Pet Mod [Gen 8] Crossover Chaos

Congratulations to lordofdunans, KeeganSkymin4444 and ToadBrigade for winning with Wizard Monkey, Spamtom and Hero's Shade. lordofdunans has earned the title, Parodius.

No bonus theme for the 50th slate but there will be a bonus slate for items because why not change things up after 50 slates...

The bonus theme for items is iconic. This theme is for any item that is recognisable outside of their respective games due to being notable (such as Super Mushroom), appearing in other franchises (most Smash Bros items) and any item that is significant within their own series (Camera Obscura from Fatal Frame). Quick reminder: weapons do not count as items.

Have fun.
i dont know if this is allowed, but hey it might as well be for completion. i think it should be obvious this is broke

Pokémon: Metal Overlord
Franchise/Origin: Sonic

Ability: Levitate
Notable moves: Metal Sonic's Movepool + Dual Wingbeat, Roar, Fly, Fling
Stats: 90/140/110/120/120/90

Reasoning: Steel because well, he's a robot. Dragon because of his overall dragon-like appearance. Dual Wingbeat because, well, yknow. Fly and Levitate are VERY obvious. Fling because he literally throws a ship at you as one of his attacks, Roar because the cutscene pre-Metal Madness boss fight, and well, Metal Overlord is literally Metal Madness but flying. (atleast i think so). i think the stats should be obvious.

Pokémon: BlitzGreymon
Franchise/Origin: Digimon
Type: Dragon/Electric
Regional Variation: WarGreymon/BlackWarGreymon
Ability: Crest of Courage* (see WarGreymon)
Notable moves: MetalGreymon's Movepool - Fire Moves, +Discharge, Thunderbolt, Discharge, Elec Guard*, Bolt Strike?, Thunder
Signature move: Elec Guard: basically Baneful Buner, but Paralysis instead of Poison.
Stats: 120/115/100/120/105/100
Reasoning: Dragon for the same reason as the rest of the Agumon line. Electric becausse well, unlike the other members of the Agumon Line, it uses electric powers instead of fire powers. all the electric moves for the same reason. Bolt Strike: Plasma Stake: Attacks the opponent with the Plasma Stakes on both arms. Elec Guard: Elec Guard: Releases plasma particles into its surroundings and uses them to erect a barrier around it. Stats are WarGreymon's but mirrored, to represent it beeing more of a ranged attacker. ability is Crest of Courage because well, WarGreymon also has it so.

I'm gonna be different, okay? I'm not there doing what they do, I'm there to save lives, I'm gonna be like Super Man.
Pokémon: Delsin
Franchise/Origin: inFAMOUS Second Son
Type: Normal
Ability: Conduit* (If this pokemon hits another with a contact move, changes type to match their primary type.) / Defiant / Regenerator (HA)
Notable moves: Flamethrower, Smoke Dash, Chain Strike, Sacred Sword, Thunderbolt, Wild Charge, Extreme Speed, Stone Edge, Power Gem, Accelerock, Nasty Plot, Disable, Recover
Signature move: 70 bp, Fire, physical, 16 PP, dos not make contact. 100 accuracy
Signature move 2: Chain Strike: physical Revelation Dance clone.
Stats: 103 / 103 / 75 / 103 / 80 / 101 (565 BST)
Reasoning: Conduit due to how he gets his powers, wich is through physical contact with another Conduit. normal type because well, he is just a normal dude who turns into a Conduit. and i dont see any other type fitting. Defiant because of his attitude in-game, wich is of defying others. Flamethrower and Smoke Dash because of his smoke powers. Chain Strike because of his main melee attack in-game, wich is using his chain to attack others, wich changes depending on the power he is currently using. Sacred Sword because of how his Chain changes when using the Video power he gets, and i didn't want to leave Video without move representation. Thunderbolt, Wild Charge and Extreme Speed all fit for Neon, wich is basically electricity. Extreme Speed signifies how fast he gos when using Neon's dash attack in-game. Stone Edge, Power Gem and Accelerock due to his concrete powers. Nasty Plot because of inFAMOUS Second Son's Karma system, in wich you get to choose to be good or evil. Nasty Plot fits the evil side of the gameplay really well, while Disable is a reference to how Delsin only neutralizes enemies in the good side of the gameplay. Recover and Regenerator because of his Accelerated Healing Factor, wich all Conduits have.
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the letters of the day are e and f

Franchise/Origin: Mega Man
Fling BP: 80
Effects: If and only if the holder is Steel-type, whenever the user's HP falls below 50%, the item will be consumed and restores 33% of the user's max HP. Otherwise the item does nothing when the user's HP falls below half.
Reasoning: Like the Black Sludge, it only benefits Pokémon of a certain type. The Black Sludge is a Leftovers for Poison-types; thus, the E-Tank is a Sitrus Berry for Steel-types. However, because Black Sludge has a negative effect when held by the wrong Pokémon and the E-Tank does not do so to holders of the wrong type, to avoid being outclassed by Sitrus Berry, the heal effect is boosted from to usual 25% to 33%. In its source material, the E-Tank is often used at times where the player's health is low, thus a similar trigger effect here. The E-Tank is supposed to heal users up to full like a Max Potion that's usable in battle, but that'd be way too strong. Also, the reason the item only works on Steel-type mons because robots. Imagine a Metagross drinking that crap.
Theme Slate Reasoning: This little can of oil first appeared in Mega Man 2, basically the one Mega Man game most people have known about for a long time since the Robot Masters and their respective Special Weapons of 2 are used a lot in collab/promo material.


Item: Panic Necklace
Franchise/Origin: Terraria
Fling BP: 10, raises hit target's Speed by 1 stage
Effects: Raises the user's Speed by 1 stage every time it is hit with a non-Status move that does not deal indirect damage (i.e.: moves that aren't affected by Magic Guard). Does not activate its speed boost upon being hit with Knock Off and removed by it.
Reasoning: This is yet another Terraria accessory that triggers its effects every hit its holder takes back in its source material. The movement speed boost it gives has been translated to an increase in Speed stages. This does mean the movement boost is permanent, when in Terraria it isn't but this proves to be a valuable asset for Speed increases that rivals the Blunder Policy.


"Some of the [combatants] here. Don't you think they're a little too tall? ...No, I don't care. Not actually. How tall you are and how strong you are don't relate. I just need to bring every last one of them down."
Pokémon: Flint
Franchise/Origin: Arknights

Abilities: Iron Fist (HA: Featherweight)
Signature ability - Featherweight - +1 priority to punching moves (the same ones boosted by Iron Fist) as long as user has not been attacked by direct damage (anything that Magic Guard does not block). This effect will reactivate if she switches out. This will make Mach Punch and Bullet Punch have the same priority as Extreme Speed.
Other Moves:
: Counter, Mach Punch, Reversal, Rock Smash, Arm Thrust, Brick Break, Focus Punch, Revenge, Sky Uppercut, Close Combat, Drain Punch, Power-Up Punch, Sky Attack, Brave Bird, Acrobatics, U-Turn, Lunge, Feint Attack, Pursuit, Thunder Punch, Fire Punch, Shadow Punch, Needle Arm, Petal Blizzard, Grassy Glide, Comet Punch, Mega Punch, Strength, Quick Attack, Endeavor, Feint, Chip Away, Retaliate, Poison Jab, Rock Slide, Rock Tomb, Stone Edge, Bullet Punch, Aqua Jet
: Focus Blast, Final Gambit, Gust, Hurricane, Heat Wave, Sonic Boom
: Detect, Bulk Up, Quick Guard, Roost, Tailwind, Taunt, Torment, Quash, Sunny Day, Grassy Terrain, Sand Attack, Leer, Swords Dance, Foresight, Work Up, Laser Focus, Agility, Rain Dance
Stats: 94/102/82/71/40/141 (BST: 530)

