Metagame Flipped

The Council has decided to quickban Blissey and Azumarill.

:Blissey:Blissey is the fastest pokemon possible with 255 Speed. This isn't necessarily broken by itself, but Blissey combines this with a stellar 135 Attack stat and a truly ridiculous physical movepool, with Earthquake, Drain Punch, the elemental punches, and Zen Headbutt among its options. While it lacks Dark or Ghost moves as blanket attacks against Ghost counters, it can still hit the best ones super effectively on their secondary typing--Dragapult, Chandelure, and Gengar can all be 2HKO'd by Banded Ice Punch/Earthquake. This limits reliable defensive counterplay to an extremely small group of pokemon like Eviolite Haunter, base Rotom, Polteageist, and Mimikyu, all of whom are otherwise niche or downright unviable. On top of all this, Blissey can abuse STAB Serene Grace Body Slam, or even Body Slam + Headbutt, to hax its way through all non-Ghost defensive pokemon. Meanwhile, offensive counterplay is entirely limited to priority and Choice Scarf Snorlax. These traits make Blissey uncompetitive for the tier.

:Azumarill:Azumarill plays like a nasty combination of three of the best wallbreakers in the game. It has the power, ability, and setup potential of Diggersby, the Fairy and Water STAB of Sylveon and Dracovish, and the powerful priority of Sylveon, yet Azumarill is faster than all of them. At 100 speed, it outpaces the vast majority of the metagame, and with its dual STAB, it can whiz past many of the pokemon that keep Sylveon or Dracovish in check. Only Roserade can stand up to Azumarill's dual STABs, but even it is 2HKO'd by Banded Ice Punch. This isn't even considering the possibility of Azumarill using Belly Drum. As such, Azumarill simply has too much power to be fair in the Flipped metagame.

Tagging urkerab to implement these changes on ROM, and tagging The Immortal so the bans can be implemented next time we have a ladder. Thank you to both.

:Chansey:The council has also voted to hold off on a Chansey ban at this time. While Chansey shares Blissey's unbeatable speed, great movepool, and Serene Grace, an attack stat of 105 is much more manageable. This makes it slightly weaker than Snorlax, making the two quite comparable. Of the two, Chansey simply goes from "extremely hard to outspeed" to "impossible to outspeed" at the cost of a little power. Unlike Snorlax, Chansey also lacks the ability to boost its attack. We will still be keeping an eye on Chansey due to its wider movepool and Serene Grace, but for now we would like to see how it plays.
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Now that Crown Tundra and Isle of Armor are both out, we can start to theorize about the new Flipped metagame with much better clarity. Rather than commenting on any specific new pokemon and the changes they bring, I want to look at how the new releases have changed the supply of major teambuilding archetypes.

I will be noting various teambuilding functions and listing pokemon that fulfill each role. Those that I list after ... are pokemon who fit the archetype but appear to have some deficiencies that I suspect will make them less viable..

At the end of May, the Flipped metagame was centralized mainly around three pokemon: Sylveon, Rhyperior, and Espeon. Winning games largely depended on stopping, outmaneuvering, or breaking through these three mons. How does the influx of new pokemon affect the efficacy of these three?

Sylveon Counters
New Defensive w/ Recovery:Volcarona::Moltres::Crobat:...:Talonflame:
New Defensive w/o Recovery:Heatran::Genesect::Volcanion:...:Scolipede::Blacephalon::Entei:
New Offensive:Magearna::Nihilego::Celesteela::Victini::Aggron::Metagross::Nidoqueen::Tentacruel:...:Registeel::Magnezone:
I'd argue that the biggest change to the meta is the influx of pokemon that can handle Sylveon. Sylveon's ubiquity forced pretty much every team to run one of the six pokemon above, but now there are way more options. You could probably make a decent team entirely out of Sylveon stoppers in theory. Most notably, it is now much easier to counter Sylveon offensively.

Because of this, I predict the end of Sylveon's reign of terror. It will still be a viable pokemon--its raw power and priority will still allow it to blow through a lot--but it will now require actual support to function, likely in the form of wallbreaking cores. No longer can it just be slapped on any team.

This will also take away some of the luster from pokemon like Salazzle that were abundant largely because of their rare ability to stop Sylveon.

Defensive Dragons
New w/ Recovery:Salamence::Dragonite::Latios::Latias:
New w/o Recovery:Garchomp::Naganadel:
Proof that Sylveon will still have a job, even if it's no longer ubiquitous. Some of these dragons have serious defensive potential and will need muscle to break.

