Mafia From the Depths - GAME OVER, INSANE WIN

If askaninjask logs on before deadline I'd like him to respond to this post:
I'm tired of quoting posts so screw that...

Askaninjask I fail to understand why you insist on using the "deliberately avoiding confrontation" argument against me but not Walrein. Walrein has just been going along with the general opinion this entire time. Walrein was apart of every major bandwagon that's happened (Shining Latios, Infinity.Cypher, mine) without giving really any valid reasons, other than the Shining Latios lynch, but I thought Walrein would be able to deduce how horrible that lynch was. Obviously that wasn't the case.

I have no problem with you calling me out because you think that I'm avoiding confrontation, but apply that argument to everyone it applies to, don't just have tunnel vision and only use it against me. I really don't like that last post of yours because I would expect you to notice how Walrein is doing the exact same thing you claim I am doing. Walrein generally being a cautious players is no excuse for the indecisiveness and lack of content in his posts.
I find it really weird how everyone is saying they've liked my Day 2 but no one has agreed/disagreed/responded to my posts. I want to know what EVERYONE thinks of Walrein because he is the only person I am completely comfortable lynching.

I keep going back and forth on whether I like this Eagle4 bandwagon nor not. On one hand, he pretty much lurked through Day 2 until he was really under pressure (I saw him view the thread and not post multiple times) and made a lot of awkward posts with little contribution on Day 1, but on the other hand he sentried me when I was under pressure which is something I don't think a mafia would do because it would draw attention to himself. Plus, I think Walrein and shinyskarmory's Day 2s are a hell of a lot worse than Eagle4's. I especially don't like how Walrein hasn't casted a vote since he retracted his vote for me, despite sharing reads and analyses. I usually expect a vote to be casted (or enhanced) when lists of reads are posted.

Metal Sonic

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fuk u SS you will be the next lynch target

Meanwhile, Eagle4's posts under pressure... weren't giving me exactly the town reads I was looking for. Arguably, Spiffy's pressured posts were better than Eagle4's. Honestly Eagle, even though you're being pressured and are going to die, you are still not helping the town. What do I mean by this?

I mean that you are just answering the questions(poorly, I may say), without giving anybody a reason not to lynch you anyway. You have not provided the town with new ideas, have not given town a new perspective on who is scum and not, and once again "going with the flow". Do you know why I keep attacking you with this point?

1. Going with the flow = not providing new info or opinions, I mean fuck the "No Lynch" explanation, it was painfully obvious, useless and unnecessary. And now, you in fact are just reiterating others points(this isn't an offense,but read on), and just voting and bandwagoning and attacking the same players which are put under the spotlight --- which is very easy to do, considering that the points for lynching said person are already listed above.
2. By posting obvious, unneccessary shit, it can be seen as a placeholder just so to look like you're contributing. I mean, "they are the most suspicious people", so that means you can't get a read on the others 'townies?" There are 3 scum in the game, mind you, and said "suspicious people" do not make up the number of '3'. So unless you are actively helping the town to "find" the "last scum", or providing us new perspectives and info, like Spiffy had done(yeah if you're mafia go copy his goddam posts), you are.... not helpful to the town, and therefore can be... dismissed.

I don't care how much grammar you use in your posts, they don't constitute helpfulness.
"I have an apple in my bag. I dislike apples. I want to throw the apple away." Is a useless statement and is arguably similar to what you're doing now.

If L-2 still won't make you talk, maybe you need L-1?
Votecount 2.11

Eagle4: (5) Jalmont shinyskarmory More Cowbell Metal Sonic askaninjask TPM L-2
shinyskarmory: (2) zorbees Shining Latios Eagle4 zorbees
zorbees: (1) Spiffy TPM Jalmont
Shining Latios: (2) shinyskarmory More Cowbell LightWolf Eagle4
Walrein: (1) Spiffy zorbees
Spiffy: (0) askaninjask Walrein Metal Sonic zorbees
Not Voting: (2) Empoof Walrein

askaninjask: (8) askaninjask Spiffy Metal Sonic Walrein TPM Shining Latios Empoof More Cowbell L+1, sort of?
Jalmont: (2) Jalmont zorbees
shinyskarmory: (1) shinyskarmory
Spiffy: (1) Eagle4
More Cowbell: (0) More Cowbell
zorbees: (0) Shining Latios
Walrein: (0) Eagle4 askaninjask Walrein
LightWolf: (0) Spiffy TPM
Not Voting: (1) LightWolf

With 13 alives it takes 7 to lynch. Deadline is in 7 hours and 40 minutes, 4:00 PM GMT.


askaninjask has been abandoned at the edge of the pit. He won't die tonight. (for reals!)