Reasoning: Fighting-type due to the use of boxing gloves and teaching herself marital arts that include swift and precise punches. Due to her punching skills, she gained Iron Fist as her primary ability which used to be Hitmonchan's signature ability in Generation IV. Featherweight has the same name as her Trait in Arknights but behaves more like Gale Wings due to her being a Liberi and thus the Flying-type as her secondary type. She still keeps her Flying-type unlike Sirfetch'd due to still being nimble enough to keep her blinding speed in combat due to not using such heavy armaments like the realmon evolution of Galarian Farfetch'd does. Fighting types often carry high amounts of coverage and such represents her massive movepool which also complements her abilities very well. She carries two of the elemental punches and Bullet Punch for a weapon to use against Fairy-types. She obviously lacks most Special moves, but still has a respectable amount of Status moves that help her and her teammates get an edge in battle, with Tailwind and Quick Guard to reference her supporting nature that is wont in a tower defense game like Arknights. Her stats, calculated straight from Arknights in her Elite 2 promotion, gives her a very high Speed stat of 141, which came from her ASPD of 0.78, one of the fastest ASPD stats in Arknights by far. Funny how her BST is basically the same as Blaziken's, another bird who is not afraid to punch their way to victory.

Flint (F) @ Protective Pads / Choice Band
Ability: Iron Fist
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Adamant Nature
- Mach Punch / Bullet Punch
- Drain Punch
- Thunder Punch / Shadow Punch
- U-Turn
Flint (F) @ Focus Sash
Ability: Featherweight
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Jolly Nature
- Mach Punch / Bullet Punch
- Drain Punch
- Thunder Punch
- Power-Up Punch / Shadow Punch
Flint (F) @ Life Orb
Ability: Featherweight
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Jolly Nature
- Swords Dance
- Mach Punch / Bullet Punch
- Thunder Punch / Shadow Punch
- Drain Punch / Brave Bird

"I'll gladly burn those walking bags of trash into ash. It's gonna be real warm!"
Pokémon: Ifrit
Franchise/Origin: Arknights

Soul Dissolution (HA: Solar Power)
Signature ability - Soul Dissolution - Intimidate clone that lowers Sp. Def by one stage instead of Attack for all adjacent opponents.
Other Moves:
: Flare Blitz, Flame Charge, Pursuit, Knock Off, Assurance, Payback, Sucker Punch, Foul Play, Brutal Swing, Power Trip, Lash Out, Outrage, Dragon Rush, Play Rough, Submission, Superpower, Stomping Tantrum, Double-Edge, Rage, Take Down, Thrash, Rock Climb, Steel Roller
: Fire Blast, Fire Spin, Flamethrower, Blast Burn, Heat Wave, Overheat, Flame Burst, Inferno, Mystical Fire, Burn Up, Burning Jealousy, Dark Pulse, Snarl, Dazzling Gleam, Shadow Ball, Hex, Solar Beam, Scorching Sands, Uproar, Weather Ball, Smog, Clear Smog, Extrasensory, Psyshock, Scald
: Sunny Day, Will-O-Wisp, Snatch, Taunt, Torment, Nasty Plot, Crafty Shield, Misty Terrain, Curse, Destiny Bond, Leer, Roar, Swords Dance, Mean Look, Scary Face, Me First, Work Up, Laser Focus, Imprison, Metal Sound
Stats: 82/93/51/133/100/38 (BST: 497)

Reasoning: Primary-Fire type due to her Originium Arts using the manipulation of fire; she's also a renowned pyromaniac with a pseudo-flamethrower like how the guns of Sanktas (like Exusiai's Vector, based on a real-life submachine gun) work in Arknights' setting of Terra. Her secondary type is Dark due to implied Sankta heritage, though ends up with some Dragon-type moves as well due to her slight modelling (as being an artificially made human-like being) after Saria and other Vouivres. Her Fire/Dark type is also shared with Houndoom, which is also renowned for having the ability to inflict very scary burns and has Sp. Atk as its highest base stats, which is also true for Ifrit via her Elite 2 promotion stats (minus Trust bonuses). Soul Dissolution is a shortened version of the title of Ifrit's initial Trait, Spiritual Dissolution, which decreases enemy RES, akin to how the effect works here as her primary ability. Her hidden ability is Solar Power, meant to represent both her ability to give her foes RES decreases (thus her Special moves hit harder) and the gradual HP loss that is seen in both Solar Power and her Skill 3 in Arknights, Scorched Earth, when both are active. Houndoom and Charizard also have Solar Power in one way or another, the latter of the two realmons often being an indirect inspiration of her characteristics via one of Ifrit's nicknames being Charizard's base form, Charmander. Her movepool includes some unique choices: some Fairy-type moves due to her illustrator, NoriZC, actually having drawn illustrations of alternate depictions of their trio of Rhine Lab Operators as Pokémon, in which the line based on Ifrit itself, eventually becoming a dual Fire/Fairy-type, Curse due to her sailor mouth, and the two moves Scorching Sands and Scald as a nod for the existence of a summer costume (w/ swimsuit) that is available for Ifrit in the game she comes from. Both Scorching Sands and Scald have a chance to burn (and at the same 30% activation rate, too) and burning things is usually the name of Ifrit's game.

Ifrit (F) @ Life Orb
Ability: Soul Dissolution
EVs: 252 Atk / 8 Def / 248 Spe
Timid Nature
- Fire Blast / Flamethrower
- Dark Pulse
- Dazzling Gleam / Shadow Ball
- Nasty Plot
Ifrit (F) @ Heavy-Duty Boots / Custap Berry
Ability: Soul Dissolution
EVs: 248 HP / 252 Def / 4 SpD
Relaxed / Sassy Nature
- Knock Off / Hex
- Overheat / Burn Up
- Roar / Destiny Bond
- Will-O-Wisp / Toxic

"Come to taste the humiliation we Inchlings have faced? I'll make sure you know it for yourself!"
Pokémon: Shinmyoumaru Sukuna
Franchise/Origin: Touhou Project

Oblivious/Hustle (HA: Sturdy)
Other Moves:
: Barrage, Bide, Cut, Fury Attack, Quick Attack, Slash, False Swipe, Flail, Endeavor, Last Resort, Pin Missile, Night Slash, Sucker Punch, Throat Chop, Dragon Hammer, Rock Smash, Revenge, Sacred Sword, Aerial Ace, Acrobatics, Smart Strike, Aqua Jet, Liquidation, Flip Turn
: Razor Wind, Tri Attack, Uproar, Weather Ball, Dazzling Gleam, Disarming Voice, Thunderbolt, Charge Beam, Vacuum Wave, Air Cutter, Air Slash, Energy Ball, Ice Beam, Psychic, Psyshock, Flash Cannon, Surf, Water Pulse
: Minimize, Swords Dance, Follow Me, Helping Hand, Wish, Copycat, Lucky Chant, After You, Bestow, Shell Smash, Play Nice, Charm, Sweet Kiss, Crafty Shield, Snatch, Thunder Wave, Quick Guard, Sunny Day, Hail, Amnesia, Calm Mind, Withdraw, Rain Dance, Life Dew
Signature move:
Miracle Mallet –
– 90 BP – 10 PP – 100% – Halves the target's height and quarters the target's weight unless the target is under Dynamax/Gigantamax. Deals double damage to targets which have used Minimize or are Dynamaxed/Gigantamaxed. (weight & height reduction effect only works once; target's height and weight return to normal after switching out or fainting)
Stats: 10/98/140/91/91/105 (BST: 535)