Espeon Abusers
Pre-Existing :Tyranitar::Mandibuzz::Hydreigon::Grimmsnarl::Excadrill:...:Incineroar::Persian-Alola::Liepard::Drapion:
New :Zarude..:...:Krookodile::Urshifu::Moltres-Galar:
The other Eeveelution warped the meta from the defensive side, but unlike its cousin, we didn't gain a ton of new tools for breaking through Espeon. Most of them have some problems affecting their viability, so our existing abusers will only solidify their niches. Having one of these as a Dark-type breaker or pivot will only become more important, because of the following:

Bulky Psychics
New w/ Recovery :Alakazam::Latios::Latias::Starmie::Kadabra::Articuno-Galar:
New w/o Recovery:Azelf:...:Tapu Lele:
The physically defensive Psychic wall is now an established trope. While the Psychic typing itself isn't particularly important, most of these pokemon offer something special that will make Stall teams drool. Will Espeon usage be reduced via competition? I don't know. Magic Bounce is as unique and useful as ever, but the other offerings are helpful too, and there's room for only so many mons with this design. I suspect that Espeon will still be common on stall, while more balanced teams may opt for the better offenses or hazard clearing abilities of the newcomers. Either way, the Dark-type breaker will likely grow as an archetype.

Rhyperior Fighters
Pre-existing switch-ins:Hitmonlee:
New switch-ins:Mienshao::Urshifu:
Pre-existing Outspeeders:Kyurem::Snorlax:...:Throh:
New Outspeeders:Chansey::Cresselia:...:Aurorus:
This is an area that is still painfully lacking. Mienshao is a huge help in the defensive department, but teams will continue to fight Rhyperior largely by Scarf, priority, and outmaneuvering the opponent.

Hazard Removal
Pre-Existing Rapid Spin:Hitmontop::Avalugg::Coalossal::Hitmonlee::Excadrill::Cloyster:
New Rapid Spin:Starmie::Tentacruel::Pheromosa:...:Regieleki::Kabutops::Cryogonal:
Pre-Existing Defog:Hydreigon::Rotom-Heat::Rotom-Wash::Drifblim::Mew:...:Flygon: __:Whimsicott::Xatu::Ribombee::Pelipper:...:Hawlucha:
New Defog w/ Recovery:Latios::Latias::Tapu Koko::Zapdos::Moltres::Salamence::Volcarona::Kartana::Dragonite::Crobat:...:Aerodactyl::Talonflame::Archeops:
New Defog w/o Recovery :Tornadus-Therian::Landorus-Therian::Thundurus::Tornadus::Klefki::Volcanion:
(The pokemon listed after __ have access to Defog but don't usually run it)
Not much to say here, other than the fact that there are now way more hazard removal options, especially through Defog. There's not room for all of them though. Who will triumph?

Wild Cards
:Regice::Regirock::Registeel::Aggron::Zygarde::Relicanth::Landorus::Blaziken::Dragalge::Suicune::Tapu Bulu::Tapu Fini::Diancie::Swampert::Sceptile:
While I have categorized the new additions based on how they fit into existing Flipped archetypes, there are several mons who can't be put into these boxes (and indeed, some of the pokemon I mentioned above may define themselves in different roles from what I mentioned). Some of these will surely be good enough to stand by their own, regardless of the meta trends I described, and a few will be the next to warp the meta around themselves.
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Posting this after we've seen everything and have a good grip on new features. I'm still waiting for my laundry to finish before heading off to work. This is a mostly-full list of my opinions on EVERYTHING that was added in the DLC, along with a couple other things. Grab some snacks and make sure you have a bit of time to spare.
Anyway, here's the full rundown:

