Keldeo [available from June 23rd to August 31st]

Celbi isnt a Counter, if you switch in while you think itll use CM it could may Sd or just be Physical with SD and then X-Scissor you. But even the Cmer could kill Celebi easily, if you use (and please dont laugh at me) Hp Bug. At first it may looks stupid, but It allow you to Ko Cele after one Cm. Lati@s, an other COunter for the CMer with HP-Elektro would be hurt hard too.

Of course then Gyara is a Counter, but it wount switch into Kerudio because it Exspect a Hp-Electric and get KOed and even if it would switch in, zhanks to SR-Weak and lack of recovery its much easier to kill Gyara as kill Latias or Celebi before Sweep.

So i think both could be used, so that the oppenent has to guess and then their will be no sure switch-in.

The better Move is of coure HP ELectric because Cele and Latias can be pursuited, but they arent that sure Counter as some People here may think ;)
CM Kerudio has pretty hard counters in Celebi and Burunkeru. If it had gotten Shadow Ball this wouldn't be an issue but =( HP Bug doesn't help with Burunkeru in the least and I would really rather run Taunt over HP Bug since the coverage gained isn't awesome.
Yeah, I know but with HP you can can kill one of them, and the oppenent wont know which you use. And you have to see that both are waek to Pursuit so you can easily kill one of them while Kerudio can take care of the other.

Taunt is a ability, but this nasty Burunkeru is Immune to both stabs, so it wouldnt be better as using Hp Bug, sinnce you can just kill Cele.

ANyway imo Hp elektric is the best way, because the jelly will be much more common and then Cele at the beginning so, but Hp Bug is still an option.


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No. Hidden Power Bug is the biggest waste of a moveslot ever. Do you guys really think Kerudio will waste a moveslot for one Pokemon that won't even be common in this metagame? Even if it was common, there is such a thing as teammates and synergy between two Pokemon, ya know. What can switch in on Celebi's Leaf Storms? Nearly every Flying-type and Dragon-type can; Zapdos comes to mind as it can fry the little time-bug's ass off with Heat Wave, roost off anything Celebi can throw at it, and it's also immune to paralysis now thanks to Lightning Rod. You honestly don't need to waste a slot for Celebi as it really shouldn't be too much of a problem with all the things that can switch in on Celebi, and do massive damage to it. Seriously, who cares if Celebi is a 100% counter when you basically get good offensive synergistic combo out of the idea of a "counter". If you want to beat Celebi anyway, just use a Swords Dance version and run X-Scissor.

And you don't need Taunt people. Blissey gets OHKO'd by a +1 Mystery Sword, Burunkeru gets 2HKO'd by a +1 Hidden Power Electric [534 Atk vs 247 Def & 404 HP (70 Base Power): 218 - 258 (53.96% - 63.86%)] all with Leftovers as Kerudio's item. Burunkeru can do what back? Toxic it? HP-Electric it? Throw a Will-o-Wisp at it? Awesome. If they have to poison / burn this pony as their counter to it then you should have no reason for not sweeping their team.

@Quaily: HP Ice doesn't really "take care" of Latias and Celebi:

A + 1 CM, LO HP Ice from Kerudio only does 34.96% - 41.26% to a Latias with 192 HP EVs and a Timid nature, while doing 39.53% - 46.51% to Latias with no HP investment. Given that Latias is faster than Kerudio, it can switch in on a resisted Focus Blast or Hydro Pump, and deal a massive 102.78% - 121.30% back with a Choice Specs Draco Meteor. LO variants can defeat Kerudio with the combination of Thunderbolt + Draco Meteor, while replenishing any damage sustained with Recover.

If not running X-Scissor, Celebi can paralyze Kerudio with Thunder Wave, regain any health lost with Recover, then proceed to murder him with Leaf Storm. Long story short, Kerudio will struggle versus these Pokémon, whether it runs HP Ice or not.
Please, to those that think HP-Ice takes care of Latias and Celebi, read this again. Hidden Power Ice should solely be used for the fact of OHKOing Dragonite and Salamence and even with the fact of that, you're 2HKOing Salamence with a +1 Surf [with Stealth Rock in play: 534 Atk vs 196 Def & 331 HP (95 Base Power): 139 - 164 (41.99% - 49.55%)] and Dragonite won't really be that common with Garchomp and things checking it, so I honestly don't see the big need for it when you can hit it's "counters" for Super Effective Damage with Hidden Power Electric.
I suggest toxic in the other option for sets. It really helps in eliminating a certain Water / ghost type that supposed to wall the calm mind set.
The one thing I am most interested in is Sword of Mystery actually. Not only is it a powerful mix attacker, it can even act as a mix attacker with offensive EVs invested only in Special Attack as Sword of Mystery can easily OHKO Blissey since it does physical damages.
I was using this thing over on the pokemon online 5th gen sim (which was an alpha test that is currently down) and was having a lot of success with this set:

Timid @ Leftovers
252/252 (Special Attack and Speed)

Calm Mind/Boiling Water/Mystery Sword/Hidden Power Dark

Leftovers is there over Life Orb to add bulk. Since Mystery Sword ignores stat boosts, its great for winning CM wars, and for helping revenge kill calm minders. HP Dark is a good for coverage. Since this set was not an all out attacker set, boiling water was the best option for a water attack. 30% burrn rate?? yes please. Kerudio already had good defenses, and the burns it nailed poke's with when they switched in just made it harder to take down.

Kerudio's main flaw really is his movepool. HP kind of becomes a necessity when running a special attacker... and if you go mixed with him and have only water and fighting attacks... yea it can be walled kind of easily, so mixed Kerudio def needs the right team support.
Sub > Taunt. Sub + leftovers will let you CM in Burunkeru's face and 2KO after a few CMs without getting burned. Also sub protects you from the revenge killers.