Reasoning: Dual Normal/Fairy-type due to being a lilliputian creature about the same height as Flabébé who also is Fairy-type, but unlike it has a primary Normal-type which is due to Shinmyoumaru having a much more humanoid appearance than Flabébé, although its final form Florges gains a much more human-like body. Her regular abilities include Oblivious due to her simple-minded childish nature making her gullible to things like Seija Kijin's falsifications, and Hustle due to her flawed determination into wanting to become a bigger person like to her ancestor, the fairy tale hero Issun-boshi wanting to rid himself of his tiny size; often trying to rush into incidents and the like due to her poor impulse control. Her Hidden Ability is Sturdy due to often riding inside a bowl to serve as protection as she started to do in Urban Legend of Limbo, and due to her almost bottom-of-the-barrel HP stat of 10 needs a way to make use of her defensive stats, and probably needs it more than Shuckle. Other than her HP stat, the base stats of Shihnmyoumaru are all multiples of seven, due to one of her spellcards being named "The Seven Issun-Boushi"; referencing a small group of people in a western fairy tale that also came in sevens. Her signature move makes use of the Miracle Mallet's power to make things bigger or smaller (and is well needed Fairy STAB), which is one of the things the mallet does without significant drawbacks since it's a super fickle oni construct. The unique effect of reducing the height and weight of the target hit with the move takes into effect the Square-Cube Law in how much the weight of hit targets are reduced compared to their height. The move is a niche answer to Heavy Slam users because Shimmy's super tiny and super light and thus she gets easily pichuun'd by a single super-effective Heavy Slam from them. Due to Minimize and Dynamax (and Gigantamax) being Pokémon things that deal with big size changes, the Miracle Mallet affects both, combining the damage-dealing effects of Stomp and Behemoth Blade/Behemoth Bash/Dynamax Cannon. Some movepool choices include Shell Smash and Withdraw due to Shinmyoumaru putting herself in a vessel often used for liquids like Polteageist (a bowl and a teapot respectively), various sword/needle moves (Fury Attack, Pin Missile, Swords Dance, Sacred Sword, Aerial Ace, Night Slash) for her use of the Shining Needle Sword, which is a needle that happens to be used as a sword by inchlings like her. She also gets Water-type moves to toy with to due to often using the bowl she hides in as a boat like her ancestor does, thus using Surf like a Pikachu with a surfboard. Aqua Jet, Liquidation, and Flip Turn are there for Physical Water moves for super-fast water riding. (Maybe Shinmyoumaru's bowl boat goes turbo or something? lol)

Shinmyoumaru Sukuna (F) @ White Herb / Life Orb
Ability: Oblivious / Sturdy
EVs: 8 HP / 248 SpA / 252 Spe
Timid Nature
- Dazzling Gleam
- Ice Beam
- Thunderbolt
- Shell Smash
Shinmyoumaru Sukuna (F) @ Blunder Policy / Liechi Berry
Ability: Hustle / Sturdy
EVs: 248 HP / 252 Atk / 4 SpD
Adamant / Jolly Nature
- Swords Dance / Shell Smash
- Quick Attack / Sucker Punch
- Miracle Mallet
- Return / Sacred Sword
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i dont know if this is allowed, but hey it might as well be for completion. i think it should be obvious this is broke

Pokémon: Metal Overlord
Franchise/Origin: Sonic

Ability: Levitate
Notable moves: Metal Sonic's Movepool + Dual Wingbeat, Roar, Fly, Fling
Stats: 90/140/110/120/120/90

Reasoning: Steel because well, he's a robot. Dragon because of his overall dragon-like appearance. Dual Wingbeat because, well, yknow. Fly and Levitate are VERY obvious. Fling because he literally throws a ship at you as one of his attacks, Roar because the cutscene pre-Metal Madness boss fight, and well, Metal Overlord is literally Metal Madness but flying. (atleast i think so). i think the stats should be obvious.
Uber stats are fine as long as the character's power level in their game justifies it.

I've been doing it for quite a while. Ever since someone's last second vote changed the result just before I posted the graphic for the next slate.

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Anyhoo, this will be my last contribution to this thread in the foreseeable future. I almost forgot how toxic Pika Xreme (and this community) was…yiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiikes!

Pokemon: Lancet-2
Franchise: Arknights
Type: Steel
Ability: Support Spray - On switch in, heals itself and all allies by 25% of their hp.
Move: Heal Pulse
Stats: 40/40/40/60/40/40 (bst: 260)
Reasoning: Support spray heals on-deployment in Arknights. Lancet the robot heals allies, is frail death fodder, and ignores deployment limit (there's no good way to translate deployment limit to pokemon though), and…that's pretty much it.
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“Hey...It's me, Mr. Jiggy! Now go and find a picture with a piece missing.”
Item: **Jiggy**
Franchise/Origin: Banjo & Kazooie
Fling BP: 60
Effects: Makes the holder's weight halved. If both active Pokemon have a Jiggy as their held item (both of your active Pokemon in Doubles) (checks at the start of every turn,) every active Pokemon's damage (again, both of your active Pokemon in doubles) is multiplied by 1.5x.
Reasoning: Jiggies are collectible items found in all of the Banjo-Kazooie games and can be considered the series' symbol. These golden jigsaw pieces contain a strong magic capable of breaking open the entrances to the games' worlds and are essential in progressing through each game. The halved weight is because of the effect this item has as a spirit in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (this also applies to the Fling BP,) and the multiplied damage part is because Jiggies are used to open new worlds, and because Banjo & Kazooie are a duo, the effect only applies if both active pokemon or both of your active Pokemon in doubles hold it.
Theme Slate Reasoning: Like what the reasoning said, the Jiggy is considered the series' symbol and is one of the most popular items in the franchise. This item also made an appearance in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

I'll put in more subs later, but I do have a certain white cat (or something...) that is to be subbed.


formerly Ticktock


Item: Super Mushroom
Franchise/Origin: Super Mario Bros.
Fling BP: 10
Effects: When the user switches in with this item, consumes the item and gains a +2 Attack/Defense stat boost and a -1 Speed stat drop, on top of increasing the user's height and weight by 1.33x, for 4 turns. Is treated like a Berry.
Reasoning: I don't think I need to say anything here. The effects are based on its Super Smash Bros appearance, where it makes you bigger and harder to knock away, but also makes you slower and heavier (which may be good or bad depending on your situation)
Theme Slate Reasoning: First appearing in SMB, its the trademark symbol of the Mario franchise and one of the most famous video game icons of all time.