:nidoqueen: Nidoqueen is everything standard Nidoking is but better. Higher Speed and slightly higher Special Attack. LO Sheer Force is always a great combo, but I can't say for certain if it will fit nicely into the meta. At the very least it's a big threat to slower builds.
:nidoking: Of course, with Queen being offensively superior, I doubt he'll be worthwhile. The extra bulk is nice, but I don't see how that would be valuable outside of niche matchups.
:crobat: Lackluster Defense, but its got a really big HP stat that helps make up for that. Also has workable offenses which make its Poison Jabs/Sludge Bombs sting along with their 30% chance to poison. Typing is also super useful as a stop to Sylveon, as it lacks any coverage options to really take it on and only a maniac would avoid Pixilate. With HDB and Roost it looks like super solid as Defog support with options like fully-accurate Toxic, U-turn, STAB spam, and Super Fang.
:jynx: Good PhysDef but wow, that's an unfortunate typing, and it doesn't look like it has the moves to fulfill such a role.
:omastar: Shell Smash may be banned, but this still could be a decent Rain Sweeper if a different, better Rain Sweeper wasn't also getting added.
:kabutops: Outclassed by Omastar. Which doesn't bode well, seeing as that is outclassed as well...
:aerodactyl: It's an okay Special Tank but pretty passive and has an annoying typing to work around. Least it has Roost and some neat tools like Pressure.
:articuno: Hilariously Articuno is actually better. It doesn't have the same bulk it used to, but be honest, you only used Articuno defensively because it has 570 BST down in the sad echelons of PU. As far as offensive power, it got a 5 point boost to Speed and Special Attack. Also has great 125 Base Attack, but you'd be hard-pressed to find good moves. Mixed sets could maybe work as it does have Ice Shard and decent physical STAB. The biggest hurdle it faces it working around its frustrating type combo.
:zapdos: OU Trivia for you: despite having 125/100 Special Offenses, a lot of players liked using Zapdos defensively thanks to its typing and movepool. Well for you fans of bulky Zapdos, it's now fat as hell. It does suck to loose that naturally good Speed and SpA, as that played a major role in its ability to take hits while applying offensive pressure, but who needs that when you can spam Discharge and punish most Physical Attackers with Static? Paralysis for days.
:moltres: Shifts some of Zapdos' defenses around for better offensive presence and a really cool typing that no longer has to fear instant suffering from some funny rocks in the air. Flame Body can let it be even tankier than Zapdos if it gets a lucky burn, and the addition of Scorching Sands to its movepool gives it a ton of options to be annoying. Expect Moltres to be good, it certainly has the potential.
:dragonite: Great defenses and Multiscale + Boots gives Dragonite tons of options. I can see defensive variants being popular, but I'm more interested in late-game sweeper sets that use its ability to stomach all kinds of moves to get Dragon Dance's off and go on a rampage.
:raikou: Lacking. Zeraora is very good at being a fat Electric pivot and Raikou's lack of safe STAB to throw out, Knock Off, and some form of Recovery (rip Volt Absorb) just leaves it in the shadows sadly. Not explicitly bad, but I don't see a reason to use it.
:entei: Entei has some cool tricks like Sacred Fire and Eruption, along with good Speed at 115. It can't really compete with Arcanine at anything it does, but it can potentially use Boots + Eruption to really go to town on things. We'll have to see with this one.
:suicune: Pretty promising Water-type attacker, it has good stats and a workable Special movepool. Might be outclassed by others though.
:lugia: Nope.
:ho-oh: Nope, but more emphatically.
:sceptile: If you're at the point where using Sceptile seems better than Roserade/Whimsicott/Virizion, you should probably stop for a bit, and get outside.
:blaziken: Now this is interesting. 70 in both offensives is pretty lame, but an SD is an SD, and Speed Boost is fantastic as always. Blaziken has a lot of great moves to throw around and trying to revenge it through its ever-increasing Speed and remarkable defenses will not be easy. If you ask me, this is a terrifying late-game wincon, but it probably requires a ton of support to ever make work.
:swampert: Probably the better of the Water/Grounds, maybe around the same strength as Toad. I'm not how much that means in the grand scheme of things, but it's something.
