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Hey, the only reason Victini is UU is because V-Create was only released and made legal very very recently. Wait till next month and see where it is.

And I'm liking the idea of Mew and Zapdos in UU.
I like UU

I should try out some prominent Gen 4 UU mons, just to see how good they are now. Some old Gen 4 OU would be nice also.
Scary things:
With Cresselia, Umbreon, Gligar, Gastrodon, Milotic, Celebi, and, of course, chansey usable, stall looks good.

Drought also scares me, especially Charizard.

Baton Pass has Mew, Smeargle, Jolteon, ninjask, zapdos, Ambipom, and gorebyss usable. Scary as well.

The only question is, what to use?
man so many things i want to try out.

  • venomoth
  • sandslash (if sand rush ever gets released)
  • sableye (if prankster ever gets released)
  • moltres+charizard

those are the main ones for now.


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How do I play UU without Blaziken.......

Lots of awesome new Pokemon in UU, it's a little overwhelming (but not as bad as I originally thought). There are going to be a shit ton of Pokemon to consider and prepare for since there are so many equally awesome Pokemon in the top tier.....maybe I'd have preferred a larger OU.

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Fusion Bolt Victini doesn't seem too big a difference. V-Create seems to be a better option in like all the cases.

Vulpix is actually doing something. Spreading burns decently.


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Time for my Signature Troll to shine!

Choice Scarf Prick Vulpix! WoW, Hypnosis, Confuse Ray, Grudge!
So according to the usage stats, Vannilish is the worst competitive Pokemon? Man, it comes after Unown, and that's got to be insulting.

Anyhoo, I really can't wait to try out UU. Seems like a barrel of fun and a crapload of testing similiar to last generation. Curselax, Sun team and Speed Boost Sharpedo, here I come!
Do remmeber, Chansey doesn't need to use Eviolite now. The only reason why 100% of Chansey used Eviolite in OU is because that's the only way it is not outclassed by Blissey. In UU, Blissey isn't there, so Leftovers is now an option. Chansey is great with Leftovers too, as those who played Gen IV UU will know.
Hail owns. I've made a quick 5 min. Hail team and - although is faaaar from perfect - it's as fun to use as ever. Guys like Abomasnow, Kyurem, Froslass and Walrein finally have a chance to shine.

Other than Hail teams (which litter the ladder atm) I've seen two Baton Pass teams and two Drought Teams.
I'm really shocked that Espeon is not top 50 and shitty useless (in BW) pokemons like Vaporeon are... When you know that in the high ladder or in tournaments he's one of the most seen pokemons. I'm also surprised that ThundUberus is only 15...

Edit : Shandelure in top 50 is also pretty weird... I guess it's like for Ninjask in DPP ; he's one of the most popular pokemons in the low ladders

Edit 2 : Infernape top 25 is also weird..

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Man, going on tilt is really harsh. I lost close to 100 points from like 3 matches :(

Has anybody tried using Heavy Sun? I'm interested in it, but I'd like to know if specializing is acceptable for this metagame.
Excited about this metagame, I find it funny how the power shifted this generation, dropping so many viable OU threats from last generation into UU. Pretty crazy shit. ._.

.....maybe I'd have preferred a larger OU.
Kinda have to agree here.
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