Hardest Relative NPC

Elesa was easily the hardest NPC for me - my Dewott was useless, so I had to basically rely on a crappy Krokorok to beat her zebstrika. Yikes.
I actually found the team galactic admin Jupiter's skunktank in D/P. Seriously, that was a hard thing to take down. One weakness (which I inconveniently didn't carry) and then it just sits there and murders you with night slash or uses screech if you have any sort of bulk. Had to grind a fair bit to get past her.

Whitney/Misty typical mention.

Liza and Tate I remember also were very difficult in emerald. I remember I pretty much specifically trained a seedot so I could get shiftry for them in a re-run, and even then it was hard.
Colress in the Plasma Frigate? Holy shit. He had a Sturdy Magneton with Thunder Wave, and at the time I hadn't stocked up on Paralyz Heals, so I went through that entire battle with my Magnezone getting parahaxed at every other turn.

Also, HGSS Whitney's Miltank was hell. I had a female Geodude so all it could use was Stomp, and I got flinched almost every single turn.
Stereotypical Whitney mention.

That double battle right before Veilstone, at the end of a fairly hard route always caught me off guard...yeesh, that Gyarados just wrecks that early.

Winona gave me problems. I always forgot her Altaria had Earthquake, which constantly destroyed my whole team. Also Dragon Dance.

The last one I remember being especially hard is BW1 Marshal. When I used a Psychic-type, it just got wrecked by its low Defense, and when I used a Flying-type, it just got wrecked by the Rock moves. I had to rely heavily on my Samurott and Darmanitan that battle, and Darm was only useful because he was Scarfed.
In my JPN B2, Clay was an absolute monster to face. Admittedly, Krokorok and Sandslash were pretty easy, but Excadrill was a really tough nut to crack, because my most effective move at the time was Servine's Leaf Tornado... Took me 10+ times, and finally beat him with some luck and grinding.
My contributions:
Misty in R/B and FR/LG. Yeah, give the second Gym Leader you fight one of the best, most well rounded Pokemon in the game as well as a hugely powerful (at the time) STAB move to destroy you with, which in FR/LG can also hax you out with confusion. I swear I either have to get an Oddish or paralyse the Starmie with Thunder Wave every time I fight her she's that bad.

Whitney. Her Miltank's awful in both the original G/S games and the remakes, for abusing its gargantuan bulk with Rollout in the former, and generally being a long lasting prickette with Milk Drink in the latter. Oh, and she has a Lum Berry in the remakes, meaning if you try paralysing her, it's just a waste of effort and will get your Flaaffy killed. Most of the time I just get a Selfdestruct Geodude to deal with her ass.

Clair, especially in HG/SS. Anybody who started with Cyndaquil will get absolutely trashed in this fight, all of her mons resist your STAB, her star by 4X. She's MUCH worse in HG/SS, as not only did she get a very slight level buff and one extra Pokemon in the form of Gyarados, but her Kingdra got a much stronger Dragon attack in Dragon Pulse, a huge upgrade from Dragonbreath. Not even forgetting that you most likely won't HAVE any Dragon attacks of your own by this point, meaning that you can't deal with Kingdra via type advantage. UGH.

Ghetsis in B/W1. Oh boy, he has a really weird yet effective team. Things like Bouffalant and Cofagrigus which can cripple/kill you and are nearly impossible to OHKO are bad enough, but Hydreigon, DEAR GOD that thing is ridiculous. It has a really trollish ingame Speed tier, meaning unless you have a Musketeer or something like Whimsicott, you likely will get outsped and destroyed by its supreme type coverage. It's a shame that Ghetsis was so much easier in B/W2, I mean physical Hydreigon, level downgrade, TOXICROAK? It's really sad actually...

Cheren in B/W2. I only really put him here since he's the only Gym Leader or E4 member I actually lost against, and it's only because he got to +6 with Work Up while I was spamming Counter with Riolu hoping for him to attack me. Quite embarrassing. X.X

Iris in B/W2. A lot of people say she's easy, but I had an entirely different experience. Her team was pretty easy to beat except for the 2 holy grails of Dragon Types in Hydreigon and Haxorus. The former is not only her LEAD, but unlike Ghetsis' is actually given a competent moveset and functions in pretty much the same way B/W1 Ghetsis' does in considerably whittling away at your poor morale one little bit at a time. While battling her I had to sacrifice Flygon and then bring in Lucario to deal with the bastard while Iris Full Restored. Haxorus however was surprisingly the hardest part of the battle. I aimed to do a Swords Dance Lucario sweep of her and took down Druddigon Lapras and Aggron like dominoes, until Haxorus came in, outsped and KOed with Earthquake. From there, it Dragon Danced and proceeded to tear my poor Pokes apart with Dual Chops from hell, and I would've been swept then and there if the AI wasn't retarded and tried to do a second Dragon Dance against Flygon.

