Gen 3 Live Smogcast RoA Edition: ADV - Sunday, June 23rd at 12:30 PM EST


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This is fairly overdue, with ADV being part of the Smogon Tour metagame for two years now. Join host BKC with panelists chaos, CrashinBoomBang, Danilo, and Loki as we discuss one of the oldest metagames through its evolution into what it is today.

What is the best way to get into this metagame in the first place? Unlike RBY or GSC there is almost an assumption that you already know how it works, or at least the site has no general guides for the meta. Furthermore what kind of teams and play styles are good for beginners?


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shit you got loki and taylor lol...excellent

to everyone: what got you into adv?
why do you enjoy adv? is it the best meta (ou/uu)?
what are the current top 5 pkmns in adv and why is or isnt ttar #1?
whos the top 5 best adv players ever?
why is cbb so mad?



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lol strong panelists with recent and old players (no reyscarface?)

Thoughts on ADV being cut out of the Tour series when XY comes out? Will ADV end up in obscurity like RBY and GSC?

This will probably be answered during the cast, but what are some effective cores that you find yourself using in ADV?
which do you think was more important between adv and dp: the introduction of life orb/choice specs/choice scarf or the physical/special split?

...or something else???
Are flying types overpowered (and was this perhaps a motive for the implementation of stealth rock)?
What was sand stream's impact on this meta, did it make the gen favor stall?
What were strong cores (except for skarm/bliss/claydol, everyone knows that one by now)?
Dugtrio: what's the deal with him?

And finally,

What is your opinion on the Smeargle ingrain ban in march 2011? Was it necessary? Are smogon just crybabies who don't like baton pass or did baton pass really have a distorted risk/reward when put on an equivalent base? Did it make gen3 uncompetitive? Was it a policy ban ("don't use this, asshole")? Overcentralizing?
-What are your thoughts Dugtrio, Celebi & Tyranitar and their individual effects on the metagame?
-What are some of the flaws of the ADV metagame?
-For a DPP / BW player, what's the important to mindset needed to do well in ADV?
- Why the metagame is so centralized in 3 or 4 mons? (TTar-Celebi-Pert)
- What you think about the current tiers, uu, bl and nu? Why there are a lot of mons in BL Tier? Maybe an RU tier could be viable on ADV?
- I always worried about Mew. If there is a possibility that Mew goes down to OU, what would be the conditions and how would affect the metagame?
What do you think could improve the ADV OU metagame? Ban cele, jira, tar? Allow ubers like Ho-oh or Deoxys-S/D? Ban trapping?
Do you like the ADV metagame how it is right now?
1) What is the main difference between today`s ADV metagame and the one we had before DP? What should someone comming back to ADV after being away from it since 2006 be aware of?

2) Let`s pretend Smogon decided to allow Wobbuffet without Leftovers in OU. How do you think this would this affect the metagame?


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Why do Magneton and Dugtrio ruin such a good metagame? For those who don't agree that they do, why?
as i'm sure anyone who is familiar with adv knows, adv ou has undergone a drastic meta game change starting right around when adv was incorporated back into the tour. it's become way more offensive, less stall oriented, and even more centralized it seems around a select few mons. i'd like to know what the panelists think are the main factors that allowed such a change, be it a different player base, different mindsets for up and coming players, or the idea of stall being obsolete carrying over from bw, among other things.
Cool stuff.

Talk about why everyone and their mother seems to stick 3 common team arche-types nowadays:

CMoffense with Duggy
TTar(Pursuit)-Forry-Gengar-Stall (often paired with Blissey+bulky Water+Filler)
physical Offense + Magneton (i.e. CB-Mence+CB-Meta+Lax+Maggy)

Why arent people branching out more? Is it too hard to build different kinds of teams in ADV? Did the Stour centralize ADV around this stuff? Why dont we see Mons like Tauros or Rhydon anymore as we did back when ADV was hot?
Etc. pp.


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