Liar Game Tournament - Expression of Interest

Hello, friends, today I am typing in proper spelling and grammar because this is very serious business. I plan to run a game inspired by popular manga series Liar Game. For those of you not in the know (shame on you), the series centres around the Liar Game Tournament, which is a series of games meant to test the players' intelligence, perception, persuasion and manipulation. Money plays a large role in the LGT, as competitors risk entering massive debt if they lose. As this game will not be played with real money, it will be run a bit differently.

Some of you may find this game very natural to play. It is, in some regards, similar to Bass' cereal murder, as well as a combination of regular mafia and Smogon mafia. It is an ambitious endeavour, which is why I have employed good users billymills and Bass to assist me with its creation. However, this game cannot run without the support of the Smogon community. What we promise is a well-run game, one that should remind you of games played in the past, designed to evoke memories of legendary games past such as Zelda Mafia.

What I need from you guys is an expression of interest - would you be keen on playing a game like this? Some of the game has already been designed - I can tell you now that it will run in a sort of double elimination format so everyone gets a turn - much like the actual Liar Game Tournament (except nobody normal wants to actually participate in that one), and that we have brainstormed games both new and old. I'm looking a lot at game theory when designing this game - concepts such as the prisoner's dilemma are playing a big role in these games.

Have at it guys, feel free to offer advice or criticism (there's not really much to criticise right now).

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