"Its scale would never neglect the weight of even the smallest sin."
Pokémon: Judgement Bird
Type: Flying
Abilities: Unjust Scale (Each turn, all active participants gain 1 Mark of Sin, which can be transferred via landing a damaging move. If attacking multiple targets with at least three Marks of Sin at once with this ability, the attack will be a guaranteed crit against each of them and remove all Marks of Sin from them. This effect also procs against a target with at least five Marks of Sin, regardless of the targeting for the move used against said target. If Shell Armor, Lucky Chant, etc. stops a crit from this ability, Marks of Sin will stay.) / Justified
Moves: Oblivion Wing, Night Shade, Perish Song, Roost, Dual Wingbeat, Punishment, Dazzling Gleam, Torment, Protect, Leer, Agility
Stats: 60/55/100/140/100/75 [BST 530]

Reasoning: Flying because it's a bird (Doduo doesn't fly either so HAH) and would also get STAB on Oblivion Wing, which is there because it uses the most seldom-seen damage type in Lobotomy Corporation, that being Pale, taking the form of Death itself that assaults the soul. Pale Damage against Agents scales with their Max HP, the scaling modifier for that aspect returning 1 if the Max HP is 100 on the dot, so that also works for Night Shade. This also explains Perish Song, as its attack when breaching is accompanied with a chime, plus Dazzling Gleam because it was once a completely radiant bird and said chime is accompanied with a brief shimmer. HP is half that of Big Bird's, just as it is in-game, and Defenses were calculated the same way, plus it being a WAW too and due to their history, it has the same BST of 530. When it breaches, it moves around at a somewhat average speed, but most Agents should be able to catch up to it easily. Punishment and Justified because of its judging nature. Speaking of which, Torment's JP name goes nicely with its unjust scales as well. Protect happens to be universal coverage and in Library of Ruina, it uses a move called Stare to defend itself from attackers, which also gives it Leer. Its mechanic in said game is that everyone else in the fight gains one Mark of Sin per turn and each combatant needs to transfer it to a Librarian, pronto. If at least three other combatants have at least three Marks of Sin each (for reference it starts out a 4v4 with Runaway Birds scared of Long Bird over here attacking the Librarians too), they instantly die at the start of the next turn's combat phase at the hands of Judgement Bird's Mass Attack "Ceaseless Judgement", and if that criteria isn't met but one participant has at least five Marks of Sin, it will try to use its other signature card, "Judgement", against them, which is all but guaranteed to proc the instakill effect unless intercepted by a Librarian with less than five. Naturally, I had to nerf the instakills to guaranteed crits for that ability, which also takes cues from one of its Abnormality cards gained after defeating it that has the same effect, but Librarians can transfer Marks of Sin to enemies in turn and having at least five just hurts the bearer for 10% of their Max HP and clears all Marks. Agility isn't related to something Judgement Bird itself does, but Library of Ruina provides the grounds via the Floor of Philosophy's realization since the phase with its EGO has an attack where it has two hits such that if either lands, it gives the user haste.

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"The things that cannot be cut by my Roukanken, forged by youkai... are next to none!"
Pokémon: Youmu Konpaku
Type: Ghost/Normal
Abilities: Unaware / Inner Focus / Rattled
New Move: Hakurouken Slash (Physical, Ghost-type Clear Smog. Slash-based and makes contact.)
Moves: Sacred Sword, Slash, Night Slash, Shadow Claw, Razor Wind, Superpower, Extreme Speed, Quick Attack, Aerial Ace, Petal Dance, Leaf Blade, Psycho Cut, Shadow Ball, Dazzling Gleam, Mist, Fury Cutter, False Swipe, Cut, Air Slash, Brick Break, X-Scissor
Stats: 70/125/90/55/70/130 [BST 540]

Reasoning: Ghost/Normal because she's half-phantom and half-human; Not only does each half fit each type like a glove, but the typing as a whole also represents the paradoxical nature of her existence. Unaware because she's an airhead, and Rattled because ghosts scare her (yes really), with Inner Focus due to always having a clear eye on her objective, something she makes very clear when Yuyuko seemingly gets sidetracked. She wields two swords, the Roukanken and Hakurouken, which can cleave open beings and confusion respectively, the latter of which also entails sending phantoms to Heaven, be they otherwise permitted there or not, though humans are just dealt mild discomfort. Her moves are based on her attacks and skills throughout the Touhou games. Superpower in particular because some of her attacks are named after the Animal Realm and Superpower's JP name can also be read as "Animal Power". And speaking of, she's noted for blinding speed as she cuts down things with a sword that can cleave MANY things, and in later mainlines games her focused "fire" is actually charging up a huge slash that is only unleashed after you release the focus button.
Have a second resub, yes Youmu the new sub being between two resubs is disorganized as heck

He's back...with a vengeance. The darkest shadow of the strongest warrior. Sealed in the labyrinth of the mirror for aeons, this dark knight has returned with one thing on his mind... Revenge!
Pokémon: Dark Meta Knight (Can be a Regional Variant for Meta Knight)
Franchise: Kirby
Type: Steel/Dark
Abilities: Mirror Armor / Magic Bounce
Notable moves: Aerial Ace, Night Slash, Drill Run, Mirror Shot, Mirror Coat, Magic Coat, Mach Tornado (From Meta Knight), Dark Pulse, Steel Wing, Fury Cutter, Sacred Sword, Throat Chop, Double Team, Brutal Swing, Hurricane, Fly, Psycho Cut, Protect, Stone Edge, Swords Dance, Dual Wingbeat, Sucker Punch, Lash Out
Signature move: Blade Burst (Steel-type Stone Edge. Slash-based. Still not contact.)
Stats: 80/130/80/120/80/110 [BST 600] (Same as MK's, but with Attack -> SpA -> Speed -> Attack)
(The item Galaxia, which gives x1.3 power to Meta Knight's slashing moves and nulls immunities to them, can also be used by DMK.)

Reasoning: Dark because he's much more brutal and cunning than his counterpart from Kirby's world, having foregone all sense of honor in favor of pragmatism and brutality. Steel because he's covered in armor, attacks with giant metal blades protruding from mirrors, and seems to be made of mirror himself, with Mirror Shot being Steel and a good number of mirrors having some metal in them, Mirror Armor and Magic Bounce (JP: Magic Mirror) also tying into this. He can make a Mach Tornado that sweeps the screen in his Dedede Tour boss fight, as well as making false clones of himself and even attacking with a dark sword beam if he's full on health. (Dark Pulse is still operational below full because most Dark-types get that.) Mirror Coat and Magic Coat are both able to tie into mirrors, as can Mirror Shot. Aerial Ace, Steel Wing, and Fly because he can fly just like his counterpart. And just like his parallel counterpart, he too has his own Galaxia, the Galaxia in question being silver in contrast to the other's golden coloration, so that's Sacred Sword. Blade Burst is based on his attack, where multiple massive swords protrude out of mirrors to strike enemies above the mirrors (and around DMK). Other stuff is based off of his arsenal in Star Allies and Triple Deluxe.
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"Time to tip the scales!"
Pokémon: Robin
Franchise: Fire Emblem
Type: Dark/Electric
Abilities: Ignis (When attacking, 25% chance to add half the attacking stat not in use to the attacking stat in use.) / Analytic
Notable moves: Dark Pulse, Night Slash, Sacred Sword, Shock Wave, Thunderbolt, Thunder, Incinerate, Flamethrower, Fire Blast, Hurricane, Whirlwind, Air Slash, Blizzard, Slash, Aerial Ace, Calm Mind, Swords Dance, Volt Switch, Laser Focus, Fury Cutter, Fling, Lava Plume, Leaf Blade, Dazzling Gleam, Future Sight, Nasty Plot, False Swipe, Switcheroo, Trick, Hold Back, Spark
Signature move: Rally Spectrum (Apply +1 omniboost to all active teammates (but not the user); This cannot be applied twice to the same unit.)
G-Max Move: G-Max Expiration (Overwrites Max Darkness; The target's weaker defensive stat is used in damage calculation, though the user's offensive stat in use remains unchanged.)
Stats: 80/110/70/105/85/85 [BST 535]

