NOC Matrix 14 Mafia (Town Wins!)

i wonder if scum oddish brings this much attention to their teammates
although pointing out posts like
Hmmm not sure how I feel about martin's play being "make the occasional longpost" it just seems like an easy way to look like you're contributing
straight into
Don't think I'd flip martin or whydon today, especially not whydon, lynching a low poster this early in the game just feels wrong imo and I wanna see more from both of them
we should consider voting asek if we don't want to vote hal because hal was responsible for moving the lynch on him day 1. We know this is something hal does because he has done it in the past as mafia in a similar but even more obvious situation. Even now, he doesn't want to vote asek but vote energy who quite clearly is pretty apparent village based on tone.

om room is making some good posts making my read on him difficult. dang
interesting to note that, if it was scum!jalmont, he'd consider to bus here when there's 3 votes on the wagon(cantius, energy, om room) instead of taking the easy way out by going on energy

fkin reinforcements scum chat was deleted so i can't really take a look back into mindset but i think this looks better for town!jalmont here
i actually think jalmont sounds like scum who realizes he screwed up and bussed in a spot where he couldn't afford to
huh really?

my thought process is that in a game without daytalk bussing is something you have to open yourself up to the possibility in the night before, making bussing even more ballsy

d1 and d3 jalmont decided to keep me alive in reinforcements and having daytalk allowed it easier to swing the vote in case something looked rough for me in d2. so it would feel weird to me that he busses here but i could also just be giving him too much credit.

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