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So you know dem flash CAPs we sometimes make in IRC?

Well I asked if anyone wanted to make one

then we did.

Basespeed's Concept: A wall that gets its walling potential from anything but its base stats

Name: Petrogeist (submitted by Kadew)
The Stalagmite Pokemon
Height: 4'11" ft.
Weight: 180.1 lbs.
Typing: Ghost/Rock
Primary Ability: Intimidate
Flavor Ability: Rock Head

Pokedex Entries:

Black: It is made of rocks from ancient tombstones. Petrogeist goes wandering at night leaving a trail of pebbles behind so it can find its resting place at dawn. (Yveltal's)
White: It has a habit of hoarding trinkets stolen from travellers entering its caves. People try to search for the hoard, but it has never been found.

B2/W2: Its ectoplasm tastes like blueberry ice cream.
75/100/100/50/85/115 BST 525

Level-Up Movepool:
1. Tackle
1. Astonish
1. Sandstorm
4. Rock Throw
10. Shadow Sneak
13. Confuse Ray
19. Faint Attack
22. Ominous Wind
28. Recover
31. AncientPower
37. Curse
40. Stealth Rock
46. Shadow Claw
49. Rock Slide
55. Punishment
58. Destiny Bond

TMs and HMs:
04 Calm Mind
06 Toxic
08 Bulk Up
10 Hidden Power
11 Sunny Day
12 Taunt
15 Hyper Beam
16 Light Screen
17 Protect
18 Rain Dance
19 Telekinesis
20 Safeguard
21 Frustration
23 Smack Down
27 Return
29 Psychic
30 Shadow Ball
31. Brick Break
32 Double Team
33 Reflect
37 Sandstorm
39 Rock Tomb
41 Torment
42 Facade
44 Rest
45 Attract
46. Thief
48 Round
49 Echoed Voice
56 Fling
61 Will-O-Wisp
63 Embargo
65 Shadow Claw
66 Payback
68 Giga Impact
70 Flash
71 Stone Edge
74 Gyro Ball
77 Psych Up
78 Bulldoze
80 Rock Slide
85 Dream Eater
87 Swagger
90 Substitute
92 Trick Room
94 Rock Smash
01 Cut
04 Strength

Egg Groups: Amorphous/Mineral

Egg Moves:
Shadow Punch
Pain Split
Knock Off
Dark Pulse
Iron Defense
Foul Play
Stealth Rock
Skill Swap
Sleep Talk
Magic Room
Wonder Room
(stop me if this is a bad idea) I don't see why we can't come out of Gen 5 doing a handful of flash CAPs. Petrogeist's creation was a lot more fun to sit through than Malaconda (though I'm not saying anything about the quality of the end results between CAP5 and the most recent speed CAP)and all the important deliberating on stat spreads and movepools can get done in a day. The most time consuming bit would be voting on the flavor aspects, like having a couple of days for art submissions and flavor ability submissions.


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I would be very interested in seeing the result of an official "speed CAP" and determining how the end result would differ from all the past creations.


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Flash CAPs are fun, but there's just no way that a "serious" project could ever be done that way. During Petrogeist I wanted to submit a stat spread, but I just couldn't come up with anything in the twenty minutes or so that I had to work on it. I and other spend days working on stat spread submissions for real CAPs. While there's nothing wrong per se with the spread we got, I suspect that most of the stats were more or less arbitrary, or based on one or two particular calcs that seemed relevant. Movepools are much the same: I did submit a complete movepool for Petrogeist, but I was rushing through the entire thing just adding random moves as they came. And it shows: while I think my Petrogeist movepool was pretty good for something I did in less than an hour, from both competitive and flavour POVs it's much worse than the average CAP movepool submission, including my own submissions for full CAPs. My Malaconda movepool had pages of justifications for various moves (I may have gone a bit too far on that one actually...) while for Petrogeist I didn't even get a chance to defend any of my decisions because I had to go to bed more or less right after submitting it.
I dislike the idea of Pokémon being based on a new type combination. Some of them don't even make sense. It is also kind of weird when unique type combinations are used again. For example, if there was a new Dark/Fire type, many people would view Houndoom as less special.

Personally, I am glad that Gen VI is bringing forth more Fighting/Dark because that has always made sense and there are various ways to represent it.

Concept should always come before typing.
Posted that before I even saw Petrogeist. Perfect example, no offense. While I do like the design, the concept is simply Ghost/Rock. Its name literally means Rock Ghost. (Petro = Greek for Rock, Geist = German for Ghost)

I'm not trying to knock Petrogeist as if it were a bad Pokémon. It's just kind of like the Vanilluxe line in terms of originality. And I like Vanilluxe.
The flash CAPs aren't serious projects though, they're just a bit of fun, to keep people's attentions and keep IRC a good place to go, while we wait between projects. The concept stage is taken incredibly seriously in full projects, if you're wondering how much it is the focus of a project have a nip through some of the archived progress stages for previous CAPs. Some of the concept submissions, and the subsequent discussions where the direction of the CAP is decided, are some of the most interesting and focused sections of the project. You're new so stick around for CAP 6 which will be the last of the V gen pokemon.


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And besides, we didn't make Petrogeist Ghost / Rock just for the hell of it anyway. The goal was a wall with low base stats, so we wanted Ghost for immunities and Rock for the boost to SpDef from sandstorm.

IIRC we also discussed Steel / Ghost and Steel / Dragon, maybe some others.


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We made this flashcap about 2 weeks ago but never got around to posting it here.

Now it's here.
more-or-less full log

Concept by Birkal: Sticky Web sweeper

Art by Birkal

Sprite by Quanyails

Name by srk1214: Ampeater
Height: 3'7" ft.
Weight: 83.8 lbs.
Typing: Electric/Dark
Ability: Sheer Force
Hidden Ability: Sand Force

Pokedex Entries by darkie:

X: Sticky traps surround Ampeater burrows. Some say this is to keep out potential intruders.
Y: Ampeater prefer to keep to themselves, but will attack unwanted guests with a vengeance if disturbed.

Stats (darkie/bugmaniacbob/srk1214/imanalt):
85 HP / 48 Atk / 115 Def / 115 SpA / 85 SpD / 92 Spe (540 BST)

PT: 176.119007872448 (Excellent)
ST: 132.399176450013 (Good)
PS: 74.3481040440645 (Poor)
SS: 171.096522033466 (Very Good)
BSR: 299.715612452364 (Good)
Moves (darkie/bugmaniacbob/srk1214/numbuh214/jas61292): (61 total, 27 VGMs)

TMs and HMs: (42 total, 24 VGMs)
*Hone Claws
*Hidden Power
Hyper Beam
*Light Screen
Return (repeat *)
*Shadow Ball
Double Team
*Aerial Ace
*Charge Beam
Giga Impact
*Volt Switch
*Thunder Wave
*Poison Jab
*Grass Knot
*Sleep Talk
*Flash Cannon
Rock Smash
*Dark Pulse

Level-up Moves: (14 Total (new), 3 VGMs (new))
*Start - Sticky Web
Start - Thunder Shock
Start - Poison Sting
5 - Scratch
7 - Sand Attack
10 - Lick
14 - Bite
18 - Fury Swipes
22 - Charge
*26 - Discharge
32 - Hone Claws
39 - Electroweb
*47 - Night Slash
56 - Thunder (repeat *)
64 - Electric Terrain

Egg (Field/Monster): (5 total, 0 VGMs)
- Defense Curl
- Eerie Impulse
- Magnet Rise
- Mud Shot
- Magnetic Flux

Additionally, a prevo was decided upon with a name I submitted, Snoutlet. Feel free to draw us some beautiful baby electric pangolins :)
Ampeater's sprite looks very nice. His stats remind me of Cyclohm in a way, probably because of the high Defense and Special Attack, but with higher Speed and Special Defense.

