Pet Mod [Gen 8] Crossover Chaos

New Subs- Code Vein
A horror sealed deep in the depths. The flash crackling thunderclaps within is no duller from its long slumber, granting one the power to strengthen oneself at will and trample all in one's path.
Name: Lord of Thunder
Series: Code Vein
Type: Electric/Flying
Abilities: Electric Surge and Vali*
New Ability; Vali; This pokemon’s electric type attacks do half damage to adjacent opponents.
Stats: 115/90/95/100/95/85 [580]
Moves: Discharge, Thunder, Thunderbolt, Thunderwave, Thunder Fang, Volt-Switch,Wild Charge, charge, Rising voltage, Slash, Crunch, Aerial Ace, Air Cutter, Air Slash, Acrobatics, Tailwind, Dual Wingbeat, Bounce, Sky attack, Extreme Speed, Shock Wave, Lunge, Breaking Swipe, and Brutal Swing

Reasoning: Very fast and bulky AND offensive beast. although it's only weakness is it's shallow movepool. Like it's name suggests, it uses a bunch of electric type attacks, but since it has huge wings, it is obviously going to use them although it can't actually fly. Lunch, Bounce,and swiping with claws are cat things. Lunge is there for a Bug type coverage if there are any pesky Psychic or Dark type Walls. Shock wave is difficult to explain, but it's a normal electric type thing, so it is just there.

Lord of Thunder @ Life Orb
Ability: Electric Surge
EVs: 248 Atk / 4 SpA / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Serious Nature
- Volt-switch
- Dual wingbeat
- Lunge
- Air Slash

A horror sealed deep in the depths. The glacier avalanching hail within is no duller from its long slumber, granting one the power to enlighten oneself at will and freeze all in one's path.
Name: Frozen Empress
Series: Code Vein
Type: Ice/Fairy
Abilities: Snow Warning Ice Body and Ymir
New Ability; Ymir: This pokemon’s Ice type moves do half damage to adjacent opponents.
Stats: 110/90/100/100/110/70 [580]
Moves: Iron Defense, Swords Dance, Hail, Blizzard, Ice Shard, Glaciate, Stealth Rock, Teleport, Ice Beam, Flash Cannon, Curse, Subsitute, Breaking Swipe and Brutal Swing
Reasoning: While the move pool is worse than the other three, it is a overall adept beast in itself due to mechaninc in the original game where almost alll of it's moves come from, subsitute being there because sometimes you have to ignore the boss to make it easier and it's actual Ice beam move looks more akin to a Flash cannon. Stealth rocks is there because one of the things that orbit around it (unless you land a hit one on before kncoking it silly) speads pillars around the arena that actually gives it's ice type moves. the other thing gives it the set up moves, but after a bit and the two are untouched is when the Frozen Empress is able to use it's ice beam Flash cannon thing. same reason as Lord of Thunder for Breaking Swipe and Brutal Swing.

Frozen Empress @ Leftovers
Ability: Snow Warning
EVs: 252 HP / 4 SpA/ 252 Spe
Hasty Nature
- Stealth Rock
- Substitute
- Blizzard

A horror sealed deep in the depths. The smiten wildfire roaring within is no duller from its long slumber, granting one the power to Bolster oneself at will and Incinerate all in one's path.
Name: Hellfire Knight
Series: Code Vein
Type: Fire/steel
Abilities: Flash Fire, Ignisate (using the same name as Vargas sub) and Surt
Stats: 100/115/105/85/95/80 [580]
Moves: Overheat, Burnup, Slash, Cut, Iron Tail, Dragon tail, Fire Blast, Fire Lash, Fire pledge, Flame charge, Lava Plume, heat crash, blast burn, Dragon Tail, flame burst, Meteor Mash, Heavy Slam and Dual Chop.
Reasoning: this thing... it's just a Bulky Physical Sweeper with only a offensive movepool, and unlike the other two, it doesn't seem to power up or anything or at least reasonable set up moves, not that it needs it ofcourse. most of it's moves are just AOE bursts of fire (hence Overheat, Burn up, Fire Blast, Fire Pledge, etc.), Tail based attacks (added dragon tail because it always those it hits away) Slash and Charge attacks (Fire Charge, Slash, etc, except no Leaf blade or anything although it would be decent cover), and two of it's moves just go into the air and piledrive towards the opponent at great speed. (Flame Charge again, Meteor Mash, Heavy Slam, and Heat Crash).

Hellfire Knight @ Choice Band
Ability: Flash Fire
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Jolly Nature
- Iron Tail
- Fire Lash
- Dual Chop
- Heavy Slam
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"G-got any room for another truce?"
Pokémon: Noelle
Franchise/Origin: Deltarune

Abilities: Friend Guard / Rattled / Victory Star [HA]
Moves: Wish, Moonlight, Hypnosis, Ice Shock, Blizzard, Freeze Dry, Aurora Beam, Ice Shard, Icicle Crash, Icy Wind, Mist, Moonblast, Sweet Kiss, Decorate, Fairy Wind, Psyshock, Trick, Shadow Ball, Air Slash, Protect, Endure
Signature Move: Ice Shock -
- 95 BP - 10 PP [16 Max] - 100% - Prevents the opponent from fleeing or switching out.
SnowGrave -
- 175 BP - Freezes the opponent
. | Base: Ice Shock
Signature Item:
Thorn Ring - Can only be used by Noelle. Upon switching in, boosts Noelle's Special Attack stat by one stage, while also making her lose 10% of her maximum hp. Allows the use of Noelle's Z-Move.
Stats: 90 / 40 / 70 / 100 / 70 / 130 [500 BST]
Noelle Holiday is certainly an interesting character. Noelle is one of the 9 students within the class Alphys teaches, with some of her fellow students involving the likes of Kris, Susie, and Berdly. While being rather disconnected to the main plot in chapter 1, Noelle and her project partner Berdly find themselves stuck in a Dark World within the Computer Lab in chapter 2.
Noelle's typing, Ice/Fairy, is based off of the magic she can use within the Dark World. Ice reflects her magic attack, IceShock, while Fairy reflects her Heal Prayer, which is said to summon a heavenly light, and light has some strong associations with the Fairy type.
Noelle's abilities reflect her Noelle's three different depictions within Deltarune. Friend Guard reflects Noelle's overworld character, whose always looking out to help her friends and family: giving pencils to Kris, helping Kris and Berdly study, giving Susie a lunchbox of chalk, and most importantly ensuring she is always there to support her dad while he is in the hospital. Rattled reflects Noelle's Dark World character, getting scared of practically everything, from battle encounters to literal mice. Lastly, Victory Star reflects Noelle's character within the Weird Route; Noelle is quite literally necessary for "winning" battles in that route, being the only Lightner in the game with the ability to kill enemies. To boot, at the end of the route when fighting Spamton NEO, Noelle is literally the player's only hope to overcoming the NEO's absurdly high defenses.
As for moves, the first 4 listed are a direct interpretation of Noelle's magic in-game: Wish & Moonlight are a culmination of Heal Prayer, Hypnosis reflects Noelle's Sleep Mist, and Ice Shock is, well, Ice Shock. From there most other moves either hold some sort of connection to these spells, are extra STAB coverage, or just make sense for Noelle's character.
Noelle's signature move, Ice Shock, reflects it's in-game counterpart. As it is the only spell that straight up freezes enemies to death instead of letting them escape, it was given the effect to prevent opponents from fleeing. Noelle's Z-Move is none other than her most infamous spell, SnowGrave. As seen from this spell, it leaves its opponents stuck within a Permanent Sheet of Ice. Straight up making the move fatal, as the spell is described in-game, isn't really an option, so instead it Freezes the opponent.
The Thorn Ring, obtained in the Weird Route, makes Noelle stronger. It provides a massive boost to Noelle's magical abilities, boosting her magic stat by 12 whole points and enabling the use of her SnowGrave spell. However, this power comes at a cost, reducing Noelle's hp when in battle. My version of the Thorn Ring mirrors this, in a way that can be more easily reflected in Pokémon.
As for Noelle's stats, not much needs to be explained here. Her HP stat in Deltarune is 90, she has below-average defenses, is magically focused, and she is also rather agile in-game, leaping rather large distances in reaction to getting hit by mice.

