Gen V Monotype Metagame

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What are the rules of this metagame on the Smogon PO server? Is anything like Drizzle + SS or even just Drizzle banned? What about things like Thundurus/Blaziken as well?
Yeah, it's hard to counter water monotype while still attempting to cover other types of teams.

I thought about a grass monotype as a pseudo-check to it, but you're completely susceptible to the rampant ice beams and whatnot, and you still can't deal with other major monotype threats.
Storm Drain Cradily is released, however there are tons of legality issues with most of its 4th gen moves (notably Giga Drain).
Orly? It can still get recover though. That can be useful enough. But I realise that Cradily with Storm Drain on a Mono Grass team, really wouldn't make that big a difference since, most water types carry some type of coverage move against Grass. (i.e. Ice Beam)
Monotype, huh?

I'm a new player, you see, and what I like to do in a competitive game is to make a format my own. Especially one that's relatively new and could use the representation. For example, in my home game Magic: The Gathering, I play the Modern format almost exclusively, because it was introduced not long after I picked up the game.

So obviously, since a very similar situation is occurring here with my relatively recent joining of the competitive scene and the even more recent implementing of Monotype, I'm really interested.

I especially like the design constriction. One of the designers of Magic wrote a really good article about how having a set space that you have to stay within when you're making something is actually very positive creatively, and I absolutely agree. My favorite thing about Monotype is the fact that the type restriction allows the format to balance itself by making it a bit hard to just put every top-tier OU Pokemon in one team and just cream newbies. In way, the Monotype restriction puts everyone on equal ground.

I didn't mean to go on this meaningless rant when I came to write this post. I know it looks really strange and out-of-the-blue. Sorry about that.

What I really want is to just ask some questions:
- How is the metagame? I've heard a couple of people say that it's currently dominated by hail. I'd really hate for that to be true. Or is it too early to tell?
- Does this format have tournament support? Is it, you know, worth it for really competitive people?
- Finally, would you recommend it to a new player?

If you read the whole thing, thanks. I look forward to your answers!
Storm Drain Cradily is released, however there are tons of legality issues with most of its 4th gen moves (notably Giga Drain).
Even so, cradily can't do much about the other weathers.

Sun teams are probably one of the best right now, especially since a few monotypes don't get rocks or have a hard time getting them up.

You are forced to use a scarfed virizion if you want to have a lick of a chance vs sun teams.

I've been running both abomasnow and RD ludi on my monograss team just to even be able to play against monofire/water weather teams.
so after playing on PO's monotype server (drizzle/drought/hippo are banned, as well as the obvious ubers), i've had the most success w/ monobug, as it is the best equipped to handle any other team. the thing to remember is, it's not about covering your weaknesses but winning the match.

as i've retired my bug team already, lemme give you an example..

lead: genesect @ scarf
252 satk, 252 spd, timid
- u-turn
- ice beam
- flamethrower
- thunderbolt

when your opponent's team is guaranteed to share one type, this guy makes an excellent lead AND late gate sweeper. if you're stuck with an atk boost instead, u-turn away and come back later. between ice fire and electric, you should be able to destroy all but one or two pokes on your opponent's team

volbeat @ focus sash
252 spd, 252 DF, 6 w/e, jolly
- tail glow
- baton pass
- encore
- rain dance

this guy is the crux of the team. it is possible to win without setting up, but if this thing gets to pass it's usually gg. i'm sure i don't need to tell you how good priority encore or tail glow passing is. rain dance is to fuck with tyranitar (not banned only because rock types don't get sand rush / sand veil) and abomasnow. mono ice teams usually quit if i kill abomasnow and RD on them

yanmega @ expert belt
252 spd, 252 spatk, timid
speed boost
- protect
- bug buzz
- air slash

tail glow recipient #2 (#1 was genesect, who usually steamrolls teams if they lack a resist to any of its moves). protect is to net speed boosts against scarfers and the like, and the other attacks net it the most useful coverage in the tier. even after eating SR damage this thing is a beast

volcarona @ chesto berry
252 spd, 252 spatk, timid
flame body
- quiver dance
- fiery dance
- bug buzz
- rest

tail glow recipient #3, but usually my last choice as it's not lightning fast like the others. this guy is probably the weakest link of the team, believe it or not. it still does well, and takes fire hits OK, but meh...

