NOC Matrix 14 Mafia (Town Wins!)

i built the asek wagon on day 1 before anybody else started talking to him, asked repeatedly for dle to drop his townread on martin, hammered asek day 2, COULD NOT LYNCH ASEK DAY 1 BECAUSE THERE WAS NO WORLD IN WHICH SCUM ASEK WOULD HAVE BEEN LYNCHED BECAUSE YOUR SLOT DIDN'T FUCKING VOTE

that's cool though
nuxl, om, cantius, viper, apricity, oddish, jalmont, energy

as long as we claim after my lynch today, i think this game is pretty set.

nuxl is town, om was instrumental in starting the asek wagon again on day 2, cantius was designated scum wagon on day 1, oddish's reaction to end of day 1 felt genuine although i HATED that she lurked the thread and made it so that i was unable to lynch asek but honestly i have low enough an opinion of smogon town that i can chalk it up to that and otherwise i have to believe that three scum somehow all buried themselves in the cantius wagon which just seems way too awful

this leaves viper, me, jalmont, energy

i don't think energy is actually clear here. normally we tend to townread the opposite wagon of scum that just got lynched but i don't think that makes sense because i was the one who built the wagon and if we do viper on day 4 as i suggested, then energy's wagon was built by two townies. this doesn't clear energy at all. i think it's possible that energy/asek was s/s and we kind of just lucked out with that.

but i'd keep energy over viper and jalmont

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