Inconsistencies in Pokemon descriptions

Is it worth the time and effort to help the little guys shine in their own light?

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When browsing the site's various pages, I noticed that there are certain instances in which multiple pokemon with very similar characteristics had those characteristics described with very different attitudes. On the pages for Gorebyss and Gliscor, for example, their Special Defense stats are describes as "abysmal", at 75 each. However, Scizor's base Special Defense of 80 is referred to as "mediocre special bulk". Having an administrator (or some less busy high-ranker) run through and check for consistent measure of various characteristics might help in removing bias toward certain pokemon, allowing for a more varied environment within Smogon battling.


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You forgot to take base HP into account.

Anyway, I honestly think language bias like that you mention isn't something we really need to be concerned with at all, let alone before the number of other minor issues in written analyses (do a Google search on "the crux of this set" and include the quotation marks).


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Scizor has traditionally had the ability to stand up to special attacks thanks to its typing (not so much in gen 6 thanks to losing dark/ghost). Someone feel free to correct me on this. While I agree that abysmal seems like an overexaggeration, remember that such words are used depending on context and are ultimately subjective.

Thanks for your suggestion but I have a slightly different one for you: check for inconsistencies yourself, then report them here:
Past Gens
Gen 6

edit: Gliscor has higher HP than Scizor but Gorebyss is much lower than either so I think the description fits there.
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