Tournament LCPL 8 - Week 4


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Scheduling Guide

Skitty Committee (5) vs Greed Up Geodudes (3)

SM: Fille vs Kingler12345
SM: Chill Shadow vs Eternal Spirit
SM: LilyAC vs London13
SM: Jox vs Rodriblutar
SM: SpaceWorm vs Star
ORAS: pinktidal vs teal6
BW: Arifeen vs HSA
DPP: Nails vs TonyFlygon

Taillow Swifts (3) vs Pugnacious Phanpys (5)

SM: Serene Grace vs vooper
SM: Xiri vs TDK
SM: Gareth Adamson vs lighthouses
SM: Ninjadog13 vs Ampha
SM: ict vs czim
ORAS: Heysup vs tahu
BW: EviGaro vs Finchinator
DPP: Alkione vs tko

Shambled Shellos (5) vs Activity Call Archens (3)

SM: Luthier vs robjr
SM: taranteeeno vs Eternally
SM: trace vs tazz
SM: Shrug vs Toadow
SM: Plas vs Jytcampbell
ORAS: mambo vs Kushalos
BW: fatty vs Real FV13
DPP: HSOWA vs Fantos13

70% Ban Rate Wingulls (2) vs Tactical Totodiles (6)

SM: Cynara vs Mikaav
SM: KingKdot vs Wabane
SM: Hamhamhamham vs BurntZebra
SM: Xizaaa vs Midnight Howl
SM: ZoroDark vs Megazard
ORAS: mad0ka vs Fiend
BW: passion vs FLCL
DPP: tjdaas vs rozes

Deadline: Sunday May 19th, 11:59 PM EDT
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won, actually no I OBLITERATED, in probably the easiest game of mons ive ever played in my fucking life. A half dead gorilla could have played better than you do. Imagine johning for the entire week then getting crushed like this. Woulda said gg but lets be real you were the biggest waste of time anyone could ever experience. Good luck in future weeks cause with playing like that youll need it you LMAO pce u god damn horse.

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