Big Lord of the Rings Mafia - Game Over! Forces of Sauron Win!


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Are you negotiating with me, to take pressure off of me in exchange for furthering your goals?

Ha. Ha ha. Not gonna happen. I do NOT negotiate with terrorists, especially when there are bigger fish to fry.


I'm going for a walk. I'll think about what's been said itt.


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You raise a fair point. And you're still rather scummy in my eyes, but not at 'terrorist' level yet. I jsut wanted to sound 'MURIKIN.

Lynch zorbees

He feels scummy to me.
oookay so where have I once asked everybody to pubclaim?

UllarWarlord I only asked for one member of the rohirrim to claim in order to out TIK as scum or villager. It /was/ necessary in that it "confirmed" TIK as scum.

Ofc it didn't really confirm that but that was only due to TIK supposedly making a mistake, and not a misplay on my part.
Not convinced with your zorbees vote btw!

Agape I cannot understand what you're trying to say. Especially "Unvoted TIK because not realizing by now that the Rohirrim masons are UncleSam, daletterel and vonFiedler proves him to be not mafia." What?

vonFiedler You're quite the aggressive guy, ain't ya? Not convinced with your Celever lynch and I feel part of that may be due to the way he played during Smogon Mafia Mafia, and that you have a grudge against him. I agree he's been strangely quiet though... wassup Celever ?

Also I have no idea why we feel the need to lynch someone today, we have an OC night in order to collect info and nail down scum! Lynching a guy when there's still quite a large chance that he's Middle Earth is incredibly risky.

Therefore Vote No Lynch

Also I feel as though this game is only being played by about 10 people rn. What gives, lurkers?


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I don't completely buy TIK confusing DLE as his partner. He said DLE sent his role PM. Why would his partner send him his role PM if that is what he initially thought DLE was? Second, in the chat log, he speaks as though knows more than one other Rohirrim.

11:26 Ullar oh, you all know of each other? As in, you know who each other is?
11:26 THE_IRON_KENYAN yes i do know all other rohirrim
11:27 Ullar Ic
11:27 Ullar I won't ask you to divulge them
11:27 Ullar b/c that might be a bit much too early
11:27 Ullar but
11:27 Ullar brb
11:29 Ullar ok back
11:30 Ullar but ok
11:31 Ullar can you give me a ballpark number (as in, the closest 5-derivative number) of how many of you there are?
11:31 Ullar or would that be a bit much
11:31 THE_IRON_KENYAN yeah not right now
11:31 Ullar ok, understandable
11:32 THE_IRON_KENYAN but i think the soldiers of gondor know each other too for a couple of reasons
11:32 THE_IRON_KENYAN i know the rohirrim

Wouldn't it make more sense for him to say 'I know another rohirrim'?
My analysis: no matter what, TIK made a mistake. However, I think the mistake was not the claimed inattentiveness, but rather, was not knowing in full what he was false claiming. My vote remains.
Flamestrike still no lynch post from you, it's about the attitude, not the actions.

IRL reasons are the favourite excuse of scum.
And the user Flamestrike is still even more scummy than you, Ullar. He didn't even have the slightest irritation in his post when answering me but rather calmly resorted to an age-old excuse.

So what am I supposed to do, flip out when someone votes for me and throw out a random vote because someone told me to? Last time I followed any kind of NOC, that was ALSO a scumtell; it feels like no matter what I say or do you're determined to push this onto me. I didn't lynch someone because I don't see any valid lynch target right now; apparently TheGottemer's bandwagon/buddy vote with absolutely no reason aside from "I agree with Agape" was a perfectly valid noob move, even though I've seen people get multiple suspicion votes on them for similar behaviour, so that lynch is out. While I'm not completely convinced Ullar is village, he hasn't done anything glaringly scummy as to deserve a lynch vote. I was tempted to vote TIK and still am, but he already has a bunch of votes on him, so I didn't feel like it was necessary, especially since I didn't want to jump on a bandwagon and help kill any kind of discussion. As for you, I like how you jumped straight on me for daring to call out TheGottemer on his noob move and conveniently distracting everyone away from it. I don't know if you two are a scum team or if you just want me to talk more or what, but you know what? Fuck it. I'm not going to be intimidated by you just because I'm no good at NOC.

