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So it is 3 AM here in Music City, USA and I should be sleeping. However, I have stumbled across possibly the most addicting internet website I have ever been on. It is called iNudge and it is, essentially, an online version of Fruity Loops or ProTools with this really slick an intuitive visual interface. Frankly it is the most fun I have had on the internet since the creation of Smogon. Check it out:

Only 16 beats, unfortunately, but you can change the tempo, balance, volume of individual tracks and do a lot of really cool stuff. How cool? Here are some tracks that I have made in just the past few minutes:

the possibilities are many and i know Smogon has some really creative people out there so lets make it happen!
I got one verse on the beat, evan m0nkfish.

I'll finish the rest later, unless someone else wants to throw down on it??

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