Lord Scalgon's Artwork of Mass Destruction


my god if you don't have an iced tea for me when i
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I remember you!

Really excellent ideas, but you might benefit from your designs being just a tad less busy.
An update after a long hiatus from drawing...

When I thought of a deadly flower, I thought of this. [Not scanned]

I wouldn't be surprised if there are Staryu/Starmie references, but that did not come into my head in the making of this image. [Not scanned]

Well, both of these bosses need names. I was considering "Terrastraza" for the first one, but I don't know. Well, then.
First digital art in my art thread, hm?

Good thing a friend volunteered for this work. I thought of Protoss plasma shields (come on, Starcraft fans, you should know what that is), so thought I'd do something like this. It actually turned out well.
Heeeeey, lord scalgon! Your art has motivated me to continue sketching man. Woot! Also, for the swarm man! What's your fav starcraft race and unit? I personally like the roach as my fav. Can you draw me one of those? I'd love to see it! Glad I'm not the only SC2 fan here.
Great to hear! And yeah, Zerg is pretty much my favorite race, though I used to play Protoss. I can't seem to draw Starcraft units freehand at the moment, though I've tried before and it kinda didn't turn out well (still trying, though). We actually have a SC2 thread here, too. My SC2 username/code is in there if you want to find me.
Niiiiiice. Hey, maybe you should make a krakken cthuthlu (squid like monster with human like characteristics)esqu serpent! Now THAT would be a cool monster for your collection! :D

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