Theme: Noelle Holiday is quite literally one of the kindest characters in Deltarune, not to mention her family's connections to Winter holidays.
Also, Noelle could also pass for the naughty part of this prompt too, as in the Weird route she quite literally ends up killing a childhood friend (or putting them into a coma? It's a bit unclear) in cold blood.
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We are become death, destroyer of worlds!

Origin game: Pokemon Uranium
Type: Nuclear
Abilities: Chernobyl
Alpha Form

Beta Form

Gamma Form

Moveset: Nuclear Slash, Gamma Ray, Half-life, Radioacid, Explosion, Protect, Proton Beam, Nuclear Waste, Fallout, Atomic Punch, Fission Burst, Quantum Leap, Focus Punch, Toxic, Rain Dance, Sunny Day, Hidden Power, Thunder, Frustration, Earthquake, Shadow Ball, Thunderbolt, Double Team, Reflect, Shock Wave, Fire Blast, Flamethrower, Secret Power, Facade, Torment, Rest, Attract, Overheat, Focus Blast, Energy Ball, Fling, Charge Beam, Endure, Drain Punch, Hyper Beam, Taunt, Return, Shadow Claw, Recycle, Giga Impact, Dark Pulse, Sleep Talk, Poison Jab, Substitute, Flash Cannon, Trick Room, Strength, Rock Smash, Last Resort, Endeavor, Earth Power, Fire Punch, Nasty Plot, Heat Wave, Pain Split, Role Play, Signal Beam, Superpower, Thunder Punch, Wonder Room

Urayne is the poster legendary in Pokemon Uranium. They gave it a Nuclear typing, which hits everything but itself and Steel super-effectively, an ability which triggers a Sandstorm-like weather, which damages Pokemon for an eighth of their health every two turns. It's STABS are Atomic Punch, Fission Burst, Half-life, Radioacid, Gamma Ray, and Proton Beam. Fallout sets weather, and Nuclear Waste is another status move. Do what you want with the rest of the Nuclear Type moves. I put the quote said by Robert Oppenheimer because it was said by the Trainer who had it, being Apocalypse CURIE.



"I'll gladly burn those walking bags of trash into ash. It's gonna be real warm!"
Pokémon: Ifrit
Franchise/Origin: Arknights

Soul Dissolution (HA: Solar Power)
Signature ability - Soul Dissolution - Intimidate clone that lowers Sp. Def by one stage instead of Attack for all adjacent opponents.
Other Moves:
: Flare Blitz, Flame Charge, Pursuit, Knock Off, Assurance, Payback, Sucker Punch, Foul Play, Brutal Swing, Power Trip, Lash Out, Outrage, Dragon Rush, Play Rough, Submission, Superpower, Stomping Tantrum, Double-Edge, Rage, Take Down, Thrash, Rock Climb, Steel Roller
: Fire Blast, Fire Spin, Flamethrower, Blast Burn, Heat Wave, Overheat, Flame Burst, Inferno, Mystical Fire, Burn Up, Burning Jealousy, Dark Pulse, Snarl, Dazzling Gleam, Shadow Ball, Hex, Solar Beam, Scorching Sands, Uproar, Weather Ball, Smog, Clear Smog, Extrasensory, Psyshock, Scald
: Sunny Day, Will-O-Wisp, Snatch, Taunt, Torment, Nasty Plot, Crafty Shield, Misty Terrain, Curse, Destiny Bond, Leer, Roar, Swords Dance, Mean Look, Scary Face, Me First, Work Up, Laser Focus, Imprison, Metal Sound
Stats: 82/93/51/133/100/38 (BST: 497)

Reasoning: Primary-Fire type due to her Originium Arts using the manipulation of fire; she's also a renowned pyromaniac with a pseudo-flamethrower like how the guns of Sanktas (like Exusiai's Vector, based on a real-life submachine gun) work in Arknights' setting of Terra. Her secondary type is Dark due to implied Sankta heritage, though ends up with some Dragon-type moves as well due to her slight modelling (as being an artificially made human-like being) after Saria and other Vouivres. Her Fire/Dark type is also shared with Houndoom, which is also renowned for having the ability to inflict very scary burns and has Sp. Atk as its highest base stats, which is also true for Ifrit via her Elite 2 promotion stats (minus Trust bonuses). Soul Dissolution is a shortened version of the title of Ifrit's initial Trait, Spiritual Dissolution, which decreases enemy RES, akin to how the effect works here as her primary ability. Her hidden ability is Solar Power, meant to represent both her ability to give her foes RES decreases (thus her Special moves hit harder) and the gradual HP loss that is seen in both Solar Power and her Skill 3 in Arknights, Scorched Earth, when both are active. Houndoom and Charizard also have Solar Power in one way or another, the latter of the two realmons often being an indirect inspiration of her characteristics via one of Ifrit's nicknames being Charizard's base form, Charmander. Her movepool includes some unique choices: some Fairy-type moves due to her illustrator, NoriZC, actually having drawn illustrations of alternate depictions of their trio of Rhine Lab Operators as Pokémon, in which the line based on Ifrit itself, eventually becoming a dual Fire/Fairy-type, Curse due to her sailor mouth, and the two moves Scorching Sands and Scald as a nod for the existence of a summer costume (w/ swimsuit) that is available for Ifrit in the game she comes from. Both Scorching Sands and Scald have a chance to burn (and at the same 30% activation rate, too) and burning things is usually the name of Ifrit's game.

