Indivisible (Action RPG from the creators of Skullgirls)

Apparently heavily inspired by Valkyrie Profile, and also wow amazing character design

They're running a crowdfunding campaign for the game atm, though things are getting down to the wire and it's looking like it'll be tough for it to meet its goal. I think they have links to the free playable prototype on the indiegogo page, for Windows/Mac/Linux/PS4.

I'm extremely excited for this and it would be mega sad for such a diverse/unique game to fall by the wayside. I know Lab Zero has really wanted to do a metroidvania-style game for a while now, too.
Makes me wonder what they did with all the Skullgirls money, but the Prototype was pretty fun!


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Skullgirls didn't profit for shit, especially factoring in how much Konami screwed them over.


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I have played the prototype for a short while and honestly I found the battle system really awful

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