NOC Immorality Mafia N2

Votecount 2.1

Moodycloud (2):
Healndeal, Texas Cloverleaf
Minus 15(2): U-turn Out, MoodyCloud
Texas Cloverleaf (1): Spiderz
Spiderz (1): Thunder~ballz

Not voting (4): Nuxl, Minus 15, Transmuter
HeaLnDeaL Transmuter Nuxl
Food for thought: If Moody was scum, he would know he would not be vigilante because that would be absolutely broken
So, assuming it's 8-3, I think the play should be to lynch Minus 15 because:
1. He left a vote on me in the first half of D1 and never unvoted. "Gut feeling" is not good reasoning when they have me as their only scumread with no other townreads/scumreads. Note that there is a lack of confidence (#724) yet they leave a vote on me (a good friend) when there is a real possibility of me being lynched. This causes me to believe that Hawkie just told him to park on me ("engaged in conversation") and to not draw attention (no posts in the last 24 hours of D1)
2. If this is 8-3, mafia was either roleblocked or killed Caff (unless I'm missing something?). Spiderz claimed to be roleblocked, but he should be considered town if this is 8-3 imo. Therefore, the mafia killed Caff. Caff expressed a desire to CFD to Minus 15 and was suspicious of him all day. Therefore, scum!Minus15 would logically make that kill.
3. Beetlejuice in #620 shows some sort of engagement in the thread, which makes me wonder why he still has not expressed a single read (again, I say that he doesn't want to commit to a read until the gamestate settles down).
4. Suddenly disappears after #724 even though I know he should still be around (it was 12:10 PM)
5. Defensive (#149, #724), wants to convince town not to lynch him, not trying to convince town to lynch someone else
6. If you roll scum in your first game of forum mafia, I'd assume you would want to stay quiet and not ruin the game for your teammates by posting too much and revealing information.
I think if moody was scum he would try harder to get me mislynched. He also joined the cfd on hawkie and revoted hawkie instantly after unvoting and seeing caff unvote. Plus, he was one of the 3 votes on hawkie at EoD. Hawkie also tries harder to save moody instead of afking after extension. Hawkie not being present shows that he was indifferent about the lynch. Thus, he doesn't care if the lynch was me or moody (probably because we're both town)

see #408 where he shades hawkie, #436, #450, and #453.

Can we put pressure onto Minus 15? Slot had done absolutely nothing and his reasoning for voting me is so sketchy. Hawkie probably asked him to keep the vote on me and not draw too much attention. Plus, he's not committing to any reads, probably so he can change them if needed as the game progresses.
Votecount 1.11

Hawkie (3):
Moodycloud Uto, texas
U-Turn Out (2): Hawkie, Minus 15
Transmuter (1): Thunder~ballz
Spiderz (1): Transmuter
Texas Cloverleaf (1): Spiderz

Not voting (3): Healndeal ,Caffeine, nuxl

This is provisional, a lot happened so I am double checking. If you see anything wrong and want to help me out feel free to shoot me a pm
did you see hawkie do literally anything besides saying I was town, asking for an extension and then going afk


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Votecount 2.2

Moodycloud (2):
Healndeal, Texas Cloverleaf,
Minus 15 (3): U-turn Out, Moodycloud, Transmuter
Texas Cloverleaf (1): Spiderz
Spiderz (1): Thunder~ballz

Not voting (2): Nuxl, Minus 15

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