:aggron: Have you ever thought, "Man, I sure do miss STEELIX," and wish for its return? If so, I don't like you. Aggron's a horrifying amalgamation of two of the scariest Special Attackers we've had in the meta. 180 Base Special Attack? Check. Phenomenal movepool that lets it hit all sorts of things? Check. The Speed isn't amazing, but it gets Autotomize as well. SturdyBoots makes a return as well, which makes it pretty easy for Aggron to come in on slower Pokemon and apply massive pressure. It even comes packed with that same dreaded Earth Power/Flash Cannon/Dark Pulse combo that hits everything! No STAB on EP and a lack of Sheer Force do tone it down a tad, however. Still, this isn't a Pokemon to ignore. Expect Aggron to be making waves, and in more ways than one since it gets Surf too. I wasn't kidding about the movepool.
:altaria: ??? Use Dragonite. There's no Megas here.
:cradily: I doubt this will find a niche. It's not that strong and lacks longevity. If anything, you'll win because people forgot what hits Storm Drain Grass/Rock and what doesn't.
:armaldo: Really bad. It's worse than Kabutops as a Rain abuser, and that's worse than Omastar, and we've already talked about Omastar.
:absol: Oof.
:walrein: Faces a lot of competition from Lapras, which isn't even that amazing of a Pokemon.
:relicanth: The fish is here. Relicanth evaded extinction and lived for millions of years just for this one chance to whoop ya'll asses. 100 Speed and 130 Special Attack is amazing for this meta, and it's got great moves in strong Water STAB, Ice Beam, and Earth Power. Swift Swim gives it incredible Speed as well. Meteor Beam with Power Herb gives it a nuclear attack that boosts its damage even further. Even without rain, however, Relicanth manages to make a great Water-type attacker with neat options such as Calm Mind, Stealth Rock, and Yawn.
:salamence: fat intimidate mence hoo boy who wants fun???
:metagross: Great Special Attack but kind of slow compared to others. Not bad but not amazing either. At least we have another offensive Steel that can take some hits.
:regirock: My man out here with 200 Base SpA. Wallbreaker extraordinaire. Earth Power complements its Rock moves nicely, but it is a bit lacking in the overall coverage department, and it really wishes it had Power Gem.
:regice: My man out here with 200 Base Atk. It's like Kyurem Black but it has Physical STAB that doesn't suck, and can also explode.
:registeel: Bootleg Aegislash. You have a lot of nice attacking options but aren't very adept at taking damage. In the right hands I think Registeel will be a serviceable offensive Steel, since it can viably run Physical or Special, perhaps both at once!
:latias:/:latios: Great stats on the physical side, yet it also does okay on the rest of their stats either. I think Latios will be better overall, but I don't think either is particularly bad.
:kyogre: Nope.
:groudon: Nope.
:rayquaza: I think this is a step down from the other Box Legendaries, but I'm also not too keen on giving it the light of day. Still, you could probably drop this down from Ubers. It's defensive type leaves it horribly vulnerable to Ice, Rock, Fairy, and Dragon. The biggest problem will definitely come from its huge movepool with Dragon Dance, Dragon Ascent, V-Create, and ESpeed. Plus it's insanely tough to take down even with that 4x Ice Weakness.
252+ SpA Kyurem Ice Beam vs. 252 HP / 0 SpD Rayquaza: 352-420 (89.3 - 106.5%) -- 37.5% chance to OHKO
Cool Pokemon.
:spiritomb: Offensive sets are a bit better, but it's still really slow and lost a lot of defensive value.
:garchomp: Definitely useable. Bulky support sets with strong STAB might be pretty decent, and it's got a great Speed Tier for what it is.
:electivire: Bleh.
:magmortar: Not bad Defense, and Flame Body is somewhat different from Arcanine, but it's also lacking a lot of what makes Arcanine so great.
:uxie: Slow Azelf. It's has some nice options and strong attacking stats, but everything else is uninspired.
:mesprit: It's literally just Mesprit.
:azelf: Slow Uxie. Noticing a trend here? Whatever you might want to use Uxie for normally, Azelf probably does better.
:dialga: Nope.
:palkia: Nope.
:heatran: FINALLY OH MY GOD This is such a great addition to the meta. Its got a great typing and some killer moves to boot. It never hurts to have another quad-Fairy resist, especially one with decent Speed beating out the base 90s. Offensive Eruption, stallbreaker, defensive support, Heatran, all of these sets look very promising.
:regigigas: Might be able to do something.