I'll also embarrassedly admit that Skyla gave me a little bit of trouble on B/W2, as I had no Electric type moves with my super limited team, and Swanna outsped Vibrava, KOed it and Featherdance stalled Lucario and Crobat before KOing them as well. Fricking SWANNA of all things came the closest any Gym Leaders' Pokemon came to beating me in my B/W2 runthrough, well except for Cheren's puppy.

Chou Toshio

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meh, considering Cheren was the "rival" of BW1's protagonist, I found him to be depressingly weak. I was hoping that he would only be weak (using not his main mons, but just holding back) as the 1st gym leader; but would bust out some major bad asses later on in the story line with a totally different team. Didn't happen...


Was fun while it lasted
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meh, considering Cheren was the "rival" of BW1's protagonist, I found him to be depressingly weak. I was hoping that he would only be weak (using not his main mons, but just holding back) as the 1st gym leader; but would bust out some major bad asses later on in the story line with a totally different team. Didn't happen...
He does, actually. But only if you use Memory Link. And it doesn't have a part in the storyline. Which is annoying.

But yeah if you use Memory Link he battles with his highest-level rival team from BW, I think.
I think that steven was one of by far the hardest npcs, iirc nobody else in rse uses any of his pokemon, and most either evolve at high levels/are rare in low-traffic routes/unobtainable without sidequests or game completion. People on blind playthroughs end up with no idea what he is using, and even without that he has a very well balanced and powerful team.
Obvious mentions go to Misty (RBY/FrLg), Bugsy, Claire, Cynthia, Ghetsis (BW), Lenora, and Elesa but my worst memories are with Silver (at the end of Victory Road), Glacia, and especially Karen (in Crystal).
It was probably mostly my team: Typhlosion, Feraligator, Meganium (I used PC clone glitch at the very beginning of the game to get all three), Onix, Alakazam, and Jynx; along with a refusal to use items, but that Houndoom consistently out-sped and OHKOed Feraligator and Onix and from the rest of my team you can guess where it went from there. The first time I beat her all I had left was a heavily damaged Jynx (Body Slam ftw) and promptly failed against Lance's Charizard.
I know that battle before Veilstone is supposed to be a double battle BUT I instead faced each of them one on one.
meh, considering Cheren was the "rival" of BW1's protagonist, I found him to be depressingly weak. I was hoping that he would only be weak (using not his main mons, but just holding back) as the 1st gym leader; but would bust out some major bad asses later on in the story line with a totally different team. Didn't happen...
you do get to partner with him with his Stoutland later (albeit only for literally 1 battle before post-game), as well as 'rematch' him during the plot-forced PWT. :/
May above slateport in Sapphire. With my grovyle as my only good pokemon I could just not get past her combusken. In my mind this still stands out as the hardest battle I've ever had to fight, though I was a non English speaking 10-year old at that time who basically just spammed leaf blade on everything.

Also Cheren as 1st gym leader in Challenge mode on white 2. I don't know what kind of device he used, but he managed to get critical hits the entire time.
Iris in BW2

1st turn: Sent out Zorark. She sent out hydreigon. Zorark used Foul Play. Hydreigon used Dragon Pulse. Zorark is in Red.

2nd turn:Hydreigon uses Surf. Zorark faints, sends out Lv.62 Emboar with Arm Thrust, Head Smash, Flare Blitz, and Strength.

3rd Turn Hydreigon uses Surf knock out half of Emboars health. Emboar uses Arm thrust for 5 hits. KO's Hydreigon

4th Turn: Iris sends out Aggron, I use Arm thrust for 4 hits. Aggron uses Earthquake. Emboar is KO'd

5th Turn: I send out Lv.53 Cobalion. Cobalion uses Sacred Sword Aggron is KO'd

6th Turn: Iris sends out Haxorus. Haxorus uses Dragon Dance. Cobalion uses Sacred Sword

7th Turn: Haxorus uses Earthquake KOing Cobalion.

8th Turn: I send out Virizion, Haxorus uses X-Scissor, Virizion is KO'd

9th Turn I send a level 40 Skarmory. Haxorus uses Dragon Dance. Skarmory uses Fly

10th Turn:Haxorus uses Dragon Dance, Skarmory uses fly.

11th Turn Haxorus uses Rock Slide. Sturdy kicks in. Skarmory flinches

12th Turn: There is not 12th turn as I rage quitted and am posting about it now

Maybe I should trade over my Level 100 Reshiram from White
Foul Play against a Hydreigeon ? Dark resist ? Not stellar attack ? You should use Nasty Plot or U-Turn -_-
Fly on Skarmory against Haxorus ?
12th Turn: There is not 12th turn as I rage quitted and am posting about it now

Maybe I should trade over my Level 100 Reshiram from White
Maybe you should level up your pokemon a bit. A level 40 skarmory is a bit underlevelled... Besides, I am quite certain your skarmory wouldn't have done that much to Haxorus. Meanwhile, she still had another 3 pokemon waiting to smash you, especially archeops would do a number to your fighting type packed team.

