Hollymon's Art

Hollymon's Art
Taking Requests

Welcome to my art thread. I use my iPad, pencils and more recently a graphic tablet for my work and although its pretty bad at the moment, I hope you enjoy my art!

There are two rules to this thread.
1: Do not use my art without asking for permission from me
2: If you do use it, credit me and do not claim it as your own work

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Hi, I liked seeing your progression of different designs through the CAP art thread. I thought your final was definitely your best. It's awesome that you are doing pictures with backgrounds and action scenes. Keep it up! :)
Hi! Welcome to the studio!
You definitely got the basics down in your pieces, your coloring is fairly basic and your lineart is good. I also do fairly like the composition of Ninetales as well as you positioned it to the right instead of dead center. My only advice for this piece is to fill in the negative spaces more to the left. You kind of filled the other side with a few dots but I would probably add more (not a whole lot but to the point where the left side isn't super busy and that it takes your focus off of Ninetales). For the Flareon piece, I noticed that when its breathing fire, it's also going through its snout, which is quite illogical (unless its also breathing fire from its nose xD). My suggestion is to either narrow down the line of fire to where it limits to its mouth and have it expand wider as it gets further away from it or somehow widen its mouth to match the fire (I would actually prefer using suggestion 1).
Anyways, I hope I helped and good luck! :)
Here is an update of some fakemon I drew and coloured! Hope you like them :)


The first one is a wolf disguised as a flaaffy so it can gobble them up without anyone noticing, the other two are in the same evolution line and are an axolotl and a lizard.

Any comments appreciated

~Picture not working for dark type~
I really like the colors for your Altaria and pencil crayons are so much fun to use! uwu
I think one thing that throws me off about this piece is the black on the right side of the cloud wing, when shading I normally use a darker color of the color you are shading with (i.e. I'd use more of a grey instead of black for the white). I also think you should add a bit more detail to the wings (maybe some more cloud details like a simple pattern similar to a "u") and have those match the whole sunset theme.
Just my two cents and your Fakemon are cute by the way.
New Fakemon :

The evo and the prevo :) basically an electric fighting rabbit. I tried to make the paws look a bit like boxing gloves but that didn't turn out well lol and also I don't like the eyes on the prevo or the pose of the evo '~' any requests?

~Picture not working for the evo~
No these were from before I joined the group and I just wanted a electric/fighting mon.

Anyway, I have decided to draw my favourite pokemon from each generation. Today I drew gen 1 and gen 3

Gen 1 - Flareon

I just really like flareon cause its cute and cool at the same time. I think the left arm is messed up but oh we'll lol

Gen 3 - Deoxys Defense

Deoxys Defense is super thick and cool and looks like a wall. Oh god I just searched google for the picture of it and realised it looks like the first picture! Didn't mean to copy
Here is the second batch of my favourite pokemon. Gen 2 and 4 today with marill and drifblim. Also I've made two new fakemon :D

Here is marill. I think I made his tail too big but I like him anyway cus he looks cute lol

Here is drifblim. His arms are supposed to be like an x over his face but I don't think he turned out very well. Also I wish I never shaded the cloud with black :(

Here is the fakemon which brings love to anyone who sees it. Soon after you see this little cutie, you will make a new friend. It's a normal type

And her is its evo! When you see this rare pokemon, it is said that you will find your first love soon after. It's normal type :)

More to come
Hey I'm back with a chuck load of art

First up, it's my first real try at digital art! I am gonna start drawing my team in Pokemon Black so I thought I'd start with my starter, Serperior!

Next it is zebstrika. I tried to make the white look like its lit up without adding a glow or anything. I think it worked as the contrast between the colours strikes you when you look at it

Now is my CAP 5 Prevo submission which came 7th out of 10 :( but people said they liked it so yay?

Now is the last (and worst drawn) of my favourite pokemon from each gen! Here is boldore

Next is a flareon Heart :) I edited it slightly afterwards and turned it into a card for the Smeargle Card Project

And here is that card

Next up is some fakemon (yay)

First, an evelutions for Fennekin? It would be just fire type

Now we have got an ice type saner tooth pokemon. Really like this one

Now we have got a Psychic/Grass based on Dolls Eye Plant

And last but certainly not least, we have a three stage evolution of a badass scorpion mon!
First stage :

Not much to say, just a cute lil' bug mon that is bug/poison
Second stage :

I'm not really sure if I like this one? Also bug/poison
Third stage :

Love Love Love this p! I sound really big headed sorry :( but I just love it's big claws and stinger :D

Please comment and I am taking requests and will get them done quite quickly (probably)

Smogon's back up? My avatar is gone? Time for a new one! Here is a new style I am trying out. This is palkia with his Spacial Rend signature move. I added a pink glow and a shadow and I'm really happy with this art piece. Also it didn't take that long!

Here is flabebe the new fairy pokemon. Floating in the sky attached to its special flower. I really like this piece to be honest

Here is clauncher the really cool lobster thing! Done really quick and I really like the shading and stuff

Done on Sketchbook Express because I'm a cheapskate and I'm not buying Pro ;)

New pokemon malamar lurking in the ocean (even though he is psychic/dark lol but he's still a squid)
I've decided I'm going to try and post new art every day/two days. That way I will improve quicker. I really like the sea in this but I think the ugliness of malimar ruins this. I should have done jellicent or some cute looking pokemon.
4th post streak yay

Anyway I decided to draw a possible litleo evolution based on the manticore (but its not exaggerated) I think it looks to much like Luxray but my art is definitely improving since the first fakemon I did (psychic/ghost)

The other piece is a fakemon lizard flower that is fire/grass type. It has a big fiery flower which absorbs sunlight and strengthens fire and grass moves

I really like the flower on this and that is the main focus in the picture and I like the spotty fiery effect on it. Litleo's evo is cool I guess with the big paws and proud main.
Hey, your new pieces are showing lots of improvement. I see hints of experimenting with using different colours (rather than a darker version of the main colour) for shading - don't be afraid to really push that! I really like your fakemon designs too.

Aw thanks paintseagull I'm experimenting a lot at the moment including a new style like this. I don't know what possessed me to do this but I think it turned out quite nice! Cute electric pokemon Pikachu, Magnemite, Rotom and Shinx. :D ill go back to normal painting next time

Decided to draw Xerneas with a pencil to see how it turned out and I'm actually really pleased with it. I hate drawing legendaries normally as they are far too complicated and difficult to draw but I really like this Xerneas. I tried to make it in a stance that kind of resembles an 'X' so drew the front legs a bit open, however i am not pleased with the antlers as they look rushed and improper. Please comment!

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