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New to competitive pokemon! Would anyone be able to help with a team around m-blastoise? Looking to do some Wi-Fi battles on cartridge but willing to try showdown too in the future!


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Hey, so I wanted to make a post discussing the current metagame post-Mew suspect as I have definitely noticed some new trends when laddering and just in general when I teambuild.

1. Rise of more defensive teams:
I initially believed in the idea too where I felt the metagame would solely revolve around more offensive teams given the nature of how fast pace games could be with the amount of wallbreakers we have compared to solely defensive threats. However, given with Hayburner's recent tournament success with his semi-stall / fat balance team (RMT here go check it out). Standout mons include Mega Venusaur and Chansey especially, as the two can check a wide variety of threats on their own due to the great synergy they have when dealing with eachothers checks. Even on a team with no cleric support given the lack of Eevee-S, the team still manages to sustain itself via Melmetal and Mega Venu's ability to absorb poison status and stuff like Rhydon and Melmetal having enough of an offensive presence to not be too hindered by a lack of a recovery option. Glue mons like Mew and Zapdos should help strengthen the team even more as they crucial momentum that defensive teams appreciate to pivot around threats like Dragonite and Mega Gengar especially. I feel other team options such as Eevee-S, Muk-Alola, and stuff like Snorlax can be explored more and in general it is quite nice to see a diversity of team styles.

2. Rise of other Mega Evolutions:
Mega Alakazam and Mega Aerodactyl were both considered the premier Mega options at the beginning of the meta existence due to their excellent revenge killing capabilities. However, as time progressed we began to saw Megas like Gengar and Gyarados pick steam as a sort of anti-meta options. It did not take long for these two to become main stream options that can be supported on various teams and actually pushed Zam and Aero down a notch in viability. Soon after, Mega Beedrill and Mega Charizard X also began to see some usage, especially the former as Bee is often now considered a great pivot that can sweep weakened teams with ease. I just find it really cool to see new options being used and the discovery of new techs becoming mainstream as well. I am even starting to see usage of Mega Pinsir and Mega Kangaskhan as well which is also really cool to see.

3. Rise of unorthodox Pokemon:
Dragonite is a threat which initially practically no usage, but when people discovered its ability as a late game cleaner with the Agility set, it picked up a great amount of attention and is now considered a threat that needs to be accounted for. Other special wallbreakers like Alolan Exeguttor and Clefable have also been used as their coverage can dent most of the metagame and they are generally really scary to switch into. Sandsslash is another cool option to use instead of Alolan Dugtrio as a mono Ground typing can help it deal with stuff like Flamethrower Mew and Mega Charizard X.

I am very interested to see how the meta continues to develop over time. I am also glad we decided to keep Mew as I feel it brings a positive impact to the metagame as a great pivot and general blanket check to the abundance of threats that exist currently.

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