I would draw my version of Snoutlet, but I am afraid of making it look practically identical.

Oh, and happy belated 6th birthday to the CAP Project!
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Dracoyoshi8 Your Snoutlet looks very cute. Will you color it anytime soon?

I wonder if anyone thought of a prevo for Petrogeist. I suggest so because most of the flavor CAPs are single-stage.


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Orange Islands
I've noticed people getting together to create flavour CAPs. How can i get involved?
These just tend to "happen" sometimes when the chat is dead in #CaP. There hasn't been one for a while though and likely won't be until Kalos CaP 1 (Or CaP 18 depending on Nomenclature) is over.


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That's adorable, Anacrusis! Murkrow has got NO CHANCE.

I hope you stick around to submit some art for CAP18!


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Hi so a large group of people were active on #cap so we decided to make a Flash Mega Evolution of a previous Flash CAP seen here.

Without further ado, Mega Cnidali:

Poison / Fighting
Poison / Fighting

Regenerator / Stench / Poison Heal (DW)

109 HP / 100 Atk / 85 Def / 40 SpA / 90 SpD / 66 Spe
109 HP / 130 Atk / 95 Def / 60 SpA / 120 SpD / 76 Spe

BST Total:

Same movepool as before, but with a few new XY moves added:
Fell Stinger
Power-Up Punch


So basically the point of this Mega Evolved Flash CAP was thought to be Contrary abuse, with STAB Superpower, Knock Off, and Sting Jab (its signature move 85 BP Poison, 30% Paralysis) to get perfect coverage. Meanwhile, the 4th slot can use Sucker Punch to cover its speed issues, much like Mega Mawile does. This contrasts with its original BW NU intent to be a bulky hazard controller that could still pack a punch when needed.

It's quite possible that Mega Cnidali is broken with this insane ability to use Contrary Superpower alongside perfect coverage and great bulk, but then most Megas seem very broken on paper.

I know we had some potential art in the works, so if those artists or any other artists want to post their ideas for what this guy might turn into, feel free to post below. This is Cnidali in original state, with art by ium.



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We made a thing

Or at least we did earlier today, pretty much unfinished, but I'll post what we had already so that those who lost their lives along the way are not forgotten

Art by Quany x Yveltal

Concept: True Charizard counter (i.e. able to take on and beat both Charizard-X and Charizard-Y)

Typing: Steel / Flying

Ability: Flash Fire

Stats: 90 / 116 / 120 / 57 / 100 / 52 (BST 535)

PT = 190.306680052397 (Excellent)
ST = 160.344278096358 (Very Good)
PS = 110.019628320822 (Good)
SS = 71.8957314156872 (Poor)

BSR = 285.9987501146 (Good)

Weight: 2000 kg


- Heat Crash
- Heavy Slam
- Tackle
- Peck
4. Iron Defence
10. Ancientpower
16. Magnet Bomb
22. Drill Peck
28. Steel Wing
35. Slam
41. Iron Head
48. Protect
56. Heat Crash
60. Heavy Slam

TM05 Roar
TM06 Toxic
TM10 Hidden Power
TM11 Sunny Day
TM12 Taunt
TM15 Hyper Beam
TM17 Protect
TM19 Roost
TM21 Frustration
TM23 Smack Down
TM26 Earthquake
TM27 Return
TM28 Dig
TM32 Double Team
TM33 Reflect
TM37 Sandstorm
TM39 Rock Tomb
TM40 Aerial Ace
TM42 Facade
TM43 Flame Charge
TM44 Rest
TM45 Attract
TM48 Round
TM50 Overheat
TM51 Steel Wing
TM58 Sky Drop
TM59 Incinerate
TM64 Explosion
TM68 Giga Impact
TM70 Flash
TM71 Stone Edge
TM74 Gyro Ball
TM78 Bulldoze
TM80 Rock Slide
TM87 Swagger
TM88 Sleep Talk
TM90 Substitute
TM91 Flash Cannon
TM94 Rock Smash
TM100 Confide
HM02 Fly
HM04 Strength

Egg Groups: Mineral / Flying

Stealth Rock (via Skarmory)
Morning Sun (via Togekiss)
Sky Attack (via Togekiss)
Wide Guard (via Aerodactyl)


