Big First Official Smogon Mafia Game: Metagame Mafia - Game Over - Anything Goes Wins!

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As the clock slowly crept closer to deadline, Blazade and Thetwinmasters lay in the shadows, patiently awaiting the time to strike. Votes were piling up rapidly against the former as the second hand ticked ever closer, approaching that dreaded 6 PM deadline.

With just two minutes remaining, the two suddenly burst from the shadows. "Fuck Mithril!" they exclaimed in unison. They were met by silence.

Confusion filled their faces as they turned back to the shadows they had been hiding in, where two figures still remained. Impatiently, Blazade motioned for them to get a move on.

Finally, Agape stepped forward. A look of relief crossed Blazade and Twin's faces, but this was replaced with confusion as Agape opened his mouth and a stream of Latin gibberish poured out.

It was at this moment that the clock struck six and Blazade was clotheslined by billymills.

Dear Blazade,
You are Mega Blaziken.

In battle, Blaziken blows out intense flames from its wrists and attacks the foe courageously. The stronger the foes, the more intensely this Pokémon's wrists burn.

You can use Flare Blitz, Low Kick, or Knock Off each Cycle. Flare Blitz will hit your target so monstrously hard that it will kill him or her, but due to recoil damage, you may only use this twice, ever. Low Kick will enable you to check what weight class your target is in. Knock Off will cause your target to drop his or her items, thus enabling the next person who targets him or her to pick them up and removing any effects of said items from him or her.

Your ability is Speed Boost. This means that, every two Cycles, you will gain the ability to use one additional move each Cycle. So, starting Cycle 3, you may use two moves each Cycle, etc.

You are allied with the Ubers Tier. You win if the Ubers Tier eliminates all others.
Live fast, die young, Blazades do it well.

Shortly after this, Mithril's corpse flew by, struck by a massive Superpower.

Dear Mithril,
You are Azelf.

Known as "The Being of Willpower." It sleeps at the bottom of a lake to keep the world in balance.

You can use either Taunt or Explosion each Cycle. If you use Taunt, then whoever you target will be forced to target you with any votes or attacking abilities made that Cycle. If you use Explosion, then whoever you target will die, but so will you.

You are holding a Focus Sash. This will ensure that the first attack made against you will not kill you. Note that attacking abilities which would not normally kill you will still pop this.

You are allied with The Rest. You win if The Rest eliminate all others.
He didn't even have time to take azelfie HUE

Finally, Mr.378 was buried in the ground by a powerful(?) Seismic Toss.

Dear Mr.378,
You are Throh.

When it tightens its belt, it becomes stronger. Wild Throh use vines to weave their own belts.

You can use Wide Guard each Cycle. This will protect both you and one other player from all harmful actions, including kills. You may not protect the same player two Cycles in a row, however.

You are holding a Lum Berry. This will cure any status you are inflicted with, once.

You are allied with The Rest. You win if The Rest eliminate all others.
The somber mood was spoiled by Haruno emerging from those pesky shadows.

"LYNCH BLAZADE" he cried, along with some political bullshit.

But nobody came...

We're approaching the end of this long grind. Sam told me to post some fitting music so here ya go.

Results are going out (and probably won't take long). Cycle 13 ends 6/18 at 1 PM CDT (approximately 42.5 hours from this post).

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