I need to kill Bieber

It has come to my attention that I have Bieber hair. I need a new hair style. I am enlisting your help smogon. I need a new hair style to take in the hair dressers. I never like my hair so i'm open to anything that doesn't involving shaving or colouring my hair. I may agree to colouring my hair if it is really awesome.
short and even that's my style bro, also run from Ace Matador as soon as he sees you.
edit why no shaving :(


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Classic fade is where it's at.

And if they ask you for a number, tell them you just want a fucking man's haircut. Man that pisses me off. Here I am, all I want is my hair to be cut shorter and even, and they're all asking me about what number fade I want.


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the number applies to the length of the hair when they are done cutting, and the type of plastic attachment they add to their clippers. 0 is the shortest you can get, and the higher the numbers go the longer the hair is when they're done cutting (I believe you can go up to 8). Why would you get pissed off at this? It just makes it easier on the barber to know which setting to use rather than having a non-descriptive "I want it short" or "I want a man's haircut". Who defines what a man's haircut is? How the hell is the barber supposed to know what your definition of "short" is?

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lol why would you get rid of it bieber hair is excellent. now all you need is a decent voice and a catchy song consisting of 3 words and you'll be getting all the ladies in no time

no but really why would you change your style because some celebrity has it... if you like it keep it gosh
I had Beiber hair before Beiber did so technically, Beiber is the one copying off of me, which, in turn, means you are as well.

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