(Little) Things that annoy you in Pokémon

So, went to Bulbapedia and noticed something about the Machop sprites:

Normal / Shiny

(Gen II)

(Gen III+)

So, either someone accidentally swapped the normal and Shiny sprites in the Gen II games, or when making the RS sprites (which colors can now more accurately match Sugimori's stock art) they decided to toss the old Shiny idea of it just becoming darker in color and instead have it resemble the brown-gray it was colored in Gen II. Though now this just make me wonder what the original Shiny idea would have looked like in continued.

Alright, working on it! :blobthumbsup:
...and then Gen 3 Machoke is purple/pink for some reason :psyangry:


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No, please go ahead!

"Wait, what? But, there's no Gym Leaders. And the Captains don't give TMs nor the Kahuna."

Indeed, since Gen VII's super mechanic was the super move Z-Moves, instead of being given TMs you were rewarded Z-Crystals for completing the Trials. And, while it would be interesting to examine the progression of Z-Crystals/Moves you get (thinking about it already it's odd you get the Bug and Flying so late; maybe for another time), that doesn't the Island Challenge is completely devoid of TMs. While you're not directly given them, either in or around the Trials there are TMs which many either are the same Type as the Captain/Totem Pokemon or meant to help against them. Stretching the theme? Maybe, and if you feel that way you can just skip ahead, but I feel it's worth a peek:

Trial: Verdant Cavern
Captain / Type: Ilima / Normal
Totem: Gumshoos (Sun) / Alolan Raticate (Moon):
TM: Brick Break (found during Trial) & Thief (In Totem's Den, need Tauros Charge to get)
Whoa, Brick Break, THIS early? That's a very good and decently TM for the FIRST Gym Trail. Obviously it's meant to help with the Totem Pokemon (though, in a way, I guess it could also represent Hala? I could see Hala using his sumo to break something if he was so inclined; could stretch it to even relating to the Ride Pokemon he gives player access to, Tauros Charge), both weak to Fighting no matter which version you got (though you could probably OHKO Alolan Raticate with a Pokemon with a strong enough Attack). Though looking at the other Fighting TMs, I'm wondering if it was picked out of no better option. Despite being made a TM last gen, Rock Smash was removed from the list and the only other damaging ones is Focus Blast (lol, no) or Low Sleep (which has an awkward distribution due to it being a kicking/leg move).

Special mention to Thief, which fits Alolan Raticate as it's both a Dark-type and a thieving Pokemon, but not sure about Gumshoos. That said, Thief is something I would expect to be given out at a first Gym. Low power but has a handy secondary effect if you know where to use it. Doesn't really help out with the next few set of bosses, though; and by the time Dark would be a useful Type I think Thief wouldn't be that high enough of Power to use anyway.

Grand Trial/Type: Hala/Fighting
TM: False Swipe (from Kukui after battle)
BTW, Hala is going to be the only Kahuna on here as the locations of the other Grand Trials don't have any TMs directly related to the Trials.
Though, I say this as if the TM you get after defeating Hala has anything to do with him. Nah, it's just False Swipe, given by Professor Kukui to help you with registering more Pokemon to Rotom Dex. However I decided to include it as I found it funny that during the Normal-type Trial you get a Fighting-type TM and after the Fighting-type Trial you get a Normal-type TM. Hey, eitherway you now have two TMs to use with your Normal- and Fighting-type Z-Moves!...

Trial: Brooklet Hill
Captain / Type: Lana / Water
Totem: Wishiwashi (School Form)(SM) / Araquanid (USUM)
TM: Scald (SM) / Charge Beam (USUM)
Scald at third trial (or second if you count the Grand Trial as their own thing)! The Totem's Level is 20, your Starter is still in the early levels of its Mid Stage! Not that the other Water TMs wouldn't also be a bit OP: Surf and Waterfall (besides they had a funny little joke with those two being TMs now); there was also Rain Dance but it and the other Weather Moves were on sale in Royal Avenue; wouldn't feel right to separate one from the group and a bit of a hassle to now found 3 other locations appropriate for the others.