Reasoning: Electric because they start off with a Thunder tome and are frequently associated with the element, such as in Smash Bros. Dark because though Robin themself isn't evil, they're genetically more or less identical to the dreaded Fell Dragon Grima worshipped by the Grimleal, whose goals would basically spell ill for the whole world, which is also the justification for their G-Max. As for that G-Max move, it's just vanilla damage nothing else in Awakening, so I gave it the effect when its counterpart in Heroes is used to counter against a ranged attack. Rally Spectrum and Ignis are both skills from the Grandmaster class they promote into, Dark Pulse is just necessary coverage, and everything else damaging comes from the various tomes and swords they can use in Fire Emblem: Awakening, with Volt Switch referencing the Pair Up mechanic introduced in that game. Nasty Plot and Calm Mind are both necessary for a tactician, as is Analytic, and Future Sight references the very start of the game. False Swipe references swords but also how they limit their own power to save Chrom's life during Chapter 23, the following moment in said cutscene also being grounds for Switcheroo and Trick for duping Validar with fake gems for the Fire Emblem. Future Sight references the Premonition they have at the start of the game. Ignis is basically as it was in Awakening. HP is their stat growth in that area in Awakening, and everywhere else is basically their stat growths in Awakening added to their stat growths as an amiibo in Fates.
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It's time for a rush of Touhou Lost Word stuffs!

"After a thousand years of wandering, I finally found my way. Please accompany me in going all out!"

Regional Form of Marisa Kirisame
Pokémon: Marisa-Scarlet-Dreams (Touhou Lost Word)
Type: Fire
Abilities: Magician / Witch of Scarlet Dreams
New Ability: Witch of Scarlet Dreams: Cannot be copied, swapped or disabled. Normal-type moves become Fire-type. User ignores the target's ability when attacking. Additionally, with this ability, the properties of the user's Master Spark change, becoming 90% accurate and having a 30% chance to burn.
Notable moves: Marisa Kirisame's moves. Loses Magic Absorber, gains Sunsteel Strike, Sunny Day.
Stats: 90 HP/120 Atk/70 Def/150 SpA/90 SpD/120 Spe (BST: 640)
Reasoning: A version of Marisa Kirisame from an alternate universe seen in Touhou Lost Word. In said timeline, she made a deal with a mysterious entity (presumably, an alternate universe version of Yukari) to gain power that rivalled Reimu. However, this came at a steep cost: This Marisa's Reimu disappeared, and said Marisa also lost control of her powers and memory of her name, only going by her title (The Witch of Scarlet Dreams). It took the Reimu of another world visiting alongside the player for the Witch to regain her memories and control of her powers. For the sake of simplicity, I'll refer to her from here on in as Marisa Alter.

For the typing, Fire makes the most sense here, as many of Marisa Alter's spells heavily utilize the flames often associated with stars. This also serves as the basis for her Witch of Scarlet Dreams (which is named after her title) ability, but it also draws from one of Marisa Alter's Spell Cards in Touhou Lost Word, that being the spell card Red Side "Alter Spark", which serves as the reasoning for why Witch of Scarlet Dreams explicitly alters Master Spark further. Lastly, the moves are almost all the same as Marisa's, with the key difference being that she loses access to Magic Absorber (which Marisa Alter never used), but instead gained Sunsteel Strike, a reference to her Last Word in Touhou Lost Word, "Garnet Star", a heavily amped version of "Blazing Star", and Sunny Day references Supergiant "Antares", where she drops a giant red star on opponents. "Marisa Kirisame's moves" includes Ice Beam which, while she never got to use the Winter variant of Master Spark, she DOES have the Cold Inferno shot-type which acts as an acceptable substitute.

Her stats are based on regular Marisa, but higher, gaining 10-20 points to all of her base stats.

"Some call me a master of the sword, but I am merely a vagabond without a master to serve."

Regional Form of Youmu Konpaku (Whenever she actually wins a slate, anyway.)
Pokémon: Youmu-Sword-Master (Touhou Lost Word)
Type: Steel/Ghost
Ability: Mysterious Sword Master
New Ability: Mysterious Sword Master- Cannot be copied, swapped or disabled. Slashing Moves do 1.3x damage. User's Roukanken does Steel or Fire-type damage, depending on which would be strongest, and hits the target's lower defensive stat. User's Hakurouken does Ghost or Electric-type damage, depending on which would be strongest, and hits the target's lower defensive stat. User's Leaf Blade has its base power increased to 120.
Notable moves: Sacred Sword, Leaf Blade, Swords Dance, Agility, Roukanken, Hakurouken, Slash, Night Slash, Extreme Speed, Psycho Cut, X-Scissor.
New moves:
: Steel-type. 90 BP, 100 Accuracy, 10 PP. Z-Move effect: 220 BP Corkscrew Crash. Super-effective against Ghost-types. High critical hit rate. Slashing move.
Hakurouken: Ghost-type, 50 BP, 100 Accuracy, 10 PP. Z-Move effect: 210 BP Never-Ending Nightmare. Always crits. Can hit Normal-types, but only does 1/4 of the base damage. Deals double damage to Ghost-types. Slashing move.
Stats: 100 HP/140 Atk/85 Def/110 SpA/80 SpD/125 Spe (BST: 640)
Reasoning: A version of Youmu Konpaku from an alternate universe seen in Touhou Lost Word. In said timeline, she is the first Konpaku to come under the service of Yuyuko Saigyouji, and otherwise went without a master. She severs the souls of those who lose fights in the Hakugyoku Arena and uses them to fuel the seal that keeps the Saigyou Ayakashi from fully awakening and destroying the world. For the sake of simplicity, we'll refer to her as Youmu Alter.

While this is an alternate universe counterpart, this IS still Youmu Konpaku we're talking about here, thus she has the obvious Youmu typing of Steel/Ghost because she's still a half phantom. Youmu's moves are mostly self-explanatory as the typical swordsman fare (like Swords Dance), with Youmu's swords being legendary weapons, hence why she has Sacred Sword, and Agility from being Youmu, somebody known for being able to move incredibly fast in short bursts. Said swords also serve as the basis for her signature moves, Roukanken and Hakurouken. The Roukanken is a katana forged by youkai that is said to be able to kill ten phantoms in a single stroke, hence the Super-effective against Ghost-types effect. The Hakurouken is a Konpaku heirloon: a wakizashi that severs the target's hesitation. While this is none too effective against the living, only causing mild discomfort (interpreted here as being able to hit Normal-types at 1/4 the strength), against the spirits of the dead, it instantly sends them to nirvana, removing them from the cycle of reincarnation, hence the 'always crits' and double super-effectiveness against Ghost-types by default.

However, Youmu Alter's Roukanken and Hakurouken behave a bit differently, as detailed in her Mysterious Sword Master ability (named after this Youmu's title). The adaptive damage effects of her signature moves detailed in her ability are based on her Spell Cards in Touhou Lost Word. Origin Mystery "Sohaya-Roukanken", where she uses the Roukanken to summon flames is the basis for Roukanken being able to deal Fire-type damage, whereas Origin Mystery "Raikiri-Hakurouken" where she calls forth lightning with the Hakurouken (then cuts it) is the basis for Hakurouken being able to deal Electric-type damage. Lastly, powering up Leaf Blade evokes Youmu Alter's Last Word, Combined Sword "Cherry Blossom in Full Bloom", which calls forth a vision of the Saigyou Ayakashi, swinging both her swords as one to deliver an overwhelming strike.