<bugmaniacbob> true charizard counter - mono-fairy + flash fire?
<Yilx> hmm probably
<FMD> Maybe.
<Yilx> it needs proper defenses too
<BaseSpeed> Perhaps we should make a CAP for it :P
<Yilx> but that sounds about right
<FMD> We could play around with it a lot.
<Looking4Godot> it also needs something that allows him to sacre out charizard
<Looking4Godot> scare*
<FMD> Rock type moves could do that easily if Charizard's damage was absorbed enough.
<bugmaniacbob> do you wanna make a flash cap~
<FMD> Sounds good to me.
<BaseSpeed> "Fuck Charizard": The Flash Cap?
<bugmaniacbob> more or less
<BaseSpeed> Well it's the shortest concept submission I've ever seen
<bugmaniacbob> ok everyone suggest a typing
<BaseSpeed> Could be amusing if enough people are up for it
<Looking4Godot> monofairy imo
<bugmaniacbob> any other suggestiong?
<bugmaniacbob> ok
<BaseSpeed> Gimme a second to see if I can come up with another type that can deal with all Zard moves?
<bugmaniacbob> all right, take your time
<FMD> Fairy/Flying
<bugmaniacbob> ew SR weak
<FMD> Added benefit of EQ immunity
<bugmaniacbob> zard can use stone edge can't it
<FMD> True... :/
<bugmaniacbob> oh no my mistake
<bugmaniacbob> just rock slide
<Looking4Godot> well
<Looking4Godot> iron tail too
<FMD> Are we kind of already assuming Flash Fire?
<bugmaniacbob> well
<bugmaniacbob> do you have an alternative?
<FMD> I was just seeing if a type that's weak to Fire could still be a good idea.
<bugmaniacbob> most types weak to fire have terrible defensive qualities
<bugmaniacbob> bug, grass, ice etc
<bugmaniacbob> and steel makes us eq weak
<BaseSpeed> What about Steel/Flying?
<FMD> That's what I was thinking.
<bugmaniacbob> that's an idea
<Yilx> steel/flying with flash fire
<Looking4Godot> needs a great deal of special defense for focus blast
<Yilx> is probably
<Yilx> the best zard switch-in
<Yilx> nah
<Yilx> i think it needs more phydef
<Yilx> to take
<Yilx> dragon claws/outrages
<FMD> Steel/Flying Flash Fire is great against both.
<Yilx> focus blast can be mitigate
<Yilx> because it is inaccurate as fuck
<Looking4Godot> hm
<Yilx> and zard
<Yilx> will not launch focus blast
<Looking4Godot> well that's true
<Yilx> right off the bat
<Yilx> probably
<Yilx> and no stab
<Looking4Godot> but outrage traps you and it's kinda rare
<Yilx> well
<Yilx> zard-x usually opens with
<Yilx> dd
<bugmaniacbob> but but but /cawmodore/
<Yilx> or roost if it eats
<Yilx> sr damage
<Yilx> sometimes dclaw
<Yilx> or just flare litz
<Looking4Godot> aye
<Yilx> -y opens with
<Yilx> solarbeam
<Yilx> or fireblast
<Yilx> unless they get ballsy
<Yilx> but if i were using a zard-y
<Yilx> i will not use focus blast right off the bat
<Looking4Godot> ^though really this in a metagame without "fuck 'zard cap"
<Yilx> unless their only zard-y switch in is tran
<Looking4Godot> we don't surely know
<BaseSpeed> Steel/Flying, Mono Fairy and Fairy/Flying all miss out on super effective STABs
<Looking4Godot> how players will act
<Looking4Godot> in a meta with this guy
<Yilx> hitting it neutral is good enough imo
<Yilx> zard isnt the bulkiest guy around
<Yilx> -y is surprisingly specially bulky
<Yilx> it always survives 252+ rotom-w's thunderbolt for example
<Yilx> same for -x on the physical side
<bugmaniacbob> roost makes it a bit trickier though
<Yilx> forget baout roost, you're not even KOing it from full HP lol
<bugmaniacbob> exactly, if you can't do over 50% you lose to DD zard-x
<Yilx> 252+ SpA Rotom-W Thunderbolt vs. 4 HP / 0 SpD Mega Charizard Y: 248-294 (83.2 - 98.6%) -- guaranteed 2HKO
<FMD> If we outspeed or can Para?
<bugmaniacbob> that's another matter, admittedly
<bugmaniacbob> but losing to subDD is also a possibility
<bugmaniacbob> it can't be super tanky, faster than zard and able to do significant damage all at once
<FMD> Rock Blast?
<bugmaniacbob> hmm
<BaseSpeed> Shouldn't we decide on a type before we begin debating all this?
<bugmaniacbob> how much attack would one need to break a sub
<Looking4Godot> eeeh, is substitute really that great of a choice for charizard?
<bugmaniacbob> oh yea right
<bugmaniacbob> depends if it can beat its best counter with it
<Looking4Godot> but this way he'll lose either roost or a coverage move
<bugmaniacbob> if it's fairy+flashfire then no because it can't have 2-move coverage and win
<Looking4Godot> considering charizard sr weak it'll die so quickly
<bugmaniacbob> true
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<bugmaniacbob> anyway, shall we vote on typing?
<bugmaniacbob> all those in favour of steel/flying say aye
<BaseSpeed> Aye
<FMD> Aye
<BaseSpeed> Hang on
<BaseSpeed> What's the slate?
<BaseSpeed> Steel/Flying, Fairy and Fairy/Flying?
<bugmaniacbob> steel/flying, mono-fairy, fairy/flying
<Looking4Godot> both are cool either way, so add me in the majority
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<bugmaniacbob> the three suggested
<bugmaniacbob> ok let's try again
<FMD> Fairy/Flying, Fairy and Steel/Flying
<Looking4Godot> fairy/flying it's kinda meh tho
<bugmaniacbob> you have 10 seconds from the time of messaging
<bugmaniacbob> all those in favour of steel/flying say aye
<BaseSpeed> aye
<FMD> Aye
<Quanyails> Is this what I think this is?
<bugmaniacbob> aaand stop
<bugmaniacbob> yes quany, it is
<FMD> True Charizard counter CAP
<bugmaniacbob> all those in favour of mono-fairy say aye
<bugmaniacbob> aye
<Quanyails> Might as well chip in, even if I'm spriting currently.
<bugmaniacbob> 1 vote
<bugmaniacbob> all those in favour of fairy/flying say aye
<BaseSpeed> *Tumbleweed*
<bugmaniacbob> all right then
<bugmaniacbob> let us proceed with steel/flying
<bugmaniacbob> what abilities would we like to see?
<BaseSpeed> Flash Fire is obvious
<FMD> Yeah
<Looking4Godot> hmm we could base the guy
<BaseSpeed> However, I'd like to put Drizzle forward too
<Looking4Godot> around some kind of metal
<bugmaniacbob> Yes, I'll mark that as given
<Looking4Godot> who "resists fire"
<Looking4Godot> so other fire related stuff?
<bugmaniacbob> surely it doesn't resist fire, but absorbs it?
<Looking4Godot> well yeah that's the gist of it
<bugmaniacbob> caesium might be a candidate given that it burns in air
<Looking4Godot> but there is no ability
<Quanyails> Drizzle would be nice for cancelling Drought.
<Looking4Godot> who lets you resist fire (thick fat has nothing to do with metal)
<Looking4Godot> so flash fire is a more coherent choice
<bugmaniacbob> heatproof?
<Looking4Godot> in the eyes of a player
<Looking4Godot> heatproof is cool yea
<bugmaniacbob> so let's see
<FMD> Heatproof is a worse Flash Fire.
<bugmaniacbob> put flash fire down as given
<Looking4Godot> we can make heatproof the dw ability and call it a day, btw
*** imanalt [Mibbit@is.a.ralts] has joined #cap
<BaseSpeed> Heatproof is outright inferior to Flash Fire, isn't it?
<bugmaniacbob> Or we could make Flash Fire the hidden ability and make it more generous
<bugmaniacbob> yep
<Looking4Godot> either way
<bugmaniacbob> heatproof would be nice for flavour though
<BaseSpeed> So if we want an ability that gives us fire resist, everything except Drizzle is totally inferior?
<BaseSpeed> Unless we're dying for an ice resist too...
<bugmaniacbob> well, we don't technically get a resistance
<FMD> Well Flash Fire and Drizzle seem the best options.
<bugmaniacbob> it just cancels the fire weakness
<Looking4Godot> drizzle has problems
<Looking4Godot> since megazard y activates the sun AFTER you
<bugmaniacbob> drizzle seems distracting
