Big Lord of the Rings Mafia - Game Over! Forces of Sauron Win!


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UllarWarlord gets torn to shreds
UncleSam said:
Dear UllarWarlord, you are Shelob the spider.

You are perhaps the most foul and gruesome creature in existence, and feast upon all who dare to wander into your lair in the mountains between Gondor and Mordor. Sauron has compelled you to fight for his cause in this struggle.

Every even night starting Night 2 you may submit a PM titled “NX-Taste <user>”. You will paralyze <user> and from the taste of his or her flesh you will determine whether or not <user> is an orc. Regardless, <user> will be publicly incapable of posting the next day.

Should anyone who is not an ally ever get lost in your lair while you reside in it you will kill that invader. You must stand guard over your lair, however, and so you cannot perform killing actions for Sauron yourself. However, you may delegate others to do so should that task fall to you.

Rumor has it that Bilbo Baggins is resting in Rivendell and as such will not partake in this conflict. You also know that there is no single role allied with Middle Earth that has more than one vote.

You are allied with the Forces of Sauron. You win if all threats are eliminated.
And with that night fell once more upon Middle Earth...

It is now Night 3. Night 3 will end in 50 hours, or at 11:59:59 PM EDT Friday, July 18th. You may speak freely once more outside this thread.
there's a couple things in here that make me suspicious

first off, lw did you inspect von as mafia or no?

next and what really gets me is this supposed "buddying" going on, i personally like to see logs of this. it's very suspicious and does not fit into von's public persona of "don't claim to ullar" why would he have gone to all that effort if he wanted lw to work with ullar???? i think this is what doesn't make sense considering how strong von was pushing for lw to lead and to move away from ullar, something doesn't add up if von wanted lw to team up with and include ullar in the central leadership group

also, von and ullar were clashing the entire day so there's no real justification as to why ullar would want von to be part of the village leadership (although it seems something very ullarish to do).
God damnit jalmont you are all over the damn discussion I had with Ullar in #MiddleEarth....
I'm going to be out of town from tonight until Sunday night, will be checking Smogon semi-regularly but probably won't be on IRC unless someone specifically asks me to be, so if you want to talk to me for some reason make sure to PM me.


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Only one body this night!

It looks like Jalmont got strangled to death! He was a Soldier of Gondor!

Wow, how exciting! Guess it's time to hang someone from the neck until dead once more!

It is now Day 4, NOC. Deadline 48 hours or Sunday July 20th Midnight EDT etc etc

Vote Penguin344

As for why we'd do that, he claimed Eowyn, and we made sure he wasn't her, so rip him/her/it to shreds please!

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