Multifaction/FFA Genius Game - Grand Final - Main Match 3 (Draft Mafia)


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Ok so there's two options for tomorrow Da Letter El CaffeineBoost apricity

Either 7 AM PST or 12 PM PST

If you post TODAY, before I go to sleep, that you want to do the earlier one then I will wake up for it

If not then we will be doing 12 PM PST tomorrow

If one of you fails to show up this time we will be going ahead without you and I'll play for you. If two fail to show up I'll try to find a sub and if none are available then I'm declaring whoever does show up the automatic winner of the challenge. I did not want to do this but this is getting beyond ridiculous. If none of you show up then I'm declaring Caffeine the winner by default for being the most available scheduling-wise for this challenge thus far.

In other words the default time will be 12 PM PST tomorrow but I will change it to earlier to accommodate people if that fits more easily with other schedules.


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DuckDuckPwnToday at 9:08 PM
sam dont bother waking up at 7 my brunch starts at 8 pst anyway
we wouldnt get the draft done
UncleSamToday at 9:09 PM
we will do 12 then
DuckDuckPwnToday at 9:09 PM
ill try to be on earlier but

To be clear: we will be starting at 12 PST tomorrow.

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