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ok i got caught up playing DEFCON + LoL and completely forgot about this and now I'm tired as shit

I was gonna do another analysis, but for now I'm just gonna vote shinyskarmory as I feel he's my biggest scumread and the lynch target I'm most comfortable in


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Spiffy: do you think the second half of my day 2 has been better than the first half?

also, I didn't vote along with my list of reads because I wanted to get to my Eagle4 analysis first, but clearly that didn't happen :/

Metal Sonic

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Deadline in 7 hours.

I probably wont get to see the replies from Eagle or anyone else, I guess, considering their lack of posting during my online periods.

Um 2 possibilities, Lynch Eagle or pull a fast one like what happened to Cypher.
Zorbees Analysis: Fuck it.

Right now, it's a huge waste of time seeing as I want to actually defend myself here. I've been trying, but it seems like you guys are content with lynching me still. Notice how Jalmont, who was the one to start the bandwagon, has takenhis vote off me. The way I'm seeing it, Jalmont votes for me, shinyskarmory, who I have seen as scum many times before, sees this opportunity to get the pressure and focus away from him, and then it all escalates from there. I've made posts which many people either ignore or focus on one tiny part of it, with terrible reasoning to vote for me, and then when I argue back, they ignore that post too. I'm quite dumbfounded as to why the majority of people think I'm scum when there are people like SS and SL out there.

Now, between the two, they're both acting very scummy. It seems like people see SL as a noobtown, which I don't but a lot of people agree that SS is acting scum. I know that one of SS or SL is scum (well I don't but I strongly believe one of them will be a better lynch for us, biased I know), but if nobody wants to lynch SL, then

vote shinyskarmory

Obviously this is me trying to get the lynch of myself and onto SS. There's no denying that, and I'm not hiding that fact. But really, I know I'm village, you guys believe otherwise. I know that SS is at least acting scum. Here me out:

Post 1: GLHF post.
Post 2: Says what sentry does.
Post 3: Votes no lynch, something which most people agree is a bad move.
Post 4: Explains no lynch using bad and incorrect reasoning "randomly killing someone gains us nothing"
Post 5: Seemingly gets annoyed at Zorbees for lynching him because SS isn't posting any reads whatsoever. Explains that we get information from the night kills, which is fairly obvious. Fails to acknowledge fact that we get information from the day kills as well. Also posts good morning or whatever to TPM, which is needless and could be seen as trying to get TPM on his good side (I myself see TPM as a villager, and I know others do too)
Post 6: Somewhat good post where he posts reads on Walrein and Zorbees, but this was only after being told to do so. Lynches zorbees
Post 7: Makes post on why he lynched zorbees
Post 8: Asks question to TPM; again, this could be seen as buddying
Post 9: Pointless post
Post 10: Says that DLE should be on the watchlist for the next day. DLE is killed in the night lynch.
Post 11: Says that he doesn't want to read anybody with less than 5 posts in the thread. Good reasoning, but then he doesn't read anybody in depth until D2.
Post 12: Bandwagon vote on Shining Latios. States that Shining Latios has been bandwagonning.
Post 13: Another one-liner post, another needless post.
Post 14: ANOTHER one-liner post.
Post 15: A short post with nothing of substance, a common theme throughput his posts.
Post 16: ...Another short post of no substance.
Post 17: Explains that he won't be there for deadline. Says that he doesn't want to be accused of inactivity.
Post 18: Wants to lynch SL rather than IC. Gives an opinion of why, with no reasoning (why does it have lower risk?) Wants to keep the pressure on SL and Metal Sonic, which is understandable, (Metal Sonic not so much, anymore), but also wants to keep the pressure on TPM, which is weird, because iirc nobody thought TPM as mafia. This is probably because TPM was voting for shinyskarmory, and shinyskarmory wanted to keep the pressure off him and onto "that guy who thinks I'm mafia".
Post 19: Strangely contradicts himself by voting for Infinity Cypher, still has an eye on SL and Metal Sonic, and doesn't mention TPM at all.
Post 20: States who he thinks is mafia - myself, SL and Metal Sonic, and doesn't give reasons why. Then proceeds to offend them by saying that if they were all mafia, they'd be disaster on a normal mafia let alone a NOC. Votes SL.
Post 21: States his reasons why he thinks Metal Sonic and SL are mafia, but the only reason he gives for me is "Jalmont's post persuaded me"
Post 22: Contradicts himself again by saying that - OK I got this far in before looking at Metal Sonic's post and realising the deadline.