Ifrit (F) @ Life Orb
Ability: Soul Dissolution
EVs: 252 Atk / 8 Def / 248 Spe
Timid Nature
- Fire Blast / Flamethrower
- Dark Pulse
- Dazzling Gleam / Shadow Ball
- Nasty Plot
Ifrit (F) @ Heavy-Duty Boots / Custap Berry
Ability: Soul Dissolution
EVs: 252 HP / 252 Def / 4 SpD
Relaxed / Sassy Nature
- Knock Off / Hex
- Overheat / Burn Up
- Roar / Destiny Bond
- Will-O-Wisp / Toxic

Theme Theme Reasoning: If Arknights' Rhine Lab operators acted as a pseudo-family, Ifrit would be the child, despite being assumed to be older than what her personality implies. She has a rather childish and aggressive personality and has an habit (albeit quite justified via a shoulder devil situations with the demon shown flanking her in her Elite 2 artwork) of setting everything on fire. Imagine a genderbent four-way cross between Burner Man from Mega Man & Bass, the Heat Miser, Bart Simpson, and the Pyro from TF2. She's essentially what Arknights has the closest to a ill-behaved brat. You can expect her to get coal for Christmas, but that coal will become just fuel her flamethrower even more, leading her to do even more naughty things.

Pokémon: Venti
Franchise/Origin: Genshin Impact

Abilities: Aerilate (HA: Tangled Feet)
Other Moves:
: Fly, Sky Attack, Wing Attack, Aerial Ace, Brave Bird, Acrobatics, Dual Wingbeat, U-turn, Feint Attack, Fling, Play Rough, Quick Attack, Return, Endeavor, Fake Out, Last Resort, Arrow Shot (originally from Orion), Steel Wing
: Gust, Air Cutter, Air Slash, Hurricane, Dazzling Gleam, Disarming Voice, Draining Kiss, Fairy Wind, Heat Wave, Razor Wind, Swift, Hyper Voice, Uproar, Weather Ball, Echoed Voice, Round, Psychic, Mirror Coat, Stored Power
: Defog, Tailwind, Flatter, Switcheroo, Charm, Sweet Kiss, Detect, Sunny Day, Metronome, Sing, Supersonic, Whirlwind, Encore, Morning Sun, Perish Song, Safeguard, Follow Me, Helping Hand, Teeter Dance, Lucky Chant, Bestow, Work Up, Confide, Play Nice, Agility, Calm Mind, Magic Coat, Life Dew
Signature moves:
Splitting Gales –
– 50 BP – 10 PP – 100% – Hits 2 times. Replicates Dragon Darts' targeting behaviour for its second strike.
Z-Move – Requires Splitting Gales and Barbatosium Z Wind's Grand Ode –
– 190 BP – User automatically whips up a Tailwind on their side of the field after dealing damage.
Stats: 84/100/69/117/80/150 (BST: 600)

Reasoning: Pure-Flying type as the Wind Archon, due to lore of Genshin claiming the true forms of the Archons are beings made of pure energy. Aerilate is his primary ability to support his element of Anemo and does so with flying colors. His Hidden Ability is Tangled Feet due to his alcohol addiction; often he can be seen in the taverns of Mondstadt in a drunken stupor. Spinda, which carries that same ability, often is derided in the Pokémon community for having a gait that can be seen as drunken. (Even then, there's a canon drunken character in the old man in Viridian City, and the (first, FRLG) remakes of the game he debuted in is in the same gen that Spinda made its debut) His signature move is a stylized interpretation of a combination of the Divine Marksmanship Talent (its Charged Attack more specifically) and Splitting Gales, the first skill his Constellation grants him. The Z-Move carries his Archon name, Barbatos; and carries the same name as the Elemental Burst he has. Like with Mew, the Z-Move also performs an additional effect after dealing damage, thus Tailwind which complements his Flying-type and their massive Speed stats (only Electric type comes close). The high speed of Flying-types comes into Venti being granted a high base stat of 150 to illustrate how much he stereotypically adheres to the type most associated with wind. As a bard, he carries a massive amount of sound moves (especially the reliable Hyper Voice as a signature move/Hurricane alternative) apart from Boomburst, which would make him even more broken than he is in Genshin Impact itself. Venti himself has an Archon outfit as seen in the official web manga, which sports wings, thus he can use Steel Wing, Wing Attack, Brave Bird, Sky Attack, Dual Wingbeat, etc. Even if he isn't in his Archon outfit with wings, he can still be equipped with gliders with almost wing-like features and appearances. He gains Heat Wave, his portrayed type's obligatory coverage move, which is odd considering Heat Wave is a move of the Pyro element/Fire type.

Venti (M) @ Heavy-Duty Boots
Ability: Aerilate
EVs: 252 Atk / 252 Def / 4 Spe
Jolly Nature
- Fake Out
- Brave Bird / Dual Wingbeat
- U-turn / Whirlwind
- Defog
Venti (M) @ Life Orb / Barbatosium Z
Ability: Aerilate
EVs: 4 Def / 252 SpA / 252 Spe
Modest Nature
- Hyper Voice / Hurricane / Splitting Gales
- Heat Wave / Hyper Voice
- Morning Sun / Psychic / Stored Power
- Calm Mind
I understand there's some grey area when it comes to fangames but considering that Urayne was created as a Pokemon already and this particular sub is copied straight from someone else's creation, Urayne and other fanmade Pokemon don't qualify for CC.
I tried. I wasn't sure it would work, but I tried.
Quick resub:
Screenshot 2021-07-04 3.29.17 PM.png

"This will be your burial ground!"
Pokemon: Kazuya Mishima
Series/Origin: Tekken

Type: Fighting/Electric(Regular Form), Fighting/Dark(Devil, Devil X forms)

Signature Moves: Devil Blaster(Hits all types neutrally, Electric, 100 BP, 100% accuracy, 5-8 PP, Special.), Electric Wind God Fist(stuns you for two turns if the Electric part hits, Fighting/Electric, 5-8 PP, 80% accuracy, 100 BP.), Final Blaster(Upgraded Z-Move of Devil Blaster, 200 BP, Electric.), 10 Hit Combo(Can hit 10 times with 10 power per hit, but sometimes doesn't, due to 75% accuracy), Dragon Uppercut(120 power 100% accuracy move that takes 2 turns to activate, 5-8 PP, Fighting.), Inferno(Kazuya)(Goes through Protect, Special attack, 5-8 PP, 75 BP, 100% accuracy, Electric.), Air Inferno(Can hit Pokemon using Fly, Special attack,5-8 PP, 75 BP, 100% accuracy, Electric.), Lion Slayer(Causes Smack Down effect, 110 BP, 5-8 PP, 90% accuracy, Fighting.), Soul Thrust(A less powerful Focus Punch but getting hit doesn't make the attack fail, 100% accuracy, 90 BP, 2-4 PP, Fighting.), Demon Scissors(Jumps up first turn, attacks second turn, 80 BP, 90% accuracy, 5-8 PP, Fighting.)