:giratina: Nope x2. Both forms are insane.
:cresselia: Very fast, very strong Psychic-type attacker. Having a Pokemon this strong that outpaces Rhyperior isn't something we've really had to deal with yet, outside of Snorlax/Blissey/Chansey. Trick Choice with Psychic/Moonblast/filler, Calm Mind SP sets, and maybe an offensive support set with Thunder Wave/Lunar Dance gives it tons of options to break down teams and make progress throughout the match. Who would've guessed that Psychic was a good offensive typing? Been a while for sure.
:victini: v-create
:audino: Use Lickilicky.
:carracosta: We've been through this song and dance before. Relicanth is much more consistent at what it does.
:archeops: Defeatist is a moot point now. Any value this has comes directly from it's crazy defenses. Certainly a step up from Aerodactyl in most regards, outside of abilities.
:cryogonal: So this gets Triple Axel and Ice Shard. Might be halfway decent.
:tornadus:/:tornadus-therian: Both are pretty hard to take down and have some really annoying options. Torn-T with Regenerator is going to be an excellent pivot.
:thundurus:/:thundurus-therian: Thund-T has massive Physical bulk while its normal form is fat with Prankster TWave. I think base Thundurus is going to have the upper hand here.
:landorus:/:landorus-therian: Lando is pretty much a really bulky Nidoqueen with slight move differences and Flying instead of Poison. Without that same Speed and Special Attack it doesn't look nearly as oppressive as it typically is. Lando-T meanwhile looks kinda pointless. Like, I don't think it's that bad or anything, but I'm not sure why I would want to use it.
:genesect: Might not be banned!
:tyrantrum: Unable to significantly differentiate itself from other Rock-types that do the whole speedy attacker thing. PHerb Meteor Meteor??? idk
:aurorus: Very fast at Base 123, has decent Attack, and a great ability in Refrigerate. Body Slam/Facade are both good moves to abuse, and it gets EQ + STAB Stone Edge/Rock Slide. As far as offensive Ice-types go this looks really clean, and being among the lucky few fast Pokemon that outspeed Rhyperior while also posing an actual threat is huge for its viability.
:carbink: Sad!
:xerneas: Nope.
:yveltal: Nope.
:zygarde: Very threatening. We all know how good Thousand Arrows is, and Zygarde now boasts better Speed and a great Special Attack stat as well. Of course, it's going to miss all the strength it got from its defenses.
:diancie: Rock Polish might be pretty fire actually. Better than Carbink at least.
:volcanion: Fat Water that eats Sylv for breakfast. Very nice.
:tapu-koko: Not bad defensively, it does have Roost and can be quite annoying. Seems like a great enabler of Electric Terrain shenanigans.
:tapu-lele: Not sure what this does with Psychic Terrain still banned. Even with that, however, not sure what this does.
:tapu-bulu: Imagine having Grassy Glide haha I think Rillaboom is pretty much better than it as a terrain abuser. It still might have its own niche but ouch, that sucks.
:tapu-fini: Has potential. Misty Terrain on an offensive Pokemon is honestly pretty sweet.
:nihilego: Head Smash Nihilego does serious damage, has great Speed, and is a great all-around answer to Sylveon as it comes packed with PJab and fantastic Physical Defense. Also, Knock Off. I'm very interested in this.
:buzzwole: Literally unplayable.
:pheromosa: Passive as hell but it's got Rapid Spin + Foul Play + Toxic.
:xurkitree: All it has going for it is high Defense. Not sure there's much it can do to stand out.
:celesteela: Trades tankiness for Speed. We finally have an all-around good Flying/Steel and I wouldn't be surprised to see it become really common as a result. Offensive Heavy Slam sets and Defensive sets both looks perfectly viable.
:kartana: INSANE Special Bulk, but it really lacks any useful moves. Vacuum Wave and Giga Drain are the best options really. Knock Off helps a bit, and it does at least provide Defog support. I can't say if Kartana is good or bad because it's such an unusual Pokemon.
:guzzlord: Big Speed. That's it really.
:naganadel: Uninteresting. Yes it's decent defensively but it really lacks anything interesting that makes me want to try it out.
:stakataka: A disaster. Lacks good Special Attacks, super frail physically, awkward Speed tier that doesn't accomplish much at all. If you can find a way to make it Flash Cannon through everything, I guess it can put in work? Beast Boost moment.
:blacephalon: Crazy fat and comes with Wisp, Knock, Pain Split, and Foul Play, among others. I think it will be okay.

