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~~Custom Seasonal Axolotl Icons for Sale!~~
I had originally made these as part of a commission, but complications had come up and it had to be dropped, so instead of just throwing 'em away, I figured I could sell 'em instead c:
Prices are as follows:
1 Icon = $15
2 Icons = $22
3 Icons = $30
All 4 Bundle = $40

*Currency is in USD

Summer Axolotl
Dead by Daylight Spooky Axolotl
Spooky Axolotl
Winter Axolotl
*Note that the watermark will be removed from the Icon after purchase*

If you're interested in purchasing one of/some of these icons, feel free to shoot me a DM here or through Discord (@ Kaiju Bunny#6065)!

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