Finding the nature of unhatched eggs! (Discovery)

Hey smogoners,

In my insane amounts of breeding to get an Impish Female Eevee tonight, I seem to have inadvertantly stumbled across a method to peek in to the nature of your unhatched eggs. I'm not sure what the timing is on the method, if it's picky or not, but I've done it three times now without fail and the natures have indeed matched up. (Sadly, still no female impish eevees...)

Here's how you do it.

1) Put a pokémon you don't want next to the unhatched egg in the party lineup. (By next, I mean to the left of. So you have monster->egg on the lineup. For me, I was using my fodder eevees and then had the egg to the right of them.)
2) Go to BEBE's PC and select MOVE POKéMON
3) Go to your Party Monsters
4) QUICKLY Select the monster you're gonna get rid of
5) QUICKLY Release that monster (Timing does matter, if you're too slow you'll see nothing in the end, just ended up doing that on my tests)

Okay, here's where it gets tricky.

6) After the monster is released, hammer A until the "Bye bye (name)!" Text comes up.

Get ready, and watch the lower left corner where the little overview of the monster's name/typing/nature/ability is scrolled through slowly.

7) QUICKLY Press the A button to clear that text, and in the preview window in the bottom left you will BRIEFLY (and I mean it's quick, like half a second to a second) see the nature of the unhatched egg, which has now moved into the (now released) old monster's slot, in that lower left corner preview window.

I've peeked and seen a modest, an impish, and a timid eevee this way, and all of them have hatched to be that. Unfortunately, the timid was the only female.

I thought I'd share this (possible) discovery with the community if anybody was interested, as it should save some breeders a lot of time in the long run. It's pretty timing sensitive, you have to be quick so that the stuff scrolling at the bottom hits the nature part of the monster's info when you clear the "Bye bye!" text. If it doesn't work, and I've gone crazy from too many eevee eggs (though it worked three times in a row for me, I'm almost positive it works) then I apologize, and this thread can be banished.

Happy testing, those who are willing. If you need clarification please feel free to ask.

Oh, and I'll trade that female timid for a female impish eevee, if anyone is interested.
I could try to confirm, but the process seems far too tedious. It would literally either 1) require to catch and release a monster over and over again, or 2) require you to soft reset over and over. The amount of effort at the expense of time doesn't seem worth it.
The timing's not as picky as I make it sound, I've lazily clicked through and gotten it most of the time. It all hinges on what part the little preview window at the bottom is currently displaying for the monster you're releasing. It lets you peek in to that part on the egg.
Yes, this is true, I was just posting it in hopes of someone finding it useful. It's a fun little glitch, but it sure isn't cutting down on my breeding time currently...


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You can reset to get a new egg though!

Next egg I hatch I will give this a shot.

[Edit] - It does seem to work, but it does seem to depend a lot on timing.. I have done it a few times, the first time it said Modest, and I am pretty sure the poke I released wasnt modest. Then I did it, it said Timid but that was the nature of the poke I released. I tried a third time and it came up with "Dragon/Ground" when I was releasing a bidoof (the egg is a gible).

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No, there wasn't anything said that the Pokemon released would have any influence on the egg (that is at least what I understand from the above post). It's just a preview so you don't have to ride around on a bike waiting for a worthless egg to hatch. Sounds kind of cool, even if a bit tedious...
Okay, I'm trying it right now, and from what I can gather, whatever is being shown in the corner for the Poke you are releasing (i.e. Type, Nature, Held Item) when it is released is what you see for the Egg. So you have to time it so the egg moves into the old Poke's slot when it is showing the old Poke's Nature.
Yeah, Masquerade has it right. You have to be careful 'cause it'll cycle behind the text boxes I think...but it does let you get an early peek at all those items, which is kinda handy.
Hmm...sounds cool, I'm gonna go try it.
EDIT: Computer wouldn't work there for a while, but this does work. The nature is extremely brief, so make sure that you pay attention. Anyway, it said Hasty and what do you know, Hasty Magikarp.
Awesome, a way to find the nature of my egg! ^_^ Also, you dont have to release a pokemon you dont like for it to work, just release anything in your party at the time and soft reset after finding out the nature.
I still can't believe this game lets you release pokemon still holding items. Yesterday I realeased a Riolu holding my Lucky Egg without realizing, and I saved. Now I have to go and find another of those damn things.
I doubted this works till i tried it myself

It works thanks for the find but your timing to see the nature is random because 1 time i saw Dragon and then i saw its nature the second time around


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Well, damn this is discovered after I finish breeding XD Very good trick if you use it correctly though. Save before egg is made, check right away, reset.

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