It's understandable if you guys lynch me, since I've made some posts which a lot of people disagree with, but I definitely feel that if it's not SL, than shinyskarmory should be lynched.

aaaaa why did i post this so late
I'd just like to point out here since Walrein has his vote on me now even though we won't have time to switch to me that in every mafia game I play everybody always thinks I'm scummy, but nobody ever votes me for whatever reason. I think it's my playstyle and posting style that makes me appear scummy since it's happened in both Company and in this game.

Also, in Company, I was a villager. I'm also a villager in this game. But since I can't prove to you that I'm a villager, I'm just going to put it out there and hope that you guys decide not to lynch me on D3.

Metal Sonic

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Hi I'm still alive, but with 4 hours left unless everyone gets online in time and changes their vote I doubt we'll be able to pull a quickie today.

Eagle that still wasn't a very good post. I may be wrong, but I am currently comfortable with an Eagle lynch today, factoring in the lack of time

also fuk u SS stop being scummy or we'll lynch you
also fuk u SS stop being scummy or we'll lynch you
Actually, I want to use this post to make a point.

Let's assume that I'm mafia for a second. I'm not actually mafia, I'm just using it to make a point.

If I was mafia, I would presumably have access to the scumchat, which would be either be on some deserted IRC channel that nobody would happen upon by accident or in a QuickChat somewhere. In said scumchat, my teammates would be telling me:

A. "shut up you're gonna get lynched"

B. "post reads on people that'll make them not lynch you"

C. "wait, I think we can make a majority on X person before deadline, start a bandwagon on them and we'll hop on"

If I was mafia, my teammates would no doubt be helping me to appear less scummy. Yet I have consistently been doing things that (according to all of you) make me appear more scummy. Why would I NOT DO THINGS that would very easily make me appear less scummy if I was a mafia member?
So you're saying that to be less scummy, you should act more scummy. Wouldn't that apply to every member though? What I mean by this is, "Oh Eagle4 is mafia because he's acting scummy. But wait, mafia would tell him to stop being so scummy, which means he's not scummy!" So yeah, your logic is pretty poor imo

Also @Metal Sonic: I'm sorry if you don't think it's a good post. I was pressured for time and so I couldn't really expand on my points or anything, there's literally no time to do so. Can I ask what you mean by "Good post" though?
Votecount 2.12

Eagle4: (5) Jalmont shinyskarmory More Cowbell Metal Sonic askaninjask TPM L-2
shinyskarmory: (4) zorbees Shining Latios Eagle4 zorbees Walrein Eagle4
zorbees: (1) Spiffy TPM Jalmont
Shining Latios: (1) shinyskarmory More Cowbell LightWolf Eagle4
Walrein: (1) Spiffy zorbees
Spiffy: (0) askaninjask Walrein Metal Sonic zorbees
Not Voting: (1) Empoof

With 13 alives it takes 7 to lynch. Deadline is in 1 hour and 26 minutes, 4:00 PM GMT.
Okay people, I will do this in a strange way, and god I never want to go through that many pages at once for a single post again. I will pretend to answer each question, after it was made, as in I will only use things that I would have actually realised at the time(ergo, I won't answer a page 17 question with something I saw on page 18) though if this are important retroactively they will be added, basically I'm emulating being actually active, poor replacement but best I can do.

First, I have yet to reply to his question on the top 3 scum reads of mine. Honestly, while I was looking up cases of SL being hypocritical(is that the word?) I forgot about that one.(My memory, like cheese, full of holes) So at that point in time I would have replied: Obviously SL himself is number 1, my opinion hasn't changed on that at that point yet, and I have stated plenty of times why that's my opinion, and won't waste time to repeat it. Now the other two are pretty much tied, similar reasonings. I also have at the time recently posted why I suspect shinyskarmory, as for the other, it is another because of a vote case. In a previous post I have pointed at metal sonic bandwagoners to be later looked at once SL was dealt with(when SL was still being lynched), IC turned out to be Sane since then, but that honestly doesn't help the other guy, Eagle. Honestly as much as people reason for following SL's bandwagon, it was mostly because Metal Sonic's multiposts. I can somewhat understand why the less active IC would fall into following the wagon, but Eagle even if new, should have been active enough to not jump onto it like that. I have two theories on why he'd do it as a mafia, to protect SL his buddy after he saw a villager also joined the MS vote or to seem cleaner if the at that point likely SL lynch did happen. Naturally these theories are just my opinion, but I guessed I should share why I think the vote is off.

