Tournament Gen 8 Random Battles Open - Round 5

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Hosted by pokeblade101 and lvl100Blaziken (Fragments). Approved by Irpachuza.


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Welcome to the first ever Gen 8 Random Battles Open! This tournament is your chance to showcase your skills in the current generation of Random Battles in a Single Elimination best-of-3 series (best-of-5 in Quarterfinals onward).

This tournament is part of our ongoing Rands Slam circuit. Stay tuned after this tour for news about the next one!

The winner of the Gen 8 Random Battles Open will receive the Room Prize Winner rank and a joinphrase in the Random Battles room for a month, be inducted into the Randbats Hall of Fame, and be awarded points for the Rands Slam. The winner of the Playoff Round for Rands Slam will get a Smogon banner for a full year, along with a month-long Room Prize Winner rank and joinphrase.

How does this tour work?

It's simple:
1. Contact your opponent on their Smogon Wall and decide on a time to battle.
2. Battle each other in the format "[Gen 8] Random Battle".
3. The first player to 2 wins (3 for Quarterfinals onward) advances to the next round.

Please note:

1. All scheduling attempts MUST be done publicly on Smogon Walls. No other proof of communication will count for act calls regarding scheduling attempts.
2. If you participated in the Random Battles Multi-Format Open or Random Battles Classic Open and have since changed your Smogon name, LET US KNOW in your signup post.
3. You MUST post replays of your wins. Any battles without replays will need to be replayed.

We strongly recommend familiarizing yourself with the Smogon Tournament Rules and General Guidelines, if you haven’t already. If you have further questions, don’t hesitate to contact the tour hosts, lvl100Blaziken and myself, here on Smogon.

For the timer
: The timer does not need to be on for any battle but it can be turned on by either player if one wishes.

On timer losses: If one of the players runs out of time during battle, then the other player will automatically get the win for that battle. Please make sure you have a stable connection before playing.

On timer draws: If, by chance, both players time out at the same time during battle then the battle will need to be replayed.

No Ghosting
Ghosting is defined as giving any piece of advice to someone playing a game. Any form of direct advice is considered ghosting. A player should be able to make their own decisions based on what they observe by themselves. Asking for suggestions or affirmation adds an unfair dynamic and greatly reduces the chances of making mistakes. Doing this will lead to your immediate disqualification from the tournament.

Round 5
Mysticthelord  vs  skimmythegod
snorlax142857  vs  Blui
Z-Ares_Llameante  vs  i want a lamp
Gray  vs  Lucas2543
Galaxyboy 2005  vs  MultiAmmiratore
Fant'sy Beast  vs  Universes
Apollo Barrage  vs  frostyicelad
MichaelderBeste2  vs  pokeblade101
faint  vs  Celever
Sjneider  vs  PikaPlayer
Chill Shadow  vs  benJAMIN
bbburn  vs  pqs
Plimsoll Punks  vs  Prosaic
Xiri  vs  Aquaa
Landon  vs  Tomahawk
LoZar98  vs  FatFighter2

DEADLINE is Sunday August 1st 11:59 p.m. GMT -4.
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