Unique Item: Devil Gene(Gives Kazuya the Devil transformation. Can be used in conjunction with rage for Devil-X, giving access to the Z-move.)

Ability: Rage(Attack power increases by 1.2 at 20% HP, can be sacrificed for Devil form with a unique 5th move, gaining the ability to use Inferno(Kazuya), Devil Blaster, and Air Inferno.) (HA: Unaware)

Other moves:

Physical: Thunder Punch, Close Combat, Thunderous Kick, Fire Punch, Counter, Double Kick, Circle Throw, Sky Drop, Low Kick, Dynamic Punch, Stomp, Sky Uppercut

Special: Dark Pulse, Origin Pulse

Status: Bulk Up, Protect

HP: 100
Attack: 115
Defense: 100
Sp.Atk: 50
Sp.Def: 55
Spe: 100

In Devil X:
HP: 100
Attack: 115
Defense: 100
Sp. Atk:100
Sp. Def: 55
Spe: 100


STATS: The HP references how all characters have the same HP in Tekken, so the HP is 100. Devil Kazuya's laser isn't that powerful and is weak to getting zoned out, hence his low Sp.Atk and Sp. Def. The Speed is kind of high because of the movement in his franchise, with wavedashing and the Korean Backdash, but that's all you're limited to in Tekken 7. The Defense is 100 because, once again, a lot of physical up-close moves do about the same damage. The Sp. Atk in Devil X is that high because of the ABSURD damage that his Z-move does. Lastly, all fighters in Tekken have really strong physical attacks, so this makes sense.

ATTACKS: He has a moveset like this because of his Tekken 7 moveset. I couldn't put them all onto him, so I gave him over double the amount of signature moves Zygarde has and several regular Pokemon moves.
10-Hit Combo is a move he has through all the games, and it hits the opponent 10 times. The opponent can dodge out of it, though.
EWGF is his best move in the games, so I made it his best move here The paralysis references the Smash version, where it stuns the foe.
Lion Slayer in Smash Bros spikes, hence the Smack Down effect.
Inferno is unblockable when Devil can use it, so I made it go through Protect. Air Inferno hits the opponents if they jump up, so I made the opponent get hurt during Fly.
Devil Blaster hits all targets exactly the same, including fighters like Mokujin, who would have a grass typing.
Dragon Uppercut isn't special. It's a powerful two-turn move.
Demon Scissors has an animation where the user jumps up and then attacks.
And Soul Thrust causes Power Crush in Tekken 7.

Ability: Rage is a mechanic in Tekken 7, and it occurs when you're at 20%. This increases the power of attacks by 1.2, and can be sacrificed for Rage Arts, Drives, or a Devil transformation(Rage Art won't happen).

TYPING: The typing for his normal form is a suggestion from Ninjacid, and the other typing ideas were based on the Devil form being a dark entity inside of Kazuya.

ITEM: Considering the fact that the Devil Gene causes the transformation, this makes perfect sense as an Ultra-Burst type item.
This dude saves lives

Pokémon: Alfyn
Type: Poison/Ice
Ability: Wonder Skin / Heightened Healing*
*The user, when regaining HP or PP, regains 1.3* the norm. (e.g. Recover heals 65%, Leppa Berry restores 13 PP, and Leftovers restore 13/160 (roughly 8%) HP per turn, but Wish does not heal extra if the recipient does not have Heightened Healing)
Signature Move: Amputation - Poison, Physical, 95 BP, 100% Acc, 15 PP | Non-contact.
Other Moves: Ice Shard, Axe Strike (from Camilla), Slash, Reversal, Natural Gift, Fling, Clear Smog, Acid Spray, Ice Beam, Pollen Puff, Toxic, Recover, Refresh, Wish, Heal Pulse, Purify, Safeguard, Life Dew, Aromatherapy, Poison Powder, Sleep Powder, Confuse Ray, Screech, Cotton Spore, Sweet Scent, Protect, Recycle, Aqua Ring, Quash, After You
Stats: 100/100/100/70/100/70 | 540 BST
Reasoning: Representative of the Apothecary Job in Octopath Traveler. Apothecaries have a means of poisoning (Toxic) and an Ice spell (Ice Beam) at their disposal and fight with axes (Axe Strike, Slash). They are also capable healers (Recover, Refresh, Wish, Heal Pulse, Purify, Safeguard) with niche support skills in Resist Ailments (Wonder Skin) and Heightened Healing. Alfyn in particular boasts a Talent called Concoct, a means of aiding allies and harming foes, explaining the rest of his movepool.

This dude ruins lives

Pokémon: Phantom
Type: Normal/Ghost
Ability: Levitate
Moves: Boomburst, Hyper Voice, Uproar, Round, Echoed Voice, Shadow Ball, Power Gem, Disarming Voice, Frustration, Return, Body Slam, Poltergeist, Phantom Force, Shadow Sneak, Stone Edge, Rock Slide, Rock Tomb, Beat Up, Attack Order, Defend Order, Recover, Parting Shot, Stealth Rock, Sing, Taunt, Roar, Substitute
Stats: 148/100/64/100/64/92 | 568 BST
Reasoning: A Rabbid, a Boo Balloon, and a phonograph combine to form this bloated opera star, best represented as Normal/Ghost with Levitate. From his introduction, he gets straight to dissing Mario (in proper English, unlike other Rabbids), thus Parting Shot and Taunt. In battle, his voice acts as a rocket launcher (AoE weapon) that pushes targets away, similarly to Roar. He also packs a technique called Stone Deaf, which petrifies the first foe to enter its range, hence the Rock-type portion of his movepool.
Beat Up, Attack Order, and Defend Order are based on the minions that accompany him in battle, with Heal Order excluded because the minions don't heal him. Instead, he heals himself once per phase transition, so he gets Recover. As for Substitute, the whole gimmick behind the fight is to destroy the spotlights that protect him from harm, and what better way to represent that?
(His base stats are derived and improved from those of Drifblim. Also worth noting that his HP maxes out at 500, which is exactly his max HP in-game.)