Sure, you could trade over your level 100 Reshiram, but I do not think smashing the elite four with that will give you any sense of satisfaction that you defeated them? I could be wrong though, I guess?

If you want to opt to level up a bit, fighting against wild audino's on route 23 with a lucky egg attached makes you gain a LOT of exp. They also seem to be less rare now (shaking grass, that is, at least for me). And if you do have acces to the c-gear and the exp power, you will gain massive amounts of exp upon each audino-knockout. You should level up every two audino's or so.

edit @below: congratz on your succes
Well i beat her due to the fact that i had skarmory go first and was able to put in two layers of spikes in play before it got KOed then i sent in Cobalion which after a swords dance knocked out Hydreigon. She sent out Druddigon which used focus blast on Cobalion KOing it. I sent out Emboar which put a giant dent in it with Head Smash and then ko'd it using arm thrust. She sent out Aggron which i used arm thrust on and got 4 hits and one of which was a critical knocking Aggron out She then sent out Archeops and i switched out Emboar for Cobalion which proceeded to knock it out with 2 Iron heads. She sent out haxorus which ko'd my cobalion but i managed to fully heal emboar. So i sent emboar out and used heads smash, Full Restore after Earthquake and Head Smash Haxorus out and she sent out Lapras and i'm going wtf as i only had 1 revive left and only Virizion and Zorark after she ko'd my Emboar. I sent out Virizion and used giga drain against her ice beam so she damaged my gradually and i had to use 4 full restores on that part alone. Finally after lots of cursing i beat Iris with a critical hit. woot

The team i did it with was Lv.40 Skarmory with Fly, Steel Wing, Spikes, and Metal Sound. a Lv.54 Zorark with Foul Play, Night Slash, Fury Swipes and, Scary Face. a Lv.67 Emboar with Head Smash, Flare Blitz, Strength, and Arm Thrust. A Lv.54 Virizion with Sacred Sword, Swords Dance, Retaliate, and Giga Drain, a Lv.54 Cobalion with Sword Dance, Sacred Sword, Retaliate, and Iron head. And a Lv.47 Druddigon with Dragon Tail, Night Slash, Chip Away, and Revenge
Man, Iris was a bitch with that Focus Sash DD Haxorus. Only reason I beat it was because I had a +2 (Moxie) Krookodile that had happened to learn Outrage the turn before (leveling up lol), and she insisted on Full Restoring after wasting her sash. If she had just attacked she would have leveled my weakened team.

Also, BW2 Cynthia, unlike BW Cynthia, actually took a couple of tries to beat (probably cuz in BW1 I had imported all my OP mons from 4th Gen). I was not expecting Max IV's/EV's on an NPC, especially a Garchomp with Outrage/EQ/Fire Blast/Stone Edge. GOD that thing gave me nightmares back in 4th gen, and it still does now.

Though I love the fact that you are practically given a competitively legit Cinccino with Skill Link as part of the storyline.
I think my top 3 hardest was misty in FRLG, Whitney in both GS and HGSS, finnally Ghetsis.

Misty was because I was too stupid to get a grass or electric type to combat her and all I had was a fearow, a ekans, and a Charmelon.

Whitney was hard for me with only quilava at my side in GS but in HGSS i tried to use hypnosis but it woke every time (That stinkin piece of hamburger)

Ghetsis's was a cakewalk until I fought his Hydregon in BW it took out several of my members, Though using a strategy of biding my time and using revives and dragonbreath I manged to win. Ironically it only took me one try. I heard others wern't so lucky including my own brother.
Deviljho, maybe you should learn how to play the game? Most of your desicions were bad. Even if we assume you didn't know a thing about Iris party, still some of them didn't make much sense.
Iris was really easy for me, the only Poke I didn't OHKO was Haxorus - only because I forgot to put Expert Belt on Starmie. Why did you go against Dragon Champion with no Ice attacks? Did you train your Virizion at all? X-Scissor should be neutral to it.
I'm assuming you mainly trained your Emboar which is meh starter and simply bad Fire type ;d

*reads more*
Yeah, I assumed almost right.
I don't understand why people focus on one (bad) Pokemon instead of levelling whole party, V Gen highly encourages players to use many Pokes with new Exp system, especially BW2 where you can get several good Pokemon of each type.

How is it possible to not have enough Heart Scales? Did you rush the game without picking up any items?
Actually Foul play knocked out Hydreigon's health by 40-45 % and has I didn't have heart scales to make Zorark relearn U-turn it was best option besides switching out.
Heartscales are not rare with the TM-girl daily event and with the many Heartscales hidden all around the map ... And Hydreigon : You killed it or it killed you.

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