Fuk DW R1

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Ive told him 2 times that i wasnt able to play from last sunday or in all this week but seems he cant understand my VMs. He coulnt play (or just didnt answered my VMs) all past weeks and now I cant play. Dont know how acitivy will work.
Edit: dumb phone double posted :c


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Froch has been dead :( He said I could have win or battle last Sunday, and he wasn't on Sunday or all week, and was subbed out in WCOP. So I'm assuming he's pretty busy? Activity I guess.


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Sorry but I don't know how to settle a time with Masterclass since he's banned, can I find him on IRC? =_=
Can McMeghan and I get an extension, since both of us have been inactive this since the start of the round.

We should play the game by the end of the day.

Edit: Didn't get to complete the match so just give McMeghan the activity win, see as he was more active as well as I will still have very low activity for the upcoming weeks.
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