Interestingly enough this was one of the TMs that was swapped around in USUM. Instead of Scald it's now Charge Beam, a handy if low powered Electric Move to help with the new Water Totem (though overall weaker in stats, Araquanid's part Bug-type meant Grass isn't going to cut it anymore, sorry Bounsweet trade). Though it's funny, Charge Beam was original on Route 5 (it was replaced by nothing though there are other TMs on Route 5), Scald was moved to Ancient Poni Path where Frost Breath was, and Frost Breath was moved to Seaward Cave for no particular reason. Maybe they realized how insane Scald this early was and decided to give a reason to explore Seaward Cave... even though in USUM you need to visit Seaward Cave for a Ultra Recon Squad encounter. :blobshrug:

Trial: Wela Volcano Park
Captain / Type: Kiawe / Fire
Totem: Salazzle (SM) / Alolan Marowak (USUM)
TM: Rock Tomb
Hello Rock Tomb, you're coming in a bit late. I get it, at least in the original SM, Salazzle is fast so Rock Tomb is not only Super Effective but also decreases its Speed. But, now that we've gotten a Z-Crystal which has a Type advantage over a boss, if you were going to use any cheesing strategy it would be training a Water-type to nuke Salazzle with a Hydro Vortex. I suppose this could be one reason why they swapped it out for Alolan Marowak, it's more bulky so could likely survive a Hydro Vortex, of course since its slow that makes the Rock Tomb TM feel even less useful. Couldn't at least upgrade it to Rock Slide? It's part Ghost now, how about Shadow Ball/Claw or Dark Pulse? Then again, the only reasoning I'm even suggesting those is that they spoiled us early it now feels like a let down when they're giving us TMs which are actually about the level we're at.

Trial: Lush Jungle
Captain / Type: Mallow / Grass
Totem: Lurantis
TM: Grass Knot (found during Trial) & Smart Strike (from Kukui after Trial)
I know what you're thinking, "oh goodie, Grass Knot, Energy Ball eat your heart out", BUT unlike previous handouts of Grass Knot such as from Ramos of Kalos, coming up is Rock-type Kahuna Olivia and newly appointed Ground-type Kahuna Hapu; both who tend to use heavy Pokemon. Of course once you have Machamp Shove you should head back to Lush Jungle to get Energy Ball, but until then Grass Knot could suffice if you have no better option for Grass-type moves against an upcoming boss.

Speaking of Olivia, Kukui doesn't say it, but that's likely why he just randomly gives you Smart Strike (not sure why he/GF feels this is the only Kahuna we should get a helpful TM for; Could have given us Aerial Ace for Hala at least). Smart Strike is alright if you need a decent Steel-type move, and your Pokemon had a horn (it's called "Smart Horn" in Japanese, not sure why they felt they needed to change it. I would have actually dropped the "smart" part and called it something like "Target Horn" or, if they wanted the alliteration, "Honing Horn").

Trial: Hokulani Observatory (Mount Hokulani)
Captain / Type: Sophocles / Electric
Totem: Vikavolt (SM) / Togedemaru (USUM)
TM: Volt Switch (on Mount Hokulani) & Snarl (from defeating Route Leader/Z-Trainer Veteran Akira)
More than halfway through the Island Challenge now. Volt Switch nor Snarl isn't that exciting. Volt Switch could give an Electric-type on your team a get-out-of-dodge against unfavorable match-up while also doing some damage, BUT since that doesn't work on Ground-types your Electric-type likely already has a normal Electric-type move serving it just fine. And I know including Snarl is a stretch as you have to go out of your way to battle all trainers, but it's there so thought to mention it; not that it really helps as both Vikavolt and Togedemaru use a Physical moveset. Though I guess Snarl could be handy against Acerola, SPEAKING of whom.

Trial: Thrifty Megamart (Abandoned Site)(Route 14)
Captain / Type: Acerola / Ghost
Totem: Mimikyu
TM: Shadow Ball (on Route 14)
Some people may be disappointed that the Ghost-type Specialist is once again giving out Shadow Ball. These people are wrong and you should not listen to them because any advice they give would be bad. For Special Attackers that can learn it, which is quite a few, Shadow Ball is a godsend, especially since you can get it before taking on the Trial! Just remember, don't Z-Move before breaking Mimikyu's disguise, speaking from experience...

