It's like my Rattata is in the top percentage of Rattatas

oh man that tepig+charmander pic looks like they're about to jump into bed together.

This was actually a huge concern for me when I was drawing it, so I tried making them look angrier but evidently I don't know the difference between angry eyes and bedroom eyes. :< And I was hoping no one would notice ahhhh

Anyway Jolteon is my favourite too, would you mind if I used this as my avy?
No problem! Yay for Jolteon! EDIT: oh but crediting me in your sig or something would be nice

And thanks ocarina of rhyme and TsukasaSIGN, glad you like. :>

Quagsire. A tribute to my darling QUAGGY, lost in a SAVE FILE CORRUPT DELETE EVERYTHING. Wekhter and QUAGGY. Fighting together, walking together. Forging a bond that cannot be broken and will go on continually into eternity. /sheds a tear.
your art gives me boners it's so good
I don't know if I should say thank you or not

Anyway, I finally got around to drawing LevitatingLamprey's request!

Lilligant, Tynamo and Altaria. (requested by LevitatingLamprey) I was kinda putting it off because I don't like Lilligant, had trouble drawing Tynamo in cool poses in the past, and don't like drawing birds. Oh well!

EDIT: I did it myself, I'll give you full credit! But thanks heaps, I LOVE THIS PICTURE
Sorry, didn't get to any requests yet because I was working on a pretty big picture. :V

Victory Road. So I was talking with my friend Yogurt about the fact that Deino is Ringo Starr (don't even try to deny it guys) and he suggested I draw Deino into Abbey Road. "Only if you can tell me who the rest of them are," says I. After some discussion, this is what we came up with! Then I forced him to help me edit the Beatles out of the original photo because the linework was taking forever. Thanks Yogurt! You da best, &c. I think it makes a cool desktop background so here's a 1280x800 (my resolution) and 1024x768 (real common resolution). Woohoo!


That's a really cool Abbey Road version there. First thing I thought about was the cropping out of the beatles, lol; your and your friend's cropping was certainly well-done. I mean that's seriously well done.

You may want to blur their shadows a little so that they blend into the picture more, however.

Raikou is also very nice, lol
I love your art! You are so entertaining- not to mention talented- and I'm in love with the colored Luxray and Golduck! soooooo freaking epic. Keep up the good work!
Everybody contests Paul, nobody's said anything 'bout John and George... Okay! Also, hey Yogurt.

I've been super busy outta nowhere the past few days and I'll be busy still the next few days, uggggh, but here's some quick art to toss out so I don't let this thread stagnate too much. :|

Dancin'. Me & my starter dancin' to the Driftveil City music! Aww, yeah. This is back when the little guy was still... uh... a little guy, as opposed to a BIG GIANT SWORD-WIELDING SEA LION, so I used to call him Mijun. Now he's too cool for that. And that's sad.

Some more 4am stuff I been meaning to post.

EDIT: Oh gosh, how rude of me, I forgot to reply to Breludicolo! Thank you very much for your suggestion. This was my first time working with such a cheesy shadow effect and now that you point it out, I realize that the sharpness makes it a bit too cheesy. I actually did blur the shadows quite a bit, but completely forgot to take into account the fact that I drew the image at about 3x the size you see here. Obviously when I finished I sized it down to make my linework crisper but it totally didn't occur to me that the shadows were gonna get crisper too, durrrr. I'll make sure to keep that in mind next time I do something that requires blur.

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