New Pokemon Section (Spoilers Below This Point)
Regieleki: Say hello to the dumbest damage sponge in the metagame. 200/100/100 defenses. Comes with 80 Speed too. It has an awful movepool and low offenses, but with things like Thunder Cage, Rapid Spin, and Volt Switch, it could be decent situationally.

Regidrago: 200 Speed with decent defensive stats and awful offenses. Unless it still hits stupid strong I don't really see this doing much besides being a fast late-game cleaner that's scared of priority.

Glastrier: Another Ice-type that's been given new life. 100 Speed, 130 Special Attack, 110 Attack. Fantastic mixed attack with some cool options at its disposal.

Spectrier: Same speed as its comrad, but abandons offense with crazy Physical Defense. It lacks any noteworthy moves on the physical end besides Foul Play, and it's Special moveset is let down by a middling 60 SpA. At least it can annoy a lot of Physical threats.

Calyrex: Use Celebi

Calyrex-Glastrier: Great offensive type with better overall stats, better overall ability (technically speaking), and a vastly superior movepool. Maybe not too broken, but it's a big yikes. This might be better off staying banned.

Calyrex-Spectrier: Much, much better. It has a real offensive stat with a real movepool, and it's bulk is pretty crazy at 150/165/85. Has much better team support options than before. The critical weakness to Ghost and Dark is a big problem for it, however. Potential unban.

G-Articuno: Of all the Pokemon THIS one keeps the recovery move. Awesome. It at least has good Physical defense for whatever you can take hits from. Sadly it lacks options to really abuse its good Attack.

G-Zapdos: Without Roost it suffers a lot from any defensive role it might have wanted. As of now it's just an okay at best attacker with neat moves such as Thunderous Kick and lots of coverage.

G-Moltres: Pretty annoying that it doesn't have a good Dark move off its 125 Attack, but it at least got Brave Bird. It's a lot like a tankier Mandibuzz in many regards.

G-Slowking: Physical attacking Slowking has decent Speed and probably enough Defense to comfortably take most strong Priority hits coming it's way. Lack of Poison STAB to abuse hurts a lot, sadly, even though it gets ample coverage and neat tech like Trick.

Old Pokemon Section

:sylveon: DLC has not been kind to the face of the metagame. A surge of new defensive and offensive answers have come around. The biggest challenges are the ones that can do both effectively, prime examples being Nihilego, Celesteela, and Victini, which all outspeed, resist Fairy, and scare the heck out of it with their attacks. This is not to say it's going to be bad, as Sylveon continues to be great both at breaking down walls and terrorizing frail offense, but options to counteract it are abundant now and simply adding Sylveon onto your team as offensive duct tape is not going to work anymore.

:rhyperior: Yeah this guy's still broken. There's a lot more offensive answers, but when it comes to being impossible to switch into, Rhyperior is in a league of its own. The only Special Attackers I really see as giving it competition are the newly-added Aggron and Cresselia.

:dracovish: Due to how linear this Pokemon is not much has changed. There's new Pokemon which it can struggle with like Salamence and Volcanion, but Dracovish is still going to be doing the same things... but now, it has Sand Rush unleashed. In fact, the whole of :dracovish::dracozolt::arctovish::arctozolt: have their Weather abilities unlocked, reaching 558 with a neutral nature and beating any unboosted base 204 Speed Pokemon with max EVs and a +Nature. Guess who's not a fan of this? Me!

:espeon: Faces a lot of competition from other fat Psychics, and there's a couple new things which it doesn't want to face. Pretty much anything with strong Special Attacks are a big no for Espeon. DLC2 had a lack of Dark-types added, so that's still a shortage being worked around.

:chansey: Sticks out like a sore thumb in this meta. Chansey just feels a bit cheap, but we can't ignore what's been added to counteract it. Namely, Spectrier. Pure Ghost type that fears zero of Chansey's coverage options, immune to its STAB, and has insane PhysDef. Is Chansey still a potential problem? Not the kind of question you should ask me since the answer will always be yes.

:roserade::accelgor::snorlax::clefable::hydreigon::salazzle::hitmontop::pelipper::tyranitar::goodra: We are going to see a massive shift in which Pokemon can survive the influx of new powerful Pokemon and which ones fall to the wayside. Some stuff has been able to hang on simply because of how specific the metagame's biggest threats were, mainly Salazzle which was adept at taking on standard Sylveon sets, but similar arguments can be made for others. How much success will Roserade find now that Nihilego exists, which is both bulkier and much more dangerous while providing similar utility in Toxic Spikes? Have Clefable's relatively poor stats caught up to it? Is there still a good reason to use Accelgor? In a similar fashion, Pokemon like Hydreigon and Goodra will appreciate new answers to their biggest threats from old, but themselves may struggle to stay relevant in the face of all the new additions. Others have stood as decent measures against common metagame trends or staples of their playstyle: Hitmontop as a priority abuser, or Snorlax as a Speed Demon with a game-ending Belly Drum set. Pelipper and Tyranitar are still going to be the face of their respective weathers, and with new tools at their disposal they've only gotten stronger. I'm not sure these niches will go away anytime soon.

