It's like my Rattata is in the top percentage of Rattatas

I love your style. You really bring your own personality into the drawings, which is incredibly nice. And I can't even begin to comment of your use of colour! The painterly quality is so 'real' which is something hard to achieve when painting digitally (at least I think). Beautiful work, I'm in love!

Oh, also, can people repost these on their pokemon blogs? If yes do you have a link to an art website, or anything that would give credit to you?
Thanks again for comments everyone! Glad people liked the comic. I'll probably make some more sometime (although a lot shorter).

Anyway, I've been really swamped with work lately (end of the school year always seems to creep up on my and I've got a ton of stuff to finish) but I wanted to answer some questions and not post in my own thread empty-handed, so here goes:

@bombiron: I'm thinking about taking requests, but not until next week probably. :> I'll keep Qwilfish in mind, though.

@DarlingJacket: Ah, I don't currently have a website to link to so I guess if someone really wanted to credit something they should link here? I should get on that sometime when I'm not so busy. I'd probably prefer not having my art reposted, but this is the internet, so there's not much I can prevent. e_e;

Ok, art time!

Espeon. Skeleton doodle. Uhhh even though this was just a little garbage anatomy practice sketch, the anatomy's pretty screwed up so that's a fail on my part. I'm pretty out of practice, I guess. But I find imagining skeletal structures really fun so if you guys want to suggest a Pokémon for me to tackle go ahead. :> Though not for about a week. OpenCanvas 4.5+.

Pokémon Trainer Wekhter. Me as a Pokémon trainer! Yay! I know I'm kinda... breaking the rules by going hatless, but if I added a hat this would look way too much like Dawn with glasses. I was trying to do this in the Pokémon style, but looking back, I had to have drawn my waist about twice as thin, haha. I couldn't decide on a color scheme past my red scarf, so I slapped on some soft shading and called it a day. OpenCanvas 4.5+.


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Ooh! Could you draw a Relicanth skeleton? :D Those drawings Espeon and Pokémon Trainer Wekhter are original and really well done! And also what Chou said.


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wekhter said:

Golbat. Hahaha oh wow was this fun to do. I guess it's technically a sprite edit of the official Golbat sprite from Red/Blue. I was inspired by that "which is the worst 1st gen sprite" thread. Man this thing scared me as a kid. :/ It really hit me hard 'cause I liked Zubat, but couldn't stand to evolve one after seeing what it would turn into. Aren't you guys glad they waited until Gen V to fully animate the sprites? GraphicsGale FreeEdition.

Tomohawk (CAP1). Obviously my sprite submissions for CAP1, you can see the full set here. Even though it's not necessary, I intend to animate the back sprite as well. And make the front animation a little cooler. :> MSPaint & GraphicsGale FreeEdition.
As good as your brushed artwork is, these sprites are great, if not for the smooth animation then for the humoristic approach. Good stuff, I definitly want to keep an eye on this thread.
Hahaha, I was actually doing an animation of Little Red Riding Hood and I come back and see a Red Hot Riding Hood clip. Thanks, guys... I guess. :>

Anyway, I have so much free time right now, so I was doodling both requests. Fish requests. I don't really draw fish. First up!

Quilfish. (requested by bombiron) I've... never drawn Qwilfish before. I couldn't decide whether to make him look cool or stupid, so somehow I settled for shiny? He's like a balloon ready to be popped. By himself. Anyway, I guess my secret's been revealed: I can't draw circles.

Relicanth. (requested by Focus) Ahhhhhh I only know how to draw mammal skeletons, what do fish look like? I have no idea. The skull was fun to think about, but I don't think I have quite a grasp on how fish work.

Abra. Man I dunno I just drew this off the top of my head, this is some sort of horrifying mix of human and fox skeletons.

I'm working on a few digital paintings right now, probably be finished soon.
Could you Do Skeletons of Absol, Lucario and Charizard? Absol's my fave, but should be quite easy. Lucario could be interesting. And Charizard would look awesome skeletal :) Anyway, you've got some awesome stuff here. Good Job


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Hahaha! Naval mine Qwilfish is angry! Those skeletons certainly do not disappoint, either! I could have sworn that I gave you a Luvdisc before today. Fix'd! <3
Wekhter, I don't understand why you aren't more popular, your art is original, varied and humorous! I like the Espy skeleton especially, and your Trainer portrait is pretty! GORGEOUS even. Also, don't be silly. That Qwilfish looks spherical to me. ^_^ I think I Disc'd you already, if I haven't I'm doing that now.
Ahhh, allergy season has gotten into full swing, it seems. I was trying to draw yesterday, but every single time I put pen to tablet, I started sneezing. It was as if I was allergic to drawing! What a miserable state of affairs. :< Gotta scrap the stuff I was doing because it's pretty lousy looking, now that my eyes aren't watering.


Absol. (requested by GlassAbsol) Oh man, Absol kinda freaks me out because I always think of it as having a really human face (even though it's really not). I went for a catlike skull. I made the head pointy thing a bony protrusion, and the tail based off of a shark... but now that I think about it, they're supposed to be the same structurally, aren't they? Whoops.

Lucario. (requested by GlassAbsol) This one was actually more interesting than I thought it would be. I never really realized what a teeny-weeny ribcage Lucario's got.

My initial sketch of Charizard sucked eggs, so I'm starting over because Charizard deserves more than that.

Jolteon. (requested by Tataki) Ahhhhhh Jolteon's my favorite Pokemon, has been forever. *0* I'm actually in the middle of several pictures involving Jolteon, but all of them seem to be turning out pretty lousy. To take a break from them, here's a super-simple Jolty. (Probably not what you were expecting, Tataki, sorry 'bout that...)

Bibarel. This picture is drawn in white on a black canvas. It's a nice way to plan woodcuts and the like (though I'm not planning on doing a Bibarel woodcut or anything, even though that would be kinda awesome now that I think about it).

Joltik comic. Wekhter threw Pokéball! It's a critical hit! Wild Joltik Fainted!
OhMyGoodness <3 wow, those skeletons look amazing. They really are fabulous. Could I use the Absol as my avy? You are fabulous. The Joltik Comic made me really laugh. Nice job.
Hey Wekhter!
You're my absolute favorite artist around here, mostly because they just look awesome, but also because you're very flexible in art styles:
From a simple cute style (Jolteon, Eevee)
To a casual comic style
To an anime style (your trainer)
To skeletons
To woodcuts
To awesome sprites
To incredible digital paintings (DAT LUXRAY)
...I think I luvdisc'd twice. Yeah I did.

Anyway, may I shamelessly request an anime-style drawing of my current avatar? :toast: Thank you!


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Damn wekhter, that stuff is awesome!

Would you mind drawing me a Garchomp? Could you colour it too? Thanks a lot in advance dude!

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