Trial: Vast Poni Canyon
Type: Dragon
Totem: Kommo-o
TM: Dragon Claw (found during Trial) and a few others scattered around (some notable being Dazzling Gleam, Wild Charge, & Flamethrower)
Being the last area of the game before the League, of course its NOW they're just dumping many good TMs on you, including the ONLY Fairy TM in the game! Well, at least you can make immediate use of it if you have a Pokemon that can learn it, and if not Dragon Claw may be more up your Pokemon's ally. And though they won't be useful here, Physical Electric-types would begrudgingly appreciate Wild Charge and Special Fire-types graciously appreciate Flamethrower. Just remember, don't Z-Move on the first turn because Kommo-o starts the battle with Protect. Speaking. From. Experience.

Seafolk Village
Captain / Type: Mina / Fairy
Totem: Ribombee
TM: Flash Cannon
By the (awesome) Steelix Boat there's the Flash Cannon TM. Yeah, another stretch since it's also in SM, but eitherway if you got a Steel-type and/or Special Attacker that can learn it than give it Steelium Z and nuke the wannabe bee.

Brock - Headbutt:
The only Rock TMs in LGPE is Rock Slide and Stealth Rock, and considering the kind of players LGPE was aiming for those are kind of advanced options for the first Gym (though I don't think Stealth Rock would have been a bad choice, especially for repeated playthroughs). It may be boring, but in the beginning of the game Headbutt is a pretty nice, dependable move: decent Power, 100% Accuracy, 30% chance of Flinching, and only got to worried about Rock (& Steel which only really extends to Magnemite family).

Misty - Scald:
... WELL THEN! I guess they might as well have given Rock Slide to Brock. The only other Water TMs were, of course, Surf and Waterfall. BTW I think we're now fully away from "Gym Leaders made their own TMs" territory.

Lt. Surge - Thunderbolt:
Erika - Mega Drain (remember, it's Power was increased to 75 in LGPE):
Koga - Toxic:

Uh huh, all looking good.

Sabrina - Calm Mind:
Ah, so gave her the FRLG change. Perfectly sound choice if she's not allowed to give Psychic.

Blaine - Fire Blast:
Giovanni - Earthquake:

AND that's a wrap. Boy, after seeing Brock and Misty I thought they were all going to be given interesting choices. Surge with Thunder Punch, Erika with Solar Beam, Koga with Sludge Bomb, Sabrina with Teleport, Blaine with Will-O-Wisp, and Giovanni with Drill Run. :bloblul:

Now, being the Galar League is pretty commercialized, it makes sense for the Gym Leader's TMs to be known Moves. They're not there to be creative, they're there to compete. Making up your own move is nice and all, but all the tried-and-true Moves have likely been made so instead of trying to come up with something new they focus on building upon what works... AT LEAST until their rematches where most drop with TM move. Cause, as Nitro Indigo pointed out, all the strong Moves become TRs. Honestly, the Gym Leaders should have probably given out both an HM and a TR, cause them just giving you a TM which they themselves drop the next time you battle them feels like you're being given hand-me-downs; now get out there and grind up Watts to buy the REAL moves you want.

Milo - Magical Leaf:
You'd think the farmer would use something like Grassy Terrain, but as I said they're here to win battles and Milo's Gym Pokemon are Special Attackers plus he's the first Gym Leader so it does feel like they made Magical Leaf a TM just for him. All I'm saying they could have sweetened the first victory a bit with a Seed Bomb TR (though with our luck it probably would have been Grass Knot).

Nessa - Whirlpool:
You know, I wonder if the Gym Leaders chose the TMs or, to mimic the capitalist thinking of the real world, they were more forced to use these TMs which tested highly positive in some ambiguous testing group. Because it feels like Nessa wasn't having any of this. "WHIRLPOOL? What waterlogged people did you test? Cause their grade is in, and it's a capital F! You know what, fine, I'll put Whirlpool on my first two Pokemon, but am NOT putting it on my Drednaw! I gotta keep some of my reputation as a Water specialist". Hm, Surf and Waterfall would be TRs, so what are the Water TMs... Hey, you have Razor Shell and Brine on offer and you give Nessa WHIRLPOOL? Her Drednaw even uses Razor Shell! As for her TR... oh, why not, Scald! Cause apparently that's an approved early Water move.