Her base stats were arranged in such a way to fit Youmu, while also matching the Witch of Scarlet Dreams' BST of 640.
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Item: **Bunny Hood**
Franchise: The Legend of Zelda
Effect: Grants a 1.5* boost to the holder's Speed, but makes the holder's moves 20% less accurate. Disappears if the holder spends more than five turns on the field without switching (as in, when Slow Start would wear off).
Fling: 10 BP
Reasoning: Starting in Super Smash Bros. Melee, this wearable item makes fighters go faster but harder to control until its fixed duration expires. (It has different effects in the Zelda games, namely nothing in OoT and a simple speed boost in MM, but basing the effect on Smash Bros. like this allows a Choice Scarf equivalent with downsides, that way the Speed tiers won't be thrown out of whack.)

Item: **Player Pin**
Franchise: The World Ends with You
Effect: When the holder switches in, the effects of Frisk and Forewarn are applied to all foes without a Player Pin.
Fling: 10 BP
Reasoning: This pin is bequeathed upon those destined to play the Reaper's Game, known as Players (hence the term "Player Pin"), and it allows them to hear the thoughts of ordinary Shibuya residents (through "Scanning").
This falls under the "significant within their own series" criterion of the Bonus Slate.


Pokémon: Spewart
Type: Fairy/Poison
Ability: Gluttony / Thick Fat
Moves: Play Rough, Gunk Shot, Poison Fang, Return, Frustration, Super Fang, Rapid Spin, Gyro Ball, Bite, Moonblast, Belch, Sludge Wave, Sludge Bomb, Infestation, Moonlight, Toxic, Toxic Spikes, Gastro Acid, Stockpile, Swallow, Spit Up, Stuff Cheeks, Decorate, Follow Me
Stats: 94/86/106/75/115/64 | 540 BST
Reasoning: One of four Broodals hailing from Rabbit Ridge on the Dark Side of the Moon, thus Fairy-type. Poison is obligatory because his whole gimmick is vomiting some kind of hazardous purple substance. This stems from his remarkable appetite and portly physique, which his Abilities represent. Both are helped by his huge mouth and sharp tooth, which inspire his biting moves and Stuff Cheeks. His other method of attack is hiding in his own hat and spinning around, hence Rapid Spin and Gyro Ball.
According to the Dark Side brochure, he "has an unexpectedly artistic side," which is the basis for Decorate. Lastly, his profession as the entertainer of the Broodals gives him Follow Me.
(His base stats are Lopunny's plus 10 each, rearranged.)

Pokémon: Shiba Miyakaze
Type: Fire/Bug
Ability: Blaze / Levitate / Swarm
Moves: Flaming Sword (physical Flamethrower; revised Tahu Toa move), Attack Order, Fury Cutter, Fire Blast, Flamethrower, Signal Beam, Infestation, Earthquake, Bulldoze, Earth Power, Sacred Sword, Secret Sword, Psycho Cut, Psyshock, Slash, Draco Meteor, Power Trip, Beat Up, Swords Dance, Quiver Dance, Substitute, Will-O-Wisp, Taunt, Detect, Double Team
Stats: 150/100/50/111/64/125 | 600 BST
Reasoning: Shiba is all about fire-related puns and has a fiery aura in battle, so Fire typing and Blaze are obligatory. Bug typing and Quiver Dance are based on his connection to butterflies, namely in his Noise symbol and the illusory effect by which he conceals and clones himself. As the Game Master, and thanks to the Executor, he has the ability to summon Noise: the basis of Attack Order and Infestation. (Sound moves are tempting, but NEO TWEWY has a Sound element, and attacks of that element do not resemble the Noise.) Other techniques include firing energy orbs (Psyshock), creating shock waves in the ground (special STAB, Ground coverage), a sword attack (Flaming Sword, Fury Cutter, Fighting coverage, Psycho Cut, Slash, Swords Dance), a meteoric attack (Draco Meteor), and Levitating during battle. Swarm, Beat Up, Substitute, and Double Team come from his cloning technique; Detect from evasive maneuvers; Power Trip and Taunt as aspects of his character.

Pokémon: Major Burrows
Type: Normal/Ground
Ability: Tough Claws / Fluffy / Thick Fat
Moves: Return, Frustration, Thrash, Hyper Fang, Crush Claw, Slash, Stomp, Rapid Spin, Scratch, Rage, Drill Run, Dig, Sand Tomb, Rock Slide, Rock Tomb, Smack Down, Iron Head, Darkest Lariat, Crunch, Bite, X-Scissor, Stealth Rock, Spikes, Spiky Shield, Work Up, Agility, Hone Claws, Odor Sleuth, Rototiller
Stats: 100/105/95/80/85/90 | 555 BST
Reasoning: This is a mole thing reminiscent of Excadrill and Diggersby. It's not armored enough to be Steel-type, so Normal/Ground makes the most sense. Its Abilities relate to its anatomy, and its base stats are balanced out so that it's no stronger than Barbaracle with Tough Claws. Its movepool consists of things that it does as a boss, as well as things that it could do if it were a real creature.

Pokémon: Risukuma
Type: Water/Normal
Ability: Fluffy / Chemist* / Analytic
*Poison-type Steelworker (added to Rio Futaba in Expanded revisions)
Moves: Puyo Pop (from Ringo Ando), Return, Frustration, Thrash, Hyper Voice, Potion Throw (from Plague Knight), Sludge Wave, Sludge Bomb, Clear Smog, Venoshock, Mystical Fire, Overheat, Scald, Psychic, Fling, Haze, Roar, Toxic, Will-O-Wisp, Gastro Acid, Work Up, Trick Room, Magic Room, Stealth Rock, Spikes, Stuff Cheeks, Assist, Purify
Z-Move: Ai Shiteru - Poison, Special, 190 BP | Super-effective against Rock. | Requires Potion Throw and Risukumanium Z
Stats: 82/102/82/102/122/62 | 552 BST
Reasoning: Risukuma is a humanoid squirrel-bear (hence his name) and an upperclassman to Ringo Ando. His feral taxonomy gives him Normal typing, Fluffy, Hyper Voice, Roar, Stuff Cheeks, and Assist (JP: Cat's Paw). His closeness to Ringo is reflected in his base stats, Water typing, Analytic, and certain movepool additions (including Ai Shiteru, which is to him as Permutation is to her). He regularly carries around flasks of mysterious liquids and tends to make them explode, so another portion of the movepool is inspired by Rio Futaba (as is Chemist), with Overheat and Toxic added to the mix. (No pun intended.) Return and Frustration come from the love connoisseur aspect of his character, Thrash and Work Up symbolize his habit of getting...well, worked up over his science experiments, and Purify relates to the moment in Puyo Puyo Tetris when his paws dispense juice for Ess.