I foresee almost the entirety of C rank being wiped completely, a lot B going down a few notches, and A being completely restructured as old Pokemon settle in lower ranks or adjust to new threats. Sylveon will probably drop from S. If I had to guess the best Pokemon are going to be Rhyperior and Cresselia.
just run volt switch/air slash/focus blast/flash cannon @ choice scarf because this thing gets only those four moves and hyper beam for special ones over 60 power, there's not even any non-rest recovery for it to be a tank

Probably worse than regular Terrakion. All it has for special moves are Air Slash, Earth Power, and Focus Blast. May still see use though because Rock/Fighting is a hilarious STAB combo.

Honestly, probably the best off of the original three Musketeers, solely because it gets to keep the 129 in an attack stat that has a good number of options. Grass/Fighting is still a meh type combo though, and the speed is at a bit of an awkward tier...

Basically Cobalion but as a water type. Definitely going to be a super annoying physical tank because Scald burns when backed by 108/129 physical defense is going to suck. The good part is that its special defense is a little shaky.

If it had any sort of recovery, this would be an excellent Eviolite user. Unfortunately it, uh, does not outside of Rest. So it's really mediocre besides being a chunky fire type. It does get Teleport via Let's Go, though, so maybe it can be an okay pivot.

Worse defense spread compared to the above, but a typing that isn't weak to as many types at the cost of fewer resistances. However, the higher base HP means it can produce subs not broken in one hit by Night Shade/Seismic Toss for the users of that who are still around.

Even if this thing's basically unusable I like looking at this hilarious statline.
:regigigas: Might be able to do something.
Y'know, it's crazy, but I just noticed that Regigigas could just maaaaybe function as another rare Rhyperior/Aggron switch-in. It is neutral to all of their usual coverage and its special bulk is up the wazoo. Unfortunately, both kaiju do have access to Focus Blast, though up until now, I've never seen it used. That said, look at this:

252 SpA Choice Specs Rhyperior Focus Blast vs. 248 HP / 252+ SpD Assault Vest Regigigas: 136-160 (33.7 - 39.7%) -- guaranteed 3HKO
252+ SpA Choice Specs Aggron Focus Blast vs. 248 HP / 252+ SpD Assault Vest Regigigas: 190-224 (47.1 - 55.5%) -- 73.4% chance to 2HKO

Even against a worst case scenario attack from Aggron, it can almost manage.

Focus Blast is not an ideal move for the monsters to be locked into and the monsters would rather run other things. In addition to their Ground or Steel STAB, they want Ice Beam for defensive Dragons, Thunderbolt for Flying and Water types, and probably Fire Blast for the new Kartana. Aggron wants both Flash Cannon and Earth Power. So here's what you get if they choose not to run Focus Blast, or if they go for the STAB move when you switch in.

252 SpA Choice Specs Rhyperior Earth Power vs. 248 HP / 252+ SpD Assault Vest Regigigas: 76-90 (18.8 - 22.3%) -- possible 5HKO
252+ SpA Choice Specs Aggron Flash Cannon vs. 248 HP / 252+ SpD Assault Vest Regigigas: 94-112 (23.3 - 27.7%) -- 83.2% chance to 4HKO

So Regigigas would be a great roadblock against standard Rhyperior/Aggron sets. The problem is, its movepool for an AV set is barely functional at best. Its only special moves are Earth Power, Thunder(bolt), and Focus Blast, with no special STAB moves beyond memes like Round, Hyper Beam, Snore (sleep absorber I guess?), and Terrain Pulse (situational use against terrain teams?). This means power is a problem. It does OHKO Aggron with next to no investment, but it can't say the same for Rhyperior, meaning it will struggle to hurt basically everything else.

8 SpA Regigigas Earth Power vs. 4 HP / 0 SpD Aggron: 264-312 (109 - 128.9%) -- guaranteed OHKO
8 SpA Regigigas Earth Power vs. 4 HP / 0 SpD Rhyperior: 106-126 (47.7 - 56.7%) -- 87.5% chance to 2HKO

Furthermore, good Assault Vest users have attacking moves that actually provide utility, such as Knock Off, Rapid Spin, U-turn, and Dragon Tail. All Regigigas gets is Knock Off, but that'll be weak as worms.

So Regigigas will probably be vastly outclassed by Mienshao, but maybe, just maybe, with the right team, it could find a niche.

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