scizor @ metal plate
252 atk, 252 HP, adamant
- bullet punch
- superpower
- swords dance
- bug bite

this guy is really only on the team to take out dragons and especially scarf terrakion, who would otherwise ravage the team. fake a choice band set as long as you can, and you can usually net a surprise kill

shuckle @ leftovers
252 HP, 252 spDF, bold
sturdy? lol
- stealth rocks
- toxic
- protect
- knock off

this guy mainly puts up the rocks and tanks fire attacks. try not to be stuck with him as your last poke, and you'll do fine. forretress would have been ideal, but I would have been too weak to fire moves

As you can see, i'm not too concerned about covering my weaknesses. Compare it to HO; you don't stock your team with pokes based on resists and defenses, because the point isn't to tank hits, it's to kill other pokes.
I can't ever create a decent water team (even though most people say it's the best type to go mono), but damn, i can sure create good fire teams.

My last mono fire team was:

Infernape (Scarf physical set)
Volcarona (bulky QV set)
Charizard (Scarf Solar Power set)
Heatran (specially defensive set)
Arcanine (LO set)
Ninetales (LO NP) set

Ninetales has NP+Energy Ball to deal with Politoed, HP Fighting to deal with Tyranitar and Fire Blast already dents Hippowdon. Of course, only it it grabs a NP.
Charizard is kind of there though. I use it mainly because i need some real speed; i can't rely only on Infernape for my speed issues.
Arcanine puts up a good fight, and Etremespeed helps a lot. Wild Charge too.
Heatran is the glue, with it'd thousand resists.
Volcarona is the only set up sweeper, and a goldy one at that.
Well I want to try out this tier, but I fear that drizzletoed runs everywhere, which is the main factor that made me shy away from OU. Are there any plans to actually ban some overpowered mons, or is this metagame going to stay at stagnant rainspam?
Raispam IS prevalent and really strong !

And with the lot of bulky poks water type has, it's kinda difficult to win even with a mono-grass or mono-electric team.

It's basically : kill toad and set up your own weather, or you'll probably die if rain keeps going on.

I've been playing around with mono fighting and it's really damn good ! Flying and psychic teams are easily handeled with stealth rock, scraft, and prankster sableye.

I think it's really something to be able to handle your weaknesses that good in a metagame where facing you weakness almost always means autoloose.
-shrug- As I run a steel type mono, I'd just throw Genesect at it. Rain definitely seems strong, but it's nowhere near ban worthy. That's just being ridiculous and awful whiny. Drizzle + SS is banned so if you can't figure out a way to deal with Mono water that's on your own head.

Did I miss the memo where Sableye was made into a Fighting type?

To be honest with you, I think this meta would be a lot more interesting if the format was doubles.
It's funny that I do this all the time and I'm brand new to this site, Well I'm a huge fan of doubles, and I have what I call gyms, aka mono-type teams. I have had the most success with Fighting but this was in DPP not even BW. I also made my gyms with rules like, no starters, no legendaries and item clause. I had

Hitmonlee, Widelenz
Fake out
Sucker punch
High Jump kick

Hitmontop, Muscle band (technitian)

Fake Out
Mach Punch
Sucker Punch
Bulk Up

Hitmonchan, Life Orb

Fake out
Mach Punch
Bullet punch
Focus Punch

Machamp, Leftovers (no Gaurd)

Dinamic punch
Stone Edge
Cross Chop(Mainly for critting)

Toxiccroak, Black Sludge (dry skin)

Fake out
Sucker Punch
Poison Jab
Cross Chop

Lucario, Focus Sash

Fallow Me
Vaccume wave
Aura Sphere
Dark Pulse
The team has won far more then lost, it has beaten Kyogre and Darkrea and drizzle+swift swin, It's beaten just about everything but a mono-ish ghost/psychic teams, and even them I've done well against if I sucker punched enough of them haha.
You're laughing at Bibarel..? Ever heard of the ability "Moody"? It was so positively luck-based that it's been banned from OU. Only Octillery, Bibarel, and Smeargle (unreleased though, and I might've missed one) have Moody.

Watch this battle video to see how good Bibarel is now: 48-94546-73688
You forgot glalie


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Monosteel is fun, although you're kinda forced to run Heatran unless you like being swept by fire moves. Still runs into a lot of trouble fighting certain pokemon, especially something like Infernape who can fall onto two STABS to hit Steels with.
Question, what are the official rules of Monotype (which mons are banned, etc...)?
I don't seem to find a reliable post with all of this
I dont think monotype is quite "official" yet per se but the general rules are Standard Rules/Bans and then I usually add no Drizzle/Drought and no Hippowdon
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