Pokémon: Alfyn
Type: Poison/Ice
Ability: Wonder Skin / Heightened Healing*
*The user, when regaining HP or PP, regains 1.3* the norm. (e.g. Recover heals 65%, Leppa Berry restores 13 PP, and Leftovers restore 13/160 (roughly 8%) HP per turn, but Wish does not heal extra if the recipient does not have Heightened Healing)
Signature Move: Amputation - Poison, Physical, 95 BP, 100% Acc, 15 PP | Non-contact.
Other Moves: Ice Shard, Axe Strike (from Camilla), Slash, Reversal, Natural Gift, Fling, Clear Smog, Acid Spray, Ice Beam, Pollen Puff, Toxic, Recover, Refresh, Wish, Heal Pulse, Purify, Safeguard, Life Dew, Aromatherapy, Poison Powder, Sleep Powder, Confuse Ray, Screech, Cotton Spore, Sweet Scent, Protect, Recycle, Aqua Ring, Quash, After You
Stats: 100/100/100/70/100/70 | 540 BST
Reasoning: Representative of the Apothecary Job in Octopath Traveler. Apothecaries have a means of poisoning (Toxic) and an Ice spell (Ice Beam) at their disposal and fight with axes (Axe Strike, Slash). They are also capable healers (Recover, Refresh, Wish, Heal Pulse, Purify, Safeguard) with niche support skills in Resist Ailments (Wonder Skin) and Heightened Healing. Alfyn in particular boasts a Talent called Concoct, a means of aiding allies and harming foes, explaining the rest of his movepool.
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Pokémon: Galactic NOVA
Origin: Kirby Super Star
Type: Steel/Psychic
Ability: Levitate / Regenerator
Stats: 120/120/80/160/90/70 (640)
Stats (Heart of NOVA): 70/100/120/70/120/70 (550)
Notable Moves: Doom Desire, Wish, Cosmic Power, Zen Headbutt, Double-Edge, Head Smash, Gyro Ball, Skull Bash, Heavy Slam, Body Press, Headbutt
Not usable by Heart of NOVA:: Teleport, Gear Grind
Only usable by Heart of NOVA:: Attack Order, Defend Order
Reasoning: One of the mighty clockwork stars that roam the cosmos... One that has clearly seen better days. Regardless, it serves as the centerpiece in Marx's "perfect little plan" to gain dominance over Pop Star. It shares its type with Star Dream for much the same reasons, and its stats are also similar to its Clockwork Star form... just with 20 less in both defenses, because of the massive hole in it. (While its exterior is golden, its interior is not, so it's still Steel-type.)

Since it grants wishes, it gets Doom Desire and Wish. It does this with power from stars (and is kind of one itself), hence Cosmic Power. You may notice that despite its enormous Special Attack stat, Doom Desire is its only Special move. That is very deliberate.

You see, the thing about Galactic NOVA is that its sole combat tactic is... ramming things. That's why it gets the entire rest of its shared movepool. To be fair, ramming things is very effective when one of your forms is a machine the size of a planet, and the other is the well-armored defenses around its core.

Its big ol clock form has Teleport, because it can do that, and Gear Grind, because it has big ol gears. Its interior form has Attack Order and Defend Order because of the little ships it has flying around inside it.

Also it gets Regenerator because it can repair itself after getting blown up. But it clearly can't repair itself from the massive hole inside it so it doesn't get Recover on demand.

Item: Warp Star
Origin: Kirby's Dream Land
Effect: Upon a hard switch (not after a Pokémon faints, and not after a pivoting or phasing move is used), uses "Warp Star Crash", a 70 BP physical Flying move with no effect. Breaks after use.
Fling Effect: 70 BP
Reasoning: Warp Stars are used for travel. They hurt things they crash into (and are pretty good at breaking things), but also are very fragile. While primarily associated with Kirby, all sorts of characters can use them. Low-ish BP for balance.
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Item: Master Seal
Franchise/Origin: Fire Emblem
Fling BP: 40
Effects: A mysterious evolutionary Gryo. Prevents the Pokémon's stats from being lowered the first time at least one stat from being lowered. One time use in battle.
Reasoning: The mysterious evolutionary Gyro first appeared in Fire emblem games until Fire Emblem Heroes (was not needed). It is used to promote a unit/character from a Starting class to a Advanced class. Another such seal is needed if you wish to make the unit/character into a different class, although a special one for a unique gender unique class.


"Rank and Station don'tMatter! I'll always lead the charge! I can trust my companions to follow."
Name: Ignis Halcyon Vargas
Series/Franchise: Brave Frontier
Type: Fire/Steel
Abilities: Ignisate- Normal Type moves become Fire-type. Increases the power of those moves. (attacks in Brave frontier are of same element regardless of how basic they look)
Stats: 75/120/70/95/70/130 [BST 560]
Moves: Slash, Aerial Ace, False Swipe, Cut, Air Slash, Brick Break, Close Combat, Sword Dance, Ember, Fire Pledge, Flame Burst, Facade, Endeavor, Swagger, Work Up, Dual wingbeat, Wing Attack, Automize, Metal Claw, Smart Strike, and Steel Wing

Signature Move: Ardent Flare Ride (95 Pow/80 Acc/10pp. Fire-type. Physical. Contact.) 10% chance to increase Attack. 20% chance to inflict burn.

Reasoning: One of the Six Heroes and has fiery passion to be like his father, despite his feats during the war against mortals and gods he still feels as if he is not good enough in the eyes of his father. His Fiery Passion and his Sword, Durendal are what makes up his typing. Since he uses Fire and slash based attacks, that's pretty much his entire moveset besides some of the other cover moves.

The reasoning for Swagger, in Brave Frontier, in the chronicles of legends (Which is just a couple of seamless battles with lore behind certain characters), I feel as if his dialouge is just about bragging in the last battle of the thing. but to be fair, it's not everyday where you almost sweep a team of water types by yourself.

He has Dual wingbeat and Wing attack, also Steel Wing is the fact he has wings. (also more coverage and options).

Item: Jevilstale
Franchise/Origin: Deltarune
Fling BP: 15
Effects: x1.2 Attack, Defense, SpAtk and SpDef, but user cannot use the same move twice.
Reasoning: An Armor that is given to you after defeating jevil in a non violent increases every stat except for HP and Speed.


Name: Thrash Machine/ Thrash
Series: Deltarune
Stats: 100/85/75/75/85/70 [BST: 490]
Type: Steel/Fighting
Ability: Iron Fist
Moves: Charge Beam, Sky Upper-cut, Focus Punch, Bullet punch, Flamethrower, power-up punch, Slack off, Dragon Dance, Surf, Brave Bird, Drain Punch, Metronome, Self-Destruct and Explosion

Reasoning: Thrash is first made by Lancer's Industries (Susie and Lancer) that could only explode/self destruct at the time, but when Chapter 2 roles around, Roulx Carr finds it somehow and travels on it as a makeshift boat (hence Surf), and it gets the rest of it's moves in the actual things Thrash (The name can be different depending on the head), although Metronome comes in when you not use a Chap 1 file, the head is randomized. Dragon Dance, Focus Punch, and Slack Off comes from it's non head related abilities. Brave bird is there because nothing else could be easily used asa reference and it needed a flying type move to use anyways.
Focus Punch and Bullet punch are here to refernce the timing when attacking, bullet punchfor a instant hit while Focus Punch is when you timeitright and get the maximum damage available.

Item: The Locket
Franchise/Origin: Undertale
Fling BP:
Effects: Increases the holder's Def and Sp Def by 1.5x, but lowers their accuracy by 1.0x.
Reasoning: Even though the stats use the Heart locket's 15 Def as a reference, it also refrences the Sans fight (even though if it wasn't for him moving) where you miss your 24(x4) attacks by technicality.