Pokémon: Chain Chomp (Chained)
Franchise/Origin: Super Mario Bros.
Type: Steel (Both forms)
Abilities: Strong Jaw / Ball Fetch / Chained (This Pokemon gets trapped upon switch-in. If it is hit by a contact move while it is trapped, it changes into Chain Chomp-Unchained before damage calculation is done and gets freed from trapping.) --> Strong Jaw (Unchained)
Notable moves: Bite, Crunch, Hyper Fang, Jaw Lock, Fire Fang, Overheat, Rest, Sleep Talk, Head Smash, Head Charge, Lunge, Frustration, Defense Curl, Rollout, Thief
Stats: 50 / 100 / 180 / 50 / 125 / 5 (BST: 510) (Chained) - 50 / 120 (+20) / 105 (-75) / 20 (-30) / 85 (-40) / 130 (+125) (BST: 510) (Unchained)
Reasoning: Steel-type due to it being metal, obviously. It gets all the biting moves (except Ice Fang, Poison Fang, Psychic Fangs and Thunder Fang) and Strong Jaw because it bites at Mario and its other ability, Chained, is because it is chained to a pole/brick/some other object (so the Chained form has a base speed of 5.) However, it can still escape through the usage of ground-pounding it (which in this case, is by using a contact move on it) in SMM (and its sequel.) It can go ridiculously fast when in Unchained form, so its Speed stat replicates this. Thief due to in Mario Party 5, it can steal Coins or Stars from other players. Overheat is flavor because of Super Mario Sunshine, Rest and Sleep Talk due to it being able to sleep (well obviously,) Head Smash and Head Charge is because it smashes its metallic body into you, Lunge because it lunges at opponents who come near it, Ball Fetch because fun fact: Chain Chomp is playable in Mario Tennis Aces (and also because it has Dog-like qualities,) Frustration because it can get very mad at times, and Defense Curl and Rollout because in some games it just becomes a metal ball that rolls around and hurts Mario. The stats are because Chain Chomp is a huge, metal ball that charges at you and damages a lot, whether it be Chained or not. It also has huge defense in Chained form due to it being made up of, well, iron.
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Neat. Let's see if I can get a two for two:

"Some call me a master of the sword, but I am merely a vagabond without a master to serve."

Regional Form of: Youmu Konpaku

Pokémon: Youmu-Sword-Master (Touhou Lost Word)
Type: Steel/Ghost
Ability: Mysterious Sword Master
New Ability: Mysterious Sword Master- Cannot be copied, swapped or disabled. Slashing Moves do 1.3x damage. User's Roukanken does Steel or Fire-type damage, depending on which would be strongest, and hits the target's lower defensive stat. User's Hakurouken does Ghost or Electric-type damage, depending on which would be strongest, and hits the target's lower defensive stat. User's Leaf Blade has its base power increased to 120. In a Double Battle, if the user's active teammate has the ability Tiny Ghost Mistress, the user's Attack is increased by 1.5x.
Notable moves: Sacred Sword, Leaf Blade, Swords Dance, Agility, Roukanken, Hakurouken, Slash, Night Slash, Extreme Speed, Psycho Cut, X-Scissor.
New moves:
: Steel-type. 90 BP, 100 Accuracy, 10 PP. Z-Move effect: 220 BP Corkscrew Crash. Super-effective against Ghost-types. High critical hit rate. Slashing move.
Hakurouken: Ghost-type, 50 BP, 100 Accuracy, 10 PP. Z-Move effect: 210 BP Never-Ending Nightmare. Always crits. Can hit Normal-types, but only does 1/4 of the base damage. Deals double damage to Ghost-types. Slashing move.
Stats: 100 HP/140 Atk/85 Def/110 SpA/80 SpD/125 Spe (BST: 640)
Reasoning: A version of Youmu Konpaku from an alternate universe seen in Touhou Lost Word. In said timeline, she is the first Konpaku to come under the service of Yuyuko Saigyouji, and otherwise went without a master. She severs the souls of those who lose fights in the Hakugyoku Arena and uses them to fuel the seal that keeps the Saigyou Ayakashi from fully awakening and destroying the world. For the sake of simplicity, we'll refer to her as Youmu Alter.

While this is an alternate universe counterpart, this IS still Youmu Konpaku we're talking about here, thus she has the obvious Youmu typing of Steel/Ghost because she's still a half phantom. Youmu's moves are mostly self-explanatory as the typical swordsman fare (like Swords Dance), with Youmu's swords being legendary weapons, hence why she has Sacred Sword, and Agility from being Youmu, somebody known for being able to move incredibly fast in short bursts. Said swords also serve as the basis for her signature moves, Roukanken and Hakurouken. The Roukanken is a katana forged by youkai that is said to be able to kill ten phantoms in a single stroke, hence the Super-effective against Ghost-types effect. The Hakurouken is a Konpaku heirloon: a wakizashi that severs the target's hesitation. While this is none too effective against the living, only causing mild discomfort (interpreted here as being able to hit Normal-types at 1/4 the strength), against the spirits of the dead, it instantly sends them to nirvana, removing them from the cycle of reincarnation, hence the 'always crits' and double super-effectiveness against Ghost-types by default.

However, Youmu Alter's Roukanken and Hakurouken behave a bit differently, as detailed in her Mysterious Sword Master ability (named after this Youmu's title). The adaptive damage effects of her signature moves detailed in her ability are based on her Spell Cards in Touhou Lost Word. Origin Mystery "Sohaya-Roukanken", where she uses the Roukanken to summon flames is the basis for Roukanken being able to deal Fire-type damage, whereas Origin Mystery "Raikiri-Hakurouken" where she calls forth lightning with the Hakurouken (then cuts it) is the basis for Hakurouken being able to deal Electric-type damage. Lastly, powering up Leaf Blade evokes Youmu Alter's Last Word, Combined Sword "Cherry Blossom in Full Bloom", which calls forth a vision of the Saigyou Ayakashi, swinging both her swords as one to deliver an overwhelming strike. Her ability also offers a synergy bonus with the ability of her master- her world's version of Yuyuko. This is because when you actually fight this Youmu in the story, she fights alongside her Yuyuko, the Tiny Ghost Mistress.

Her base stats were arranged in such a way to fit Youmu, while also matching the Witch of Scarlet Dreams' BST of 640.

And here, have another for good measure:

"What's that? You wish to help me? Thank you. I can barely hold a large plate on my own."

