luucus' art shennanigans


ayo my lads o/ i hope i'm posting this in the right place soo uh, this is luucus here finally making an art thread
since i made a smog account only to shitpost on my friends profile pages and wanted to make better use of it xd
i'll drop some art every now and then (if i remember i have a smogon account) so yeah
i don't do requests/commissions atm but if anyone sees this thread you can suggest any characters, i'll see if i can draw them sometime.


Some recent stuff starting with the most recent:

halloween piece of my ocs luu and emilia<3

god is a fox.png

my oc kyuubi in an ahri inspired outfit in an autmn theme n_n


my oc keira in that viral strawberry dress xD i sketched this a while back and then completely forgot about it -_-


my new favorite rapper xD it's the vtuber mori calliope :> started this around ~13th of last month and finished it earlier this month.
i gotta say i'm pretty happy with it haha, i spent alot of time making sure everything looked polished and perfect so mori would notice my art

she didnt.

azazel for rav.png

this was for an art trade with ravioliqueen n_n i'm happy with it for the most part but i feel like the hand could've been better :[
i need to work on drawing hands from different perspectives haha.

dimitri alexandre blaiyyd.png

dimitri<3 redrew a scene from the game n_n hes so pretty qwq i cant- i finished this much quicker than usual ngl
simping power i guess


nian from arknights! this is from like july lmao i got her in a few pulls so i wanted to show my gratitude to the gacha god
who took pity on me lmao



commission wip for my friend xynix n_n she wanted a visual for her friends oc n.n


LOL i hate this guy but he do be pretty uwu also fuck perspective, all my homies hate perspective

aaaand that's it for now, i'm lazy to resize and upload moar besides it'd be kinda pointless if this thread gets deleted for being bad anyway xD i'll try and post stuff now and then and keep this thread updated if my awful memory stops being bad for a bit kek


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thanks everyone! really appreciate y'all n_n i didn't wanna mass ping and idk how to quote multiple people in one post but dw i always read everyones messages

heres a doodle i decided to lazy color of the actress sridevi (it doesn't look like her at all lmao)


pog i cant upload the rest due to my net being crap so ;w;
done drawing my babygirl<3 ive been trying to use riot splash art and also some mobile gacha games loading screen art (idk) as reference for stuff like lighting and composition. tho they tend to be more dynamic in perspective and pose haha
but im happy with this, got an autumn theme drawing done before autumn ended :^) hope you guys like this!
god is a fox.png
oh and a wip too
vampire au for my ocs luu and emi because ive been having too much funs with the sims 4 vampire gamepack lmao
but uh yeah im stepping a bit out of my comfort zone i guess haha any drawing with more than 1 char and a simple pose is me out of my comfort zone LMAO im trying to incorporate a bit of storytelling in this but its kinda hard to notice at first glance
count luucula is a centuries old vampire or someshit theres supposed to be a portrait of him on the upper left but i doubt its gonna make it seem obv its him lmao and like every cliched vampire story ever the pretty girl goes into his mansion by accident and that girl would be emi and blah blah
hopefully i'll finish it by halloween xD


bonus: he later felt bad for biting her since hes a goodie

i dont even celebrate halloween lmao but uhhh yeah hope you guys like this drawing of luu and emilia in the vampire au<3 i'll try and write the story down sometime and maybe illustrate bits of it? idk anyways yeah somehow nailed it in time except its 3:42 am rn LMAO goodnight!
hi ! i totally didnt forget i had this thread!
for one thing ive been uninspired lmao so ive just been doodling random shit including my new fav arknights oc lmao his codename is hmmm maldrien wait wait ill explain
so the doctor (who is the char you play in arknights) in my game is called adrien and she manages the organization in the public eye but all the shady stuff and other things that must be dealt with is done by this guy and so hes like the more... malicious version of her soooo yeah my brain is huge. kinda like naruto is the hokage and sasuke is the shadow hokage? so yeah and his real name i havent thought of yet lmao. hes also distantly related to the doctor and they're both the same race; sarkaz (demons)
tho, physically hes more close to Vouivre (which is like dragons or wyverns) and his associated creature is a dragon too


and ehhhh heres some concept sketches and shit, hes a 6 star (aka the highest rank) aoe arts guard which in simple terms means he deals splash magic damage i guess,, tho he has 2 swords on him, he usually wields only one with his hand and the other he controls with his mind like this gif kinda, but he doesnt need to spin around and do handsigns
he can summon multiple swords and have them strike the opponent but the more the blades he summons the more he gets drained since they're purely made of his...spiritual energy? i guess idk. as for the magic part, think like sonic boom or whatever but magic enhanced xd so like he can attack physically with his main sword and also use spiritual energy to send sonic waves that do damage...........?

and heres another sketch showing more of his like powers idk the particle/line effects are basically his magical emissions or whatever and they can really hurt heck oh shit u even got some swords coming at u rip he has a fairly large range and stuff so he can attack quite alot of enemies at once >:)

hes also a bit of a tsundere but tbh hes just shy and socially awkward since hes so used to working in the shadows alone with minimal actual social interactions aside from imparting information to rhodes island until he was appointed as an operator and he was forced to cooperate with other operators. he used to not talk to anyone much, usually reading a good book or training.
he does however

have a soft spot for snow leopard daddy
id say they're friends but like camila cabello once said and i quote "but friends dont know-'
yea yeah they're more than friends ok
they're dating what else can i say here
but yes hes still a bit awkward haha to the point i cant get them to even talk in sims heck
ok before i start writing his entire history ill shut up godbye see you in a month
sorry for the arknights terms even tho im p sure me and rxdb are the only people on the entire sim who play the game lmao

sorry for just rambling like that i never shut up about my ocs xd also shoutout to FantinaFan for writing a fanfic about them >:)))))

hi guys its been a good 3 weeks or so since my last post so i might as well drop an update c:
what have i been doing?

soooo yes, i've been doodling genshin fanarts, grnding on genshin and maaaaybe reading some childe x zhongli fanfics,,,
first up heres Zhongli/Rex Lapis/Morax i drew as a catalyst for his banner!
did i get him?

next i drrew the dps machine diluc,,, but as a soft boi,,, bc i can and hes so SOFT ps his 3d model looks dumb lmao

more soft diluc shennanigans

you liked these? you look like you could use some MORE

alternate hairstyle for him because he looked like a pear;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

last diluc i swear

ok now heres a wip


heres some commissions



and now ill just yeet myself until christmas goodbye everyone​
i have once again forgotten about this thread
so i will dump all the sketches from the past month or two LOL


some finished stuff

unfort catgirl wont upload rip

if you couldnt tell i am a bit too obsessed with genshit.

going on a break of sorts (like i wasnt on a break alr from posting) to focus on studies so wont be drawing much so i figured id dump my last batch of sketches before leaving to buy milk
I love love LOVE your art like omg all of them look so clean keep it up!!!!

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