"Blink and Destroy"
Series: Skylanders
Stats: 110/70/85/100/85/65 (Bulky Special Sweeper) [BST: 515]
Type: Steel/Dragon type
Ability: Battle Armor/Analytic and Levitate or Flying type steelworker

Moves: Gear Grind, Razor Wind, Gust, Whirlwind, Fly, Wing Attack, Sand attack,, Cut, Slash, Autotomize, Sky Attack, Flash, Flame Charge, Zap Cannon, Lock-on, Steel Wing, Flash Cannon, Twister, Heat Wave, Charge, Air Cutter, Metal Sound, Aerial Ace, Roost, Gyro Ball, Tailwind, U-Turn, Magnet Rise, Air Slash, Dragon Rush, Mirror Shot, Defog, Discharge, Iron Head, Magnet Bomb, Stealth Rock, Flame Burst, Sky Drop, Shift Gear, Incinerate, Inferno, Volt Switch, Hurricane, Techno Blast, Disarming Voice, Boom Burst, Laser Focus, Gear Up, Smart Strike, and Instruct.

Reasoning: Drobot is one of, if not the smartest of the skylanders, having made what is essentially a Iroman suit in the shape of a dragon, so he mostly Flying type moves despite his actual typing, I can see himusing these moves even though he does not have many moves (He only has like 3 that can be upgraded) although he does have Flying and Hover capabilities(hence the 2turn flying moves and Sandattack) and the few fire type moves are from his After burner, which only lets you damage enemies while flying as welllasmoving faster (hence Flame Charge and 2 of the cut moves as well as Iron Head. also U turn and Volt Switch for hit and run strats). Disarming Voice and Metal Sound come fro his voice changer, thats literally it. Flash is a reference to his lightcore appearance even though his light, well lights the dimmist.
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"Our belief is that the E.M.M.I.’s lack of emotion and overwhelming power will combine to create a threat so great that they strike terror in the hearts of players."
Pokemon: E.M.M.I.


Ability: Full Metal Body, Target Acquired
Target Acquired: E.M.M.I cannot use attacking moves until it targets a foe with a status move or is targeted by a foe's move. Once it has acquired a target, it gains +1 speed and moves do not check for accuracy.
Text display when selecting move before acquiring a target: No target detected.
Text display when target is acquired: Target acquired, Pursuit Mode engaged.
Notable Moves: Fatal Spike, Smart Strike, Gear Grind, Shift Gear, Iron Head, Thunder Wave, Lock-On, Extremespeed, Ice Beam, Thunderbolt, Close Combat, Metal Claw.
Signature Move: Fatal Spike:
| 70 BP | 80% accuracy | Guaranteed crit (Frost Breath clone)
Stats: 140 / 113 / 98 / 56 / 111 / 62 (580 BST)

Reasoning: E.M.M.I. (Extraplanetary Multiform Mobile Identifier) are a near-undefeatable robot that patrol the planet ZDR in Metroid Dread. They are completely immune to all of Samus's attack but can be stunned with a well timed melee attack. The only thing that can destroy an EMMI is a temporary upgrade that annihilates everything. Given this would be overpowered in Pokemon, it is reflected in its high HP and defenses. E.M.M.I.'s signature ability, Target Acquired, comes from its ability to lock on to a target and then relentlessly pursue it's target at great speed with the intent of killing. It patrols the area seeking out targets but will only take offensive when it has found a target. When it does capture a target, it uses a large spike to instantly kill its victim. This gives E.M.M.I. its signature move, Fatal Spike. Other coverage moves such as Extremespeed, Thunderbolt and Ice Beam come from E.M.M.I. varieties found in different regions of ZDR.

Item: Slingshot
Franchise/Origin: Animal Crossing
Fling BP: 40
Effects: Every fifth turn of battle, if the holder is active, the holder uses a slingshot to shoot down a balloon with a random berry to be used immediately and the user gains the berry's effect.
Reasoning: At regular intervals in AC games balloons will float over the town. You can use the slingshot tool to shoot these balloons down to obtain a variety of items. No, the slingshot is not a weapon in AC, it's a tool. The only weapon in those games are Bug Nets.
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Voting is open and will last two weeks. Vote for your three favourite crossover submissions and three favourite item submissions.
Regic Boat's Metal Overlord
Regic Boat's BlitzGreymon
Regic Boat's Delsin
leafsaber47's Flint
leafsaber47's Ifrit
leafsaber47's Shinmyoumaru Sukuna
lordofdunans's Lancet-2
Kirbyrider1337's Judgement Bird
Kirbyrider1337's Youmu Konpaku
Kirbyrider1337's Dark Meta Knight
Kirbyrider1337's Robin
Neosonic97's Marisa Kirasame (Witch of Scarlett Dreams form)
Neosonic97's Youmu Konpaku (Mysterious Sword Master form)
separate from Kirbyrider1337's submission
Mygavolt's Spewart
Mygavolt's Shiba
Mygavolt's Major Burrows
Mygavolt's Risukuma
Mygavolt's Alfyn
Pika Xreme's Galactic NOVA
CrazyGeko64's Ignis Halcyon Vargas
CrazyGeko64's Thrash Machine
CrazyGeko64's Drobot
ToadBrigade's E.M.M.I.
leafsaber47's E-Tank
leafsaber47's Panic Nacklace
Low-Key's Jiggy
Ticktock' s Super Mushroom
Mygavolt's Bunny Hood
Mygavolt's Player Pin
CrazyGeko64's Master Seal
CrazyGeko's Jevilstale
CrazyGeko's The Locket
ToadBrigade's Slingshot
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Kirbyrider1337's Dark Meta Knight
Toadbrigade's E.M.M.I.
Pika Xtreme's Galactic Nova

Leafsaber's E-Tank
CrazyGeko64's Jevilstale
Pika Xtreme's Warp Star
CrazyGeko64's Thrash Machine
KirbyRider1337's Dark Meta Knight
ToadBrigade's EMMI

Mygavolt's Bunny Hood
Leafsaber47's Panic Necklace
ToadBrigade's Slingshot
KirdbyRIder's Robin
NeoSonic's Marisa Kirisame (Witch of Scarlet Dreams)
Leafsaber's Yukuna

Tick Tock's Super Mushroom
Leafsaber's E Tank
ToadBrigade's Slingshot
leafsaber47's Shinmyoumaru Sukuna
Mygavolt's Major Burrows
KirbyRider1337's Judgement Bird

leafsaber47's E-Tank
Mygavolt's Bunny Hood
CrazyGecko64's Jevilstale
CrazyGeko64's Vargas
leafsaber47's Shinmyoumaru Sukuna
KirbyRider1337's Robin (aka Reflet)

Item Subslate
Pika Xreme's Warp Star
leafsaber47's E-Tank
Ticktock's Super Mushroom

Congratulations to KirbyRider1337, leafsaber47 and Neosonic97 for winning with Dark Meta Knight, Shinmyoumaru Sukuna and Marisa Kirisame - Witch of Scarlet Dreams regional form. leafsaber47 has earned the title, Mario and Sonic at the Tokyo Olympic Games.

Additional congratulations to the leafsaber47 (again), Mygavolt and Pika Xreme for their winning submissions of the item mini-slate. The following items have been added to Crossover Chaos: E-Tank
, Bunny Hood
and Warp Star
. I broke a tie between Warp Star and Super Mushroom.

It's that time of year, everyone! And you know what that means... time to sub characters who fit a vague but non-demoniational Christmas theme. This slate's bonus theme is Naughty or Nice. For the bonus point your character should be either notably naughty or notably nice. Constantly breaking rules could make a character naughty, such as Conker, or performing acts of kindness could make a character nice, such as Chibi Robo.

The submission phase for this slate will go for two weeks as usual but voting slates are changing to one week.

Have fun!
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