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Sub > Taunt. Sub + leftovers will let you CM in Burunkeru's face and 2KO after a few CMs without getting burned. Also sub protects you from the revenge killers.
You do realise that sweeping isnt that easy only with STABs and burnkeru is immune to both? the only option i can (and did) actually see sweep (unless burunkeru is down) is CM+3 attacks.
HP Bug is a mistake. However, HP Dark hits celebi, lati@s, and burunkeru SE It becomes a choice between gyrados (hp ele) or celebi (hp dark). If you get a speed boost somehow (bp butterfly dance), then hp dark also covers the latis who would wall you.
And CM + 3 attacks is really kerudios best set and rapes burunkeru. Trust me, it's what I used while PO was up. I'm not theorymoning here.


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I was using this thing over on the pokemon online 5th gen sim (which was an alpha test that is currently down) and was having a lot of success with this set:

Timid @ Leftovers
252/252 (Special Attack and Speed)

Calm Mind/Boiling Water/Mystery Sword/Hidden Power Dark
Why not use HP Ghost since you would gain perfect coverage with fighting/ghost and wouldnt be walled by odd things like Croagunk he is not that much of a threat but you only loose one def and SDef point with Hp Ghost so this shouldn't be much of an issue either.

Edit: @ the guy above me: afaik you can teach him the move if you bring him together with the other fighting legendarys (there is a YT vid showing how its done, but i dont remember where i found it)
I'm not sure if I'm overlooking something, but why exactly is SD even an option on Kerudio? It seems that the main reason is because of STAB priority, but honestly SD Aqua Jet is weak as hell. (81.77% - 96.69%) <- That's how much +2 STAB Aqua Jet does to 6/0 Doryuuzu. Sure you can throw in a Life Orb, but it's kind of ridiculous that Kerudio doesn't nab the KO as is, and its typing and stats lend themselves to Leftovers quite well.

SD Close Combat is made null and void by Sword of Mystery, which easily OHKOs Max/Max+ Blissey after a Calm Mind, when Timid at that.

If anyone can explain to me why using a base 72 Atk Swords Dancer is so attractive, I'd be glad to hear it.
Its because Kerudio is both fast and resonably bulky, while resisting common priority moves. Try and find one thing from DPP that could do that. Garchomp (although it had massive attack and great STABs). Next closest thing you'll get over 100 Base Speed is Infernape and thats neither bulky, nor that fast (vs things like Gengar and Starmie).


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The question is: why use a physical set when you can achieve better overall results with a special one? Aqua jet priority seems the only logical answer to me, and as icyman pointed out aqua jet is quite a weak move even when at +2.
Element of suprise. That's all.

I would use a special one (much better, and Sword of Mystery almost kills any purpose of a physical Kerudio) though.

If i, for any reason, try a SD set, i would focus on Kerudio's bulk.
Maybe it's just me...
cm+2 attacks works if you skip the water stab. Fighting+ghost is not resisted by anything, you would just have to deal with hp:ghost's low bp. If you can get a couple of cms that would be less of a problem.
I've had extremely good results by having him be the recipient of my lead Volbeats Tailglows. At +3 his Surfs and Mystery Sword attacks tear through just about everything and HP Electric helps out. I was thinking about switching to HP Dark though to still nail Burunkeru and also get Lati@s. Lose out on Gyarados KOs, but he is proving to be less common than those others.
i am excited for this guy, finally a good water/fighting type. Plus sword of mystery being a spc attack but hitting on the normal defense side combined with great spcA like surf will make him a hard pokemon to switch in on and try to tank


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It's 108.

FWIW, I think this thing is a huge ass threat that needs to be accounted for on every team you make. Keep a Burungeru or bulky Grass that isn't Nattorei on you at all times. And make sure they don't get Pursuited or Shandera trapped. :/


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Mmm, not having Ice Beam really, really hurts. Latias is going to make Kerudio her bitch, just like she did with good old Infernape. She could either use Specs to completely annihilate Kerudio with Draco Meteor, or take a more defensive route and Calm Mind alongside it. Pair this thing with ScarfTar at all times.
I agree with there being very little reason to have Dark over Ghost for HP. The only differences they have is Fighting's resistance to Dark and Normal's immunity to Ghost. Though no one is going to be switching in a Normal type on a Fighting type like this, so having neutral coverage against potential Fighting switch ins is a small plus.
This thing looks interesting. Decent Bulk, good Speed, Great Sp.Atk, and Water/Fighting STAB. The Calm Mind set looks like the best IMO, simply because I'd rather use that 129 Sp.Atk stat rather than that low 72 Attack. It's too bad he missed out on Ice Beam, the coverage would've been better.
I've been using the calm mind set as a lead, and its been phenomenal, usually gets a few kills. Just had a match, faced a lead Primeape who U-turned to Rotom-H which got OHKOed by Hydro Pump, one-hit Gyarados with HP Electric, then one hit Blissey with Mystery Sword and caused a rage quit. Its probably a good thing that they didn't give it more special moves for coverage, or it would be broken.

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I think this guy is amazing. A special attacker Blissey can't wall isn't unheard of, but is still pretty rare. I don't see why people are even considering physical sets, because calm mind boost significantly more the SD, plus has a defense boost, where CC lowers defense.
I saw someone a few pages back mention a combo with Sazandora, and I am going to expend that and say a Voltolos/Kerudi/Sazandora core would be a a good core for a lot of different actions, since they all have decent stats across the board (Voltolos's defenses are a little meh, but useable). They all have tuant and could be a great stallbreaker core. They resist each other's weaknesses and could go full offense. They can do a lot of stuff, and I am trying this core out for sure.

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