Now we jump to a later post, it's shinyskarmory's post on asking Spiffy what his mafia strat would be. This seems like a waste of space, especially after posting sorry he was inactive(not trying to be hypocritical here, just saying I'd expect at least something not filler after such a thing, I know I delayed posting this multiple times, but it is no pointless filler question). It honestly seems very similar as to when he voted no lynch, being pressured into posting something to appear less suspicious. At this point I'd state he jumped to position two of my previously mentioned top 3 list.

Next Spiffy asks who I think is more suspicious from zorbees, Eagle4, and More Cowbell and why. In all honesty this question would exist if I was more active or at least would have a different set of names, if you wish spiffy you can make changes to that list and I will answer that one too, but to this it's clearly Eagle as I explained above.

Right after Spiffy's post More Cowbell posts about having a hard time posting without repeating what has already been said. I'd have posted to this that I very much agree(and as you can see later with Spiffy linking that one past smogon NOC I subbed into, I have made this point in the past already) to this notions, this is not a pc+++ game, I like to collect my thoughts and not repeat things unless i can add something new orrrrrrr if I want to vote, even if repeating things, I got voice my opinion when voting. And I'd make a joke like a comment on how I find More Cowbell the most trustworthy because he thinks like me for one thing(which honestly if he makes one off thing it makes me suspect him faaaaar more, I wouldn't trust some who thinks like me at all...)

And shinyskarmory continues to baffle me with asking the same stupid question in a different way. It feels very much like trying to correct himself for his question to feel less scummy, maybe a buddy telling him to do so? Honestly at this point I may as well have changed my vote to him(but I will refrain from posting any votes till I finish with this, since I might end up changing my vote multiple times lol)

Then Eagle decides to go after me, man do my suspects love me or what, and I haven't actually made it clear he was one, is he reading my mind... Jokes aside, he doubts my inactivity. Well for the matter of fact, lets check my times. My first couple of posts on 14th were all made before midnight my time, that's already fairly late, though I do tend to stay up longer(just my brain generally isn't in the state where it can make rational decisions, for a good example, see vonFiedler's signature, unless he changed it) but that time I just watch TV or videos into sleep, or if it's friday or saturday I have Pathfinder stuff. For most of the better time, from morning till night my time there is barely any non metal sonic activity. Activity on the 14th also went on for at least 5 hours after I left, and there were a few posts even after that, so for a good part of it, I was unable to be around.

He also makes "Currently active users viewing this thread" point. No idea how that works, but when I'm online I generally have the thread open, especially on mentioned Fridays and Saturdays I will be active, but unable to post(and hellishly tired afterwards).

His next point about me not posting my top 3 scum yet is completely fair, but already explained above, yeah I'm forgetful. As for his questions on what I think off the users he listed:

Honestly at that point my opinion didn't change on either SL or SS yet, and I have made a few reactions to SS already while SL did nothing mention worthy till this post(eagle asking me that is) and my last about him.

For Metal Sonic, I find him a hyperactive newbie frustrated by his bad timezone, didn't give much yet that I could find mistakes in honestly, I'd love a longer post from him.(I'm making this as I go so no freaking idea if he actually did one of those already!)

aska had not much on day 1 minus the very short bout vs jalmont, and honestly both were fairly inactive day 1(who am I to talk...) so from then I have nothing, and I see no slips for day 2 either, I can honestly see why as a villager he might think those(general comment though, honestly I can say that about 90% of the cases, I will not question opinions that don't attack me or seem completely wrong, because there might be merit in them).

With the end of Eagle's post, shinyskarmory decides to answer eagle's questions and says that I have been fairly conservative and only really went after him. Not post worthy on it's own, but in what ever post I'd have made after that one, I'd have added a "yes I have been conservative, but may I point out that I have been just as much or even more hounding SL" comment. SL comments on my missing read, amended above already, forgetful etc. skip

Spiffy points out I have been in a game already, if I was there I would have done it myself, and also he wouldn't have had to link it later, and having wasted 20 mins looking for my mafiascum game(the other one I got subbed still in day 1 due to inactivity, I started it while I was still paralysed from a viral infection in my spinal cord, and only did because I had so much free time but I grow bored of it quickly, well honestly I think I forgot I was playing actually, too many MRIs I bet). So yeah here is the relevant game, not that it matters it was in 2008.