<bugmaniacbob> given that it doesn't actually let you wall either mega
<FMD> Filter has a good use too, but it would probably still die to Y
<BaseSpeed> Mm, that is true actually
<bugmaniacbob> you still take extra damage from fire attacks even in the rain
<BaseSpeed> Drizzle wouldn't quite work
<BaseSpeed> Looking4Godot is right, Zard Y would get sun anyway
<bugmaniacbob> or, hell, abilities like flame body or magma armour for flavour
<BaseSpeed> It's gotta be Flash Fire then
<bugmaniacbob> yea
<bugmaniacbob> do we want a second competitive ability, or a flavour ability or two
<BaseSpeed> Shall we follow the standard CAP process and decide the other two abilities later?
<bugmaniacbob> seems logical
<bugmaniacbob> since they're flavour-y and all that
<bugmaniacbob> ok stats
<FMD> Bulky physical offense?
<bugmaniacbob> give us some bsr ranges, perhaps
<bugmaniacbob> I'd say very good pt and st, good ps and above average ss
*** Yveltal [Mibbit@synIRC-17DBCE61.austincc.edu] has joined #cap
<BaseSpeed> This point is where the maths makes my brain melt...
<bugmaniacbob> although perhaps excellent pt would be more suitable
<Yveltal> grrr, DHR left
<bugmaniacbob> yes if we have to rely on resistances for zard-x a higher pt seems necessary to take hits comfortably
<FMD> We need something like 100/100 special tankiness to handle the Focus Blasts
<FMD> So an ST range around that of Mew?
<bugmaniacbob> that's the higher end of very good
<bugmaniacbob> so that seems reasonable
<Looking4Godot> guys how about
<Looking4Godot> 90 hp 120 defense 10 sdef?
<Looking4Godot> this way an impish nature fuckzardmon
<bugmaniacbob> 10 SpD?
<Looking4Godot> with amx hp, 200 sdef and 56 defense
<Looking4Godot> can tank easily an +1 outrage and focus blast
<BaseSpeed> Uh...
<Looking4Godot> oops 100* sdef
<BaseSpeed> Ahaha
<BaseSpeed> That's a relief
<FMD> A +1 Dragon Claw does about the same as a Focus Blast would, so maybe the same general PT?
<Looking4Godot> Outrage 41.4 - 48.6% at +1
<Looking4Godot> while focus blast
<Looking4Godot> Focus Blast 32.5 - 38.5%
<Looking4Godot> and we're not even adding unbelievably high stats for this
<bugmaniacbob> that seems reasonable enough
<Looking4Godot> (that leaves room for attack and speed improvement)
<BaseSpeed> Can we think about the build triangle for a second?
<bugmaniacbob> ah yes
<BaseSpeed> Speed, Bulk and Offense, we're supposed to pick 2
<bugmaniacbob> personally I think bulky-powerful
<FMD> I think SpDef needs to be just a little higher than Def.
<FMD> And we can be slow.
<bugmaniacbob> really? I'd say Def > SpD
<BaseSpeed> So we sacrifice speed?
<bugmaniacbob> speed isn't really essential I don't think
<bugmaniacbob> especially when we want to beat DD zard-x
<FMD> We take more damage from Focus Blast than we do +1 Dragon Claw.
<bugmaniacbob> true, but outrage still exists
<Looking4Godot> focus blast cannot 2hko you even with stealth rocks
<Looking4Godot> and it's also unreliable
<Looking4Godot> I think that chary can be stopped this way
<BaseSpeed> If we can commit ourselves to low speed, then I think we can justify good defense and special defense
<bugmaniacbob> and as shown above could 2hko with sr if we lowered def at the expense of spD
<Looking4Godot> okay
<BaseSpeed> Oops
*** cyzir_visheen [~VCR@8D977CC.24EEA7E9.215F8AF9.IP] has quit [Ping timeout: 180 seconds]
<FMD> At +1, 90/120 at max HP still has a 2HKO chance
<Looking4Godot> there is a difference though
<BaseSpeed> Sorry, that could be confusing. By good, I didn't mean BSR terms. For that I mean very good or perhaps even excellent
<Looking4Godot> you only get a free turn
<Looking4Godot> in that turn you either dance or use outrage
<FMD> We would need to be able to OHKO Megazard X then.
<bugmaniacbob> not if we had reliable recovery
<Looking4Godot> ^
<Looking4Godot> char x is quite bulky
<Looking4Godot> nothing can ohko him
<Looking4Godot> the ebst we can do is give him over 100 abse atk
<Looking4Godot> so that we can 2hko him with stone edge
<Looking4Godot> best*
<Looking4Godot> base argh
<bugmaniacbob> there must be some way to attack zard-x without relying on stone miss
<FMD> So what recovery options are we looking at? Weather based would be great
<Looking4Godot> roost?
<bugmaniacbob> weather-based sort of defeats the point of reliable
<bugmaniacbob> and yeah roost works
<FMD> Something like Moonlight improves to 75% under the sun, so we counter Y harder.
<Looking4Godot> meh
<Looking4Godot> moonlight has low pp
<Looking4Godot> and it's weather reliant
<Looking4Godot> in other ways
<BaseSpeed> Still
<Looking4Godot> useless if you face an excatar team
<FMD> Synthesis?
<Looking4Godot> same deal
<BaseSpeed> Sun-based recovery means we don't become a monster wall to anything
<BaseSpeed> It keeps us focused
<bugmaniacbob> but we won't be a monster wall regardless
<Looking4Godot> well that's true
<Looking4Godot> but people might shy away
<Looking4Godot> for this recovery
<Looking4Godot> I mean
<FMD> And we get STAB SE against Tyranitar.
<Looking4Godot> it's pretty common
<Looking4Godot> to pair up
<Looking4Godot> charizard with exca
<Looking4Godot> and tyra
<FMD> How about we give it Recover AND Synthesis? (or similar options)
<bugmaniacbob> if we have morning sun and nothing else
*** Birkal [Mibbit@A46C4371.96650A5.E944E331.IP] has joined #cap
<bugmaniacbob> roost + morning sun is fair
<bugmaniacbob> hallo birkal
<FMD> Excadrill can't really hurt us.
<bugmaniacbob> but to come back to the question of atk stat
<Looking4Godot> it's the sand the problem if we use only synthesis/moonlight
*** mode/#cap [+ao Birkal Birkal] by BarackObama
<Birkal> hello
<Looking4Godot> @atk we need at least base 116 atk to precisely 2hko char x without sr and evs
<bugmaniacbob> that's a fair bit
<Looking4Godot> eh...
<FMD> 100-120 gives use a good chance to quickly kill X and basically always kill Y
<BaseSpeed> 116 sounds reasonable
<bugmaniacbob> if a typical moveset is SE/roost/?/?
<bugmaniacbob> I wonder if EQ can be squeezed on somewhere
<FMD> We could throw in Head Smash. A bit reckless and suicidal, but can OHKO at just over 100 Atk
<Looking4Godot> uhm
<Looking4Godot> quakedge coverage without stab?
<bugmaniacbob> indeed
<bugmaniacbob> not recommended
<bugmaniacbob> toxic, though, might solve the problem
<Looking4Godot> maybe huh... some kind of support move like sr?
<FMD> Definitely SR
<Looking4Godot> (might get it via breeding with skarmory)
<bugmaniacbob> sr would be good regardless, if only to make the "screw zard" a little bit louder
<FMD> What are a few of Zard's most common companions?
<Looking4Godot> lemme see
<Yveltal> rapid spinners >_>
<FMD> Tyranitar was mentioned, Excadrill
<Looking4Godot> exca azuma amoonguss (stall)
<bugmaniacbob> probably latias as well
<Looking4Godot> http://sweepercalc.com/stats/ou1760.html
<Looking4Godot> well it's kinda messy
<Looking4Godot> in a way
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<FMD> Latias can only hurt us directly with Thunderbolt
*** imanalt [Mibbit@is.a.ralts] has joined #cap
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<bugmaniacbob> being a sitting duck for excadrill is a bad idea regardless
<bugmaniacbob> not sure what to do to avoid that
<Looking4Godot> still exca can't do much
<Looking4Godot> maybe some players will use him with rocky helmet?
<Looking4Godot> dunno
<bugmaniacbob> who?
<Looking4Godot> "fuckzardmoN"
<Yveltal> get a coverage mon with flamethrower >__>
<FMD> If we had a Fire move to synergize with Flash Fire, we could probably obliterate Excadrill
