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What do people think about this? It's basically a summary of every fear I have regarding Chinese/usa relations, AI, free speech, etc. Not exactly "breaking news", but still. I work in the aerospace industry, and my company just unveiled a plan to start investing in "quantum computers and ai". If an aircraft manufacturer is doing it, every tech company on earth is doing it too. I'm completely terrified of the Official Facebook AI™ feeding my daily mood to the police when I get pulled over for a ticket. I'm terrified of the Official Amazon Alexa AI™ identifying my shopping habits and invading my local grocery store.

My hope would be that countries can sign some sort of ai limiting treaty, similar to the nuclear test ban treaties, if people weren't so damn excited to develop ai (and the billions it's worth)

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you forget to mention that he's a white millionaire whose family made their fortune from cotton fields in Louisiana. If his life was a tv show I'd say his character was rather lazily written lol.

(disc: he doesn't really own slaves or anything... it's just funny as fuck)
trump put "bomb" in scare quotes today. this could be him suggesting its a false flag or he could just be wild off the henny posting bull shit. anyway dont feel bad about flipping these dudes trays at arbys or upending their 2 for 20 at chilis.


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obama cast as the unionist, w cheeto the dissolution archetype or w.e Asek

when conservatives are too pussy to oppose, and actually implement, the authoritarian excesses that they plead to attribute to socialism:

Thanks to this whole ordeal, I now have something in common with Ann Coulter and the former White House adviser Steve Bannon (a sentence I never want to type again). The three of us have been accused of committing voter fraud—all in the state of Florida. Coulter also was accused of voter fraud in Connecticut.

Dan Borchers, a conservative blogger and longtime critic of Coulter, filed a voter-fraud complaint against Coulter’s voting in Connecticut in the 2002 and 2004 elections; she was also investigated for voter fraud in Florida in the 2006 election. She was cleared in both states. The Guardian reported that Bannon’s Florida voter registration was attached to an abandoned property. The Miami-Dade state’s attorney later determined that there was reasonable doubt as to whether Bannon had sworn falsely on his voter-registration application.

“Especially in our increasingly mobile society, a person may spend the majority of his or her nights at one (or multiple) locations, but legally reside at another,” she concluded. “Reporters embedded with a national political campaign often sleep in different jurisdictions every night, but they are still able to claim legal residency at a home base. That home base may be where a spouse lives, where their office is, or where they feel most at home.”
In another election year, this incident would just be a funny story for me to repeat at parties—but this was the most serious election of my lifetime. I wanted to vote. In the midterms, we were not simply exercising our customary tradition of voting for our leadership, but fighting for the soul and identity of this country.
big brother is watching in florida apparently, so creepy that they would edit voter rolls based on the content of tweets

edit: this makes the autodial text messages ive been receiving all month from candidates/campaigns in places i no longer live much more comforting cause theyre like a sign that the gov/duopoly party orgs is not paying attention to me for the purposes of taking my vote awayand thats good imo


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tfw the 'centrist' oligarchy says they weren't fascist enough to stop fascism, and that now they want to be the fascists. as if the whole point of techno authoritarianism isn't to drive people who think they are centrists nuts by forcing them to incorporate increasingly illogical stances and then telling them its actually the opposition thats nuts. 'freedom is just so burdensome who has time for that?'-clinton, not realizing cheeto's administration has practically planted the idea of curbing immigration in her head.

facebook is a platform made by white supremacists to give a platform to white supremacy, this article doesnt go into that facebook doesn't police hate speech as long as it's coded in popular language.

well fascism is going to happen. i dont see it getting any better to be honest. sincerely: smogon is going to be a thing we look back on w nostalgia during the bad times ahead.
oh it's not the protest itself. it's the framing in the wsj.

a protest with rightwing elements that has resulted in deaths is the referent of that title. the protestors are the heroes in that title. leaving aside your feelings about the protest, compare it to media framing of the ferguson protests. or - gasp - any antifa rally, where no one has yet died. you can have your criticisms of either group, but those protests are treated with, hm, harsh words. the wsj reader is to see them and think "bad". but the wsj reader is supposed to see that title and think "good". what's the difference? without going into a dispute about whether the ferguson protests / various antifa popups have been "violent", it's certain that the paris protests have been. the difference is what theyre protesting. being antifash or antipolicebrutality (spot the diff) is illegitimate in the wsj frame. being anti carbon tax isnt. and this is not a defense of the specific policy. macron did an excellent job of making sure the poor were taxed more while the rich were taxed less and the carbon tax fits the pattern. but you can easily draw it outward, and that worries me.

also: "green piety"? that's just a little preview of how climate action is going to be framed. it's either going to be called state socialism (which, lol, might be needed, but not what weuh get) or "virtue signaling", all that language of dismissal that absolves the speaker of having to confront the argument.

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As Shrug mentioned, while the framing of the propaganda machine WSJ is predictably garbage, little about the riots in and of itself is bad. They're not, as far as I understand it, a reaction to "green piety" as much as a reaction against the center-right establishment's tendency to put any burden on the so-called common man rather than on the rich and big business - and let's not forget that when it comes to climate change, a fairly small number of companies is responsible for the bulk of global emissions. Undoubtedly we will see the media and miscellaneous actors try and push back against "climate hysteria" as though that, and not the continuing impoverishment of anyone but a small percentage of the European and North American people, is the big reason behind people's outrage. This, however, is simply a desperate attempt to fight back against the growing understanding among the European (and to a much lesser extent American) people that climate change is real, is bad, and urgently needs to be fought in one way or another.

As for the idea that these riots are primarily a right wing phenomenon, let's not forget that the gilets jaune protests have attracted people from all political walks of life and that Jean-Luc Mélenchon's party, which is about as radical left you get as far as parties operating within European parliamentary politics go, is a pretty serious contender for the next elections as of right now. Centrism simply isn't popular anymore and people will flock to anyone who provides something resembling an alternative - even if the one providing that alternative is someone as hideous as Trump.

For what it's worth, I'm glad people are finally outraged enough to start breaking stuff on a large scale. The failures of the neoliberal establishment are becoming more and more apparent to the general public, the question is if it can survive an outburst of anti-establishment sentiment and if not, who and what will fill the void.


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Not a specific link here but I just want to say that I die a little inside every time I turn on the news and hear anything about British parliament and/or brexit. It’s all idiotic in-fighting, and this vote of no confidence in Theresa May (which isn’t going to go through by the way) is just the latest event in a long string of politicians fighting power struggles instead of trying to run the fucking country. It’s utterly moronic and I’m fucking sick of it.


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full ignorant circle, buy a genocide to keep food prices low and then send the military to intimidate people seeking asylum via a process that has been gutted.

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