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This is my first ever giveaway! I have no particular reason to do this, but I just want to help you people. I have seen many people annoyed in America, for not getting that DW Lucario Event unless they bought the game from Targets. I, myself am from Europe, and I got the event and RNGd it. Here's the star of the show!

Lucario | X |

OT: M3 | ID: 09760
Justified | Jolly
31 | 31 | 31 | 21 | 31 | 31
Bullet Punch | Counter | Detect | Metal Claw
Available UT lvl 10
Notes: Retail cart, my first Entralink and first Entralink PID Abuse! Legit DW Event!


1. This Lucario is not redistributable, and I don't want anyone to trade it to anyone.
2. You can try to win it, even if you already have it. (=your from Europe)
3. Please, do not upload to Pokecheck.
4. I trade 3, only 3 of these away.
5. Only post one suggestion.
6. Post :toast: to show me you have read the rules.
7. Lucario is nicknamed, like winner said it.
8. I post before 48h finish, and tell the winners.

How to win

Winning here is simple. I have 3 pokes I need nicknames for, and they are this Lucario, Ruby Groudon and Sapphire Kyogre. Only one suggestion/person. No more.


Nickname for
Lucario: (winner)
Groudon: (winner)
Kyogre: (winner)
Awesome giveaway. I guess we have a chance to win this.

Nickname for Lucario: Aurora :toast:

Congratulations on your first Extralink RNG.


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This is just awesome dood :toast:

A suggestion for Sapphire's Kyogre would be "Ishkur" which was one of the names given to the god of storms by the Sumerians.

edit: Just to be sure. We pick any of the 3 pokemon to nickname and if we win we get the lucario with said nickname? even if it was meant for the other 2 pokemon?
Lucario = Pharoah
Groudon = Stormrage
Kyogre = Neverton

The last one may need explaining. It's simply a play on words, I'm a fan of Liverpool FC, whose city rivals are Everton. I may regret the choice if we lose again them tomorrow.
Just for clarification, you can give nickname to any pokemon, and if you win you get Lucario with nickname you want, no need to be same nickname than you gave to other pokemon. Hopely that made sense.
And just keep posting ideas, you still have very good changes to win, only 3 suggestions so far!
Lucario: Hadouken :toast:

Derived from the Super Street Fighter special-attack where the user fires a blue sphere of energy, such as Lucario does, which also translates to "surge fist" in Japanese, refering to the immense power Lucario can transfer to his fists. 8)
Awesome man congratz on the lucario:toast: I was thinking for the sapphire kyogre that you can name it WetJet cause he causes rain and he looks like a jet plane
Nice giveaway. :toast:

The nickname I would give to the Ruby Groudon is CorBlaster. Sadly, ten letter limit removes an "e", so I improvised. Good luck to anyone else in the giveaway.

Kyogre - Maelstrom

From Wikipedia:
A maelstrom is a very powerful whirlpool; a large, swirling body of water. A free vortex, it has considerable downdraft.
I think it sounds manly and powerful ^-^
:toast: Cool Giveaway

Groudon: Behemoth

Behemoth is the unconquerable primal master of the land, according to Hebrew legends. It fits him perfectly, complementing his immense size and power.
:toast: (hooray for toast!)

Kyogre-Titania, for a few reasons:

  1. In reference to the legendary cruise ship Titanic,
  2. In reference to the legendary movie Titanic,
  3. In reference to Uranus' largest moon, Titania, which was discovered to have ice (and possibly water) on its surface in 2005, and
  4. In reference to Saturn's largest moon, Titan, which is made primarily of water ice and rocky material.
If it weren't for the 10 letter limit my suggestion for Groudon would be: The Continental
As it is I'd suggest Rancor

Lucario: Reiki

It is a Japanese word, Reiki means spiritual presence that includes aura. Lucario knows aura sphere too!
Ok, im going to end this giveaway now. So many awesome suggestions, so it was really hard. And for that reason, I change this a little bit, I give away 5 Lucarios! 2 for every pokemon, expect 1 for Groudon, that one just beat every other easily. Winners are:

1. Lucario: Skywalker (zdrup15)
2. Lucario: Reiki (Impact)
3. Kyogre: Ishkur (zero2exe)
4. Kyogre: Titania (Benny Leo)
5. Groudon: Behemoth (M. Rock)

VM me with what nickname you want for your Lucario, and try to contact me when im online!
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