<Birkal> .log
<bugmaniacbob> except why would exca attack with anything other than rock slide
<bugmaniacbob> and yeah a fire attack should be around
<bugmaniacbob> maybe make this thing 2000kg and give it heat crash
<Yveltal> I'm super smrt
<FMD> 252+ Atk Mold Breaker Excadrill Rock Slide vs. 252 HP / 0 Def Skarmory: 79-94 (20.5 - 24.4%) -- guaranteed 5HKO
<Looking4Godot> hum that wouldn't be bad
<Yveltal> ess-emm-are-tee spells smart
<Looking4Godot> it's a steel type with an high bulk after all
<bugmaniacbob> actually let me rephrase that
<bugmaniacbob> 2000kg with heat crash + stab heavy slam
<FMD> Heat Crash could be a good idea.
<Looking4Godot> lol
<FMD> Exactly
<Looking4Godot> insane
<FMD> Heat Crash / Heavy Slam / SR / recover move
<Looking4Godot> sooo the standard sets would be
<Looking4Godot> hcrash hslam roost sr/fuckzard move?
<Yveltal> fuckzard
<bugmaniacbob> I imagine hcrash and hslam would be mutually exclusive
<bugmaniacbob> but sure
<Yveltal> sounds like an awful porn involving lizard biologists
<Looking4Godot> eh steel+fire is not that great as a coverage
<Yveltal> *herpetologists
<FMD> Steel + Fire + Rock?
<bugmaniacbob> anyway weren't we talking about stats
<FMD> Herpetologist should never be used in a sexual context. Too close to herpes
<bugmaniacbob> is anyone objecting to 90 / 116 / 120 / ? / 100 / ?
<FMD> 90/116/120/x/100/y right now?
<Yveltal> exactly
<bugmaniacbob> that's where we were before we got distracted
<FMD> Damn it Bob, stop being faster than me!
<Yveltal> that's why it's so awful~
<Looking4Godot> we're at a 326 base stat total atm
<Looking4Godot> 426*
*** Mos_Quitoxe [Mibbit@synIRC-BAA24549.range86-154.btcentralplus.com] has joined #cap
<bugmaniacbob> both our final stats should be low-ish
<Looking4Godot> agreed
<Yveltal> reach for the stars
*** mode/#cap [+h Mos_Quitoxe] by BarackObama
<Yveltal> 501 bst
<bugmaniacbob> what do we need to outrun that's slow
<Looking4Godot> speed we could use
<FMD> We could adjust the stats slightly if anybody can think of an external issue?
<Looking4Godot> something like, uuh, avalugg speed since we're so big?
<bugmaniacbob> well, maybe we can come back to it later
*** cyzir_visheen [~VCR@CA783EC6.8B7B7226.215F8AF9.IP] has joined #cap
<bugmaniacbob> and I'd like to be faster than ferrothorn for heat crash shenanigans
<Looking4Godot> hm
<FMD> !data Rotom Wash
<Yveltal> what exactly are y'all putting together anyhow
<Looking4Godot> 30?
<TIBot> Rotom-Wash - Electric/Water | Levitate | 50/65/107/105/107/86 | 520 BST | OU | Low Kick/Grass Knot: 20 BP
<BaseSpeed> Avalugg is very extreme on the speed side
<bugmaniacbob> actually
<bugmaniacbob> how fast is chansey
<Looking4Godot> 50
<FMD> We could add in Gyro Ball if we expect to be slow
<bugmaniacbob> may want to be 55 then to outpace it
<Mos_Quitoxe> they're putting together an anti-volkraken
<Mos_Quitoxe> to subvert the meta
<Yveltal> oh
<Mos_Quitoxe> and bring cap down in flames
<BaseSpeed> Gyro Ball? What good will that do for beating Zard?
<bugmaniacbob> we're building a perfect charizard counter
<Yveltal> speedcapping this. fun
<FMD> I think 52 could be good.
<bugmaniacbob> or something
<Looking4Godot> gyro ball caps at 150
<Looking4Godot> while heavy slam at 120
<bugmaniacbob> we kinda got sidetracked
<Mos_Quitoxe> amounts to the same thing
<Looking4Godot> I'd say let's still add it as a coverage
<Yveltal> is there a typing already
<bugmaniacbob> 52 sounds reasonable
<FMD> It's not coverage, it's STAB
<Looking4Godot> we don't want to face something big that takes little damage from all our attacks
<FMD> Steel/Flying Flash Fire
<BaseSpeed> Yes, type and primary ability are already decided Yveltal
<jasleep> What typing are you guys working with?
<BaseSpeed> What FMD said lol
<Looking4Godot> @jasleep flying/steel with flash fire
*** jasleep is now known as jas61292
<Yveltal> lol?
<bugmaniacbob> ok so any objections to 52 Speed
<Yveltal> that sounds so generated
<Mos_Quitoxe> that's precisely what they're doing man
<Mos_Quitoxe> no flava in here
<Yveltal> make it an evil flying toaster oven
<FMD> 90/116/120/x/100/52 so far?
<Yveltal> do it
<bugmaniacbob> yeah
<Yveltal> dewww it
<FMD> Also, look at Garchomp's speed.
<Looking4Godot> 478 base stats total aye
<bugmaniacbob> SpA should just make it a round number
<BaseSpeed> There really weren't many options to make it beat both Zards
<bugmaniacbob> 37
<Looking4Godot> 32 so we end at 510?
<Quanyails> Dump stats. :U
<bugmaniacbob> well we could have done fairy but hey nobody likes fairy
<FMD> I was thinking like 52 SpAtk
<Yveltal> Quan, this is maddening
<Looking4Godot> well at least
<Quanyails> At least 50 for me.
<Mos_Quitoxe> *you* don't like fairy
<Looking4Godot> we're not spikes weak
<bugmaniacbob> I voted for fairy
<Quanyails> What is?
<Yveltal> also hi
<Quanyails> Heya.
<FMD> Maybe 57?
<Yveltal> their speedcap is sooo synthetic
<Quanyails> I don't think models need to worry about polycounts after DHR's post. :P
<bugmaniacbob> just make it 47
<bugmaniacbob> and stop there
<FMD> !data Garchomp
<Yveltal> I amended my last email to paint after reading DHR's pastebin over
<TIBot> Garchomp - Dragon/Ground | Sand Veil/Rough Skin (H) | 108/130/95/80/85/102 | 600 BST | OU | Low Kick/Grass Knot: 80 BP
<Looking4Godot> hm
<Yveltal> and honestly, I'd approve of a 12,000 poly count model that looks good
<bugmaniacbob> it's not like aerodactyl or anything in this bst ballpark has high spA
<Yveltal> but modelers have to know how to handle 12,000 polygons right, lol
<bugmaniacbob> anyway
<bugmaniacbob> let's move on to movepool shall we
<Quanyails> I have no knowledge of that stuff. D:
<FMD> If we go 90/116/120/57/100/52, that ends up at 535.
<bugmaniacbob> all right, we don't need to argue over literally the least important stat
<Quanyails> That works for me.
<Yveltal> I like starting basic and making sure that there's a lowpoly accommodated for animation
<Yveltal> and then smoothing out from there
<bugmaniacbob> moves
<Looking4Godot> it's cool 57 is still something, it's higher than skarmory, and alst gen aerodactyl with a base 60 satk could still make use for it via fire blast
<Looking4Godot> last*
<FMD> We should have Heat Crash, a few random STABs and Stone Edge for offensive options.
<bugmaniacbob> we already have heat crash, heavy slam, stone edge, roost and morning sun
<FMD> Morning Sun, Roost and SR for non-attacking
<bugmaniacbob> some flying-type and steel-type RMs would be nice
<Looking4Godot> air slash and heat wave?
<FMD> Brave Bird, perhaps?
<Looking4Godot> sure why not
<FMD> I don't think anything heavy enough for Heat Crash / Heavy Slam should be agile enough for Acrobatics.
<Yveltal> however, people should try to keep it near 7,000 polys, so it's easier to load
<bugmaniacbob> needs more drill peck
<bugmaniacbob> so we can make it into a giant flying drill
<bugmaniacbob> made of fire
<Yveltal> make it
<Looking4Godot> lol
<Yveltal> a bird with solar panel wings
<bugmaniacbob> better idea
<bugmaniacbob> steal a cawmodore design and photoshop fire onto it
<FMD> I think Sunny Day should be a move just because of Flash Fire. I can't think of a Pokemon with Flash Fire that doesn't have Sunny Day
<Yveltal> lel
<Looking4Godot> deal
<Looking4Godot> also sandstorm
<Looking4Godot> since it's part steel
<FMD> Definitley
<Yveltal> make it like, a heatproof satellite
<Mos_Quitoxe> the kilaak ufo from godzilla
<Yveltal> *I.S.S.
<Yilx> !learn chandelure, sunny day
