14 and if they fuck it up, well it's not going to look good. There is a reason many developers port old games to newer consoles with the main game elements untouched. For example Majoras Mask for 3ds was a perfect port with improved visuals, gameplay untouched for the most part. I think if Square intends to alter the battle system many people will be put off, depending on how much they alter it. The game was literally perfect as is on a gameplay level to me, I don't understand what would motivate them to do this at all. The graphics could benefit from a huge overhaul but the original graphics weren't the worst. I really enjoyed the characters and scenery; and that whole blocky pixelated style of graphics wasn't that bad. The music is perfect the way it is, maybe some better quality out of it, but I really hope they at least leave the music the way it was in the original.

if Sqenix fails to deliver in terms of quality AND nostalgia on this title it will be a huge setback
as well as the nail in the coffin for the beloved Final Fantasy series of games rip
I'm cautiously looking forward to it, I have a good chunk of nostalgia for FF7 and playing an updated version of it with a KH-style battle system sounds pretty appealing. The fact that it's going to be split into episodes I'm not sure I like, hopefully the end product won't end up feeling padded out.

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Trailer looks awesome. I'll probably never be able to play it because the console cost is out of my price structure for now, but it looks like it will be epic.

The combat system obviously changed, but if it's anything like FFXII then you'll basically be able to program the behaviors of your allies mid-battle. The elimination of random encounters and ATB have been in place for RPGs for quite a while. It shouldn't affect the overall materia system much, as long as you have it equipped and you're defeating enemies it will accumulate experience, and linked materia shouldn't even change that much, with All just spliting damage among targets as usual. Of course, this assumes the materia system will be anything like what it was, but I can't imagine it getting scrapped because Materia is a plot point.

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