Regional Form of: Yuyuko Saigyouji

Pokémon: Yuyuko-Tiny-Ghost (Touhou Lost Word)
Type: Ghost/Grass
Ability: Perish Body/Tiny Ghost Mistress
New Ability: Tiny Ghost Mistress- Cannot be copied, swapped or disabled. If the user is Poisoned, Attack, Special Attack and Speed are increased by 1.5x. The user cannot be frozen. Additionally, the user has a Water-typing added to them upon switching in. Doubles the effect of allied food items (e.g. Berries, Leftovers). In Double Battles, the increased effectiveness of food items also affects the user's active teammate. User's Bug-type moves become Water-type. If the user's HP falls below 1/4, gains the Four of a Kind effect (Flandre's ability). In a Double Battle, if the user's active teammate has the ability Mysterious Sword Master, the user's Attack and Special Attack are increased by 1.5x. This stacks with the poison boost.
Notable moves: Yuyuko's moves, plus Attack Order, Bug Buzz. (Loses Quiver Dance)
Stats: 100 HP/140 Atk/ 80 Def/140 SpA/ 80 SpD/100 Spe (BST: 640)
Reasoning: A version of Yuyuko Saigyouji from an alternate universe seen in Touhou Lost Word (The same one as the Mysterious Sword Master, no less). The one running the Hakugyoku Arena, cooking meals for all those who appear before in said world- meals that may be their last, due to the signalling of The Hour- a time to fight. The seal on the Saigyou Ayakashi requires the souls of those who are defeated in the Hakugyoku Arena in order to keep functioning. Smol Yuyuko here is every bit as smart as the mainline Yuyuko, though.

Overall ability wise she's about the same as the mainline Yuyuko, having the same ability to invite people to their deaths. Her moveset is very similar to mainline Yuyuko, with the exception of getting Attack Order and Bug Buzz (Based on the spellcard Resurrection Butterfly), but losing Quiver Dance. Her stat spread is loosely based on both her stats in Touhou Lost Word and the mainline Yuyuko's stats, though she loses some overall bulk to gain some more speed and offensive power. As usual, her base stat total matches those of the Mysterious Sword Master and Witch of Scarlet Dreams.

The real meat of the difference comes in Smol Yuyuko's signature ability, Tiny Ghost Mistress. The first part of her ability, the supercharged Guts effect and freeze immunity, is based on Smol Yuyuko's innate passive in Touhou Lost Word, where she gains power bonuses for each barrier of hers that is frozen or poisoned. The additional Water-typing is based on the fact that her elemental breaks in Touhou Lost Word are exclusively Water-type, and present on every attack (this is also where making Bug Buzz and Attack Order water-type comes from). The buff to allied food comes from Smol Yuyuko's experience as a chef (Ironically, she makes food where the mainline Yuyuko devours it like nobody's business, and the Four of a Kind effect comes from Smol Yuyuko's Last Word, Saigyou Making a Human Figure at Mt. Koya, where she uses incense to (somehow) create four clones of herself which attack in her stead, and lastly, she has a synergy effect with her servant- Her world's version of Youmu. This is because when she is fought in Touhou Lost Word proper, she's fought alongside her Youmu, the Mysterious Sword Master.
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My first post here =)


(I just screenshoted a part of "A Hat In Time" xD)
Pokemon: Snatcher
Franchise/Origin: A Hat In Time
Type: Dark/Ghost
Abilities: Infiltrator/Dark Aura HA: Snatch Start
(When it enters the battle, it steals the boosts of the enemy mon)
Notable moves: Snatch, Dark Pulse, Shadow Ball, Taunt, Future Sight, Shadow Sneak, Poltergeist, Thunder, Sludge Wave, Foul Play, Psychic, Phantom Force, Dazzling Gleam, Glare, Toxic, Destiny Bond
Stats: 70 / 60 / 70 / 130 / 100 / 110 (BST: 540)
Reasoning: A fast special attacker, with snatch start, any setuper like, setup sweepers, defensive setup, etc, its gone, and you will have a start with no disadvantages at all, and it has a wide variety of moves, his main disadvantage are physical attackers, that simple, but, it has some good covers, thunder, psychic, dazzling gleam, in can serve as a anti-boost mon, keeping the enemy mon without boosts, it can serve as an attacking lead, with some rlly powerful moves, and talking about that, my lord an stab, dark aura, specs dark pulse, it can just sweep if you dont have any fast attackers, also, some flavor, infiltrator and dark aura because its, like a ghost, a dark ghost, dark/ghost, because, what i just said xD, and the moves, like, they seem good for him =), idk why but i imagine thunder like that dark pillar attack


Pokemon: Doopliss
Franchise/Origin: Paper Mario/Paper Mario : The Thousand Years Door
Type: Ghost
Abilities: Impostor / HA : Simple
Notable moves: Transform, Explosion, Poltergeist, Shadow Ball, Copycat, Foul Play, Toxic, Sucker Punch, Dark Pulse, Retaliate, Knock Off, Scary Face, Taunt (yeah, i didnt wanted it with a lot of moves)
Signature move: Faker Steal (Status, Normal, 10 PP, It steals the boosts of the opponent, spectral thief but normal type and without damage)
Stats: 145/60/80/60/65/100 (BST: 510)
Reasoning: I dont remember if it was AAA or Hackmons (probably AAA) but i remember seeing a battle in one of those formats with imposter blissey, i tried to make doopliss like an nerfed version of imposter blissey, over all because in the game, it stealed the body of mario and tricked his friends to make them belive he was the real mario, well, now, the reasoning of the things i gave doopliss here, ghost type because... its a ghost, and i also didnt wanted to make it ghost/normal because mygavolt phantom already has that typing, impostor because its sus =), and simple, because, its like, it combines with like, the not transformed version of doopliss, its main thing is that, it steals the body of others, and without that, its just a simple ghost with shoes, hat and bowtie xD, also, when you steal or copy boosts, they dont multiply with simple right???, the moves, i didnt thinked a lot in those, mainly because impostor being his main ability, but also added some if someone wanted to make a set with simple, the signature move, just steals stats because, if you use that move, it means you are not using impostor, so, just stealing the boosts, now the stats, a lot of hp, but some not-so-good other stats exept speed

Also thx to a friend that helped me to found the images =)
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My first post here =)

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Pokemon: Magolor
Franchise/Origin: Kirby/Kirby Return To Dreamland
Type: Psychic/Dark
Abilities: Magician / Magic Guard / HA : Mold Breaker (All of his abilities start with M xD)
Notable moves: Psychic, Future Sight, Blizzard, Foul Play, Flamethrower, Trick, Ice Beam, Phantom Force, Shadow Ball, Substitute, Will-o-Wisp, Dark Pulse, Expanding Force, Thunder Wave, Mystical Fire, Fake Out, Disable
Signature move: Crown Power (Status, Psychic, 10 PP, It boosts his SpAtk by 2 and his SpDef by 1)
Stats: 70/100/65/155/45/110 (BST: 545)
Reasoning: Psychic/Dark because its a mage, that lies and transforms into some kind of dark god... and after that it transforms into dark matter =), i had to find a way to make it not look bad with that typing, and i think i did it, magician because its a mage, magic guard because its a mage, mold breaker because it combines that when in gets the crown it becomes... some kind of god, oh and also all abilities start with m because haha magolor name starts with m, and also, talking in a competitive way, i added magic guard to balance his typing because magic guard is a rlly good ability, the other ones are not bad, but situational =), in his moveset i tried to reflect that its a mage... and i added fake out because haha floating hands... , now competitively, i tried to balance more his typing, with a lot of good moves, covers, and his signature move, that its just nasty plot but with a spdef boost, and the stats, its just a sweeper.
There is already a winning Magolor submission.
Well I decided to resub this dude even if I didn't notice somebody else's own take, ah well