<TIBot> Chandelure can learn Sunny Day.
<Mos_Quitoxe> it could set itself on fire
<Yilx> !Learn heatmor, sunny day
<TIBot> Heatmor can learn Sunny Day.
<FMD> I was thinking of it being kind of inspired by Iccarus.
<Yilx> !learn litwick, sunny day
<TIBot> Litwick can learn Sunny Day.
<Yilx> godd amn it!!
<Looking4Godot> lol even skarmory learns sunny day
<bugmaniacbob> ok so TMs
<Yilx> well
<Quanyails> I was thinking Sputnik or other forms of extraterrestrial satellites.
<bugmaniacbob> does this thing have claws
<Yilx> every gen1/gen2 mon got rain dance/sunny day fsr
<FMD> Yes
<bugmaniacbob> also should we give it Earthquake
<Mos_Quitoxe> it's because every mon back then knew how to dance!
<Yveltal> guys
<FMD> Anything that heavy should get EQ
<Yveltal> you know how zombies get stronger when they catch fire?
<Looking4Godot> agreed
<Yveltal> make it a zombie cyborg
<FMD> That's a myth
<Yveltal> that has a jet pack
<Yveltal> like andromon with jet boots
<bugmaniacbob> should it have explosion?
<Mos_Quitoxe> http://www.tohokingdom.com/aliens_sdf/kilaak_ufo.htm
<FMD> Explosion would be nice
<Mos_Quitoxe> Yveltal I would not want you with me in a zombie apocalypse
<Mos_Quitoxe> if you think for one second that fire makes them stronger
<Yveltal> >__>
<bugmaniacbob> ok this is taking too long
<Yveltal> it makes them harder to kill at close range
<bugmaniacbob> everybody submit their list of TM moves via pastebin
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<Looking4Godot> hm
<Mos_Quitoxe> If All Else Fails Use Fire
<bugmaniacbob> actually wait
<bugmaniacbob> somebody draw us some artwork first
<Yveltal> artwork?
<bugmaniacbob> well yeah
<bugmaniacbob> art before movepools and all that
* Yveltal starts doodling a flying Andromon
<Mos_Quitoxe> see you in 47 years
<Yveltal> ur a turd
<Yveltal> I can draw humanoid crap pretty ok
<Mos_Quitoxe> oh I'm not disparagin' on your ability
<Mos_Quitoxe> I'm just saying
<Yveltal> and pretty quick
<Yveltal> remember how fast I did that mega corsola
<Mos_Quitoxe> you can't just "doodle" a digimon from before 2005
<Mos_Quitoxe> theres too many sinews
<Mos_Quitoxe> also I never saw this mega corsola
<Yveltal> :O
<Yveltal> you weren't there?
<Mos_Quitoxe> no
<Mos_Quitoxe> ' 3'
<Yveltal> the only reason an early digimon is hard to draw
<Yveltal> is because of all the heavy coloring and shading that goes on
<Mos_Quitoxe> veins and sinews mate
<Yveltal> it's like stage makeup
<Mos_Quitoxe> this is why you never see an anime cyclomon
<Mos_Quitoxe> it's too much
<bugmaniacbob> oh one more thing
<bugmaniacbob> should this have thunder wave / will-o-wisp
<Yveltal> speedcapped mega corsola, first draft, sans color
<Yveltal> http://i945.photobucket.com/albums/ad300/MisterVii/CCI03282014_00000.png
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<Looking4Godot> http://mibpaste.com/10qTY6
<bugmaniacbob> hmm
<Eagle4> looks awesome yveltal
<bugmaniacbob> is is wise to give this thing bulk up?
<Looking4Godot> well it's still slow
<Looking4Godot> and has a weak stab coverage
<FMD> I would rather not
<Looking4Godot> stuff like thundurus
<Looking4Godot> can easily force it out
<Looking4Godot> I don't think it would be that common
<Eagle4> http://i945.photobucket.com/albums/ad300/MisterVii/1385567135187.gif
<Mos_Quitoxe> I think you mean
<Looking4Godot> or rotom-w
<Mos_Quitoxe> Mecha Corsola :P
<Yveltal> eagle4
<bugmaniacbob> I'd say remove bulk up, fling, and add fly
<Yveltal> are you looking through my stuff
<Looking4Godot> oh right
<Looking4Godot> hms too lol
<bugmaniacbob> but apart from that, seems that we can take it
<Yveltal> stahp
<Quanyails> Hmm. My sketch is looking like a metallic Angry Bird. o_O
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<bugmaniacbob> remember to add fire
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<bugmaniacbob> everything needs fire
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<BaseSpeed> !recap
<Yveltal> what if
<Yveltal> you base it on like, a Hawaiian fir god
<Yveltal> then it can have a torch that can catch fire and boost its stats
<Looking4Godot> brb
<bugmaniacbob> hmm
<Yveltal> c'mon man
<Yveltal> tiki torch
*** BaseSpeed left #cap []
<Yveltal> Pele is the goddess of volcanoes and is referred to as the earth-eating woman. I think that's fitting since this cap is meant to obliterate the world of CAP
<Quanyails> http://oi62.tinypic.com/2zxr0aq.jpg <-- Two-minute sketch.
<bugmaniacbob> ohh I like that quany
<bugmaniacbob> doesn't look very heavy though
<Mos_Quitoxe> dark colors will help
<Mos_Quitoxe> pitted black metal
<bugmaniacbob> idk maybe it can be some sort of neutron star pokemon
<Mos_Quitoxe> it's both a satellite and an asteroid
<Quanyails> And it probably looks too fast, being based off of a satellite that is speeding out of the solar system.
<Quanyails> Maybe I'll make it more like a slothy UFO.
<Quanyails> But I'm currently streaming Argentina vs. Switzerland and spriting, so that'll be third priority.
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<FMD> Well fuck, I forgot this thing was supposed to look slow. XD
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<bugmaniacbob> http://pastebin.com/Y5YQn37f - first draft
<Yveltal> ok
<Yveltal> gimme two minutes
<sad_yilx> h0m0beam
<Yveltal> http://i945.photobucket.com/albums/ad300/MisterVii/speedcapcap.png
<Yveltal> It's a giant 2000kg bird flying tank thing sent from the future to destroy the modern cap meta all yugioh Paradox style
<Yveltal> it flies on antigravity rings and launches most of its attacks through an openin in the middle of the sun on its chest
<Yveltal> and the face is intended to be painted on, like a war plane painting
<Yveltal> thoughts, hateful comments or concerns?
<bugmaniacbob> I like it
<Quanyails> The head floats?
<Yveltal> the head could float
<bugmaniacbob> difficult to justify putting it in the flying egg group though
<bugmaniacbob> so I might have to rearrange egg moves a tad
<Yveltal> it excretes semen laced with a synthetic self building material that births baby versions of itself
<bugmaniacbob> also yeah not sure about the head looking like a crash helmet
<Yveltal> Quan, as a request between creature artists
<Yveltal> I want you to take my sketch
<Yveltal> and make it better
<Quanyails> Just redraw it or redesign it?
<Yveltal> do whatever you think will make it look better
<Yveltal> I dun really care, I just wanted to give you all something obviously heavy
<Yveltal> even though it prolly isn't that weighty looking still
<Yveltal> I'm thinking, maybe the height and size of a smart car standing on its nose
<Quanyails> I'll get to it after the sprite.
<Yveltal> and 2000 kg
<Yveltal> did you guys hear about Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth
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*** Quanyails [Mibbit@synIRC-E0F75E07.nwrknj.fios.verizon.net] has joined #cap
*** mode/#cap [+h Quanyails] by BarackObama
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*** mode/#cap [+o DHR] by BarackObama
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*** BaseSpeed [Mibbit@synIRC-48B77AB9.dynamic.dsl.as9105.com] has joined #cap
<DHR> Hello Im home
<FMD> Hey
<Yveltal> yo
<Yveltal> thanks for that bit in the 3d modeling thread
<Quanyails> Okay, sprite done.
<Quanyails> Is the kitchen CAP waiting on art?
<Yveltal> yeah, I'm not touching it anymore
<FMD> Still need to clean it up a lot, but here's what I have thusfar: http://i1207.photobucket.com/albums/bb470/Dragonblaze052/CounterZard_zpsac1c28e2.png