Lynch TheGottemer. It might have been a noob move and it might be irrelevant at this point, but I still want to hear more from you because you haven't posted since that vote. Why did you agree with Agape to vote Ullar and what are your thoughts on the current situation?

As for stuff that's happened since I left work, I'm going to start reading the stuff I've missed and then I can give my thoughts on it.


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I mostly agreed with him because his point was semi-valid: this is the stage of the game where we place votes to see reactions.

As for the current situation...I honestly dunno. I have reconsidered my thoughts on TIK by some of the others posted in this thread, but I am hesitant to backpedal and put him under the magnifying glass again. So...yeah. Agape is looking scummier and scummier by the minute, but I still want to hear from zorbees. I saw him lurking earlier, and he didn't respond to my earlier hunch.


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vonFiedler excuse me? I'm trying, which is more than you're doing, which was just sowing doubt among us. Thankfully, you're actually doing more than saying 'lol im not folowin no mayor!!!!!' now, so there's that.
I fail to see how I am doing less than you when you went on to copy my scum list almost exactly. It seems to me like I am doing something. Maybe you are making more mistakes, but I don't know how you can accuse me of doing nothing.

vonFiedler You're quite the aggressive guy, ain't ya? Not convinced with your Celever lynch and I feel part of that may be due to the way he played during Smogon Mafia Mafia, and that you have a grudge against him. I agree he's been strangely quiet though... wassup Celever ?
Oh boy I've got such a bone to pick with Celever, I only helped him win in the next game we played, praised his play in the previous game I hosted, and made him a fun neutral in my most recent one. No, quiet Celever is out of character Celever.


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Two people can have similar thoughts without it being ripped off. That doesn't change that you are causing more dissent around here than I am comfortable with...but you raise a damn good point about Celver, now that i rethink it. He's usually more active than this...


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Another thing that bothers me is that TIK didn't attempt to talk to DLE on Night 0. If he really thought DLE was his ally at the time, wouldn't he attempt to talk to him about general game plan for Day 1, since they would not be able to communicate privately then? You can't say he had nothing to discuss with his partner, since talking about what to think of and say to Ullar is a good topic. You could argue against this point by saying he was just being an idle villager. Although, he said "Ive spent too much time in past games idling because i was a stupid villager so I decided to throw some caution to the wind and play." in post #118.

He claims to have realized DLE wasn't his partner around the time of post #154. However, Ditto posted about DLE being a host in post #141, about 1 hour and 15 minutes earlier. You could argue against this point by saying he wasn't attentive to this post.

Is it realistic to think he was confused about his role PM, he didn't talk to DLE on N0, and wasn't attentive to a previous post while he was being put under vote pressure?

One way to 'solve' this problem may be something Agape kinda suggested earlier. We could get a majority of votes (maybe 23) on one target, and of the voters would be TIK. Then, all the Rohirrim and remaining people (maybe 20) vote TIK. If TIK is Rohirrim himself, he won't be speared to death. This would obviously create a list of potential Rohirrim for the mafia to go after, so I am not at all 100% condoning this idea. I'm just presenting it as a possibility, and it could be something used in the future. However, I do think we are being sort of protective of our Soldiers and Rohorrim. I thought these two roles were supposed to be vanilla villagers, only with a slight twist.

Please feel free to discuss these points and point out any flaws in my thinking.
Fuck it. I'm not going to be intimidated by you just because I'm no good at NOC.
That's what I was expecting. You're off my hook for now like Ullar.

Though Ullar is accusing me to make himself look more secure, which is scummy!

Note the exclamation mark. I'm going to sleep, have fun!

Meanwhile Lynch The Iron Kenyan as he's on top of my scumlist even though there is little data on other candidates.

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