I need to kill Bieber

I assume you mean the old Bieber hair? Not the new haircut that looks even worse than it did before?

Cut short and spiked-ish up.
I'm probably about to buzz my hair (probably getting a 3 or 4), it's just so easy that way. And the good thing about a buzz is that if you like how it looks at some point before it grows back to full length, you can just get it cut to keep it at that length.
the number applies to the length of the hair when they are done cutting, and the type of plastic attachment they add to their clippers. 0 is the shortest you can get, and the higher the numbers go the longer the hair is when they're done cutting (I believe you can go up to 8). Why would you get pissed off at this? It just makes it easier on the barber to know which setting to use rather than having a non-descriptive "I want it short" or "I want a man's haircut". Who defines what a man's haircut is? How the hell is the barber supposed to know what your definition of "short" is?
Either way, the Lebanese barber that I never go to never gives a fuck about what you want

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