<Yveltal> moving on to schoolwork
<Yveltal> lol he's beautiful
<FMD> Lol :)
<FMD> I kind of just took the Porygon route to making it look artificial.
<Mos_Quitoxe> does anyone have any recommendations
<Mos_Quitoxe> on what Ion Deluge would work best with?
<FMD> For what?
<Mos_Quitoxe> what mon would be able to use it
<Mos_Quitoxe> I mean sure it's a doubles thing it's useless for most cases
<Yveltal> a mon with lightning rod versus a boomburst abuser
<FMD> That would be nice
<Mos_Quitoxe> oh
<Mos_Quitoxe> some of them get it
<FMD> I think Emolga is its fastest user.
<Mos_Quitoxe> good, I don't have to put it on eelektross
<Yveltal> uhmmm
<Yveltal> Lanturn has that setup already, doesn't it
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<Yveltal> what with volt absorb
<FMD> Oh right, it's priority.
<Yveltal> ...actually, it liiks like most pokemon with motor drive lightning rod or volt absorb can learn ion deluge
<FMD> How about Zebstrika?
<Yveltal> even though there are only 8 of them
<Yveltal> Zeb can learn it
<Mos_Quitoxe> yeah, tross is the exception
<Yveltal> it has it as a start move
<Mos_Quitoxe> I was afraid its distribution would be ass and I'd have to put it on the lamprey
<FMD> I know, I was suggesting Zebstrika. .-.
<Yveltal> oh I thought you were asking. excuuuuuse me
<bugmaniacbob> zzz
<bugmaniacbob> has everybody given up on arting the flashcap then
<FMD> Still need to clean it up a lot, but here's what I have thusfar: http://i1207.photobucket.com/albums/bb470/Dragonblaze052/CounterZard_zpsac1c28e2.png
<Yveltal> fmd and quan are on it now
<bugmaniacbob> okey, keep going then
<FMD> Has anybody done movepool yet?
<bugmaniacbob> I did a wip
<bugmaniacbob> http://pastebin.com/Y5YQn37f
<bugmaniacbob> needs critique
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<FMD> Add Hurricane and Heat Wave so Jas can use it.
<bugmaniacbob> haaha
<Yveltal> how is this thing going to EQ
<Quanyails> http://oi57.tinypic.com/35lbukp.jpg <-- Yveltal sketch.
<bugmaniacbob> same way every other heavy thing does
<Yveltal> omg quan
<Yveltal> I love it
<bugmaniacbob> that doesn't look much like an yveltal
<Quanyails> Onto 'inking' it.
<Yveltal> it's mah birdy baby
<Quanyails> You can decide the colors, Yveltal. :P
<FMD> Volture?
<Yveltal> I want it to look like an Apple device. because years from now apple will fun World War 7 and manufacture sleek floating tanks
<Yveltal> *fund
<FMD> I'm making mine pointy so Apple can't sue me.
<Yveltal> give him a collar that stands up
<Yveltal> my only critique
*** nyttyn [~Shinmyoum@synIRC-7B4039DE.hsd1.tn.comcast.net] has joined #cap
<nyttyn> good morning
<nyttyn> or afternoon since it's noon now I guess
<Quanyails> Hmm?
<Quanyails> Like the ones on shirts?
<Yveltal> kinda yeah
<Yveltal> like at the base of the neck, I think it should have a collar-like sheet of metal
<nyttyn> !recap
<nyttyn> is that still not working
<Yveltal> nyttyn, there's a speedcap going on
<nyttyn> oh can we give it v-create
<Yveltal> ur so funny
<sad_yilx> v-c
<sad_yilx> rwea
<sad_yilx> treeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
<sad_yilx> we give it move, v-cerweat
<sad_yilx> it ivis eyr strong move. kill the pokemo
<sad_yilx> genderless
<nyttyn> but
<nyttyn> thats not enuff yilx
<nyttyn> also needs QUICK TEMPERED
<nyttyn> i qwoudl like it to foucs on akt and spdef.
<Yveltal> like, it should be perfectly straight and standing upright, quanyails
<sad_yilx> haaaaaaaauuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
* nyttyn now commences lurking to observe speedCAP
<Yveltal> or kind of a smooth, rounded semi-ring that goes along the back from "shoulder" to "shoulder"
<Yveltal> Wait! what questions should be answered with this concept?
<Yveltal> "I wonder if it will be good"
<Yveltal> nyttyn
<Yveltal> http://oi57.tinypic.com/35lbukp.jpg steel flying with flashfire. bulky and slow with lots of good moves and shit
<sad_yilx> CRY FOR ME
<Yveltal> http://pastebin.com/Y5YQn37f
* Yveltal puts on fake tears and starts stage weeping in front of sad_yilx
<sad_yilx> KIMI WO
* FMD stabs Yveltal until the tears are real.
<nyttyn> sounds like a evo to skarmory
<Yveltal> Y would you do that fmd
<Yveltal> I don't cry
* FMD stabs more
<Yveltal> I'm a soulless blackhearted creature who commits street murder out of boredom, when not a cocoon
* FMD covers Yveltal in fairy princess stickers.
<Yveltal> nuuu fairies
<Yveltal> my one obvious weakness other than all the other onesssss
* Yveltal falls on the floor, shivering
* FMD puts a tiara and pretty princess dress on Yveltal
* FMD spreads the pictures across the internet, destroying your image forever.
<Yveltal> ok I'm weak to fairies, not weak when BEING a fairy
<Yveltal> stupid
<FMD> I already beat you, now I'm just humiliating you.
<Yveltal> yeah
<Yveltal> but I'm sure I look pretty good being humiliated
<Yveltal> I mean why not, Batman looks fantastic in a prom dress
<Quanyails> http://oi60.tinypic.com/ftdb43.jpg <-- If I had time, I'd make the lines look prettier and hsarper.
<Quanyails> Hmm, the back of the 'collar' looks off.
<Quanyails> One moment.
<Quanyails> Oh, right, that was from me trying to make the design 'taller'.
<Yveltal> the body should be more obviously egg-shaped if that's what you're going for
<Quanyails> You wanted it to stand up, no?
<Yveltal> reposition the shoulder feathers and change the lines on the upper half of the torso so it doesn't look as off
<Yveltal> but I love that collar
<FMD> Never forget that they turned this, http://hitfanwrestlingnewz.fr/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/The-Rock-2013.jpg , into this http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_c7_UYGWKb...buHSoM/s320/et_toothfairy_091218_et_large.jpg !
<Yveltal> fmd, I'm going to give you something
<Yveltal> hold on
<Eagle4> http://i.imgur.com/metmz7t.jpg
<Eagle4> even bigger transformation
<FMD> This, http://coochiecrunch.files.wordpress.com/2013/01/hillary_clinton_young.jpg , to... wait for it... http://glossynews.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/clintonAP1712_468x5921.jpg THAT!
<Eagle4> http://media-cache-ec0.pinimg.com/736x/63/af/a9/63afa9d886a0646393de51ce95e6bfa7.jpg
<DHR> Oh no prob Yveltal
<Quanyails> http://oi61.tinypic.com/2hx93pl.jpg
<FMD> You either die a hero http://theconservativetreehouse.fil...imir-putin-65566-e1311397926115.jpg?w=640&h=5... or live long enough to see yourself become the villain http://i.imgur.com/WUpj3se.jpg
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<Quanyails> Yveltal?
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<FMD> Gonna go ahead and finalize mine: http://i1207.photobucket.com/albums/bb470/Dragonblaze052/CounterZard_zps369413af.png
<Yveltal> ???
<Yveltal> He's cute, he looks like a robot master concept :D
<Yveltal> Quanyails
<Yveltal> I kind of prefer the twister over antigravity rings and a metal coattail too, lol
<Quanyails> It's supposed to be a tornado. :P
<Yveltal> all twisters are tornados!!!
<Quanyails> Yeah.
<Eagle4> water twisters aren't
<Eagle4> http://www.toyzone.net/images/products/twister-dbzB.jpg
<Yveltal> oh yeah, those are motions in the ocean
<Yveltal> or w/ever
<FMD> All tornadoes are twisters, not al twisters are tornadoes.
<Yveltal> Pokémon are capable of using Twister, Whirlpool and Hurricane
<Yveltal> but not Tornado
<Yveltal> Y
<Yveltal> Yyyyy
<FMD> Because otherwise you'd just summon a Tornadus.

