Let's go on an adventure


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Some trainers start their Pokemon adventures at age 10. Others start in their twenties.

No big deal...

It began like any other day. Wasting some time on the internet, eating some typical junk food.

That's when it happened. Just one casual glance out the window, and the most marvelous of sights caught my eye, high up in the sky.

My breath was taken away. A legendary bird Pokemon? Right before my eyes? I could hardly believe it.

I felt a strange compulsion brewing deep within me, but I tried to ignore it. I tried to forget what I had seen, but the images returned to me in my dreams. Sort of.

I knew it was a sign. I needed to find this legendary Pokemon again and catch it. But how? I had no Pokemon of my own to embark on an epic quest with.

I thought about how I could find my first Pokemon. Most trainers get their first Pokemon from a professor, but I hadn't kept in touch with any of my professors from back at the university.

Then it hit me. I suddenly knew where I would be able to find a Pokemon.

I rushed to the nearest 7-Eleven, overflowing with enthusiasm. But to my dismay, when I reached the counter, I was met with an unfair restriction that threw a wrench into my plans.

"Pokemon not to be sold to users over 18"

Fortunately, with my quick wit, I was able to devise a solution to this seeming catastrophe.

One of them took me up on my deal (I don't remember which, they all looked the same).

As I walked off gleefully, I realized that in my eagerness, I had forgotten to find out which Pokemon I had received. But I would find out soon enough...

To be continued

So that's my first installment! My vision for this thread is that we can each start our own Pokemon adventure, update whenever we want, and sometimes make collaborative posts as our journeys intertwine. Any takers?
FishTauros? Naw, ArtiTauros

I can see this thread getting way out of hand if too many users make stories, especially if the stories aren't as promising as this one.


Has anyone in this family ever seen a chicken?
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I'm not really sure what I just read, or why I read it, or where this story came from at all. I'm still a bit confused.

All I know, is that's a hell of a cliffhanger you've left us with. I want answers!
This is brilliant. ArtiTauros is a cool name though.

I have to know.. What (and I repeat what) was going through your mind when you created this? Not dissing, but seriously..


You'll always be a part of me
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Powerful you say? i dont think so, team #seniors cant even pick up Duy

Still <3 you guys though, i'm sure we will hang this summer or something.

Edit: also man, THE MEMORIES. Best accident ever was pretty cool, but i cant wait to see what we end up creating this year at nationals.

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