Kabu - Will-O-Wisp:
Not bad, perfectly fine. And I would say fits with Kabu who is "The ever-burning man of fire!". The other TMs aren't that interesting or any more fitting of Kabu; as for TR, well if Lt. Surge can give Thunderbolt as the third Gym Leader, I don't see why Kabu can't give a Flamethrower (I heard the kids love this one).

Bea - Revenge / Allister - Hex:
Revenge? for Bea? Sure she has a scary stare but I don't see her as the vengeful type. I can only think the reason they chose Revenge over Brick Break or Low Sweep, two TMs which would fit her better, is they probably thought most of her Pokemon would be going second anyway, might as well give her Revenge as a surprise 120 Power Move (or in her Gigantamax Machamp's case... wait, just 80 Power? I guess they're really relying on Chi Strike's increased Critical Hit Ration to increase it to... 120 Power... really GF? Well, I guess it doesn't have to be hit first to reach those numbers). Though I will say for the player its a let down. Fighting TRs are either 80 or 120 with the sole exception being Bulk Up, Low Kick, and Reversal. Now Reversal would be appropriate for her, though being she's the midday boss I don't think Superpower would have been bad either.

On the flip side, Hex feels appropriate for Allister... problem is only his Gengar can increase it to 130 Power, you know, the Pokemon he Gigantamaxes for 3 turns. I'll grant you this GF, if you used it right, Hex would have been better than Shadow Claw or Phantom Force, the other two Ghost TMs... but you didn't so might as well have been Phantom Force. Eh, maybe they thought the player would appreciate it and use it better, just like how the player would have appreciated a Ghost TR like... well I was gonna do a joke where I mention Shadow Ball last, but apparently Shadow Ball in the ONLY Ghost TR. *Shrugs* Alright, back from the top... just like how the player would have appreciated a Ghost TR like Shadow Ball!

Opal - Draining Kiss:
Yeah, I'd imagine a kiss from Opal would be her draining you of your life essence *shivers*. Though, judging by Bede's Pokemon, I think he would opt out for giving Dazzling Gleam TRs. I guess for Special Fairy Types maybe Draining Kiss could help with a niche, but by now I think your Fairy Pokemon would have equal or better options. And, spoilers, doesn't improve much from here.

Gordie - Rock Tomb / Melony - Icy Wind:
I like the symmetry they both give out Moves which decrease the target's Speed, stone fruit not falling far from the icy tree. And while maybe I can see Melony using Icy Wind, Gordie I took to being someone who plans on hitting heavy. Rock Slide has somehow remained a TM so that is what Gordie would have gone for, following it up with a Stone Edge TR. Rock Tomb lands like a wet paper towel for a 6th Gym Leader.

Melony actually has quite a few Ice TMs to pick from, though I still think Icy Wind fits best, if not that than Hail. Only two Ice TRs, can you guess what they are? I could actually see Melony giving a Blizzard TR. Huh, a lot of her Pokemon has Icicle Crash, why wasn't that a TM or TR...

Piers - Snarl:
Fits him, but you know. Quite a few Dark TRs, think would be funny if he gave out a Throat Chop TR.

Raihan - Breaking Swipe:
Ugh, Breaking Swipe was Raihan's ONLY choice for a Dragon TM. Come now, GF, I think you could have made Dragon Claw a TM, it doesn't have a secondary effect afterall. Being Raihan is the last Gym Leader I say give out a treat and make his TR Outrage, I think it matches his personality while battling.

Katy - Pounce:
We're back to TMs being one use so the Gym Leaders are back to giving out strong TMs... unless you're Katy and the Chairwoman of the League told you that you had to suck because you just so happened to be the closest Gym to the Trainer Academy. Actually at first I was surprised because I thought Pounce was the 80 Power Bug-type Move that Buzzwole and Pheromosa learned that decreased Attack. But as it turns out I somehow got Pounce confused with Lunge, silly me. Pounce is a Bug-type version of Rock Tomb... okay, GF, I know I said "decreasing Speed was a handy secondary effect", but now you're making me regret those words with how insistent you are giving every Pokemon a weak move with that effect! And worst yet, Pollen Puff is a TM, and Katy is a dessert baker...

Brassius - Trailblazer:
And no, GF, flipping things so that the Move increases the user's Speed doesn't change the matter! A Grass-type Move which increases the user's Speed, never really saw Grass-types as the "speedy" Type, though not a lot of Grass-types learn it, feels more like a Grass coverage move for other Pokemon. Alright, I can admit that's pretty "avant-garde", so I can see it being something Brassius would like.