Still needs a name. Why not suggest some?
I came up with the name Tuncken (TON-ken), a mixture of the words Tungsten (A metal with an extremely high melting point, reflective of the immunity to fire) and Chicken (The bird I think this looks like). I would have liked to come up with something for the tornado below it, but none of the other high-melting-point metals have names that sound good with Tornado, hurricane, or tempest. (Think Temsten (Tempest Tungsten), Tantanado (Tantalum Tornado), Rhenado (Rhendium Tornado), Zurricane (Zirconium Hurricane)) So many names, but none of which are any good...
I would have liked to come up with something for the tornado below it, but none of the other high-melting-point metals have names that sound good with Tornado, hurricane, or tempest. (Think Temsten (Tempest Tungsten), Tantanado (Tantalum Tornado), Rhenado (Rhendium Tornado), Zurricane (Zirconium Hurricane)) So many names, but none of which are any good...
How about Tungstorm?
If Tungstorm is 2000 kg, then what is the height? If you don't have a height, I suggest something around 14'0", but 2000 kg is unrealistically heavy, even for a super heavyweight Pokemon, even surpassing Primal Groudon!

How about if Tungstorm were 13'9" and 1763.7 lbs (4.2m and 800kg)? It's more realistic by Pokemon standards.
Tungstorm sounds like a sex move, so I'm going to say no to that suggestion. Also 2000 kg is about the average weight of a car, and this is a fat, flying machine, so I think the weight makes sense if it's maybe two feet taller than a mid-size economy car.
Also 2000 kg is about the average weight of a car, and this is a fat, flying machine, so I think the weight makes sense if it's maybe two feet taller than a mid-size economy car.
Bear in mind, though, that despite being based on a whale and about as big as you'd expect a whale to be, Wailord doesn't even reach 400 kg. So you're suggesting that this fat, flying machine is heavier than five whale-based, whale-sized Pokemon.

Sure, you could say that Wailord should be heavier, but if Pokemon weights are going to be wrong compared to real-life ones, we can at least make them consistently wrong.

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