Pokémon: The Snatcher
Origin: A Hat in Time
Type: Ghost
Abilities: Broken Potion (Renamed Disguise. Snatcher's vulnerable form is Snatcher-Blue.) (Flavor: The first attack to hit Snatcher breaks a potion, getting some blue on him. The attack also manages to land a bit of damage on him, but not much.)
Notable moves: Potion Throw (From Plague Knight), Fling, Shadow Ball, Dark Pulse, Shadow Sneak, Phantom Force, Lock-On, Psychic, Telekinesis, Poltergeist, Rain Dance, Minimize, Thunderbolt, Thunder, Earth Power, Double Team, Bulldoze, Grass Knot, Attack Order, Infestation, Outrage, Nasty Plot, Seed Bomb, Lash Out, Thief
Stats: 50/95/70/125/115/80 [BST 535]

Reasoning: Ghost due to being a shadowy entity with death powers. He also was once a human, undergoing his transformation after a misunderstanding when his lover spotted him buying flowers from some woman for her, the poor princess thinking it wasn't just a transaction. Broken Potion because he's invulnerable during the first half of the fight, the second half kicking in once one of the blue potions fails to detonate on impact and said potion is thrown back at him. Potion Throw and Fling because he throws potions at you. Shadow Ball and Dark Pulse because he can use darkness powers and hey it's STAB. Shadow Sneak because he makes swift movements phasing in and out of the ground in his boss fight, as well as one of his attacks having two Snatchers, where you have to hit the right one instead of a fake (that's Double Team), and Phantom Force because he can phase in and out of the ground. Lock-On because of the reticles appearing on the ground in his boss fight and how he keeps one of those potions above you for a little while until it finally crashes into the ground. Psychic, Telekinesis, and Poltergeist due to handling said potions, Rain Dance because the places where Hat Kid goes to collect his contracts are somewhat stormy, Minimize because he can change his own size at will, Thunderbolt and Thunder because in Death Wish mode, some of his ultimate form's lasers spread electricity, and the beams that strike Hat Kid to collect her soul are reminiscent of lightning anyway. Earth Power because of said lasers, Bulldoze because he can emerge from the ground and trips Hat Kid whenever he does, Grass Knot because dark, thorny plants mark where you collect the last three contracts, Attack Order and Infestation because he uses his own minions in his fight, Outrage is Imperial Rage and testing his patience is a bad idea, and Nasty Plot because of his dealmaking shenanigans and general demeanor. Seed Bomb because he summons exploding apples when Hat Kid is facing off against the final boss. Also Lash Out because he wasn't always the villain he is, and again, not taking the contract is a bad idea.
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Just breathe.
Pokemon: Madeline


Ability: Defeatist, Part of You
Part of You: If Madeline is targetted by a move, her next attack will have a Parental Bond Effect. The follow up attack has dark-type effectiveness.

Notable Moves: Extremespeed, Double Hit, Double Edge, Rock Climb, Acrobatics, Sky Attack, Psychic, Dream Eater, Dark Pulse, False Surrender, Lash Out, Knock Off, Nasty Plot, Recycle, Natural Gift, Calm Mind.
Stats: 93 / 91 / 67 / 89 / 106 / 114 (560 BST)

Reasoning: Madeline is the protagonist of Celeste, a game about overcoming anxiety by climbing a mountain that is seemingly against you. Throughout the game Madeline's anxiety becomes too much for her, making her journey seem too much for her to overcome. This is the reason for her Defeatist ability. She also has a 'dark side', known as Badeline or Part of You. This part of her character is the personification of her anxiety and as the game progresses she not only overcomes her turmoil but learns to accept that side of her to help her finish scaling Mount Celeste. This is represented by the signature ability, Part of You.

The core movement mechanics of the game are jumping and dashing, which sometime double as attacks. This gives her a range of physical normal- and limited flying-type moves. The game is also about climbing a mountain so Rock Climb is a given. Her darker self also has her own set of attacks involving telekinesis, pulses of dark energy, attacking Madeline in her dreams. These give her the range of dark and psychic moves listed above. Throughout the game Madeline collects Strawberries, which is represented with the Berry-related moves, Recycle and Natural Gift. Finally Madeline learns calm mind as one of her strategies to overcome anxiety attacks is to calmly breathe.
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Happy new year, everyone. Time to get you votes in to close out the last slate of 2021. Voting ends and first slate of '22 begins in one week.
CrazyGeko64's Lord of Thunder
CrazyGeko64's Frozen Empress
CrazyGeko64's Hellfire Knight
Rasdanation's Noelle
leafsaber47's Ifrit
leafsaber47's Venti
supermario1096's Kazuya Mishima
Mygavolt's Alfyn
Mygavolt's Phantom
Low-Key's Chain Chomp
Neosonic97's Youmu Konpaku
Neosonic97's Yuyoku Saigyouji
Gaboswampert's Snatcher
Gaboswampert's Doopliss
Kirbyrider1337's Snatcher
ToadBrigade's Celeste
Please keep in mind there are two Snatcher submissions this slate so please include the creator of the sub in your vote.
Time for three resubs.

"Its scale would never neglect the weight of even the smallest sin."
Pokémon: Judgement Bird
Type: Flying
Abilities: Unjust Scale (At the end of each turn, all active participants gain 1 Mark of Sin, which can be transferred via landing a damaging move. If attacking multiple targets with at least two Marks of Sin at once with this ability, the attack will be a guaranteed crit against each of them and remove all Marks of Sin from them. This effect also procs against any target with at least three Marks of Sin, regardless of the targeting for the move used against said target. If Shell Armor, Lucky Chant, etc. stops a crit from this ability, Marks of Sin will stay.) / Overcoat / Justified
Moves: Oblivion Wing, Night Shade, Shadow Ball, Perish Song, Roost, Dual Wingbeat, Punishment, Dazzling Gleam, Torment, Protect, Leer, Agility, Bind, Defog, Pain Split, Tailwind, Acrobatics, Air Slash, Hex
Stats: 60/55/100/140/100/75 [BST 530]