Iono - Volt Switch:
... Volt Switch? *Checks her Pokemon* ... NONE of her Pokemon has Volt Switch! Most have Spark which isn't a TM... BUT her Mismagius does have Charge Beam which is a TM. Was an earlier version of her team supposed to a Volt Switching team? Is there a pun or joke I'm missing? Well, since you get it relatively early I guess it could be a handy pivoting move, at least for a little while.

Kofu - Chilling Water:
Ugh, we went back to 50 Power? Why? Because this move decreases Attack? So does Lunge, and it's 80 Power! Even Breaking Swipe stayed at 60. Hm, Chilling Water, the opposite of hot water. I know! Chilling Water was originally a Freezing version of Scald! But that was too powerful so they lowered its Power. But it was still too powerful so they dropped the Freezing and gave it a Attack drop. But now it was too weak, and instead of returning its Power to 80, they chose to make the Attack drop guaranteed. Its as if they shouldn't have bothered and kept Scald as a TM.

Larry - Facade:
Facade can be a powerful Move with Toxic Orb (or Flame Orb if they have a Ability which cancels out Burn's Attack drop), but that's a pretty niche strategy, one they didn't even bother trying to show off. Look, like most people on the internet, Larry has become one of my new favorite Pokemon characters, and I see the joke with giving him Facade (or "Bravado" in Japanese). But if you're not going to have him even give his Staraptor a Toxic Orb, it just feels like you're wasting our time, and that's something Larry doesn't like doing. Heck, how about this for the ultimate irony: Have him use Tera Blast! The joke being that Tera Blast by default is a Normal-type Move, so there's really no reason for a Normal Tera-Type Pokemon to use Tera Blast! And players could always use more Tera Blast TMs, at least in theory, I think they intended on us doing lots of Raids and catching lots of Pokemon with unique Tera Types (why else make changing Tera Types such a chore to do?).

Ryme - Shadow Ball:
'Nuff said. Word.

Tulip - Psychic:
WITCH CRAFT! WITCH CRAFT! A Psychic-type Gym Leader actually giving the move Psychic? What new spore of madness is this!? BURN HER! TEAR DOWN HER GYM! Replace it with one that Levels makes sense to be right next to KATY'S.
... Joking aside, Psychic, pretty nice.

Grusha - Ice Spinner:
With them changing Hail to Snow I would have thought they'd give the new Snowscape TM to the latest Ice-type Gym Leader, but a snowboarder giving out an attack where the user spins around and shreds away the terrain, yeah, that sounds like a thing a snowboarder would do. I'm not sure how prevalent Terrain has become in the past few years to know how good this is (GF must at least think it's prevalent enough to have made a few Terrain clearing Moves while Weather still has none!).
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I am virtually unable to shut up about X and Y, which I think are aggressively underrated, but the main rival's team annoys me for several reasons.

  • Despite picking up multiple other options (a Kanto starter and a fossil), the team stays at just the opposite starter, Meowstic and Absol for the first three encounters.
  • The Fletchling that the main rival had for the catching tutorial and random fight against the other two random rivals gets dumped for absolutely no reason.
  • I'll cut a tiny bit of slack on adding an Eeveelution because it's the first time that a pattern that I personally think is lazy (here's an Eeveelution for the rival ain't it grand) happens. I do, however, find it completely bizarre it gets added in Anistar City, long after Eevee is found on Route 10.
  • I find it really annoying that in a game with a lot of representation from previous gens, both Absol and Altaria are from gen 3. I think Altaria annoys me more because it's such a last minute inclusion and it gets repeated at the Elite Four anyways. This is also me being biased because I don't like gen 3 but whatever.
  • This one goes back to the, frankly, bizarre decision to make Mega Evolution a "secret," but if they're just gonna Mega Evolve in the postgame allow them to Mega Evolve in that last fight on Victory Road.
  • This last one's petty, but whatever. Of the 3 starter types (so Fighting, Psychic and Dark) only Fighting gets left off. There's always a Dark type, and there's always a Psychic type; the only way the rival gets Fighting is if you pick Froakie.
Anyways I'm done byyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyye


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The Fletchling that the main rival had for the catching tutorial and random fight against the other two random rivals gets dumped for absolutely no reason.
I frankly don't mind stuff like this since it plays into the idea that a rival who's extremely frustrated with their inability to beat us is probably trying out new strats. Besides, even Blue in RBY swapped out some team members over the course of the game.
I frankly don't mind stuff like this since it plays into the idea that a rival who's extremely frustrated with their inability to beat us is probably trying out new strats. Besides, even Blue in RBY swapped out some team members over the course of the game.
In general I agree that it can be a cool way to add characterisation, but with Calem/Serena they pretty much only express frustration about how they keep losing to the player in that middle stretch of the game after they've ditched Fletchling but before they've added any new members to their team beyond Meowstic/Absol/starter.

Blue ditching his Raticate worked especially well because of his callous attitude combined with his genuine aptitude for catching and training Pokemon. He has that line in Silph Co. where he says that by filling the Pokedex, he's been able to figure out how to build the strongest team, which suggests that he might've seen Raticate's limited potential as a battler even from early on.

They've been hit-or-miss with this concept since then, though.
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You need Salandit Gas to make the Fire Pledge TM, but Salandit can't learn Fire Pledge.
The issue would be with the former, where a mon unassociated with the group of Pokemon the pledge moves are specifically made for produces the material needed for the TM of the move in question to begin with.

The Pledge moves are akin to the elemental Hyper Beams in that they are moves designed exclusively for starters. Only the starter Pokemon can learn them and no one else can.

That is an implicit rule they have made for the Pledge moves and they don't have any intention of budging from that anytime soon.
That is an implicit rule they have made for the Pledge moves and they don't have any intention of budging from that anytime soon.
Silvally is coded to learn all three, but due to an error(mostly because it is the only Pokemon that can learn more than one of them via the tutor) it can only get access to Grass Pledge in Gen VII and VIII. Now that they are TMs, if Silvally came back in the SV DLC it would likely be able to finally also get Fire Pledge and Water Pledge
This would all have been solved if they hadn't insisted on every family dropping a unique crafting material. We don't need 150 of the things. 18 types, common/uncommon/rare per type, sort according to how rare the mon dropping it is. A mid-game Dratini should not drop the same thing as a late-game Dragonite, but you also shouldn't have to hunt a bunch of Dragonite and then immediately start hunting Haxorus.

They could also have made Ditto Goo work, since, well, Ditto. Which would also give that item a purpose.
This would all have been solved if they hadn't insisted on every family dropping a unique crafting material. We don't need 150 of the things. 18 types, common/uncommon/rare per type, sort according to how rare the mon dropping it is. A mid-game Dratini should not drop the same thing as a late-game Dragonite, but you also shouldn't have to hunt a bunch of Dragonite and then immediately start hunting Haxorus.

They could also have made Ditto Goo work, since, well, Ditto. Which would also give that item a purpose.
especially since there's a bunch of materials that don't get used for anything: version exclusive families drop materials but are just sold for paltry amounts


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If we are talking about the four Treasures of Ruin, their names, while Chinese, are formatted differently in different languages.

Baojian, or alternatively, Paojian, is actually Chien-Pao's original Japanese (albeit in Chinese) name, for instance, but Chien-Pao is fundamentally the same as Baojian except formatted differently. Pao Jian is how you would actually format the name in traditional Chinese language, and the French version of it follows the Japanese version quite literally, likely due to the French language structure being close inherently.

Meanwhile, in English, as well as in Spanish, "Chien-Pao", which is what is used, is the name formatted in Wade-Giles format, which is an English way of formatting Chinese names, and one that is commonly used in the Anglosphere.

The English/Spanish versions of the Ruinous Treasures' names all follow the Wade-Giles format of romanizing Mandarin Chinese. Wo-Chien, Chien-Pao, Ting-Lu, and Chi-Yu all follow this western romanization format. Meanwhile Japanese, French, and Korean languages follow the actual formatting of Chinese that you would use natively outside of the Anglosphere. As such, their respective names are Chongjian, Baojian, Dinglu, and Yuyu respectively in Japanese, French, and Korean, as they follow the traditional Chinese naming format while the English/Spanish versions follow the Wade-Giles romanization format.

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