Done with time wasting, back to the main thing. Well the next thing is my top two suspects throwing mud at each other, erm I honestly can't say that that makes them more suspicious, but it makes me want to get rid of both more... Obstructing(that's the right word?) the game with pointless aggression, make a civilised discussion please. Though SL does continue his usual deal of hypocrisy. One thing I can say though, if those two are actually mafia buddies, SS and SL are the best actors on earth... Speaking SS, he finally learns nothing can be better than pointlessly scummy questions, by posting he won't post if he has nothing to say.(He either learned the reason or just wants to stop the pointless mud slinging, I'm leaning towards the latter)

And SS returns to his old business of asking pointless questions, also known as WIFOM. Ye olde example of did I swap the glasses before you choose which one to drink or not, in a more complicated version. Honestly, considering how many off things in my opinion at least SS did this isn't a hard decision to make. Unvote Vote shinyskarmory

Though it does appear we are offing Eagle, which I'm hardly against since he is after all on my top 3 list(I believe you will have to scroll to the top of my post lol) but unlike SS he hasn't added much to my reasoning since then. Though he did constantly attack me for inactivity, but I'm honestly more surprised no one else is, is everyone really that okay with my inactivity? Other than spiffy, which honestly was in the very early stages, I didn't see much. Sure I'm being hypocritical here, since I keep focusing on single targets too(because I believe I'm exploring the targets from a different angle than others, and I consider that a helpful addition), but I think some people are getting a bad case of tunnel vision around here.
Also, Metal Sonic, Shining Latios, and Walrein have all been sending each other visitor messages telling them to "get on IRC".

Maybe I'm just connecting dots that aren't there here, but I think they could be the mafians you're looking for.
Also, Metal Sonic, Shining Latios, and Walrein have all been sending each other visitor messages telling them to "get on IRC".

Maybe I'm just connecting dots that aren't there here, but I think they could be the mafians you're looking for.
I had to do a match with Metal Sonic for UU mini tour and I had to talk with Walrein about zorbees' game. Nice try though.
Well, LightWolf, I don't think everyone is 'that okay' with inactivity, but everyone has periods of inactivity, where they disappear for a day for whatever reason. Stuff like that just happens, I doubt that inactivity could directly be called scummy. Unless you were checking the thread all along, but never posting, but I know that you weren't, as you rarely appear in the ''Currently active users'' bar. Like I said, shit happens.

Impressive post, by the way, reading through it at first it appears to make sense, though it is a lot of information at once, and all scrambled. I will probably go for a more extensive read later, to see if it makes as much sense then.

Also, what happens in the event that Eagle4 and shinyskarmory both end up at 5 votes? Does the sentry decide the lynch, then?
Explicitly game-related visitor messages are grounds for varying degrees of punishment. Seems to me there hasn't been a case of that yet.


Votecount 2.13

shinyskarmory: (6) zorbees Shining Latios Eagle4 zorbees Walrein Eagle4 LightWolf shinyskarmory L-1
Eagle4: (4) Jalmont shinyskarmory More Cowbell Metal Sonic askaninjask TPM L-3
zorbees: (1) Spiffy TPM Jalmont
Walrein: (1) Spiffy zorbees
Shining Latios: (0) shinyskarmory More Cowbell LightWolf Eagle4
Spiffy: (0) askaninjask Walrein Metal Sonic zorbees
Not Voting: (1) Empoof

With 13 alives it takes 7 to lynch. Deadline is in 56 minutes, 4:00 PM GMT.
More Cowbell it ends in a no lynch, which is why I hate how LightWolf MADE it a tie. Seriously what the hell?

I'm becoming less and less certain that shinyskarmory is mafia because he voted for himself when he could have just let the vote be a tie and no one would be lynched if he was mafia.

On the otherhand he could be doing that as a last ditch effort.

I seriously don't know what to think, but I don't want to vote for either one of them because if I vote for shinyskarmory it's a hammer (and I see people viewing the thread that might have something else to say) and if I vote for Eagle4, shinyskarmory would just be able to switch his vote and hammer Eagle4 (If I'm counting correctly).'

Walrein none of your latter Day 2 posts are indicative of mafia or village, all you're doing is posting what people ask you to post.

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