Reasoning: Flying because it's a bird (Doduo doesn't fly either so HAH) and would also get STAB on Oblivion Wing, which is there because it uses the most seldom-seen damage type in Lobotomy Corporation, that being Pale, taking the form of Death itself that assaults the soul. Pale Damage against Agents scales with their Max HP, the scaling modifier for that aspect returning 1 if the Max HP is 100 on the dot, so that also works for Night Shade. This also explains Perish Song, as its attack when breaching is accompanied with a chime, plus Dazzling Gleam because along Bird was once a completely radiant bird and said chime is accompanied with a brief shimmer. The move set in general takes cues from Doduo, Archen, and Galarian Zapdos, all of which are (questionably in Archen’s case but close enough) avian flying-types that in lore are unable to fly, as well as Air Slash due to its EGO Weapon being a sword (Zacian and Inteleon get it too, being unable to fly is no excuse) and being STAB. Bind is the end result of dealing fatal damage to a target; A noose shows up to finish them. HP is half that of Big Bird's, just as it is in-game, and Defenses were calculated the same way, plus it being a WAW too and due to their history, it has the same BST of 530. When it breaches, it moves around at a somewhat average speed, but most Agents should be able to catch up to it easily. Punishment and Justified because of its judging nature. Speaking of which, Torment's JP name goes nicely with its unjust scales as well. Protect happens to be universal coverage and in Library of Ruina, it uses a move called Stare to defend itself from attackers, which also gives it Leer. Its mechanic in said game is that everyone else in the fight gains one Mark of Sin per turn and each combatant needs to transfer it to a Librarian, pronto. If at least three other combatants have at least three Marks of Sin each (for reference it starts out a 4v4 with Runaway Birds scared of Long Bird over here attacking the Librarians too), they instantly die at the start of the next turn's combat phase at the hands of Judgement Bird's Mass Attack "Ceaseless Judgement", and if that criteria isn't met but one participant has at least five Marks of Sin, it will try to use its other signature card, "Judgement", against them, which is all but guaranteed to proc the instakill effect unless intercepted by a Librarian with less than five. Naturally, I had to nerf the instakills to guaranteed crits for that ability, which also takes cues from one of its Abnormality cards gained after defeating it that has the same effect, but Librarians can transfer Marks of Sin to enemies in turn and having at least five just hurts the bearer for 10% of their Max HP and clears all Marks. Agility isn't related to something Judgement Bird itself does, but Library of Ruina provides the grounds via the Floor of Philosophy's realization since the phase with its EGO has an attack where it has two hits such that if either lands, it gives the user haste. Same logic goes for Overcoat; the Justitia EGO phase is immune to the Burn, Bleed, and Fairy statuses due to the Tattered Bandages passive, and damage from statuses is nulled by the Abnormality Page obtained after that Realization corresponding to Judgement Bird, plus I imagine those bandages would help shield it from powder moves.

"The things that cannot be cut by my Roukanken, forged by youkai... are next to none!"
Pokémon: Youmu Konpaku
Type: Ghost/Normal
Abilities: Unaware / Inner Focus / Rattled
New Move: Hakurouken Slash (Physical, Ghost-type Clear Smog. Slash-based and makes contact.)
Moves: Sacred Sword, Slash, Night Slash, Shadow Claw, Razor Wind, Superpower, Extreme Speed, Quick Attack, Aerial Ace, Petal Dance, Leaf Blade, Psycho Cut, Shadow Ball, Dazzling Gleam, Mist, Fury Cutter, False Swipe, Cut, Air Slash, Brick Break, X-Scissor
Stats: 70/125/90/55/70/130 [BST 540]

Reasoning: Ghost/Normal because she's half-phantom and half-human; Not only does each half fit each type like a glove, but the typing as a whole also represents the paradoxical nature of her existence. Unaware because she's an airhead, and Rattled because ghosts scare her (yes really), with Inner Focus due to always having a clear eye on her objective, something she makes very clear when Yuyuko seemingly gets sidetracked. She wields two swords, the Roukanken and Hakurouken, which can cleave open beings and confusion respectively, the latter of which also entails sending phantoms to Heaven, be they otherwise permitted there or not, though humans are just dealt mild discomfort. Her moves are based on her attacks and skills throughout the Touhou games. Superpower in particular because some of her attacks are named after the Animal Realm and Superpower's JP name can also be read as "Animal Power". And speaking of, she's noted for blinding speed as she cuts down things with a sword that can cleave MANY things, and in later mainlines games her focused "fire" is actually charging up a huge slash that is only unleashed after you release the focus button.

"Time to tip the scales!"
Pokémon: Robin
Franchise: Fire Emblem
Type: Dark/Electric
Abilities: Ignis (When attacking, 25% chance to add half the attacking stat not in use to the attacking stat in use.) / Analytic
Notable moves: Dark Pulse, Night Slash, Sacred Sword, Shock Wave, Thunderbolt, Thunder, Incinerate, Flamethrower, Fire Blast, Hurricane, Whirlwind, Air Slash, Blizzard, Slash, Aerial Ace, Calm Mind, Swords Dance, Volt Switch, Laser Focus, Fury Cutter, Fling, Lava Plume, Leaf Blade, Dazzling Gleam, Future Sight, Nasty Plot, False Swipe, Switcheroo, Trick, Hold Back, Spark
Signature move: Rally Spectrum (Apply +1 omniboost to all active teammates (but not the user); This cannot be applied twice to the same unit.)
G-Max Move: G-Max Expiration (Overwrites Max Darkness; The target's weaker defensive stat is used in damage calculation, though the user's offensive stat in use remains unchanged.)
Stats: 80/110/70/105/85/85 [BST 535]

Reasoning: Electric because they start off with a Thunder tome and are frequently associated with the element, such as in Smash Bros. Dark because though Robin themself isn't evil, they're genetically more or less identical to the dreaded Fell Dragon Grima worshipped by the Grimleal, whose goals would basically spell ill for the whole world, which is also the justification for their G-Max. As for that G-Max move, it's just vanilla damage nothing else in Awakening, so I gave it the effect when its counterpart in Heroes is used to counter against a ranged attack. Rally Spectrum and Ignis are both skills from the Grandmaster class they promote into, Dark Pulse is just necessary coverage, and everything else damaging comes from the various tomes and swords they can use in Fire Emblem: Awakening, with Volt Switch referencing the Pair Up mechanic introduced in that game. Nasty Plot and Calm Mind are both necessary for a tactician, as is Analytic, and Future Sight references the very start of the game. False Swipe references swords but also how they limit their own power to save Chrom's life during Chapter 23, the following moment in said cutscene also being grounds for Switcheroo and Trick for duping Validar with fake gems for the Fire Emblem. Future Sight references the Premonition they have at the start of the game. Ignis is basically as it was in Awakening. HP is their stat growth in that area in Awakening, and everywhere else is basically their stat growths in Awakening added to their stat growths as an amiibo in Fates.
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